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How do you respond if someone commented "keep going" on a social platform?

Do what I do tell them that you are and will do your best… These last two years for me have been I call the years of hell. I lost my father in Jan 2019. I was a wreck. I was shaking crying I had a pain I never felt in my life. When he died at the funeral I wasn’t sad I wasn’t crying and my family seen this as a sign of disgust: I was actually relieved because him dying didn’t hurt it was watching him suffer so terribly from cancer and then paralyzed for 2 months at hospital then he died. This summer I did something so stupid. I lost my girlfriend over an argument I egged her in to call the police. She did and said I hit her which started a major chain of events. She left I spirallied into addiction, so did my mother and I found her on the floor many times the last time was enough I callled 911. They took my mom away from me because as her caregiver I couldn’t stop her abusing medication. I spiralled more into fentynal and crystal meth. My ex came over told me “I am pregnant and I have a new man” that hurt me I felt lost. A girl that lived next door I didn’t even know she came and said she liked me a lot. I made a mistake I listened to her and she said she was 17 and even though I am 30 I thought wow some girl likes me she’s young but I just wanted to feel like someone cared. Remember at this point I was so out of it on drugs. I treated her good for he two days I had with her. Little did I know she was lying about her age and even her name. The police came told me she was 15 to stay away and I complied: it was too late though, her father who was a drug dealer loser called the cops on me and I got arrested again. This time I was being charged with Sexual assault. I didn’t listen to my duty council lawyer who said “say nothing to the police, tell them she is a young girl who has a crush and that I did not do anything with her” I respect authority I respected those officers I knew them very well it’s a small town. I told them everything. They released me in house arrest. I am being charged with sexual assault times two, sexual interference times 2, and sexual touching of a minor times 2. I feel so sick to my stomachs from this. So many people called me sick names and things I’d never do or be. I say I’m moving on I did wrong and at the time I didn’t even see me as doing wrong I was so drugged out. I will face my prison sentence if 5 years if convicted on November 3rd. Hat hurts was my brother came when I got out of the OPP station and said it’s time to get clean. I went to detox 7 days and stayed an extra 7 days. I left and I breached I wasn’t supposed to leave my house at all only for medical reasons which rehab was one. When I got into prison I asked so many of my friends and family to bail me out to let me just stay for a week until I could go to rehab I was clean I wanted the full program though. No one helped me. My own family wouldn’t they will not speak to me. The day before I was released on time served in my disclosure the Crown said my sister in law was the one who called the cops on me and that hurt me badly. When I got out which my lawyer danced around the sexual assault charges and said to the judge to focus on my breach charge that the other charges were in another jurisdiction. I was released I was so grateful thinking I’m going back to the house dad left me and my dog and two cats. Not true my mother didn’t have the courage to tell my brother that it’s her home I want my son Paul to take over so he did and he’s power of attourney now. He sold my house took all my belongings, dad left me 280 grand which I spent foolishly but paid off the house got a car and Ford Fusion ecoboost and spent tons on people who never cared. I was alone in the city of Sudbury not knowing where to go. From being a person who had everything to sleeping in a homeless shelter with nobody I relapsed this time with needles and I was determined to die. What’s sad was the drug dealers the junkies treated me with more respect and hospitality than my own family and friends of 20 years. Now I await in my apartment for a charge that I believe should be overlooked looking at how drugged out i was how I lost everything I did do some time and I seen how scary jail and losing your freedom is. I moved on though I am clean again seek my arms black and blue from needles something hit me hard and I said no I did wrong I broke the law I will do what I must. You have to tell them that your going to do what ever it takes to live your life. I hope you do too because I’m going to miss my girlfriends possible death while in prison she’s got breast cancer and it’s bad. I lost my first child do yo miscarriage last week. I lost my government income which I can’t work I’m a wreck from the drugs the meds I’m on I’m psychographic. I hear things I think Ipeople are after me and for good reason I lost my friend due to a murder and I didn’t know it at the time I was hanging out with the people who helped dispose of his corpse. I broke mentally. I just was getting better too until all of this. My lawyer I haven’t spoke to him once and I heard he’s actually against me and it’s just a wreck. But buddy trucknon and live your life because I am and if I cab with all this and the tarnish on my name now people think I seek children that’s so sick I have a gf that’s 40. Sexual assault can mean so many things. Smacking a girls butt is one, but everyone seems to assume rape. If it wasn’t for that girl freaking out saying not to arrest me she loves me I’m a good person I know I’d be in a cell waiting for the sentence.

