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PDF Editor FAQ

Why hasn't Mexico been affected as much by the Covid-19 pandemic as other countries?

As a Mexican by birth and as someone who likes objective information without political overtones, I will answer your question in the best possible way.I'll start with the context:Mexico, compared to the USA and unlike many other countries (especially Europeans) is not a country where the population is constantly moving, mainly because more than 50% of the population is in poverty and extreme poverty. Pobreza en México | CONEVALMexico is divided into 32 states, of which only 5 are considered as centers of industrial growth and business in constant growth. Those 5 are Mexico City, Estado de Mexico, Nuevo León, Jalisco and Guanajuato. These large cities are also the densest in the country and are far from each other. In Mexico, it is not common to travel by plane from one city to another and the main airports with international flights are only 4.At a commercial level, Mexico stands out for the manufacture of auto parts and its export of products. The other important sector is tourism, concentrating the largest number of visits to the country's coasts (main touristic places and beaches are located in states with lowest density of population). The main trading partners until 2016 were the United States and Canada, with 80% of exports to the US. Another point to note is that two thirds of the wealth in Mexico is concentrated in 10% of the population with 30% of the population in socioeconomic level of AB and C +.10% de los mexicanos concentra dos terceras partes de la riqueza del paísAfter the influenza epidemic of 2009, Mexicans were more aware of the effects of viruses and adopted new measures in their daily lives, such as the use of antibacterial gel, disinfectants and how to react to times of quarantine. said that, people with the possibility of traveling abroad or interacting with people from abroad are concentrated in a very low percentage of the population and until now the cities with the most confirmed cases are precisely Mexico City, Estado de Mexico and Jalisco.Mexico vs Covid-19Knowing this, the Health authorities, with the help of a mathematical model, established a series of scenarios to confront COVID-19 and have established actions to mitigate the effect not only of health, but also economic ones. 57% of workers in Mexico are in the informal economy, that is, those unregistered household businesses dedicated to the production of goods or services. Usually these people are engaged in commerce, so their salary depends in what they sell on the day and have no savings. phase 1 and due to the large percentage of Mexicans living on a daily wage, a ban or state of emergency would be catastrophic for the country's economy, in addition to the fact that the number of cases did not exceed 200 and there were only 4 deaths.By now, Mexico is in Phase 2 of the metric established by the WHO, this implies the suspension of non-essential activities in the public, private and social sectors from March 30 to April 30. Society has generally shown solidarity and has respected the measures established by the authorities. It has not been necessary to close the borders precisely because the number of people who travel is small compared to the bulk of the population and those who travel regularly are not doing either.Mexico is for the moment strengthening the health system through the purchase of equipment, tests, ventilators, beds, and finishing renovating some of the hospitals that have been built since December. In addition, a call was launched for the hiring of medical personnel, nurses and doctors who wish to join to strengthen hospitals for the coming phases.Mexico has opted for measures that do not harm the economy of the majority of its population, very similar to those used by other governments such as the Netherlands, putting social welfare before hysteria and imposition. The approach to tackling coronavirus in the NetherlandsThe mathematical model has been very useful and accurate. So far the estimate is that only the main cities will be the most affected in the country and it is in those cities where the greatest efforts against COVID are being concentrated.Until today the official numbers are:-National data: 1,510 confirmed (58% men, 42% women; middle age: 43), 4,653 suspects, 7,822 negatives, 13,985 studied, 13 new deaths.-Accumulated deaths: 50 (86% men, 14% women; middle age: 56).-Number of Cases by Federal Entity: CdMx, Estado de Mexico, Jalisco-Higher incidence rates (in order): CDMX, Aguascalientes and Quintana Roo.-Comorbidity: hypertension (49% of patients), diabetes (46%), obesity (41%).-81% ambulatory, 19% hospitalized (5.6% severe, 1% intubated).

What is the best drug for increasing focus, getting organized, and being more productive?

