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This has to be anonymous to protect the innocent who are truly innocent. I really do not care about the guilty party, she made her bed and is still happy about her decision.A couple of years after my brother married his wife, they were not having any success in getting pregnant. They were at my place, eating dinner with my wife and my 2 year old son. She was talking about wanting a baby so much and all the doctor’s visits and specialist she had been to with no luck.We had wanted a 2nd child but it was not happening. We had recently discovered my wife had fertility issues. She was not supposed to be able to become pregnant. We had been married for 12 years before we decided to try for a child and it was our inside joke that it only took once to conceive. (I was away for business for a month, I arranged the schedule to be home one night before I had to go to another city across the country for another 2 months). So one time, during that one night did it.We felt blessed and had she not been able to get pregnant, we both agreed, we would not have gone through all the infertility treatments. We would have just thrown out the birth control and lived life. We probably would have looked into adoption. Who needs the stress. We are still married after 34 years because this is how we approach life. We started dating in high school, I was a freshman, she was a sophomore, so our family’s teased her often about robbing the cradle. We were together for 6 years before we married.Being the biologist I am, and being raised by an RN, I just blurted out to my brother, when are you going to get a sperm count done? This is when the shit got real. He got angry and made it clear the problem was not with him thank you very much. His boys were swimming.Well, two months go by and I hear from my SIL, my brother did get a sperm count done because she said she was not going in for any more treatments until he did. He had resisted doing it even when suggested by the fertility specialist. She did have some problems, but there was nothing major that should prevent her from getting pregnant, it just might take a little longer.So, had extremely few swimmers and the ones he had were mostly defective and were not swimming. He might produce 10 healthy sperm total in one ejaculate. So that had him do everything he could do to increase his sperm count.A year later, another sperm count and same story with no improvement. They both wanted children and he was blaming her. Now, I do not get along great with my brother, he can be a jerk and he knows it all. He never admits when he is wrong. Nothing is his fault. I never understood why my SIL married him. He had several serious GFs in the past and then they dumped him after realizing the longer they stayed with him, the more he felt entitled to control all aspects of their lives, including their friends. I did find out years later and basically she could not find anyone to put up with her out of control spending and credit card habits. She let him believe he could for awhile. After she got her children, she came clean with all of her hidden credit cards. They were stuck with each other. They have been through bankruptcy 3 times and are heading towards it again. She spent all the investment money he had before the marriage. No other woman will have him and if he wants a woman in his life, and wants to see his kids without going broke paying child support, he is stuck with her and she can do whatever she wants.Somewhere along the line my wife mentioned to her that I was a donor to a sperm bank. Even at my older age I was asked to still provide donations because I was a member of MENSA, am highly educated, and supposedly my sperm has produced a few healthy, intelligent children. As a trained geneticist, I know there is more than genetics, raising intelligent children also requires the right environment and raising children in a language rich environment starting at birth. The best thing anyone can do is talk and read to your children starting from birth. There is a good chance learning starts in the womb so mom, talking while pregnant cannot hurt and may help. I also believe my sperm is requested because I am married and am in a stable monogamous relationship, in rather good health, and have never tested positive for any STDs. I also do not accept payment, it is against my moral code. All payments go to children’s charities if payment is insisted upon.Well, my brother was against insemination from a sperm bank. The problem was not him. Adoption was out because he wanted his own biological children. So my SIL and my wife decided it would be fine if they used me as a sperm donor to do their own artificial insemination. I was meh, whatever you two decide.So when the time came, she came to visit us for some baking with my wife (both like to cook and bake). Our son went to visit the grandparents. Then my wife collected the sperm samples from me in the living room (I was on the couch) and delivered to my SIL in our bedroom. It involved larger plastic syringe. This was done a few times, over a few months and still no pregnancy.Now for the indecent proposal. My SIL was sure the problem was not enough sperm delivered to the right spot frequently enough. She wanted to try sex because it would put the sperm right where it was supposed to go and it had to be several