Why is Quora now flooded with CCP propaganda?

“That hound” the saying goes “don’t hunt”. Unless you perversely and unjustly warp the meaning of ‘propaganda’. Hilariously (America is, if anything, a proof that ‘hilarious’ and ‘horrific’ can and do describe the same … creature … and behaviour viewed from several different objective overlooks) and hideously twist the neck of that word until it’s dead. Only by such can the question’s premise be made to line up with the facts in evidence.(Btw, thanks for the caffeinated sinus cleanse. I miss Art Linkletter — remember his “Kids say the darndest things” radio spots? I miss those the delightful hilarity that came from innocence expounding nonsense from ignorance. I’ll make do and take delight in what I have come to call “Americans (aka ‘conservatives’) say the dangdest things”.)Propaganda. A quick scan of the broad content you paste that label on confirms that your criteria to qualify as ‘CCP propaganda’ ‘boil down to’ ‘any statement that doesn’t prejudicially condemn China as an ‘out of hand’ ‘knee-jerk’ presumption. To escape an American inquisitors’ witch-hunt and branding as “CCP propaganda” we’re required to rip that ennobling blindfold from Lady Justice’s eyes; those scales of justice from her hand; and paint her into a star-spangled harlot. Because ‘Americanism’ is prejudice.Americonservatives are by nature bullies. They view anything they do or say as being, well, ‘righteous’. If they throw a punch, a slur, or a criticism? It’s a ‘righteous’ act. And if anyone returns that punch, slur or criticism? It’s a vicious underhanded attack on all that’s righteous. The don a white stetson, wrap their family heirloom bible in a flag (it matters not to the ‘red state’ half whether that’s ‘stars’n’stripes’ or ‘stars’n’bars’) and — without an iota of exageration — will straightface declare themselves martyred by some guy kneeling at the business end of their gun. Americons are by nature bullies.They will bellow from the steps of their massive lavish taxpayer subsized church about how the ‘gubermint’ (the ones that cut them so much constitutional slack and write those subsidies) is ‘agin’ them — are conspiring to genocide Christian conservative ‘patriots’. This when those government breaks subsidize preservation of massive places of worship that are the posh second homes of a waning pool of specific brands of intolerant hypocrisy. Subsidize them to the point in most places across America you have to throw your baseball very carefully indeed to avoid an unfortunate stained glass breakage. Hard to walk more than a block or so without some facade of stained glass hiding a basement vole-pit of gnawing “your being defies my dogma” hatred looming.“THEY” shrills the spittle “seek the end of Christianity!” “THEY wish to put an end to our freedom (… to deny others their freedoms)!” “They’re PERSECUTING us! Amen.” An oceanic septic vasteness. A sectarian cess-pit.I find it entertaining — living out here in The Canadas — close enough to see the “eww!” nittygritty — while distant enough to avoid getting splashed. Americons — they do say the dangdest things.There are a handful of us non-Chinese on Quora who strive to maintain some small token of fairness, justness, when the issues are ones where America smears another nation or people . . . for reasons. Usually reasons involving America’s pursuit of its hegemony — and others’ uneagerness to accommodate those ambitions at their expense — the compromise of their political or economic sovereignty. A handful.And another handful of courageous resolute ‘foreign’ (non-American) souls whose names banner their own origins and homelands. Courageous because they do so in full knowledge they’re hugely outnumbered — and that they struggle with what is not their birth-tongue. (I was going to say ‘with their second language’ — but here in my predominantly (cosmopolitanly) immigrant neighbourhood I’ve learned that for most of my neighbours English isn’t their ‘second’ language — but likely their fourth, fifth, sixth. My punjabi friend speaks six including his melodious English. A temp at work? She speaks