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PDF Editor FAQ

What are things I should look at when buying a used motor boat?

These are the things you should look at when buying a used motor boat:Ask about the history of the boat. A boat used by the family on the lake last week is usually a better buy than the boat stuck in the barn for 10 years. Then you know it is in working condition and not rusting away in silence!Can the owner show you the current proof of ownership? This is essential for a valid Bill of Sale and transfer of title.Can you take it out with the owner on the water for a test drive? A sea trial will quickly show any major problems with engine or drive train.Does the engine start easily? I would walk away from boats with dead engines.Is the engine a well known make like Mercury, Evinrude, Honda, Volvo or Yamaha? Lesser known makes may be hard to find parts for. My Mercury engines are 40 years old. But I can easily buy factory or after-market parts for them!If it has an outboard engine, does a steady stream of cooling water come out of the pee hole? If not, it will quickly overheat.Does the propeller show signs of damage? Is it firmly attached? A loose or wobbly prop indicates at least new bearings may be required or at worst damage has occurred to the lower unit.Check the skeg below the prop. Is it cracked or broken off? If so it may have hit rocks or highway pavement. Check for further damage if the skeg is not intact.Are fuel lines and steering control cables in good condition? If they are cracked or frayed they may require replacement.Have any instruments, radios or navigation equipment been removed ? If so, that is a sign the owner had a good reason to abandon the boat. Walk away to find something better.Is the asking price comparable to others of the same age and condition? Know before you go to look.Does the hull of a fibreglas boat show signs of hull chalking or sun scald? Are attachments brittle or cracked due to sun exposure? Negotiate a better price for replacement of sun damaged fittings.What are the serial numbers of the hull and the engine? These will help you confirm the true age of the boat.Is the capacity plate present? It will usually state the name of the manufacturer as well as the passenger and power limits.Does the trailer have a vehicle identification number (VIN)? Or does it have a serial number stamped ir riveted into the frame? You will need this to register it for new license plates.Are the trailer tires worn and need replacement? Is the spare tire present and fully inflated?Do the trailer lights work?Is the trailer braking system electric or hydraulic surge? Does it work?Check the trailer for rust. Are the wheel lug nuts so badly rusted they cannot be removed?What about the winch condition? Is it operable? Is the strap in good condition or will it suddenly snap due to sun rot?Do all the electrical items work? Lights, bilge blower , fans , radios, windshield wiper motors, etc.Does the hull show signs of past abuse? Dings, scrapes, patches or star shaped cracks in glass hulls?Do doors and hatches open and close easily? Is there any sign of misalignment?Check the hull interior. Is it clean and well maintained? Check cabin head lining and seat upholstery for cracking, rips or tearing.Carefully examine the attachment of interior bulkheads to the hull. Are they cracked? Or loose? This may indicate rough handling in the past or a collision.For larger or more expensive boats, do they have a copy of the most recent report of a marine surveyor? Did the survey include a sea trial? Were all the stated deficiencies corrected?Is the boat currently insured? If yes, it shows the boat was likely used in the last year.What accessories come with the boat? Paddles, life jackets, bailers, fire extinguishers or other safety gear required by law?Used boats invariably will require some work by the new owner . If the work goes beyond cleaning and polishing, do you have the skills or experience to do it yourself? Or enough money to hire others to do it for you?Used boats will require TLC (Tender Loving Care) and the items in the above checklist will give you some idea how much. A thorough boat inspection gives the potential buyer some leverage to negotiate a price suitable to the “as-is" condition of the boat.If you place a deposit on the boat make sure you sign an agreement that states the sale is subject to survey , sea trial or other conditions you want satisfied before final purchase.If you want a LOT more detail on what to look for, I suggest the excellent articles and books by David Pascoe. They can be found at:About Yachtsurveys.comHave fun looking for your next boat!Further links for curious readers:Boat Inspection Checklist

Which car brands have the strongest future? How do you see the future of Land Rover? How likely will it be that Land Rover still exists in 2100?

