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Which are the things an Indian must know before travelling to the US for the first time? I am 16, and I am travelling alone.

Before you set afoot on US soil, remember not to carry fruits, vegetables, plants, soil, with you. You may carry packed Indian spices but do not carry rice;Not everyone keeps greeting every random person on the street (something which I had thought, was the case). But if eyes of strangers’ meet, its customary to smile or say “how you doing” or just nod with a smile and pass;Its in their nature to start any conversation with, “how are you doing?” They wont wait for an answer and actually they dont expect an answer to come from you. But my father had once taught me, when I was a kid that if someone was interested to know about my well being, I should reciprocate in the same fashion. So everytime I was asked how I was, I always asked the same in return but never got an answer back, save once or twice. I didnt mind though but I ensured I did my part as my dad had taught me;Remember a very important thing. You shall be representing your country. You shall be representing India. So whatever you say or do shall be extrapolated to the whole nation. So be in the best of your nature and behaviour. Any wrong doing or saying would go a long way in spoiling the image of our great nation;This is for others who are above the legal age to drive. If you are travelling to US for an long term (even for say 3 yrs), while still in India, log on to the website of the DMV (RTO in India) of your would-be state and read the procedure to obtain a driving licence. Go a step further and download the driving manual and read it before you reach US. So once you are there, you can straight away take the online test of traffic rules and save on time. Even if you know driving, its better to take a few classes before you take the driving test;While driving or even while leading a daily life in US, an important factor needs to be kept in mind. “To yield”. Be it a train boarding or a bus boarding or entering a restaurant or allowing pedestrians to pass, you need to allow others to pass before you. If, however, the other person insists you go ahead first (despite your yielding first), its fine to go ahead. Most importantly, after you have been given an yield remember to thank the other person. While driving, this is done by a wave of your hand;Continuing with yielding, if you are driving at night and want to yield to another person, what do you do? You use the high beam flash. Yes!! While in India its used to signal, “me first”, there its used to signal “you first”. So if someone flashed at you, it means he is asking you to go ahead. So dont speed up to beat the other guy, just pass and thank him by a wave of you hand. Also, honking is a no-no. People honk there at times and its purpose is to alert you not to egg you to move;While calling out of US the dialling procedure is 011 followed by the country code and the number. Eg: 011–91–33-LANDLINE;Leaving tips for any service is customary, not compulsory. At restaurants, leaving a 15–20% tip is fine;The reviewing system in the US is very robust. You can find a review for anything on websites like tripadvisor, Yelp. Before you plan a holiday or book a hotel room or rent an apartment or buy any appliance, try looking up the reviews. It would help you a lot. As payback, do reviewing of your experiences as well so that others can benefit;If you are having a Dollar income, do not convert your expenses into Rupees and gape at the price difference. As a percentage of income, prices in the US are much less compared to those in India.Like any western society, the American system runs on TRUST. They trust everyone and they will trust you as well. So its the responsibility of everyone living there to honour that trust. Let me exemplify. In multiplexes, which are usually not that crowded and have free seating, you need to show your ticket once and enter the screen premises. No one checks which ticket you hold and which movie you watch. Actually, if someone wants to mess with the system, they can watch n-number of movies with just a single ticket, which they dont do. A friend was once narrating an experience when someone known to him, had movie-hopped with one single ticket. While such perpetrators can have a good laugh at the end of the ploy, they do not realise that at the same time they bring immense shame to themselves and to the country they belong to. I had corrected my friend that moment and made my point clear. So bottomline, return the trust with greater goodness.Shall add other notes if they strike me later.Edit # 1While on an escalator, if you want to stand at your step, stand on the right side, leaving the left flank available for people who want to walk or run the stretch;While at a coffee shop (eg Starbucks) or at a Quick Service Restaurant (eg Dunkin) where you want to buy coffee, if the barista asks you if you want cream in your drink, he intends to know if you would want milk in the drink;After serving you the coffee if the barista says your bill is two-sixty-nine-dollars. Dont panic. He would mean $2.69 (2 dollars and 69 cents). $269 would be Two Hundred and Sixty Nine Dollars;In case you fall sick after having the coffee, you can sue the outlet for serving you a bad drink for a million dollars maybe. Chill. Just kidding. If you need medicines head to medical stores like CVS and Rite-Aid. 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Doesn’t matter if you have grey hair or a salt & pepper stubble to speak your age out, you still need to show them a govt. issued ID card like DL, passport or identity card, else they wont be able to complete the sale.Ok, so you’ve got your beer home but realise you dont have a bottle opener. Never mind, caps of beer bottles in US can be opened with your bare hands. Just grab them with your thumb and index finger and give an anti-clock (counter-clock) twist and the cap would come out. You dont need a bottle opener. Don’t try the wine bottles. You would need a cockscrew.This may be common knowledge but still let me mention. Dates in US are in mm/dd/yyyy format. Well you may know it but not all Americans do. I was once at a DMV for my DL test and the guy behind the counter was about to issue me a DL expiring beyond the my visa period. I pointed out his mistake only to be told in return, “why do you guys write it differently”. I replied mentally, “you are welcome”.