beautiful English, French that would make my French teacher weep with joy, and the equitorial African languages of both her mother’s and father’s peoples.But here on Quora? The defense against American projection of power? Is mostly mounted by braves with blunt tools — the equivalent of mattocks and hoes used to defend against idiots with ad hominem AR15s and slur grenades. They defend against racial, ethnic, political, philosophical, gender, sexual and myriad manner of bigotries — against ad hominem attacks on individuals and entire nations. They do what they are moved to do with what yhey have at hand to do it.I, on the other hand? Live for verbal . . . combat. I prefer polite discourse. But when someone asks for a verbal throwdown? I am most grateful. I made a friend once by saying of his ‘job’ as a criminal defense attourney that there is no more vital and noble a role in our culture. I mentioned Morris West’s ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ read in middle school as the birth of my reverence for the conscious recognition of there being a need for people who take positions they may not themselves embrace — and how Konrad Lorenz laughed “It is a good morning exercise for a research scientist to discard a pet hypothesis every day before breakfast.” Every ‘devil’ must have their committed advocate. Every thinking person owes the truth the act of becoming the adversary of their own hard-won belived position. To fail in this is to fail Truth.Quite often, when challenging a personal hypothesis, it crumbles in my hands. And sometimes, when acting as devil’s advocate, the case against that ‘devil’ crumbles — the devil is, if not exonerated, mitigated. Sometimes the accusor is revealed the actual ‘devil’. The former is not infrequently the case when China is ‘held suspect’. The latter is very often the case when America is involved — and points its finger.As for ‘CCP propaganda’? Quite typical of the sort who empty bilge about Quora being full of ‘CCP paid stooges reveal their cretiny by their attacks on the likes of, well, me. I used that oldschool term ‘cretiny’ pointedly. A cretin is someone whose low intelligence and low character ‘beget each other’. They are of low character as a consequence of their stupidity and ignorance — and’vice versa. What hilarious cretiny have I been entertained with?For one? Idiots who have somehow got it in their infinisimal skull-cavities that because my (posted for all) surname is … ‘Rice’ … I must be … Chinese … and a card-carrying member of the CCP. (On hearing of this my wondrous girlchild faux-pouted “why haven’t we gone to visit Ms. Meng? And… can your bro Xi get me free shipping on ‘all the things’? Hmm?” Like I said before “Americons say the dangdest things!”These cretins present convincing arguments that if they were required to walk and breath at yhe same time they’d either turn blue or never ever move. How so? They betray their utter dirth of gray cells when their ‘reasoning’ has them deriding the longwinded addict to poly-clausal sentences complete few of which make it from capitalized first letter to final period without having used every punctuation mark at least once — declaring that clear proof of being in posession of both epicanthic folds and CCP card (“不要没有它就离开家”). My adoration of various, often archaic, sometime ‘of the moment’ cultural, pop cultural or other idiomatic language tools doesn’t clue them in — so barefoot are they.Apparently the typical Americon believes the surest sign of ‘Chi- Communism’? Is having a reasonable grasp of English grammar and more than double-digit vocab. There’s an old Americon adage “That dog won’t hunt”. But those dogs? Even they are clearly smarter than the sort of ‘red-hat nit-wits’ who plaster (be it misspelled) a “Kick me, I’m a ChiCom” sigh on the back of anyone who can spell, fold a sentence, or walk and chew gum at the same time.Bottom line? Americanism is propaganda — is prejudice.Now those cretins can call me Muslim because I’m chowing down on a delivered order of halal shawarma. :)

What do gun owners dislike about Joe Biden’s gun control policies?