The ones that have world wide scale, are currently profitable, and are positioning themselves to deal with the two big transitions, self -driving and alternate fuels (mostly electrical) AND have a large truck business.And the kicker is that companies that have a large truck business (or other business) can keep making large profits in trucks to stay afloat while they figure out electricity.And the truck business is very large and generally profitable.That's the key for many reasons, because pure electric trucks are more years in the future. Also, many places either don't have reliable electricity or have very expensive electricity.There are many reasons for this, here's one-If you send people out to work with a truck, and you are paying those people by the hour, you are not going to be very happy if the truck takes 45 minutes to recharge while your workers are on the clock.So which companies have large truck business ?Daimler-Benz (Mercedes), GM, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Fiat-Chrysler (Fiat and Dodge trucks), MitsubishiWhich do not ?VW-Audi-Porsche (VW has a moderate size light truck business in South America, and 73% of MAN heavy trucks, which has around 16 Billion USD in sales)Honda (which has motorcycles and now airplanes, but also has massive marine outboard motor and generator business)BMW (which has a modest size motorcycle business)For some companies, like Hyundai, and the multiple China firms, I don't know enough to comment.The greatest threat to the auto industry was "peak oil" and peak oil is postponed, probably indefinitely. Now technology has opened up many more options - Gasoline, Diesel, Hybrid, Electric, Natural Gas or Hydrogen - most of the auto industry will survive.There is the thought that self driving cars and car sharing services will cause people to stop owning cars. This may be true for dense urban areas like New York and San Francisco, where space for cars is at a premium, but short term rentals will have less appeal in less dense areas.Semi-autonomous cars will make longer trips safer and less tiring, which will increase the utility and value of personal automobiles.Net result is that many of the largest automotive companies will survive and prosper.

How do rich people live?

There is not one single generic way that rich people live, in fact, rich people as a demographic are just as varied as non-rich people are. However, one of the few common-threads among nearly all rich people, is that they want other people to respect their privacy - and for good and understandable reasons. Everyone has the right to respect and self-preservation.“Rich” is defined by Forbes as having a net worth of $5 million or more. Earning $350,000.00 per year or more puts them in the top 1% of income earners. The difference between upper-middle class versus upper-class is the usage of capital.If a person uses their capital (thousands, or tens of thousands or more) to influence elections, ballot initiatives or politics in-general, and this does not pose a hardship, then they are likely upper-class.If a person has the ability to affect the lives of many people, in profound ways, by virtue of a charitable donation to a cause, such as providing seed money to start a foundation, or as a venture capitalist, or starting a non-profit, then this in an indicator that they are upper-class.If a person lives mostly or entirely upon their investments, as opposed to being dependent upon an employer, then this is also an indicator that they are upper-class. Upper class people see money in terms of capital, which to them is a tool to build something, invest in something, gain power (and sometimes in very good and responsible ways), or affect something such as politics or public opinion. Capital, like anything else, can and is often used responsibly and for the public good.Upper middle class people see money from the standpoint as security, stability and to a large extent, for enjoyment, comfort and consumption. This is what separates the two classes. Further below, disadvantaged people see money from the vantage point of mere survival.Material “things” are less an indicator of socioeconomic class than most people realize. A lower-middle-class person can afford a late model, but depreciated Porsche and present himself as being as upper class, and many of his contemporaries might even believe the same.Being rich has its advantages and disadvantages. Of course, a person can live a very comfortable life if they are rich. But aside from conspicuous consumption, being rich gives people a certain degree of power - and responsibility - that comes with that power. Many rich people actually use the power of their money in a very responsible and meaningful way, that benefits other people, whether regular people they realize it or not. There are many foundations, many of which provide scholarships, fund the arts to be enjoyed by all, and give public aid in a number of ways, that are bankrolled by endowments from rich people.Just because a rich person has money, does not mean that they throw it around, in-fact, many rich people look for things that they want on sale, simply because they do not want to feel like they got ripped-off. Some are even miserly.However, rich people can also face very legitimate hardships and emotional pain. Unless a rich person is a master-of-disguise and lives very modestly, and is somehow able to keep his or her wealth a secret (which would be difficult to do if you do not go to work), then they are likely to be wary people in-general, and for good reason.First are people who befriend the rich person, simply because he or she is rich, and like clockwork, then it is only a matter of time in which the new “friend” is discovered to really be an opportunist looking for their own self-serving charitable donation. If a rich person gave into every new “friend’s” request or story of hardship, then it would not be long and they would no longer be rich. Once a person simply gives money away, that can also start a chain reaction domino-effect, feeding-frenzy in which the same friend (or now “friends”) know that they have a source of easy money - and then it is never enough, because they are out for all that they can get.Grifters, “house-guests” and all sorts of characters are likely to gravitate to anyone who has a lot of money, especially if it known that they are loose with