times over several days during her most fertile time. She careful approached my wife and my wife made it clear, no natural sperm donations, that was crossing a line that was not to be crossed. My wife did not tell me of this conversation.My SIL is not even cute by any stretch of the imagination. I had no sexual attraction to her, in fact, I was sexually repulsed by her.On day, my brother was away for the weekend and my SIL called to ask me to fix something in the house. I said sure and went over. There was nothing to fix, she wanted to talk. So we talked and she told me what she thought and my wife’s opinion.Then she said, I have $5,000 in cash you can have and nobody will know. I will pay for a sperm donation, just this time, do not put it in the syringe, put it in here, and she dropped her short pants and was not wearing panties.I told her to keep her money. I was not a prostitute. I asked her why did she just not pick up a guy at the bar or some other random guy that would be more than willing to do the deed and leave. Heck, get a motel room and some guy might even pay you to inseminate you.Well, it was her safety, I would not hurt her, no diseases, my sperm was viable. I confided that she was not sexually attractive to me. She knew why but that was not a deterrent. I decided to do it under the condition that she does give me the $5,000 in a cashier’s check and she signs her name to it with the statement in the for line on the lower left fertility services with my name. I photocopied this cashier’s check, and opened an account at a local credit union to deposit it and then I placed the copy of the check in a safe deposit box. I wanted proof if something went south. I did not want her claiming something that did not happen.So we got around to business and we both ended up enjoying it much more than expected. The thing is, no matter how much you tell yourself this is just for procreation, sex is damn fun. She did things my wife will not do, I did things her husband will not do. We met everyday for 5 days, some were just a quickie get the sperm deposited because of time, others were much longer and sensual affairs. And as with my wife, she got pregnant on the first fertility cycle we did the natural insemination.It worked out, my brother thought he did the deed and he now had swimmers. My wife bought it because my SIL told her she was going to skip a cycle of our sperm donation attempts, so my wife had no regrets that I fathered a child she knew about at a later time. Yep, I cheated on my wife. Really, when you go from ejaculating in a syringe so it can be deposited into my SIL vaginal tract (later tries just happened with both of us on the bed because it was just too damn inconvenient for me to donate in the living room and for my wife to take it to the bedroom to insert it. My SIL wanted to have an orgasm afterwards so the sperm was pulled up into her cervix. So, even though I did not participate in this part, I got to hear it.). My wife decided it was too much for her to do the insemination, so she helped me provide the donation and left while the SIL, with my help did the insemination, and then I was allowed to provide visual aids to help with her orgasm, we were being very sexual though it a very clinical and gross way. It was sex without penetration. I was tired of all of this and wanted my sex life back with my wife. You know, no sex because I had to let the sperm build up.Well, 18 months later, guess what, they wanted another baby. I was trapped, I thought it was a one time deal. This time the SIL did better planning and my brother was out of town for a week during the same time my wife was on a retreat with her choir group. My mother, grandma was more than happy to watch her two grandsons for a couple of days. They boys would have each other to play with. My SIL was going to visit her mother (the big lie of the story). I would not let my son stay with grandma constantly for 3 days, so I took him over for visits and when he called or at the appointed time I picked him up. We would go out for pizza or whatever for dinner. I love kids, and my “nephew” is no exception, and he is my nephew even if biologically I am his father. My brother is his father and has done all the father things, even if he is a jerk, he is a great dad. Being a parent is more than genetics.I got together with my SIL for reproductive activities at a local motel over the next four days. I again took the $5,000 check as was the previous deal. And again it only took one cycle.This was repeated twice more. I enjoyed the pleasure of the sex. If I could do it over again, I would have told my wife and SIL no to the initial sperm donor plan. There is a reason sperm banks set up the procedure the way they do, it protects everybody. The extracurricular sex was enjoyable but the duress it caused me was not. The kicker is, after the third child, my wife told me she almost considered coming to me with the offer from the SIL and was going to encourage me to do it because her having children brought her so much joy and she was a great mom. I sweated for a second when she let me in on a secret the SIL told her, my brother was still completely infertile and she had found a way to use a sperm bank for insemination without my brother finding out. (Ladies, please, if you have a secret to keep, do not tell anyone, even your best and most closest friend. As