Thanks for the a2a.Too long didn't read: We hate everything about joe bidens gun control policies.Long answer:It could not be more crazier if charles manson wrote it himself.Joe Biden's Plan to End Gun Violence | Joe Biden for PresidentRemember it sounds nice on paper. I could say I will end homelessness by creating a government funded program to end homelessness in America. If you dig deeper youd find the plan to end homelessness is through euthanasia.Biden claims his Brady handgun violence act has kept 3 million people who shouldn't have a gun from having a gun….however the truth is that is bullshit. If you look at prosecution of prohibited people who lie on a federal form to buy a gun which is a felony that carries a 10 year prison sentence and a 250,000 dollar fine…out of 120,000 (fluctuates but is around 120k) lie and buy referrals for prosecution…results in just 12…When gun buyers are caught in 'lie-and-try,' how many are prosecuted? 12Then there is straw purchases which is how criminals often get guns. A straw purchase is when someone buys a gun for someone who refuses to do the paperwork because they legally cannot buy a gun.'Straw Buyers' Of Guns Break The Law — And Often Get Away With ItSo his 3 million claim is accurate but it fails to disclose that these 3 million prohibited people just break the law anyway and are never arrested for it. They remain free to keep trying to illegally obtain a firearm through other means causing untold damage to our communities.So right off the bat he's not in our good graces.Wants to open up manufacturers to legal liable for people who illegally use the gun to commit a crime. It is like if A Ford hits my truck that I sue ford for being liable for the driver of their vehicle who was not paying attention. Its a horrible idea.Claims to want to remove weapons of war off our streets….weapons of war are not on our streets. The AR-15 has NEVER BEEN ISSUED TO ANY MILITARY. Weapons like the m16 have been illegal for civilian ownership with the passage of the 1986 firearm owners protection act. The only civilians who own automatic weapons are the ones that are currently federally registered complete with the owners fingerprints and photo. These are also over 20,000 dollar weapons minimum. Those made after 1986 are owned by people who have federal business licenses through the ATF. These licensed individuals can only sell these weapons made after 1986 to other government licensed individuals, the government, military or law enforcement.Banning “high capacity magazines” is unconstitutional. Infact Duncan v. Becerra is a case in california the attourney general Beccera is desperately fighting to defend California's law banning magazines over 10 rounds fell afoul of the common use set in the landmark ruling Heller vs DC.Regulate AR-15s under the NFA. The NFA is the national firearms act of 1934 which set up categories of weapons for federal registration. This would be illegal as AR-15s do not meet any category of NFA weapon. The NFA was passed to limit “gangster weapons” like the BAR rifle used by john dillanger.Those categories are:Machine gunsThis legal definition includes any firearm which can fire repeatedly, without manual reloading, "by a single function of the trigger", which is broader than the common definition. Both continuous fully automatic fire and "burst fire" (e.g., firearms with a 3-round burst feature) are considered machine gun features. The weapon's receiver is by itself considered to be a regulated firearm. A non-machine gun that may be converted to fire more than one shot per trigger pull by ordinary mechanical skills is determined to be "readily convertible", and classed as a machine gun, such as a KG-9 pistol (pre-ban ones are "grandfathered").Short-barreled rifles (SBRs)This category includes any firearm with a buttstock and either a rifled barrel less than 16" long or an overall length under 26". The overall length is measured with any folding or collapsing stocks in the extended position. The category also includes firearms which came from the factory with a buttstock that was later removed by a third party.Short barreled shotguns (SBSs)This category is defined similarly to SBRs, but with either a smoothbore barrel less than 18" long or a minimum overall length under 26".SuppressorsThe legal term for a suppressor is silencer. This category includes any portable device designed to muffle or disguise the report of a portable firearm. This category does not include non-portable devices, such as sound traps used by gunsmiths in their shops which are large and usually bolted to the floor.Destructive devices (DDs) - (added to the NFA of 1934 via the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968)There are two broad classes of destructive devices:Devices such as grenades, bombs, explosive missiles, poison gas weapons, etc.Any firearm with a bore over 0.50 inch except for shotguns or shotgun shells which have been found to be generally recognized as particularly suitable for sporting purposes. (Many firearms with bores over 0.50 inch, such as 10-gauge or 12-gauge shotguns, are exempted from the law because they