their money. This results in some serious trust-issues, and sometimes, a lot of loneliness and sadness and even lack of faith in humanity from a rich person’s point of view. The common haunting question, “Does this person really like (or love) me, or are they just after my money”?The good thing about opportunists is that they are arrogant enough to believe that other people are fools and not paying attention (very, very few people are fools, and even fewer rich people are fools - bordering on zero) and they are quick to overreach. Opportunists are quick to show their true colors and lack of character, and likely quickly to be dismissed before they can do much damage.Secondly, even worse, are the angry-jealous types of people who might quietly take revenge against the rich person. If a person happens to be fortunate enough to be born into a rich family, and inherits a significant amount of wealth - then what have they done wrong? They did not “choose” to be rich, instead - rich choose them. What are they supposed to do, just give it all away to anyone who asks for it and live a new life, or take a vow-of-poverty, that they are not prepared to live? Why should anyone else get to choose how they get to live their life?Angry-jealous types are not rational-thinkers, they think with their emotions no matter how hypocritical that they are, they somehow feel justified to inflict some kind of pleasantry upon a rich person. They might justify that the rich person “just has gotten rich by stepping on other people on his way up” - but this is accusation and speculation, and plays into a cynical zero-sum game. A good example is Andrew Cunanan and his obsessive-jealousy toward Gianni Versace that resulted in Versace’s assassination. Rich people are often the victims of stalkers, and this includes rich people who are not even celebrities.Sometimes very dramatic or even sordid episodes that involve a rich person (male or female) and a gold-digger trophy-wife (or the male-equivalent) occurs and their divorce (and settlement) makes press coverage, which may be salacious and titillating juicy-gossip to some, but certainly humiliating for anyone who has had to endure heartbreak and embarrassment, in-addition to financial loss, with their name and reputation being drug through the mud, and facing public ridicule when untrue things are alleged about their character.There is the phrase, “poor-little rich boy”, usually meant sarcastically as a form of reverse-snobbery, but this implies that money somehow makes a person invincible, heals all wounds, and if they have “too much” money, then it is often implied that the person must be a real rich asshole because “all rich people are assholes”. But this is simply not true. Some rich people are assholes, but many rich people are not. Very few rich people are actually snobbish, but anyone from any socioeconomic class has the ability to be a snob (especially a reverse-snob which is no better nor justified either), money or not, having an attitude is a choice taken on by anyone.Becoming a “victim of your own success”, whether self-made in honorable ways that have also helped other people, or inherited, is a reality and a fear for many rich people.These kinds of situations are bound to have a serious psychological effect on a rich person, so much so, that they might feel compelled to put their friends through a series of tests, such as intentionally leaving cash laying around their home, and watching to see if their friend presumes that their rich friend is being careless, when he or she is really quietly watching to see what their friend is going to do. They might put their friends in situations in which, it would be so easy to take the money that is being juggled around, and see if their friend gives into temptation. Any guest should assume, that regardless, someone is always watching, if nothing else, their own consciousness and integrity is paying attention.Rich people can also become truly lazy and careless too, simply because they can, and many enjoy being comfortable (or too comfortable) and then quickly realize that their their auto mechanic, their business partner, their home contractor or subcontractor, their attorney, their secretary, their housekeeper or anyone could be (and almost certainly will) overcharge them or even commit blatant fraud and profit from their inattentiveness. There are many stories of celebrities, who entrusted their earnings, royalties and wealth to family and friends, only to have a rude-awakening later when they learn that all that they have worked for has been expropriated and can not be properly accounted for.It is likely that rich people are keenly-aware of the fate that happened to “the goose that laid the golden egg”, and many rich people will, understandably so, take elaborate measures to ensure their safety.Not all rich people are going to have these problems, but generally the ones who do not, are the ones who are engaged, alert and aware - just not paranoid or ridiculous either. It certainly must be difficult for many people, especially the super-rich, to find a psychological balance between being laid back and a nice guy, versus being withdrawn and suspicious.There are many people who are great at presenting themselves as rich, with all of the trappings, but actually are not. Some trust-fund babies have trusts that are governed by clauses that prevent the beneficiary from squandering all of their wealth, even going so far as halting spending and issuing a monthly stipend to the beneficiary.There are many stories of heirs of great famous family fortunes, in which the public and the beneficiary though that the family fortune to be so great, that no one could never possibly spend all of the family wealth - and they found out wrong and ended upon squandering all of it. No matter how much money that a person has, it is always possible to lose it all, and many have.What might be misunderstood on a lot of people, is that rich people actually have feelings too, and no one has the right to dehumanize their feelings just because of their wealth. Many rich people are deeply hurt and are treated horribly by other people, causing many rich people to live in isolation, fear, depression and even thoughts of harming themselves. It is for good reason that rich people choose their friends carefully.Having a lot of money does not mean that