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PDF Editor FAQ

What happens if I buy a firearm from a private individual and they later report it stolen. What legal recourse do I have if I'm caught with the gun?

That’s why you insist on a bill of sale stating what you paid, what you paid for, the date you paid, and the terms “as is”.A copy for you, and a copy for the seller.It’s called CYA.An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.If a person is stupid enough to buy one without a bill of sale, they deserve any trouble they encounter.

What are your thoughts on New Jersey approving a mandatory 'Smart Gun' bill?

It’s an improvement over the prior situation. A rarity for New Jersey.The prior law said “Shortly after a smart gun is a thing, that’s the only thing you can sell in New Jersey”.This law was universally hated. “Smart guns” are at best dubious, and at worst totally unworkable. But the law basically made them poison. No one would make them, no one would buy them, and no one would touch it because of the law.Even the law’s own author is said to have regretted it.The new law simply says that they have to be offered for sale. It’s not great, but it’s a damn sight better.

What are your thoughts regarding Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s proposed gun bill that would create a national firearm registry?

An unconstitutional and totalitarian abomination. If you read her whole bill it pretty much makes civilian gun ownership a crime.As to a registry, why? What registry ever stopped a crime? Your car is registered, yes? If it’s on the public roads it is. Does the license plate stop the car from speeding? Does it stop car theft? Drunk driving? Kidnapping? What crime does a registry prevent?“Oh, but it solves crimes …”. Uh, yeah, IF you have the car in hand, it takes you back to the last guy who registered it. Plates are easily stolen, or just removed, for the period of the crime. Only if you have the VIN, and for that the car must be in hand, are you able to really track who at one time owned it.So you have a car, you sell it to “Joe”. You get a copy of the bill of sale you gave to “Joe”, along with the signed title. All good right? But Joe doesn’t reregister the car in his name immediately. Instead “Sam” steals the car first. Sam drives it bit, then lends it to his girlfriend. She lends it to her sister’s boyfriend’s third cousin. He robs a bank using the car as a getaway. A dye pack goes off inside the car, so the third cousin abandons the car. The cops find the car, see the dye, and perhaps a money wrapper from the bank. They figure this is the getaway car. They run the VIN.Now who do they come interrogate as to the bank robbery? You better have you a good alibi, and not have spilled anything red on you…. Who else do they come after. Did Joe give you his address? Or just his “name” for the bill of sale? Is Joe his real name? Who cares, Sam stole the car - who knows who he is, or where. But YOU, you are the registered owner… The bill of sale, anyone can cobble up one of those. Flimsy evidence of your innocence. Got a good lawyer, yet?What else does the registry do? Don’t you get a tax bill every year? How do they know you have the car and where you live? Ah yes, the registry.Think if your Cobra Mustang is deemed a climate hazard they won’t know where to send the tow trucks?“But, but, but it stops the bad guys and whackos from getting guns….”Really? Where do the bad guys get their guns today in the 6 states with a registry? It’s illegal to go across state lines to buy a handgun as a non-resident. Chicago blames Indiana for their woes, but Indiana doesn’t have the same woes Chicago does. You’d think if Indiana was the cause of Chicago’s problems, then Indiana would have it worse. Isn’t near the case. Wisconsin is close by too, but no one is blaming Wisconsin for Chicago’s failures.Criminals just don’t get their guns legally today. What makes anyone think they’ll get them legally once a registry is in place? “Oh gee, they wrote another law, I guess we’ll have to obey that one now.” What rubbish.99.5% of all background checks are approved today. 1/2 of 1% are declined, and only half of those are for being a felon. That means the criminals who go through the background checks are either seeing if they can get away with it (once, then they never bother again), or are genuinely surprised by the result. So what good is a background check if no criminal ever goes through one? Just what is the background check actually catching? It’s like putting out a net to catch fish, who see the net and just go around it.The 6 states which have a registry are seeing about 5% compliance when it comes to private sales (which is one of the things they want to catch in their net). 5%. if that. Canada had a long-gun registry some decades ago. Projected to cost millions, it cost Billions, solved precisely zero crimes, so was abandoned. Per a Canadian poster here on Quora, it had perhaps a 10% compliance rate.What is past is prologue. You want to know how well it’ll work, look to those who’ve already tried it. Registries in 1930s Germany worked out great for the Jews, didn't it? Venezuelans registered all their guns - then in 2012, just 4 years later, the government confiscated them.Registries are for 2 major purposes - taxation and eventual confiscation. Nothing more.

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