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PDF Editor FAQ

How was your AFMC MBBS screening 2018 experience?

Hey there!The AFMC screening will be a very memorable and cherished memory of mine, for the rest of my life. The experiences I had, the people I met and interacted with constituted a very active and exciting couple of days.The first day, along with a hectic document verification at abouut 1230 hrs, blood and urine samples were collected and the dental checkup was done. Then we were taken to the Ashoka Chakra Library building for the TOELR test and the Psychological Assessment Test. Through out the day, in between different tests, you get to enjoy refreshments from the wet canteen and also from a shop inside the Admission waiting area.I also got the opportunity to roam around the campus and get the feel of this place. There are several heritage buildings inside the huge campus and the sport facilities immensely impressed me. Finally ,we had a pre-interview session with the Brigadier. He made a report of the extra curricular activities in which I took part. This is important because no one carries their original certificates to the interview. NCC and Sports representation carries an additional advantage.On the second day, we had our interview from 0815 hrs. Out batch was filled with nervous faces waiting for the interview. We were called one by one into the Dean’s office where there was a panel consisting of officers dressed in complete military uniform. The interview went like a dream. Every interviewer was warm, especially the Dean .Questions ranged from my hobbies to why I wanted to join AFMC. They will test your skills on the hobbies that you mention to the Brigadier. Like, the guy who was interviewed before me was heard playing the tabla, and I was asked to sing.Now came the most crucial part of the whole screening process, the Medical Examination. They will scan you physically (Surgical Examination), and psychologically . The medical examiner made it a point to tell me that I needed to reduce my weight. I had to get a PFT done, because I had mentioned a childhood history of respiratory problems. So I got to see the Physiology department as well.After this, we had out eye tests and the ENT tests. Two boys in our batch had to get their ear wax cleaned out and the officer was quite irritated. The medical board was presented with all my reports and they are the ones who declare someone medically fit or unfit. Unfit candidates don’t get to be in the merit list. I was very nervous because I was overweight, but ultimately, I was declared medically fit !Lt Colonel Chaturvedi sir briefed the medically fit candidates after this. Then we left the campus, but not before paying one last visit to its fascinating areas ! I bid farewell to the other guys in my batch . I returned to Kolkata that night.I had been waiting for the results, which were supposed to be out within two days of the day on which the candidates of our batch were interviewed. I had visited the website dozens of times between the period I returned to Kolkata and the Merit List was publishedWhen I saw that I had made it into the final list of selected candidates, I was elated!I saw my name at the 30th position on the Boy’s Merit list and I was too happy to speak or shout! This is all that I ever wanted to be ! A cadet at AFMC ,on his way to become a military doctor !I look forward to the experience that is to come. I am sure my days in AFMC will be some of the best days in my life :)

What happens at the SSB medicals?

I was recommended from 17 SSB on 10th September 2019. The next day itself, the medicals start. We are told to report at the main gate at 7:15 in the morning although noone arrives at that time. This you realise after the 1st day itself and when the mess in charge tells you so. The mess is generous enough to pack our lunch although the first day we are to report in an empty stomach for the blood tests.We nevertheless take our lunch, remove our chest numbers, wait for the NCO, sit in the bus and then get going to Command Hospital Air Force, Bangalore or the Institute of Aerospace Medicine (depending uponr your entry, but mostly it is CHAF where the medicals are done.)We alight at the Special Medical Board office, fill up a few forms and wait. After waiting for a long time, the NCO takes us to the reception area where our names are to be registered. It takes more than an hour to get registered because of the sheer rush. Then, we run to the blood collection centre where blood and urine are sampled. This takes an hour or so because of the rush. Then after all of us are done, we return to SMB and wait for the bus. This is all for day 1.Then day 2, we may go for X-ray and ultrasound or ENT or even Eye depending on the rush and the availability of the doctors. On my 2nd day, X-ray and ultrasound were done. See, the actual procedure takes only a few minutes but the waiting is what is to bear. Then we go to the SMB again, and the same events repeat.On the 3rd day, we were lucky enough to have our ears nose and throat all at once. The audiometry part for ears took some time but the rest go in a jiffy.4th day was eyes where the power, squint, colour blindness, cataract etc. where checked. The eye tests take some time simply because the tests are numerous.5th day was a blank day for us as the doctor was at a surgery hence unavailable for our assessment at the Department of Surgery. We fell asleep at the department until our NCO came running gave us a thrashing and took us away to the SMB.On the 6th day, Surgical was done wherein things like knock knees, sweaty palms, any deformity in movement, the genitalia, and piles etc. are tested.On the 7th day, the Department of Medicine had to test us. Here, height, weight, BP, Pulse, etc. are tested. Sadly for me, the personal at the office said that I had a minor abnormality in my blood report so he could only test me after consulting the physician, which he did and came back to tell me to repeat the blood test. My friends were done with the medical and they were at the SMB finishing up with the final procedures whereas I had to create an online draft first, then go the blood collection centre, wait my turn, sample the blood and get the report the next day, hope for it to be fine and get the medicals done with. To my surprise, the blood report was not fine yet but there was an improvement though. So he took my weight, my height, my BP, my pulse etc. Then I and another friend of mine who had the same issue, waited for some time to meet the doctor. The doctor marked me unfit for eosinophilia. Then I had to go to the SMB fill in a few forms for Appeal, get the signature of the Board President and get going along with the new batch of people. I had chosen INHS Asvini, Mumbai for my Appeal as I am a Mumbaikar.We came to the centre, I packed my stuff, submitted the required documents, and said goodbye to my friends and Selection Centre South.After 35 days, when my blood report was stable, I went to INHS Asvini for Appeal. I was branded fit and now I am waiting for the call up instructions and the call up letter. Can't wait to set foot into IMA.Jai Hind.

How medical test is performed in CAPF? I want to knoe the complete details of each and every medical test after CAPF examination.

After your physical tests are over, all those who have qualified are taken to the hospital within the campus where the physical tests happen. You are asked to fill up a form containing your medical history.Then you are sent to meet with the CMO of the hospital and she writes a prescription for blood and urine tests.Next day the following tests are carried outBlood and urine samples are takenChest X-RayEye test (Make sure to carry your eye power test report)Weight and other general physical examinationIf the doctor feels anything is wrong during physical examination then further tests are recommended such as ECHO test, ECG test etcAfter this is done you are told if you have qualified and if you are not fit then a leaflet is given for appealing for a review test.

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