soon as two people know, it is not a secret). So now my two sisters know also but my brother still brags at how the doctor got his diagnosis wrong, he has swimmers.I almost came clean with my wife, but again, if it is a secret, do not tell anyone and some secrets are best kept secret. Children do not need to suffer.Now, about the $5,000 per successful insemination fee, well, I had a good plan for that. After each child was born, I had my mother invest the money into a tax-deferred college investment account for each child. Mom did not know where the money came from. I just told her I had over the years won some significant money playing poker in Nevada and I kept it quiet, even from my wife. I used the money to help family in need. I did not want anyone to know this was from me and she understood. She added some money and invested it with the financial advisor my FIL has used and who has done very well for him. My mother was the primary and I was the secondary so the money would not be dispersed unless the child went to college. If no college or acceptable alternative education, then the money would revert to a children’s charity to help children with medical needs.My mother has since passed away. Remember what I said about my SIL, she spends money she does not have, and her spending has wiped out all of my brother’s investments and savings that he brought into the marriage, (over a half million that was not to be touched until retirement—he was living way below his means). He had changed careers so he could be home with his kids every night rather than working long hours. He did this before the marriage and his bride to be knew it. They both had average paying 9–5 jobs and had committed to living in their means. All that investment money was for retirement. Now, there is no retirement, no nest egg, no savings for an emergency, and they have had 3 houses repossessed. They are 2 months from loosing the 4th. Their church will probably bail them out on this one. My brother just a few years ago got back into the rat race to climb the corporate ladder to make the big bucks and is starting to reap some success. He is not home much anymore because of the travel and late nights. I believe me might be stashing money away quietly just so he has options when he kids are out of the house.Last year, their oldest graduated high school and wanted to go out of state to college to study Electrical Engineering. He is smart enough to get the degree. Of course, on paper, his parents were expected to pay much more than they could afford. He did get a few small scholarships but not enough. I spoke with him and learned he also wanted to go out of state to get away from the drama at home. I understand that. I asked him if he would work part time to fund part of his college costs. He had expected to. I told him how I had to work my way through college because mom had 5 kids to raise so I had to do it on my own. I learned my brother told him mom gave me all the money that was supposed to go to him and so my brother had to drop out. Wrong, my brother kept changing majors and after 8 years, mom gave him enough to cover 2 more years, sold the house because all the other kids were out and told him the gravy train was over. He spent that money in 4 months and was homeless. I took him in and all he had to do was work to earn his tuition and finish college. After a year, he changed majors again and needed another 2 years. We were moving and giving up our rental and the sheriff had to drag him out because he refused to leave long after we left and handed the keys back. It was my fault for not paying the rent for him.I did not correct my nephew. I just said his father gets things wrong from time to time. My nephew knows and understands. I told him to prepare to go to the college he was accepted to, I would see what I could do. I drove him there, he found a job, all the while my brother was pissed that I was feeding a dream that would not happen. I just looked at his wife and said this was bought and paid for 18 and 3/4 a year ago. The look in her eyes showed she got it. She looked at her son and said go with your uncle, I believe he knows something your father does not.He found a job because it was early summer and nobody was applying for fall jobs. I found a small studio apartment and paid the 1st, last, and deposit on it. I also paid 3 months rent in advance. It was in a town that had very cheap rent. My nephew was surprised. I told him to have faith.We returned and I had the financial advisor take care of the rest. I signed off on the paperwork required, and over then next 4 years, he will have $10,000 deposited at the college for his tuition and books. All he needs to provide is room and board and off campus is cheaper than on campus. His mom got a letter from the financial advisor and a follow up letter from the University with the notice of the money from her son’s grandmother being released for college because it had come to their attention that all the requirements for it to be released were satisfied. In addition the money will be sent directly to the college.The college sent a notice that they decided to offer a scholarship available to out-of-state students to attract them to study in this state. He would be considered an in-state student for purposes of tuition.I went to college in this state and knew about that scholarship the