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Are you seeking to edit forms online? CocoDoc can be of great assistance with its powerful PDF toolset. You can accessIt simply by opening any web brower. The whole process is easy and quick. Check below to find out

  • go to the PDF Editor Page.
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It's to find a default application capable of making edits to a PDF document. However, CocoDoc has come to your rescue. Take a look at the Manual below to know how to edit PDF on your Windows system.

  • Begin by adding CocoDoc application into your PC.
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  • Install CocoDoc onto your Mac device or go to the CocoDoc website with a Mac browser.
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Intergating G Suite with PDF services is marvellous progess in technology, with the potential to chop off your PDF editing process, making it easier and more cost-effective. Make use of CocoDoc's G Suite integration now.

Editing PDF on G Suite is as easy as it can be

  • Visit Google WorkPlace Marketplace and locate CocoDoc
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  • Select a file desired by hitting the tab Choose File and start editing.
  • After making all necessary edits, download it into your device.

PDF Editor FAQ

Apartment Management: What is the best practice to safeguard information from rental/credit applications? Do I need to use encryption software? If so, please recommend a program.

What are you safeguard?-The paper copies of the applications? Put a lock on your filing cabinet.-The scans of the applications? Delete them.-The emails when you send the application to the credit processor? Fax them (faxes have their own encryption) or encrypt your pdf (Pdf reDirect does that for free)- the copies of the credit reports, put them in that locked filing cabinetOr get an integrated provider for this service and put the burden on them (except for the printouts you make, which you can shred or put in a locked filing cabinet.) I use Buildium.

How do I apply for a Bihar student credit card?

Bihar Student Credit Card(BSCC)Before applying make sure that you have following details:-Aadhar Number of both student and parent(If you don’t have aadhar no. you can fill the form,but later you have to update it).Pan Number of both student and parent.Bank Account Detail of both student and parents(Note:-Student account must be in the same bank through which you want to take loan).Details of both 10 th and 12th class( school name,roll number,roll code, percentage, passing year)Details of latest qualified exam,through which you had taken the admission in unversity/college.Details of the university in which you are studying(Bank account detail,course detail,affilation detail), Bonafied certificate(in original),fee structure,Prospectus.Now Visit to the official website of BSCC M N S S B YFor getting regisrered with websiteClick on Naya Aavedak Panjikarn, fill the form .Then after you will receive an OTP on your registered email id.After conforming the OTP you will directed to set your User Name and Password.Then from Scheme sector choose “Bihar student credit card”Then after you will have to fill the whole form in 7–8 steps.Fill the form step by step and check the filled details carefully before going to the next step.Before final submission recheck your filled deatils.(NOTE:-If your any detail will found wrong,then your application will rejected.)After final submission , a genereted pdf of your application will be send on your registered email id. Take print out of that.After that you have to visit DRCC(District Registration and Councling Centre) within 60 days, along with all the documents (Both Original and print out) mentioned in the downloaded pdf .Address of DRCC will be send on your registered mobile number.After that, wait for message from TPVA (Third Party Verification Agent)It will send you a message, weather your application is approved or rejected ,after verifying your details.You can check your Application status on the official website of BSCC M N S S B Y on clicking Aavedan Ki Sithiti.If your application is approved ,then you will get a message,when you have to visit the bank for documentation and dispersment.Hopeing ,it should help you.Request :-Share and UPVOTE this article so that more and more student can take benifits of that.If you have any question regarding BSCC,feel free to ask me.Keep scorolling!!!!Thank you !!Edit 1 :- As too much students/parents are visiting this answer…so i am trying to provide all the necessary information at a single place….IMPORTANT :-Before applying you must go through this PDF Process_Flow_for_BSCC.pdf after reading this ,i hope you will not face any problem in filling the form.List of courses for BSCC :- Course List_dept.pdfToll Free Helpline Number : 1800 3456 444 (Call On this for any enquiry and if your application status is not updated)Contact list of District Managers :- Contact Us (Contact your district manager if bank is delaying or for other issuesEdit 2:- You could take the help of user manual while filling the online form,everything is mentioned in details. User_Manual_for_BSCCpdf1.pdfIf you have further any doubts ,please go through the comment section.I had answered all the relevant doubts.You could also raise your doubts there,i will try to clarify as soon as possible.You could also message me on facebook Pamit SinghIf you liked/loved this anwer then follow me Pamit Singh

After the Madras High Court order, will the results of the JEE Advanced 2018 be affected?