have been determined to have a "legitimate sporting use".)Any other weapon (AOW)Firearms meeting the definition of "any other weapon", or AOW, are weapons or devices that can be concealed on the person and from which a shot can be discharged by the energy of an explosive. Many AOWs are disguised devices such as pens, cigarette lighters, knives, cane guns, and umbrella guns. AOWs can be pistols and revolvers with smooth bore barrels (e.g., H&R Handy-Gun, Serbu Super-Shorty) designed or redesigned to fire a fixed shotgun shell. While the above weapons are similar in appearance to weapons made from shotguns, they were originally manufactured in the described configuration rather than modified from existing shotguns. As a result, such weapons do not fit within the definition of shotgun or weapons made from a shotgun.The AOW definition includes specifically described weapons with combination shotgun and rifle barrels 12 inches or more but less than 18 inches in length from which only a single discharge can be made from either barrel without manual reloading.The ATF Firearms Technology Branch has issued opinions that when a pistol (such as an AR-type pistol) under 26" in overall length is fitted with a vertical fore-grip, it is no longer "designed, made and intended to fire ... when held in one hand," and therefore no longer meets the definition of a pistol. Such a firearm then falls only within the definition of "any other weapon" under the NFA.The AR-15 would require biden illegally rewritting an act of Congress which he does not have authority to do. It should also be noted the ATF has also violated this by rewritting bump stocks and maybe doing it again with pistol braces for pistol versions of Ak platform and AR-15 platform rifles. The ATF doing this violates the seperation of powers within our government. The ATF cannot legislate through opinion making.The buy backs that biden thinks he can do are vehemently opposed. You cannot buy back something you never owned. You cannot force us to sell you our property which we legally bought either.Biden wants to limit how many guns we own to reduce stock piling weapons…how about no. What we buy is our business. If I wanna buy a 22 to hunt squirrels and a muzzleloader to hunt deer I should not have to wait to buy a gun because some asshole thinks hes doing something good. It could be a very harmful policy. If a woman bought a 22 caliber rifle prior to breaking up with her abusive boyfriend she shouldnt have to wait a month to buy a handgun cause the creep is sending death threats to her.He wants a universal background check. Universal background checks are something only misinformed people think is good. 1 in 5 criminals get a gun with a background check cause the other 4 have someone else buy it for them. Plus how can a citizen run a background check? Remember black americans think the police are racist and are out hunting them. They will be uncomfortable walking into a police station to buy a gun. We prefer switching to the BIDS or blind identification system for a background check which could easily be made into an app to allow a citizen run a background check without exposing the buyer or seller at risk for identity fraud.Biden also thinks guns sold online do not have background checks. It is federal law all internet sales across state lines needs to go to a FFL. Gun owners also go into gun shops and do transfers through the FFL for a background check on privaye sales unless they are immediate family.Biden wants to close the boyfriend loophole. Biden proves once again he's a fudd. The boyfriend loophole is an imaginary loophole that anti gun and ignorant people made up. They allege that a dimestically violent boyfriend can buy a gun putting the woman at risk.Please download the following: https://www.atf.gov/firearms/docs/4473-part-1-firearms-transaction-record-over-counter-atf-form-53009/downloadThis is the federal background check. I draw your attention to the definitions on page 5 lower left hand side for question 21 i.Notice the terms partner and intimiate partner…this legally includes abusive boyfriends…I also draw your attention also on page 5 the definition for 21 b.Again…boyfriends who are abusive are prohibited by federal law. Only fudds like biden dont know this. Only people who willfully do not research a subject before forming an opinion do not know this.Biden wants the Social security administration to throw people into the prohibited category. The social security aministration cannot lawfully do this. The reasoning to fudds like biden is that SSA can adjudicate. Ajudication is a legal process involving a judge who is involved in litigation. The SSA is not part of the judicial branch of government. So this would be illegal which is why trump reversed course before the government lost its pants and tighty whities in a major class action law suit for illegally denying people their rights under the second amendment. A doctor would have to testify in court you cannot have a weapon for ajudication to show your mentally ill or have to have entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity for this to happen. The