state still offers. I spoke with the financial aid people and they assured me they only give those out once they are satisfied the student has committed to complete their degree at the University. Because plans have been made to cover a significant amount of his tuition and fees, he met the requirements and would be given this scholarship once the financial advisor completed the arrangements to ensure the money from his trust fund would go directly to the University into his account.This is what happens when you do your homework, ask questions first, and put things together before telling anyone you can deliver. You just deliver anonymously because I do not need the credit.BTW, my son, the one my wife and I have, has finished his graduate degree and is about to start his career earning more money as a starting salary than I do now. He got the most support from me.Now my SIL is fully aware of why I had my requirements for the money and was a bit put off that I actually took it.We had a little chat about that. Recently, my brother was hospitalized with a medical emergency and needed emergency surgery. He was recovering and could not drive the 800 miles to pick up their son from college for summer break. He need to get home quickly because he has a summer job here. My SIL is unable to drive more than an hour or two at a time due to her health issues. So I offered to drive. I love road trips and I still can do that 800 miles in a very long day and turn around the next day and do it again. The west with its high speed limits and open spaces makes it not too difficult.She never understood why I took the money even though I said I did not want to prostitute myself. I explained, I needed something of value from her and evidence that she was the one to give it to me for stud services. The law was not on my side and any agreement I would have signed would not be legal nor stand up in court. I would be on the hook for child support if she spoke out. Once the child was born and her husband was on the birth certificate, he was legally dad and even if years later paternity was questioned, he he discovered he was not the father, legally he was still on the hook. I needed mutually assured destruction. I needed evidence that if she brought it to the open, I had evidence she was a willing partner and went so far to pay me for the services. I would never tell, I could trust myself. I had no idea what would happen with their marriage and I was not keen on helping them have children because their marriage was and still is far from being stable. I made the mistake of going along with my wife and should have said no. In fact, I withdrew from the sperm bank after the SIL got pregnant. This just became all too real.I was in a bad spot, I enjoy sex with my wife, and that was going downhill because my SIL infertility became my wife’s issue and I was the solution. All of a sudden the SIL was intruding on our personal sex life. We could not have sex during this time period because I had to save it up for the SIL. She would call the SIL to discuss menstrual cycles and plan when I could have sex and when I could not. Then I had to masturbate on demand with little stimulation and when my wife decided it was a little too much for her, I was the one that had to get naked in front of the SIL, masturbate myself, help her inject the semen, then masturbate again so she could get excited enough to orgasm. A few times that did not work so I had to take matters into my own hand and the SIL discovered multiple orgasms and I did not want to hear about how my brother could never do that. It was too much and there was no end in sight. I just knew my wife would eventually decide full on sex is the next step and she would of course have to be there so it was clinical, reproductive, and not really cheating. Give me a break!Let’s just get this over with and have sex. I did not find her attractive (she knows and it has to do with her lack of grooming). The faster she got pregnant, the faster she was out of my wife’s and my sex life. We also both learned, once the sex starts, nature takes over, and pleasure happens. It all evolutionarily programmed to ensure procreation and it worked like it was intended to for all parties involved. I also learned that even though my wife does not enjoy performing oral sex (as in she tried for 1 minute one time and that was it, never again) and my SIL did reward me for my duty with oral and it was even more than I had expected, I still loved my wife and ultimately it was not a make or break issue. I really enjoy giving oral and she will let me from time to time, but prefers straight intercourse. My SIL loves oral and hand stimulation and learned that she can orgasm through intercourse. I helped her learn how and she made sure my brother did it for her because he would not do oral or hand stimulation.Finally she learned that I took an uncomfortable situation for me, one she could not readily understand because for her it was all about getting pregnant and having children. Her and my brother never really had any sort of true intimacy. They still do not. She was just using me for sperm and I had to perform on demand and not perform to save up for when my performance was supposed to mean something. At least a prostitute does not worry about her orgasm, she just lets her body be used for pleasure. My body had to produce and it was