So you want a quick fix, there are loads of such things that are going to push you upRitalinAdderallConcentraThese are some medicines given to ADHD kids to improve the concentration.CaffeineStart your work with a cold cup of coffee or cold tea (yep, it's summer now). Works good, but if the dosage quantity is increased to 6 cups which I tried during my final exams, after 5-6 hours I started feel giddy, rumbling stomach and had mood swings as well.So the best solution is a slower but quite efficient and powerful as well. Meditation and yoga.Below is a copy of my Internet research and analysis from multiple authorities conducting tests on the effects of yoga and meditation.meditation practice may offset cortical thinning brought on by aging‌more activation in those areas of the brain that detect emotional cues, demonstrating a heightened empathic awareness‌8-week training course ,increased activation in a region of the brain correlated with positive affect, immune system would react more robustly in antibody production after meditation training‌ 5 days of meditation training at 20 minutes a day-better stress regulation, as measured by a faster decrease in levels of the stress hormone cortisol‌less anxiety, depression, and anger‌improved closeness, acceptance of one another.relationship satisfaction‌ benefits it familial relationships‌8-10 week sessions - in which they practice for at least 45 minutes a day‌increased sense of calm, connection to nature, and improved sleep‌children who were initially less well-regulated showed the strongest improvements‌students included a greater ability at self-control and improved social relationships, aswell as better academic performance

What is the role of citizens in smart cities?

Hi everyone, just to update my answer. Megacities are now struggling to bring back the sense of belonging to their citizens . We could say they are trying to bring back the “village” model. This can be the turning point in the role of Citizens in Smart Cities !!!London that is considered a Smart City has just launched a project call that is trying exactly this. In my short documentary called Making London Small I try to show it, so I guess the idea works perfectly in turning a village in India into a Smart village . Please Let me know your idea about it:Great Question! We need smart citizens to create our new wise cities.Smart City is not a trend, it is a radical shift in the society mindset. One of the most popular and most effective tools to promote investment attraction to public projects is the public-private partnership (PPP). These are basically contracts between the government and the private sector, in which a governmental authority allows the private sector to invest in and operate a public service. It is raising now the concept of PPPPs, public-private-people partnerships, which go deeper into the idea of citizen-centred approaches. People become active stakeholders in the process of planning, developing, testing, implementing and evaluating urban policies.All in all, a successful model of urban development will go hand in hand with an increased sense of well-being within the city environment. This is particularly relevant because, firstly, the smart cities already built are not delivering the eco-friendly, hyper-connected future they set out to (e.g. Masdar, Songdo, and eco-cities in China) and secondly cities are accommodating more and more inhabitants who do not succeed in achieving a higher quality of life.Another important idea of the hole of citizens that the creative economy is seeding in our modern society is the sense of co-creation. This is one of the main features of the millennial generation.4with co-creation already in their DNA, welcoming open and actively external collaboration from employees, suppliers, custo- mers and even competitors.Open Data and open application programming interfaces (APIs) are becoming the standard, not only in the private sector, but also in the public spheres. Some cities are now trying to promote sustainable growth by engaging their citizens in a deeper, more responsible and long-term oriented process of co-creation. From the perspective of a Wise City, we can develop this concept even fur- ther by having citizens co-create alongside public management, not only suggesting changes or re- porting problems, but also by using public open data to develop and deliver new urban services. Following the same footsteps, cities can also bo- ost public projects through modern tools such as crowdfunding, the collective raising of money to promote ventures or projects from a wide number of ordinary people.Far beyond a mode of subsidising, the idea brings in citizens as active stakeholders by fostering en- trepreneurship, with a double return of investment: potential dividends as shareholders and a better quality of life for them and their livelihoods.With all these new paradigms, the whole concept of urban planning and development needs to be adjusted. Previously, the success of a city develo- pment project was a matter of “ ghting” for bud- gets, non-repayable loans or grants from national government or nancial support from internatio- nal organizations. This approach is now almost obsolete. Projects were designed to suit the requi- rements related to these funds rather than to be economically sustainable or to promote the city’s real competitive advantages. Solutions were ICT-oriented instead of citizen-centred. Problems are rising due to migration and population concentra- tion, and new wise solutions are being deployed to improve people’s well-being. Hence, citizens should be at the core of the new policies, followed by the economic sustainability of any new initiati- ve implemented at the local level.Understanding the urban determinants of intercity flows is indispensable to the city’s capacity to improve its citizens’ well-being . Therefore, it is argued that a city (space) depends on “glocal wisdom”, which requires an understanding of the interdependency between “world” processes acting upon the city (global and regional competition), and subjective “people” processes within the city (local sustainability). Only by understanding this interdependency can “technology innovation” and “urban planning policy” be used as devices to achieve Wise Cities. Competitiveness needs to be steered at an urban planning level while taking glocal conditions into account, which is an argument for uniting the theoretical fields of Happiness Economics, Smart Cities, Urban Competitiveness and World City Networks.

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A convenient tool for conducting sociological research. Even in the free version, you can customize the forms and use them for different target audiences. I have been using it for more than 7 years. It is better than its market counterparts, as it has a much wider range of tools. The latest reporting tools eliminate the problem of formatting and processing data.

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