SSA cannot do it.Biden wants to make it so if you been convicted of a misdemenor hate crime or a crime of bias to prevent you from having a gun. This is a whole level of ignorant. Hate crimes in states are felonies which prohibit you from owning a gun to begin with. They usually mimic federal law being 10 years in prison. Misdemenor hate crimes are often more then 2 years in prison. A misdemenor of more then 2 years in prison under federal law makes you a prohibited person exempt from owning a firearm.Biden wants to increase the feds having more time to investigate you from 3 days to 10. The issue with this is new Jersey. There is a case where a woman was waiting 43 days for her background check to clear when it was supposed to be returned in 30 days. She was stabbed to death in her drive way by her abusive ex which is why she wanted the gun. She died. We will not green light anyone sitting on paperwork to investigate. If the feds with the instant results of the nics cant do their job in 3 days they dont need another 7.Biden claims he will close the fugitive from justice loophole. I again ask for you to review the 4473.Again question 21 d page 5.Federal law already prohibits fugitives from justice from buying a gun. The 500,000 fugitives purged by trump were records for individuals who under federal definition did not flee the state to avoid prosecution. It was attributed to trump…the decision was actually made by obama when Joe biden was the second highest man in the land.“That was a decision that was made under the previous administration,” Bowdich replied. “It was the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel that reviewed the law and believed that it needed to be interpreted so that if someone was a fugitive in a state, there had to be indications that they had crossed state lines.”So legally 500,000 people were illegally added to the nics database as a fugitive from justice even though they did not meet the legal definition of fugitive from justice….law suit…government loses its pants and undies.Joe biden wants to ban the sale of guns online, along with parts and ammunition. No…that is insane. It would violate the interstate commerce laws and constitution so bad.He wants to create an agency to ensure prohibited people give up their guns. Pretty sure that will look like Waco and ruby ridge…the answer is no joe!Joe biden wants red flag laws. Red flag laws are where someone says your dangerous and law enforcement storms your house to take your lawfully owned property without you going before a judge. This is a violation of the 5th and 14th amendment which says no one can take your lawfully owned property without your day in court. These red flag laws are ripe for abuse. They have already been abused. I have a friend who was a cop who was fired from his job after his weapons were taken away cause of a spiteful ex wife who lied to cause him trouble during a messy divorce. He lost his job cause it appeared he was guilty why else would his guns be taken away…oh yeah cause his ex wife lied to get back at him for divorcing her. He still has not gotten his guns back despite a court order either. Hell no Joe.He wants licensing through states. No offense but state licenses are a registry. Registry leads to a list for confiscation…people say its not a registry…it's a license…how do you think they keep track of who has a license and who doesn't…a list… plus anti gunners and fudds claim licenses reduce firearm trafficking….last I looked murder was illegal. Just cause you make something illegal doesn't mean it stops…murder..prostitution…meth..coke..rape…theft..money laundering…running across a boarder…blowing up buildings…arson…drunk driving….all illegal all still happen. No Joe no.Funding the background check…no Joe…we need to end states using local police to do background checks. We need to make it mandatory that states submit records to the federal government or lose ALL federal funding and open states up to be liable for failing to submit records to the nics database by allowing families to sue the state. Its called accountability Joe.Establish a new Task Force on Online Harassment and Abuse to focus on the connection between mass shootings, online harassment, extremism, and violence against women. Dear Joe…I know you have dementia. Police and law enforcement has cyber divisions for this. Mass shootings are commited by people who are depressed and angry and looking to hurt others. We know this from a man who was going to shoot his school up or a mall. The answer is no to your task Force.Establish risk accessment to identify domestic violence victims at risk of being killed with a gun by their abuser. Joe no. The problem is domestic violence victims cover for their abusers and will even lie to police. I know this cause one year I spent new years with police when a dude punched his girlfriend and she was laying motionless on the ground with a busted lip. Unfortunately I did not see the punch just him standing over her on the ice covered ground with his hand in a fist screaming at her he will hit her again while she was unconscious…she told the police and me that