all on me.After the successful services, I had to cut my emotional ties to my biological child. Some men might be able to do this, I just cannot do it without some pain. So I decided the money was not so much for sex as for providing a product, fresh sperm to the site of need with no middle person involved, as nature intended. I would then take that money and invest it so it would grow and help the child that was produced from my product when it came time for college because I was fairly certain the child would need it as his parents would not be able to do it.I thought it was a one and done deal. When I discovered it was not, it was too late to say no to further stud services. I was at a disadvantage. She would likely go back to my wife and at a minimum the old sperm donor arrangement would come up. I had said okay to that once and I knew where it was heading. That would be just torture for me for several months so lets just get it over with. We had already had sex, so by now it was no big deal. We just had fun with no emotional involvement. I figured I would just take the payment for the product and successful delivery and reinvest it back into the child. I did it two more times and was relieved when they decided 4 was enough.That night, we took a room together with separate beds. She thought she would reward me again for being thoughtful towards her children. This time she was in for a surprise. I had turned her down. I had just fallen asleep, I slept with just a pair of short pants, like I do at home. I awoke to her stroking my penis and I just laid there. After several minutes she woke me up and asked what the problem was. I am no taking medication for a health issue and it has a side effect. The old boy does not stand at attention unless I have the help of the little blue pill, and I left them at home.She was sure she could raise the dead with oral action and I said go for it. Wow, after 20 minutes I did reach a very strong orgasm. I was surprised. So I reciprocated with a hand job for her and after several satisfying orgasms I said, this is over and went to sleep. I awoke the next morning and left the room to have breakfast. I did not want her to think there would be a morning repeat. I woke her but she wanted more sleep.I picked up her son, came back and she was not too happy. She was hoping for more play time, but it was over. She married my brother and they were made for each other. I do not care if he is too busy to have sex with her. She helped that because she cannot stop spending. I am damn sure not going to reseed the field, and I do not trust her when she says she cannot get pregnant now. I am not going there.She kept trying to rub my leg on the drive home. My nephew can drive and loves driving my truck, so I had him drive as much as he wanted so I could sleep in the back seat (It is a crew cab). He put on his music and I put on my ear plugs and ear muffs and slept.We got to their house and I help unload the stuff and left it at the front porch. I told my nephew it would be best if he just took it from there because he knew where it had to go. This would be fast. His mom invited me in but had to use the restroom. We were unloaded and I was gone before she finished.I saw my brother the next day in the hospital and he thanked me for picking up his son and told me how excited his son was driving my truck. His wife was not too happy because her son was driving 80 mph and that was too fast. That was the speed limit on the Interstate we were on at the time so we had both told her to stuff it and live with it. It was my truck and I told the nephew he could. She wanted to spend the night in a motel rather than driving through. Under no circumstance was I going to allow that and my nephew wanted to see his dad in the hospital. We got back way too late for that to happen and so he drove himself the next morning. I turned down the offer to stay then night in the spare bedroom because I knew where that would go and it was only 30 more minutes to my home, my wife, and my bed. Then when I woke up I had to get ready to attend my son’s graduation from Graduate school.SIL still was only considering her needs and using sex to get what she wanted. She has not changed. I will never again be available to help her again. I am happy with my wife and sex is more than the physical act. My wife and I decide when we want to just cuddle, make out, or have full on sex. It is our choice, with a little help from my blue friend. That does add a little more spice to our life. There is all sorts of fun in experimenting with timing and my wife is just starting to learn the joys of multiple orgasms from penetrative sex. It is fun being an empty nester, we are fucking worse than when we were horny teens, except this time we do not have birth control to get in the way.

What are the available options and choices for women considering egg donation in Singapore?