these riches can somehow purchase feelings, or can completely insulate a person from being absolutely emotionally devastated. Many people have no sympathy toward rich people, because they assume that they money can “just make up for it” no matter how badly that they are treated by other people - when everyone, regardless of their lot in life, is indeed deserving of respect.In most cases, someone who is not rich does not just befriend a person who is known to be rich, because their intentions are going to suspect from the very beginning. To be fortunate enough to be friends with someone who is rich, a person has to be chosen, somewhere typically where people of the higher classes (both upper middle class and upper class) seek recreation, such as a yacht club, golf course, or philanthropic event. It is likely to be apparent if a person is simply “showing up” to hopefully just make friends to cozy-up-to or marry a rich person, most rich people would be able to quickly figure this out - if you did not know starboard from port, and yet had an feigned-interest in yachts. Sincerity cannot be faked. If you are at a yacht club, it is because you sincerely like boats, regardless if your boat is a rowboat with an outboard motor or an offshore powerboat and you might be there to make friends like you, without regard to how much they earn or what they have.Many rich people are likely to be befriend successful career professionals who are already well-established on their own merits, and are among the least-likely to be asking their rich friend for money. While single rich people have been known to date (or have a one-night stand) with all kinds of people, they are likely to me much more careful with who they are going pick as their close-friends.Those who are fortunate to be friends with a rich person also might want to realize that they still have their day job, the same responsibilities and the same need to keep saving for retirement and paying their own way through life, because nothing has changed here. The advantages of being friends with a person who is rich is that they generally will have a nice house to stay overnight, but it is all the more important for a friend to be even more of a gracious guest, as if they aced finishing-school. If a person is well-versed with their social graces, yet is very natural and unflappable, yet have a nice dry wit about them, then they will fit-in.Respect is a universally-appreciated and most-appropriate response in almost any situation, and it is expected to be extremely-respectful toward rich people. But this is not about pretense, or anything that even starts to resemble acting prima donna. New unversed friends of rich people might be tempted to act prima donna out of their own insecurities, to present themselves as an equal and level the playing-field, but no one will be fooled and it is a quick way for a rich person to become irritated. It is a mistake to ask a rich person anything about their money, and if information is disclosed, it is best to be unflappable and take it in-stride, and never repeat anything to anyone ever, even concealing the friendship itself.Rich people often know celebrities and public figures, and you might be granted access to private clubs that you did not even know existed. To get invited back, do not speak unless spoken to, gently-smile and heaven-forbid, never approach a celebrity and ask for their autograph. They are there in a private club because they want their privacy, and likely paid a good amount of money for the membership to have this. Humility and restraint are key tools to have to remain friends with a rich person.Another common-thread is that many rich people enjoy being served and catered to. It also might be very foolish to ever criticize, correct or argue with a rich person, especially within their own house, or even at all. Being friends with a rich person can take a lot of patience, there are and will be double-standards. Many people who are rich become alcoholics and can talk trash, and may expect their friends to let it roll off, which is the best thing to do, remaining unflappable and nonchalant. A good friend understands, and to an extent even accepts, that when a rich person is behaving badly, they understand why, and given a rich person’s trying set of circumstances, cantankerousness is to be expected.A rich person’s ego is nothing to be underestimated or toyed with, and it is likely that rich person will make no bones about severing a friendship if their friend puts on pretenses, is selfish, acts phony or heaven-forbid, asks for money directly or indirectly (such as telling a story about their latest hardship, hint-hint, puppy-dog face). Rich people are typically very good as sizing people up and seeing through baloney. A friend to a rich person might best realize that they are fortunate to have healthy friendships with anyone (regardless of anyone’s private finances) who they truly have many things in common with, and who cares about them as their friend too.A good and sincere friend to a rich person never allows (or worse, assumes) for their rich friend to be expected just pick up the tabs on meals or entertainment, but instead, a good friend pays their own share, no differently than if their rich friend was anyone else from a different socioeconomic background. Just because a rich friend “can” afford to pay for both people, does not give anyone the right to exploit this either. The most respectful thing to do, which also shows that both of you are on equal footing, is to confidently pay your own way with every meal shared together, every event, or anytime that a bill comes due. Penalizing a rich person for their own good fortune is disrespectful, and it presents an ugly sense of entitlement which is crass and will not go unnoticed by a rich person. Even if a rich person accepts their “role” as caretaker, privately, they might really resent it too. A great difference in wealth can set up social barriers between friends, the best way to avoid awkwardness stop paying any attention to how money that a rich person has, and what you have, and just be friends and get to know the person who is your friend - but to pay your own bills, always.Some rich people like to show off a bit, and they are usually not doing this to be boastful, but because they merely excited about their new toy, no differently than anyone of any economic class might do. This can easily be misunderstood as bragging, when it is really exuberance. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to have the means to go buy a Ferrari? Is a rich person expected to maintain a calm composure and only drive the car at night, for fear of people assuming that he when he is driving his sports car that he is “showing off” and “bragging”? Should everyone be forbidden to own sportscars altogether, or even be able to enjoy life in their own way? Some rich people will want validation or compliments, which a good friend will pay in return, but also be careful to not go overboard and be wowed by everything that a rich person has like a wide-eyed country bumpkin.It is a privilege to be friends with rich people. You get to enjoy being a guest in their home and have great fun together. For most people, that should be enough, reciprocally-paid with sincere gratitude and service to be helpful in anyway possible. The more that two people of different social classes, or anything that makes them different, can put that aside and forget about it, the better. Many, possibly most friendships that rich people have eventually fail because one of their friends gets-greedy to see how far they can push things. If you come to the friendship and are secure in your own financial affairs and social class as a professional, and have no need or desire to take something that does not belong to you, then it is not difficult to have a friendship, once your rich friend knows, that you if you need money, that you will go to your bank and apply for a loan just like any other responsible, self-sufficient adult will do. The friendship could end at any time, for any reason, just like any other friendship, and if this were to happen, be thankful for the memories and the fun times enjoyed together and depart a gentleman, because you know your own stripes.Being rich is nothing like the old television show, “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”. Sure, many rich people have such excursions, but this is not what everyday life is like for a rich person. If they do not have to work, they might be soul-searching, trying to find purpose and meaning in their life. Some might drink all night and sleep all day, only to repeat the process the next day. They have the same chores, aches, pains, worries, fears and insecurities as the rest of us.While a rich person might be able of afford to dine at five-star restaurants every night, none of us could endure the onslaught of calories without it affecting our health. Having money does not allow anyone to escape from realities such as getting fat and becoming undesirable to others if left to our own devices.Some rich people might be detached from the same realities as the rest of us have, because they have never had to worry about making their rent or mortgage payment before, they have never struggled or had to make difficult choices between getting their car fixed or buying food. Rich people can easily just assume, without any information provided, that their upper middle class friends have a much higher income than they really do.Some rich people privately feel guilty about receiving a huge inheritance and never having to work, and living off the labors of their benefactors, and feeling empty inside, without accomplishments to their name. To an extent, sometimes a rich person’s interpersonal, emotional intelligence and social development is often impacted, especially if no one has ever said no to them, because they have enough money to always find someone to say yes to anything that they want, anytime they want.It might be a good thing to have had to struggle, at least a moderate amount, at some point in one’s life, to have a full appreciation of what accomplishment feels like. The feeling of personal achievement, after years of toil - whether it be physical, such as working on a car or house, or mental, like taking classes and studying for years at a university, while also working a full-time job - many of these things, some rich people never get to experience. While struggle and the suffering that goes along with enduring sacrifice is unpleasant, the outcome is empowerment and achievement.Single rich people are some of the most lonely. Married rich people often have happy marriages, but others have divorces what make tabloid headlines too.Being rich might seem like all fun and games, but there are very real social barriers involved that can create awkward situations or complications that can get worse if not kept in-check. The more rich a person is, the greater burden of responsibility is foisted upon them to use their wealth responsibly in a way that will earn the respect of others and society - and in many cases, they were born into it and like any innocent child, never asked or the complicate set of both blessing as curses that money can bring. Single rich people are one thing, a couple or especially a family brings about a very complex set of social dynamics.Like anyone else, rich people want to be loved, admired and cared for. They grieve, cry and feel despair, and this is very real. Those who lack compassion would quickly change their tune if they were put in the same situation, and while this might be welcomed by many people who cannot comprehend or understand the implications of what it feels like to be used and abused, in-time someone who is not prepared to handle money might have a lot of problems on their hands. The world is full of both angels and devils, all of whom what to be your friend or some who declare you an enemy and do not even know you. They already hate you because you are rich.For a person to truly even begin to understand what it is like to be rich, a person has to step back and imagine how other people might treat them: some will be respectful, others will not, and most of the time, it is not about who you are the person, it is about the bank account that you got that you never asked for in the first place. Money can bring joy, and money can bring sadness, vulnerability and isolation, it depends on what kind of people that they surround themselves with and are fortunate to have in their lives. For some people who are fortunate to be rich, it is not hard to find money, but it can be very hard to find real friends and especially true love.

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