it was her fault. She slipped and hit her face on the telephone pole 12 feet from where she was laying on the ground. Needless to say the small town found out and he got jumped by some yokels in a bar room bathroom…not that I was involved with that. Any who the police cannot access if victims cover for the abuser. Houston control to Joe fudd come back joe fudd.Joe wants smart guns. Sounds good on paper. Smart guns use RFID technology. Rfid technology is broken. I dont mean broken as in it dont work. I mean broken as in criminals are using stuff from hardware stores to exploit the RFID chip in your credit card to steal it. You might as well just leave your gun on the front porch for criminals. The other issue is fingerprint smart guns…its used on gun safes too. It is…well a joke.Fingerprint recognition is spotty especially with wet or dirty fingers.LPL Picking Gun LocksIn fact the lock picking lawyer trashes a lot of gun locks including fingerprint locks. Fingerprint technology just is not mature enough yet. I also saw such stuff embedded in epoxy in pistol grips. These things are dumb. I can use a heat gun from homedepot to reheat the epoxy to remove the “Smart Components”.Hold adults accountable for minors having guns. No Joe. That is already law. It is illegal for a minor to be in posession of a firearm when not in direct supervision of an adult. It also prohibits taking young kids hunting or teaching them safe firearm handling under your fudd proposal.Require gun owners to lock their guns up. Gun locks are a joke. They can be opened within seconds…even without lock picking tools. I have seen gun locks opened with a star wars Lego character.See lock picking lawyers playlist on gun locks!! LPL Picking Gun Locks PSA (public service announcement) california DOJ certified gun locks require are certified as compliant if they can withstand being picked for 2 minutes by a person with a screw driver and a paperclip who does not know how to pick a lock. Thats right lock picks are not allowed to be used for certification! False sense of security. No joe no stop being a fudd.Joe wants to make straw purchasing a serious crime…Joe its already a serious crime punishable by 10 years in prison and or a 250,000 dollar fine. It does not get more serious…Joe wants to give more funding to prosecute straw purchasers…Joe they got plenty of funding..they choose not to prosecute…if a real gun owner got into the white house they'll pass a law that the prosector who denied to prosecute a straw purchaser is guilty of dereliction of duty and are civilly liable for any death or injury to the victim or their family and can be sued by the victim and their family. That will light a fire under them to do their job.Joe biden wants to notify state and local law enforcement of any and all firearm denials to prevent prohibited people from buying guns through other means. Joe they cannot legally buy the gun…even attempting to is illegal under federal law…cause they would have to lie on the 4473. Plus I am an FFL. I have seen firearm denials on state mandated background checks denied because under other identifying charactistics the customer put that he had a nice dick…I have seen denials for doodling on the 4473…i have seen denials for crossing out mispellings in the address…I have seen denials cause a pen died and half a letter was visible with ink but the ink was uneven on the lettering causing it to be denied…are we really going to waste police resources having local police following up for nice dick, big tits, and badonka donk and bubble butt denials? No no the police got better things to do. The feds are more then capable of doing their job by executing their duty to make arrests for which they are collecting a pay check for with our tax dollars.Mandate that lost or stolen guns are reported….oh Joe what nursing home did they abduct you from. Gun owners already self report stolen firearms without the law you propose. If someone steals your car joe you dont shrug and say uh well I'm not required by law to report my car stolen so I'm not gonna do anything…we wont compromise with you. Gun owners know when you give an inch anti gunners and fudds will take a 1000 miles by cramming it full of your anti gun fudd wish list that we do not support in the slightest so no. It sounds reasonable but so did the idea of the greeks leaving a trojan horse to appease the gods of troy….how did that work out for Troy again? No.Stop ghost guns…joe that would be illegal as well. It runs afoul of the second amendment cause of common use. Home made guns have been in our country since we were a British colony. Millions and millions of such guns exist. That would run afoul of the heller common use standard. You also cannot ban 3d printers as they are also in common use…you don't have legal standing for that…or lathes…mills…cnc machines…screw drivers…hammers…welders that are also used to build weapons. You also cannot ban the 3d printed files as code is protected by the constitution as free speech. In the 1990s while you were sleeping in the senate joe the electronic freedom foundation took on a series of cases for a man named