This answer may contain sensitive images. Click on an image to unblur it.With the Singapore government having lifted age limits to IVF treatment since the beginning of 2020, it is anticipated that there will be a steady increase in egg donation cases, as many older women nearing or past menopause are often unable to produce enough viable eggs for successful fertility treatment. Due to social egg freezing being banned in Singapore, some women here do not have the option of freezing their own eggs when they were younger, leaving many of them with no choice but to resort to egg donation to conceive a child.A woman contemplating egg donation needs to ponder over various personal issues, as well as know and weigh all her available options. First and foremost, she has to do her own soul-searching and ask herself whether she really wants to have a child through the egg donation process. Is she being unduly pressured, coerced or being subjected to emotional blackmail by either her husband or her in-laws? As the old saying goes, it takes two hands to clap in a successful marriage. If one partner is reluctant, while the other is willing, the marriage will never be happy. The same applies to child-rearing, except that this time, an innocent party in the form of a child may be adversely affected by the unwilling partner who is unhappily being coerced into the arrangement.Another key issue to consider is whether she should eventually tell her child the truth of his/her conception through egg donation? Most seasoned fertility counselors would recommend that the child be told the truth when they reach school-going age. Numerous psychological studies and news reports have documented the emotional trauma and identity crisis that donor-conceived teenagers and adults go through when they suddenly and unexpectedly learn the truth about their conception, for example through a family spat. Very often, this leads to strained and even estranged parent-child relationships. Moreover, the recent popularization of direct-to-consumer genetic testing kits and associated genealogy and ancestry websites have made it much harder to conceal from donor offspring, the truth about their conception. There is a possibility of the offspring inadvertently learning the truth about his/her conception through contact with DNA-matched relatives in such websites. As medical technology advances, it is envisioned that DNA testing will one day become a universal norm in healthcare.Here are the various options available to women in Singapore, who are considering egg donation. Each of these have their own advantages and disadvantages, which will be discussed in turn.Option 1: Seek out your own relatives or close friends as egg donorsStepsInform your doctor that you have found a known egg donor, either a close friend or blood relative. Under Singapore health regulations, you cannot utilize your husband's sister as an egg donor. Although your husband's blood relatives such as nieces and cousins are legally allowed to be your egg donor, this is strongly discouraged due to consanguinity and risks of inbreeding.The doctor will then refer you and your prospective egg donor to a certified fertility counselor in Singapore.After counseling and signing of the appropriate consent and declaration forms, you and the prospective egg donor will be ready to start the egg donation IVF process.AdvantagesAn obvious advantage of using a blood relative such as a sibling or cousin as an egg donor, is that you have a genetic link to the conceived child. Additionally, you would also be familiar with any hereditary genetic diseases that run in the family. Here are the various fractions of DNA that you would share with your child, with different types of blood relatives as egg donor: full sister - 25%(1/4), half-sister or niece - 12.5%(1/8), first cousin - 6.25%(1/16), second cousin - 3.125%(1/32). Note that if you were using your own eggs, you would share 50%(1/2) of DNA with your child.The advantage of using a close friend is that you know her character and what she looks like, traits that may possibly be inherited by the conceived child.DisadvantagesIt may be challenging to find a “young enough” donor among your own circle of friends and relatives, preferably below 30 years old, as recommended by most fertility clinics. Using older egg donors will obviously decrease your chances of success.Egg donation from close relatives may possibly cause awkwardness and tension in future family relationships, particularly at family gatherings during major festivals such as Chinese New Year.There is a lack of egg donor anonymity, and increased chances of the secret of the child’s conception being leaked out, either deliberately or inadvertently by a third party.Option 2: Import frozen donor eggs from an overseas egg bankStepsInform your doctor that you wish to import frozen donor eggs from a foreign egg bank.The doctor will then recommend foreign egg banks that meet the standards set by the Ministry of Health in Singapore. These include requiring all egg donors to undergo infectious disease and genetic testing screening, which must be in compliance with the European Union Tissues and Cells Directive, as well as the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority's (HFEA, UK) regulations on egg donation.Contact the foreign egg bank (usually through email), and request them to match you with an appropriate egg donor based on ethnicity, blood group, educational level, and physical characteristics i.e. height and complexion, by providing appropriate details of yourself and your husbandThe foreign egg bank will reply to you with an appropriate list of suitable donors. Make your choice of one donor from this list, and inform the egg bank of your intention to purchase frozen eggs from this particular donor.Make payment to the egg bank, either by credit card or