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Google Workplace is a powerful platform that has connected officials of a single workplace in a unique manner. While allowing users to share file across the platform, they are interconnected in covering all major tasks that can be carried out within a physical workplace.

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PDF Editor FAQ

What's the summary of the fact check on Hillary Clinton's DNC 2016 speech?

Compared to Donald Trump’s statistics-laden acceptance speech, which was like catnip for fact-checking, Clinton’s was largely based on her opinions and sparse in terms of facts and figures. Here are some highlights of the claims she made, which we at The Fact Checker checked out.“More than 90 percent of the gains have gone to the top 1 percent, that’s where the money is.”The 90 percent figure comes from research based on data between 2009 and 2012. The study, conducted by Emmanuel Saez of UC Berkeley, was updated last year with figures from 2014, and again in June 2016 with data for 2015. The latest data show that the top 1 percent actually captured 52 percent of total real income growth between 2009 and 2015. The share earned by the top 1 percent has only decreased since the Great Recession. This line from Clinton, and a favorite of Bernie Sanders, is based on stale data.“Children like Ryan kept me going when our plan for universal health care failed . . . and kept me working with leaders of both parties to help create the Children’s Health Insurance Program that covers 8 million kids every year.”The phrasing that Clinton worked with both parties to enact the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which was signed into law in 1997, has previously earned Two Pinocchios from us. The prime mover behind CHIP was Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass), who partnered with Sen. Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah). Clinton is credited with a behind-the-scenes role, urging the White House to act, though her actual impact remains fuzzy. We could not find evidence she worked “with leaders of both parties”; instead, she worked internally with the White House staff and with Kennedy’s office. According to Hatch, Clinton did not work with him, although he was the key Republican moving the bill.“Bernie Sanders and I will work together to make college tuition-free for the middle class and debt-free for all.”“Middle class” is anywhere from $42,000 to $125,000. Clinton proposes immediate free tuition for families making $85,000 or less, for students attending in-state four-year schools. The middle class families making between $85,000 and $125,000 will have to wait until 2021, when her plan is phased in. She also proposes free tuition at all community colleges. Her plan demands state financial participation, but it’s not clear what would happen if states declined to participate in this tuition relief program.You can read our full fact check of Clinton’s speech here.

What is so special about Prashant Kishor Election Strategy?

Fluke :Gujarat : In 2014 , Prashant Kishor- a former World Health Organization doctor turned political strategist- organized parliamentary election campaign of Narendra Damodar Modi-then chief minister of Gujarat . He won easily.Fact : According to political and media analysts; there were many factors behind Narendra Modi wave-personal charisma; Gujarat development model; anti incumbency factor; weak image of then government in power.Bihar : In 2015, Prashant Kishor and his IPAC group organized electoral campaign of Nitish Kumar- serving chief minister of Bihar.Fact :According to political and media analysts; there were many factors behind third consecutive win of Nitin Kumar- personal charisma ; pro development acts; caste politics .Punjab : In 2017,Prashant Kishor and his IPAC group organized electoral campaign of Captain Amarinder Singh- a former chief minister of Punjab. He won easily.Fact :According to political and media analysts- there were many factors behind victory of Captain Amarinder Singh- personal charisma ; anti incumbency factor; negative image of then state government in power.Andhra Pradesh : In 2019, Prashant Kishor and his IPAC group organized electoral campaign of YSR Jagan mohan Reddy - son of a former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh who died in a helicopter crash on an official tour. He won easily.Fact : According to political and media analysts- there were many factors behind victory of YSR Jagan mohan Reddy - personal tragedy; anti incumbency factor; negative image of then state government in power.Delhi : In 2020,Prashant Kishor and his IPAC organized electoral campaign of Arvind Kejriwal - serving chief minister of Delhi. He won with flying colors.Fact : According to political and media analysts- there were many factors behind victory of Arvind Kejriwal- personal charisma ; pro development stance ; weak opposition .Failure:Uttar Pradesh : In 2017; he managed electoral campaign of Uttar Pradesh Congress in legislative elections . Congress had to suffer ignominious defeat .[1]In 2020 , he launched his own electoral campaign in Bihar legislative elections; but, he had to suffer ignominious opposition.[2]In 2021; he organized electoral campaign of Mamata Banerjee- present chief minister ; but, he has to suffer ignominious criticism after a controversial social media chitchat.[3]Conclusion : Luck that lasts is always suspected : Tibetan sayingPic credits : GoogleFootnotes[1] Prashant Kishor is seen as an election magician. But he wins only when in winning team[2] Prashant Kishor: He promised ‘Baat Bihar Ki’, is now making more noise for his silence[3] BJP shares audio clips purportedly with Prashant Kishor admitting Modi’s popularity, claims TMC has conceded defeat | India News - Times of India

What is the biggest scam you’ve ever seen?