Do I need to pay a red light camera ticket in Los Angeles County?

Camera tickets? No, as long as you do not respond to them. If you respond to them you will owe as you just acknowledged the ticket. The Los Angeles Superior Court has determined that camera tickets are not enforceable if you do not show up to court. A ticket written by a police officer requires you to sign the ticket which is your commitment to show up in court if you do not pay it first on line.Without this signature the courts have ruled that the tickets are unenforceable, just ignore them. I have two and I never have acknowledged them and they cannot go to warrant or appear on your driving record.attorneys are advising drivers to toss their red light camera citations in the trash, because of a new enforcement policy set in LA County Superior Court.“It will not go on your credit report, the DMV will not be notified,” said Jay Beeber, executive director of driver advocacy group Safer Streets LA, which opposes red-light cameras.Beeber said that over the past few years, LA County has quietly adopted a new policy not to pursue red light ticket recipients who don’t respond to mailed citations.“They will not come and arrest you, there will not be a warrant out for your arrest and there will not be any affect on your credit,” Beeber said.A spokesperson for LA County’s Superior Court confirmed to the NBC4 I-Team that while they’d “prefer” that drivers pay their tickets, when they’re no-shows at court, there’s no way for courts to legally confirm the identities of people photographed in red-light camera citations.So, if you ignore a ticket, while a $300 dollar fine will be assessed against you in the court record, it won’t go on your credit report, there won’t be a warrant issued for your arrest and the court won’t ask the DMV to place a hold on your license.Source: LA County spokesperson “while they’d “prefer” that drivers pay their tickets” … get real ..they are trying to scare people into voluntarily paying for fines they do not legally have to …. It should be a crime to send you a ticket in the mail without a disclaimer that you don’t have to pay …it is ”voluntary”… there is little difference here as compared to many internet scams being run on suckers all the time….. “your computer has been infected … call now”Additional details added….Yes, you can still ignore L.A.'s red-light camera tickets with little consequence, says Southern California attorney Mark A. Gallagher.In this instance, L.A. is defined as any jurisdiction or city within Los Angeles County. If you don't know what that is, see this. So you got a red-light camera ticket from park police or an odd-sounding municipality? If the ticket asks you to respond to an L.A. County Superior Court branch, then, yes, this applies, Gallagher says.Orange County and Inland Empire ticket recipients are out of luck, however.— Is there any fine print? A little. L.A. County Superior Court spokeswoman Mary Hearn says that, technically, you'll be on the hook for $300 if you ignore your red-light camera ticket. And a red flag with your name on it will exist at the court dealing with your ticket, she said.However, this is not a binding "failure to appear" that will affect your DMV records, and the issue will only come up if you have the misfortune of getting an officer-issued traffic ticket that sends you to the same exact court that has your red-light camera ticket on file, Gallagher says.Even then, he said, judges almost always dismiss the $300 fine, but they will likely make you address the red-light camera ticket (guilty, no contest, not guilty — fight it at a later date, or traffic school). So, in Gallagher's estimation, there's still no downside to ignoring the red-light camera ticket, even if you have the rare misfortune of later getting an officer-issued ticket that sends you to the same court."Ultimately, it comes down to whether or not you want to ignore it," he says. "You'll get a bunch of mean letters. You do not get a failure to appear."And, uh, here's another caveat: Most people don't go to court even when they get handed a ticket by a live, human cop: They deal with it through the mail, either paying it, pleading guilty or no contest, or asking for traffic school. In that case, the $300 fee will not come up, and the so-called court-flagged failure to appear with have no consequence, Gallagher says."When the court says 'failure to appear,' they're using the term loosely," adds red-light ticket activist Jay Beeber. "What it means is, the court knows you had this ticket. If you tell the judge, 'I never got this in the mail, and I wasn't aware of it,' the judge may dismiss it."— The DMV will not hold up your drivers license or registration because you ignored a red-light camera ticket in L.A. County. Hearn of the Superior Court confirms this:"We don't request that the DMV put a hold on license or registration of the registered owner of the vehicle," she says, "because it's not always the registered owner of the vehicle who incurs the red light camera citation."To review, according to our experts: Yes, you can ignore that red-light camera ticket if it's issued within L.A. County (again, see a map). Yes, a $300 fine is possible if you end up in the same court, in person, that has your red-light camera ticket on file, but it's rare. No, the DMV will not harsh your mellow for this.[1][1][1][1]Footnotes[1] Everything You Need to Know About Ignoring Red-Light Camera Tickets[1] Everything You Need to Know About Ignoring Red-Light Camera Tickets[1] Everything You Need to Know About Ignoring Red-Light Camera Tickets[1] Everything You Need to Know About Ignoring Red-Light Camera Tickets

