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PDF Editor FAQ

What do you think of Dominion suing Sidney Powell, seeking 1.3 billion dollars?

Thanks for the question.Given the amount of damage done to the reputation of Dominion Voting Systems by Powell and others, and the outright lies told about them by Powell and other right-wing alternate reality conspiracy theorists and bad actors, I think it is vital for them to have their day in court.Let Powell try to defend her Batshirt Crazy™ claims before a judge and jury. Let her prove her experts are qualified. And let them all go to jail if they commit perjury.I mean, if you were a state election official, would you buy Dominion products, knowing that a third of the people in your state falsely think they’re Venezuelan communists?Lies and conspiracy theories have consequences, and it’s high time that they pay for their irresponsible actions.

Could an investigation of Dominion's voting machines flip the Presidency if the machines are found to be maliciously coded to select Biden?

No.The idea that Dominion voting machines flip votes is one of the dumbest of the many dumb conspiracy theories out there, and brother, that’s saying a lot. It’s on the level of dumb as “Hillary Clinton runs a sex trafficking ring from the basement of a pizza shop that has no basement.”Georgia hand-counted the ballots. They matched what the Dominion machines said. There is no vote-flipping. Anyone who tells you there is, is lying to you in order to manipulate you.

Many accusations in the use of Dominion Voting machines have been labeled as false . Should America's confidence in the neutrality of them be confirmed before Ga. senate elections by simple methods such as trials where equal ballots are tabulated?

Yes. And that test has been run in Arizona in court ordered forensic tests with amazing and damning results. 100 ballots for Biden and 100 ballots for Trump are not counted as 100 votes for each. The test was run over and over again. Each time, Biden wins by a landslide.The game was rigged, gentlemen.

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