Here is my personal opinion on the issue.1. The whole controversy started after JEE Organising Authority decided to clarify the instructions issued during the exam about the numerical type answers due to certain inherent ambiguities.2. Original Instructions2.1. This Sections contains EIGHT (08) questions, this answer to each question is a NUMERICAL VALUE.2.2. For each question, enter the correct numerical value (in decimal notation, truncated/rounded off to the second decimal place e.g 6.25, 7.00, -0.33, -.30, 30.27, 127.30) using the mouse and the on-screen virtual numeric keypad in the place designated to enter the answer.2.3. Answer to each question will be evaluated according to the following marking scheme.2.4. Full marks: +3 IF ONLY the correct numerical value is entered as answer2.5. Zero marks: in all other cases.3. The ambiguities were 1. Truncated and Rounded off values may not be the same, 2. There would be answers which would not require truncating/ rounding off, 3. There were certain constants like pi for which the values were to be assumed by the candidates and 4. Certain questions had more than one correct answers.4. Clarification after the exam-4.1. For Numerical-Answer-Type questions, the numerical VALUE entered by the candidate will be evaluated. Wherever applicable, depending on the question, answers will be evaluated by checking whether the answer entered by the candidate falls within a range of two values, with or without including the upper and lower values of the range depending on the question.4.2. Some examples:4.2.1.If an answer is the integer 11 (Eleven), all answers entered as 11, 11.0 or 11.00 will be correct.4.2.2.If an answer is exactly the number 11.5 (Eleven-point-five), all answers entered as 11.5 or 11.50 will be correct.4.2.3.If an answer is the number 11.367777777..., all answers entered within a specified range, for example 11.36 to 11.37 (this range is shown for illustration purposes only) will be correct. Thus, both answers 11.36 and 11.37 will be correct.5. So, Authorities decided to introduce two new things- 1. Format for the answers having less than two decimals and having different possibilities of truncation/ rounding off, and 2. Answer falling within the range (sometimes quite large and non-continuous as evident from the model answers)- which were not part of the original instructions.6. A candidate has moved the court and has been able to convince the court that later instructions are changing the rules of the game post the game as far as it relates to answering up to two decimal places.7. The excerpts of Hon’ble Court’s order below (full order at Highcourt_order_madras_IIT_JEE2018.pdf credit Debashish Reang)7.1. “This Court has no doubt that answers after the decimal point may not have any value, be it .0 or .00. However, the decimal notation is very important, as it not only tests the answers given by the students, but also their shrewdness in reading the entire Instructions and writing answers.7.2. In this regard, though the contention of the learned counsel for the Respondent appears to be sound, without rendering any finding on the answers given by the candidates, this Court is of the view that candidates who have assigned numerical values as answers, which are rounded off to two decimal places, as per the original Instructions given by the Respondent during the Examination, will have to be given preference over candidates, who, according to the Respondent, have also given correct answers by rounding off the numerical values to one decimal place or without any decimal notation. By giving such preference, the total number of candidates, who have been selected are not going to be affected, instead, their ranking alone will be changed.(These two paras indicate that Hon court is not wanting to change the award of marks to all the forms of presentation of correct answer, but only wants a way of giving preference to the ones who, in the interpretation accepted by the court, which is contestable, have followed the instructions correctly)7.3. Since this Court had already passed an interim order directing the Respondent herein not to evaluate the examination papers based on the clarification issued subsequent to the examination, this Court, by way of the present Writ Petition, directs the Respondent herein to allot seats to the candidates including the Petitioner's daughter, only based on the original Instructions given to them during the Examination, more particularly with regard to rounding off the numerical values to two decimals, and not based on the clarification issued after the Examination.”8. An alternative, and mathematically correct, explanation is that the instructions about answers up to two decimal places by truncating/ rounding off was applicable only to answers having more than two decimal places and did not apply to the answers with less than two decimal places (So the instructions were not defined for the cases other than answers having more than two decimal places, like one multiple correct type question in math paper 2 where the function was not defined at 0 or infinity and few options would have been correct if the function was defined at 0, tricking many candidates and even a few coaching institutions). It has been better explained by Prof Dheeraj Sanghi in his blog.9. But the confusion has been created by a few sample answers in the instructions showing two zeros or one zero in the end, difference between truncation and rounding off, questions having more than one correct answers and assumption about the values of constants like pi. This was totally avoidable. One expects highest standards from IITs.10. The order of Hon’ble Court indicates inability of the authorities and their lawyers to properly argue their case before Hon’ble Judge. This put the fate of thousands of candidates and image of the IITs at stake.11. Now that the things have landed in the court, the authorities need to represent their case more emphatically before the appeal court and convince it about the proper import of the instructions given to the candidates on 20th May and that the subsequent instructions were only clarificatory in nature without altering the sanctity and accuracy of the answers. The candidates, who are likely to get affected by the courts order can (and should) also represent their case before that (since their PoV wasnt heard)/ appeal court by becoming added party in the case.12. The order of Hon’ble High Court changed the rules of the game by ordering granting preference to the candidates who meticulously placed additional zeros (which could be one interpretation because of nature of examples given in the instructions) need to be rewarded by granting higher preference. Though it has not clarified exactly how that preference should be granted.13. Whatever way the authorities adopt to grant preference, if they have to follow this order, after exhausing all appeals, which is highly improbable (one way could be breaking the tie using this as a parameter, but what would happen to already declared tie breaker policy) the rank list is bound to undergo a change (and not the marks as explained in para 7.2, reducing the potential impact on the rank list to +-10 in higher ranks to +-200 in the lowest region) . If that happens, the counselling may also need a redo. That would be very unfortunate and jeopardize the schedule of many as well as cause havoc for the candidates whose ranks would move downwards, with no fault or theirs.14. Since there is a strong explanation in para 8 above and the authorities are moving the appeal court, It may not be totally unwise for other candidates, especially who are located near Chennai, to join the case. More lawyers arguing for a point is generally considered favorable.15. The whole process has introduced a large degree of uncertainty in the whole process. The schedule of admissions in IITs may also get altered depending upon the timelines within which the case gets resolved. The students are having tense moments. The authorities also need to keep issuing press releases to assuage the concerns of thousands of bright young minds, who are going to contribute to the future of this world.

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