How would you test someone's humanity if you suspected they were an extra-terrestrial?

This has been done extensively already. You know the last time you were job hunting and you wanted a job, say, off loading luggage at the airport, or renting cars to people, or ringing up burgers and fries?Well, remember that test they gave you in your fifteen pre-interview meetings?It was a five page test asking you questions about what you would do or say or think, or what actions you’d take, in various scenarios, or how you see yourself as a person.Turns out, those things have nothing to do with the job. If you answered them in the way you thought your employer would want, you were not fit to ring up burgers and fries, or lift a duffel bag from the bottom of a cargo hold.These employers were testing your humanity. I would use one of these tests myself to test an extraterrestrial for humanity.If you passed these tests, you didn’t get the job, because it’s was quite obvious to them you’re an extraterrestrial. Your paperwork would burn their fingers and shoot thought rays into their brains.That is the reason why the Department of Motor Vehicles clerk stares at you blankly when you ask them a question.Here’s a sampling of the questions these tests contain:I come across as a calm and rational person.(Hahahaha!)After finishing a task I review it in my mind, double-checking the quality of my results.(Did I put the large or medium order of fries in that bag?)I almost always complete what I started.(“Almost” being the key word here. If you emerge unscathed from the DMV, you were served by an extraterrestrial who cannot understand what they did to be assigned by the mothership to this mother of a job.)I work at a pace that allows me to finish things on time.(That is why you were hired by Jeff Bezos, a quite obvious (to me) extraterrestrial.)Rules are made to be broken.(Then why am I taking this test?)At school I would always go over my exam papers before handing them in.(You must be an extraterrestrial.)I am the kind of person who sees the big picture, focusing less on the small details.(The mothership will want you back soon.)I always keep a lid on my feelings.(This job may not be for me.)It is better to be polite and rule-obedient rather than carefree.(This website may not be for me. The mods will find me out ASAP.)Free Test Sample - JobTestPrep

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