Putting aside the giant scams by various governments around the world, I’m gonna talk about one really well-known fraud that a private entity, or I should say, a person committed.Meet Elizabeth Holmes:A Stanford dropout who, in the year 2003, founded a health technology corporation named Theranos (not to be confused with Thanos).Theranos was founded on the promise of revolutionizing the process of diagnosing several diseases by making it way simpler than what it is. Normally diagnosing some problems requires drawing blood through a syringe and takes quite a time to deliver the report. However, Theranos claimed that it had developed a technology (device) that would deliver a wide array of diagnoses through a less-invasive, single finger prick (like how those machines test your blood sugar level), and would cost much less.This took everybody by storm. With such a sales pitch, Holmes attracted a horde of wealthy and influential people like Rupert Murdoch, George Shultz, James Mattis, Henry Kissinger, etc. She would often narrate the story of her uncle dying of cancer and how she was committed to helping people save the ones they loved.It’s not only the sales pitch but also her personal traits that brought her plenty of support. Her deep baritone voice, wide eyes that didn’t blink, her energetic personality, idolization of Steeve Jobs, etc (so much that she modeled her life and lifestyle to look like his) made people interested in what she was doing.Thanks to this, she was able to raise more than $700 million from venture capitalists and investors and went on to claim that the firm made $100 million of profits every year. This resulted in Forbes declaring the company to be worth $9 billion and Elizabeth Holmes to be the youngest self-made female billionaire in America.(Elizabeth Holmes on the cover of Forbes Magazine)(Bill Clinton and Elizabeth Holmes during the closing session of the Clinton Global Initiative on September 29, 2015)However, despite all the sweet dreams and rainbows that Theranos made people believe in, it was nothing but one thing: a scam. But how was it exposed?In February 2015, Stanford Professor John Ioannidis wrote in the Journal of the American Medical Association that no peer-reviewed research from Theranos had been published in the medical research literature. In May 2015, a University of Toronto professor concluded that most of the claims by the company were exaggerated. Later, John Carreyrou, an investigative journalist found out that the company was using traditional machines, and that too from other laboratories, to publish it’s test results while their own device was not used in a single test.Of course, Elizabeth denied all the allegations as “baseless”, and even going as far as sending lawyers after the sources in John’s articles, trying to prevent them to provide information to the press. She even hired a reputation management firm to discreetly erase Carreyrou’s reporting from Wikipedia. Clearly, that didn’t work.This led to various investigations from several US departments such as CMS and FDA, who reported several violations. CMS then banned Holmes from owning a lab for 10 years and later she was dragged into a criminal investigation she was indicted on 11 counts of fraud for duping the investors for millions. Also, did I mention that Theranos failed to even show one working device that they claimed would give results with a single drop of blood? Her trial will be in March 2021 (was to happen in 2020, but you know, Corona).But the bigger question is, how was Theranos able to fool the FDA and the investors?Well, turns out that they kept the FDA at an arm’s length. The tests were submitted from other labs and not their own machines. While at the same time, the secrecy also extended inwards. As per the employees, the constant turnover and how divisions were sequestered from one another instead of functioning in unison. A whistleblower, Erika Cheung, recalled the "barriers" set up in the office lab, preventing workers from seeing the devices they were ostensibly creating. This doesn’t end here. In fact, a board member was forced to resign after questioning the many failed processes.Guess what, it’s not just the company and the promises that Elizabeth Holmes made that were fake. The fakeness also extends to her traits and personality. For one take her voice. She has been noted to speak in a baritone voice, which as per some people, exudes dominance. However, as per many employees, she didn’t really sound like that in reality. One of them claims that she would often unknowingly switch to her normal voice, a voice typical of a woman in her twenties, before realizing it and going back to the baritone one. Besides that, even one of her teachers claimed in an interview that she didn’t sound like that when she taught her. Here’s a clip from YouTube where she accidentally uses her real voice in excitement:(She kind of gives me creepy vibes)Anyway, the Theranos scam helped bring to light that people, even smart ones, are willing to believe everything when promised with sweet dreams and rainbows. All you need to do is get a good PR. And then money will follow.Image Sources:ForbesPinterestGetty ImagesReferences:Theranos - WikipediaElizabeth Holmes - Wikipedia

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