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PDF Editor FAQ

I'm an out of state college student studying in Florida, I got my Fl license but I still have my NJ license. What should I do with my NJ license?

A2AThen just keep it.Find a place for it where it can't be stolen and misused and leave it there. Eventually, it will expire and then you won't have to worry about identity theft or fraud by losing it.DMVs/BMVs (Departments of Motor Vehicles & Bureaus of Motor Vehicles) are often very busy places and they can forget to confiscate old drivers licenses when they have people sign up for new ones. They still contact the state which issued it and let them know that you now have a license with them; they simply don't let them know that the old license wasn't surrendered.To be clear: You do not have two VALID drivers licenses now. Since interstate trucking scandals in the 1980s and 1990s and 9/11, it is illegal to be in possession of drivers licenses from more than one US state or territory. If you are stopped try to use your New Jersey, it would be confiscated, you could be cited and even arrested depending upon how things go with the officer.

Will Florida allow the use of an Ontario handicapped parking permit?

According to disabledmotorist.eu,Visitor from another USA state – you may use your Parking Permit in Florida.Visitor from other countries - you can not use your Parking Permit in Florida but can use it to obtain a temporary Permit for the duration of your stay. Obtain the Permit (in person, or via a family member, friend or guardian) at any Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles office; show your own Parking Permit and Passport, and pay the $15 fee.According to the Orlando Tourism Bureau:The Florida Department of Transportation now requires a temporary US parking badge for international visitors.Now, instead of just using your country’s Disabled Parking Badge, you need to take it (along with your passport), and a certified doctor's letter describing condition to one of several local vehicle licensing offices in Orlando and pay a $15 fee for a temporary US parking badge. This is the official info from the FDOT. Do not risk receiving a very expensive parking fine. The penalty is $250 in Orlando per infraction!So, based on the 30 seconds I spent on Google, it seems that No, you cannot use a handicap placard from outside of the US in Florida. Of course, I don’t work for the FL Dept of Transportation, so I am no expert. But, you can always contact the FL Dept of Motor Vehicles and ask them directly Disabled Person Parking Permits - Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

What is AZ DMV?

Arizona Department of Motor Vehicle, same as CA DMV, FL DMV etc.

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