Bernstein a cryptographer who wanted to release the source code for an algorithm he made. The us department of justice wanted him to get a license to do so. He sued and won as the supreme court found code is infact a protected form of free speech in the case Bernstein v. Department of Justice. So you would be breaking many laws Joe. The answer is no.Restructure the atf and fund it…the ATF doesnt need restructuring it needs abolishing. The ATF now legislates when its not supposed to. They also have a lot of illegal things they do.Padding numbers - Specific Acts of Unlawful Reprisal Against ATF Agents, Employees & Whistleblowers.The FBI can do everything the ATF does…the FBI already runs the background check.Have the atf report on firearms trafficking….joe the FBI does that. The FBI investigates trafficking and unlike the atf already reports on it.Six Indicted on Gun Trafficking ChargesYoud know that if you stopped rambling about how your proposals would help a worker in Scranton pennsylvania or talking about your hairy legs and read a memo that you didnt forget you were reading and wander off.Dedicate the brightest minds to solving gun violence…Joe your brightest minds lack common sense…for example out of 30,000 gun deaths a year 20,000 are suicides…your brightest minds are puppets who will parrot the illogical claim that just so happens to suit your anti gun agenda ban all guns. They dont have the brains to understand taking a gun from someone whos suicidal does not change that they are suicidal. Sure it may make them choose another less successful method but that's a coin toss. The common sense thing is to change their mind with intervention programs to prevent them from becoming suicidal.Prohibit federal funds from being used to arm or train educators…bad Joe bad. Through federal funds you could ensure they are properly trained and equipped to safely use their gun around children. Believe it or not there's 2 places educators are armed and they have never had a school shooting in the school. They also got a program for students who see or hear bullying or violent longings to report it anonymously so the school can prevent a school shooting. Armed teachers and anonymous reporting by students saves lives.Biden believes his plan of locking guns up with atrocious gun locks and red flag laws would prevent gun suicides…no Joe…they won't.Biden wants trauma centers for gun shot wounds…the hospital has those!!! Infact er doctors recieve training just for treating gun shot wounds and are very good at it…we dont need your trauma centers.These trauma centers for sexual assault and domestic violence also already exist…they specialize in it…they exist within a federally funded network already. We dont need double of everything.He wants to train health care providers in sexual assault and domestic violence….joe that have this already…infact I know a woman in texas who works for a health care provider and she specializes domestic violence and sexual assault that is all she does! She recieves training every 6 months!!!Wants to add people on the no fly list to a new prohibited category preventing them from owning guns. Absolutely horrible as these no fly lists are secret lists that have no ability for you to appeal them. People are on these no fly lists for the dumbest reasons like wearing a full face respirator on a 15 hour flight. (The 95 masks loose their effectiveness after 12 hours and doctors recommend people like cancer patients to avoid wearing 95 mask on long flights and should wear a full face respirator instead to prevent infections as a result of chemotherapy.if they refuse the 95 mask they can be kicked off the plane AND be added to the airlines no fly list.)Joe biden is just a fudd.Biden is a poorly informed arm chair expert who pretends to be a gun owner. His ideas are either illegal or redundant mirroring things that already exist. Other proposals like his “assault weapon ban” which are illegal are best defined as gleaned from the lowest hanging rotten fruit of the idea tree and piled onto a platter with other refuse and served up to satiate a hunger of the uninformed to feel like they are important and doing good things so they can pat themselves on the back while stroking their ego in trump like fashion in a congradulatory circle jerk while doing nothing to actually fix the real problems.Such individuals are the enemy of progress and the leading force clinging desperately to unhinged and delusional ideals so they can be pat on the head by their masters blowing their anti gun whistle. Such people have dragged this out for decades preventing knowledgable gun owners from enacting real meaningful measures to combat the underlying problems driving the deaths. The blood of countless americans have stained these lap dogs red and stained their masters hands with a red stain from the routine petting of their pets that cannot be removed from the hands of their masters no matter how much they try to wash their hands as they blame everyone but themselves for the issues we gun owners need to fix due to their failed policies.

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