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PDF Editor FAQ

Do startups normally put the percentage (of the total number of outstanding shares) of stock options on the offer letter, or do they normally only put the number of shares?

Most companies only put the total number of shares (or option shares) in an offer letter, and leave it to an informal, non-binding side communication (if that) to describe the current capitalization of the company and how that computes out to percentages.A significant minority will put a percentage figure in, because that’s the numbrer that really matters at an early stage. This can create a promise by the company, which is usually naive and unwise except in the case of co-founders and very top executives because there are multiple ways to calculate percentages, and because percentages fluctuate over time as new people get new grants and old people leave with unvested shares that get repurchased. To illustrate, if two engineers receive offers from a new startup company that give each 1% of the current capitalization, which currently stands at 10 million shares, does that mean that the first to join gets 100,000 shares (1% X 10 million) and the second gets 101,000 shares (1% X (10 million + 100,000))? That would be an odd result.If done carefully, a company can put in percentages and capitalization information without it being a binding promise, so occasionally it is a matter of transparency rather than a mistake. A sample clause might read:Upon, and conditioned on your joining Company, and further conditioned on approval by the Company’s Board of Directors, the Company will issue you an option to purchase 60,000 shares, exercisable at the fair market value as of the date of grant as determined by a 409A valuation, subject to the vesting terms described below. For reference, the valuation as of July 31, 2019 was $0.13 per share, and the company’s fully diluted capitalization on that date was 10,135,400 shares. These numbers are subject to change at any time before your option grant.If a company keeps its records carefully, it should be able to indicate what the percentage is as of any date up to the date the employment offer is given. But it should not make a binding promise about what the percentage will be in the future, for any number of reasons including the above.

How do Republican voters feel after a full Republican Administration gives up so quickly on repealing ACA after spending 7 years complaining about it?

A very good example of gas flaming people to believe that changing something that has undergone 30 years of back and forth discussion and political process, finally to be passed, can be made in haste and without process. You must remember this is old Democrat policy deeply rooted - Obama just sampled the pieces and moved them forward in the window of opportunity that was given to him - it made the republican so mad that they valued voters before common sense and created their own monster: Trump.This ACA is garbage political work. Really shitty work. The idea of having majority in the two houses makes these legislators complacent.I am not a voter in USA but I follow your politics because it is the greatest reality show there is - very high quality - But if I was and if I was a politician I would look at Obamacare - notice what works and where it needs improvement - and improve it! Not alter something that works - yes insurance premiums has been on the rise - that is because your hospital system is made of corporations who’s goal is profit not benefit. That is why a colostomy cost 7 times more than it does where I come from - a routine examination when you get 50. Why is it 7 times higher? Are your doctors better? - not really and 25% of them aren’t even born americans. Medicine cost 4–5 times more than in neighbouring countries - and you have acts excluding vital drugs to needing patients, just because someone need to make more money.Where I come from these things are free - it is part of our civil right to receive treatment . Our doctors have gotten their education for free - yes our education system is free all the way - and it is also regarded as a civil right. With those two installed the healthcare system is very much more efficient and our insurance premium - that is our tax - is kept to a minimum in a non profit scheme - the scheme is the state. Earning money on people being sick is mocking the oath of Hippocrates that the same doctors swear when graduating.Is it socialism - no it is common economic sense. It allowed my country to grow to be the one of the wealthiest in the World without ever being endowed with natural resources.A country that can ask you to fight and die for it, should also be willing to save your life when you need it.It is that simple - health care is a human right.

Is it possible that Americans and Brits could misunderstand one another due to differences in their varieties of English?

I. Misunderstanding is usually only to a minor degree as regards the standard dialects of the USA and the UK due to worldwide exposure to American mass media. However, it is asymmetrical, in favor of the American being more likely to be correctly interpreted by his British counterpart rather than vice versa, since Americans are not often exposed to British media productions.General American - Wikipedia (standard US English) is almost universally understood by Britons due to the ubiquity of US media. So, in general, GenAm speakers would have very few instances when they would be misunderstood due to differing terminology for everyday items/objects. Furhermore, American mentality is familiar due to the exposure to US TV and film (even though Hollywood depictions are not usually highly representative of real life) so even non-verbal cues and common expressions are generally familiar to Britons.Received Pronunciation - Wikipedia (standard British English) is highly intelligible to Americans save for relatively few terms but, since UK TV/film productions are not ubiquitously-viewed in the US, it is somewhat more likely that Americans would misunderstand Britons than vice-versa. Furthermore, there is possible miscommunication from non-verbal cues and unfamiliarity of common British expressions. One phenomenon relates to understatement by the English, which could be misinterpreted as disapproval e.g. “He was all right.” (UK English) = “He was great.” (US English); or, conversely, misinterpreted as encouragement an in, “You have an interesting CV. Let me think about it and I’ll drop you a line at some point.” (UK English) = “Unfortunately, your background isn’t suited to our needs. Thanks and goodbye.” (US English).II. Misunderstanding skyrockets when dealing with non-standard and regional versions in either country, intelligibility drops, sometimes to the point that subtitles are necessary for British TV/film among American audiences. There are dozens and dozens of varieties of British English, an exceptional number over a relatively small geography. For example, in the below study, Glaswegian English is estimated at 79% phonetically similar to General American - a statistic that could indicate that they should be called distinct languages.Interestingly, the study indicates that, among the dialects sampled, Standard Scottish English and Belfast (N. Ireland) English are the British dialects closest phonetically to General American at 90% and 91% similarity.Ref: Experience - AnecdoteI arrived in the US speaking RP. Here are the adaptations that I have made to be better understood by Americans:I speak more loudly in the US than in the UK. Especially in public spaces like restaurants, the voice level in the UK (barring drunk, rowdy people) is such that you cannot easily follow the conversations of other diners; in the US, usually that’s not the case.I now pronounce final “r” as in martyr, park, morning, martini, Gordon… (Rhoticity in English - Wikipedia).I use shorter sentences and almost no subordinate clauses when I first meet an American. I am more direct in my phrasing although I still begin a request with a polite introductory, “Excuse me. Could…?” but am no longer taken aback when people come out and request things as in, “Gimme xxxx.” or “I wanna…”.I have adopted US terminology like trash, out of the ballpark, snowflake’s chance in hell, trunk (vs boot), hood (vs bonnet), truck (vs lorry)…I’ve accepted that “Have a nice day” isn’t to be taken at face value; it’s just a socially-common goodbye greeting similar to “Cheerio” or “Too-da-loo”.On the other hand, I have not made any attempt to pass as a native-born American despite my keen ear for language subtleties; there is neither cultural incentive nor any issue of communicability. Americans also seem to like British-type accents in general.However, when I revisit the UK, I am told or asked:You speak so loudly.You are so direct; You seem to be able to just go up and speak to strangers; You are less shy than before; You aren’t as deferential as others.You sure stare at people when you speak with them; it’s a bit unnerving.Are you Canadian?Did you live in Scotland? Your pronounce your “r’s” so strongly.

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