international bank wire transfer.The foreign egg bank will then make arrangements with a courier company to transport the frozen eggs to the IVF clinic in Singapore where you are receiving treatment. Inform your doctor, IVF clinic and lab of the transport arrangement. Upon arrival, the frozen eggs will be stored in a liquid nitrogen tank within your IVF lab.The doctor will refer you for egg donation counseling by a certified fertility counselor in Singapore.After counseling and signing of the appropriate consent and declaration forms, you will be ready to start the egg donation IVF process.AdvantagesDonor anonymity is maintained.There is a wide choice of donors available in foreign egg banks based in Western countries, even Asian and Chinese ones. Increasing demand worldwide has led to egg banks in Western countries recruiting donors of such ethnicity.DisadvantagesBesides the high costs of the frozen eggs, the transportation cost from a foreign country to Singapore is also very expensive, as it requires a special cryogenic container.A special custom permit is required to avoid the imported samples being subjected to x-ray, which could be highly damaging to the frozen eggs. Extensive paperwork may be required which could further add to the already high costs.Despite technological advances such as vitrification, the success rate with frozen eggs is still significantly lower than fresh eggs.Asian/Chinese donors eggs may be more expensive to procure from egg banks based in Western countries, as compared to Caucasian ones, due to the scarcity of Asian/Chinese donors in Western countriesOption 3: Look for an egg donor through the internet who is paid secretly, or utilize a foreign agency to send an egg donor to Singapore (strictly not recommended)StepsPayment of egg donors is banned in Singapore. No suggested steps, as you will be breaking the law, and may face a fine or even a jail term for criminal perjury and bribery. Strictly not recommended. The above description is to give a warning of what not to do.AdvantagesFreelance egg donors that you find from internet websites may be much cheaper than using a foreign egg donor agency..On the other hand, utilizing a well-established foreign egg donor agency may be a ‘safer’ option. Most reputable foreign agencies will insist on having a coordinator to accompany the donor to Singapore, to ensure that the donor punctiliously self-administers hormonal injections to stimulate her ovaries, as well as to make sure she fulfills her part of the contract.DisadvantagesSecret under-the-table payments to either freelance egg donors or foreign egg donor agencies are illegal under Singapore law.After paying freelance egg donors, there is no guarantee that they will fulfill their part of the bargain, in which case you have no legal recourse for recovering your money. Because payment for egg donation is illegal in Singapore, you will only implicate yourself in an illegal transaction if you decide to sue the would-be freelance egg donor.It maybe difficult to ensure that the freelance egg donor faithfully follows the painful and tedious procedure of daily hormone injections to stimulate egg production within her ovaries.Utilizing a foreign egg donor agency to send an egg donor to Singapore will be much more expensive. Besides the agency fees, there are also extra traveling and accommodation costs.It may be difficult for illicit payment to either a freelance egg donor or foreign egg donor agency to leak out. But if it does leak out, you will definitely end up in big trouble. Several years ago, a Singaporean tycoon was jailed and fined for paying an Indonesian man to donate his kidney.Additionally, it must be noted that local Singaporean IVF clinics would require both the recipient couple and egg donor to sign a declaration form stating that the donation is altruistic. Hence the crime of perjury would be committed by signing a false declaration.Option 4: Travel overseas for egg donation at a foreign fertility clinicStepsGet a referral letter from your local Singaporean IVF doctor, together with appropriate medical records, which indicate that you should receive egg donation.Contact a foreign fertility clinic of your choice and book an appointment. Send a soft copy of your referral letter and medical records to the foreign fertility clinic via fax or email.Request the foreign fertility clinic to match you with an appropriate egg donor based on ethnicity, blood group, educational level, and physical characteristics i.e. height and complexion, by providing appropriate details of yourself and your husband. These donors may either be in-house at the foreign fertility clinic itself, or sourced from a foreign egg donor agency.The foreign fertility clinic or egg donor agency will reply to you with an appropriate list of suitable donors. Make your choice of one donor from this list, and inform the foreign fertility clinic and/or egg donor agency of your choice.Ascertain the entire schedule and duration of your IVF treatment with donated eggs, and make appropriate traveling arrangements, together with your husband.Sometimes, it is possible for your husband to travel abroad first to deliver his sperm sample, followed later by you to receive the donated eggs.It may be possible to minimize your stay abroad, by getting your local fertility clinic to co-ordinate with the foreign clinic in synchronizing hormonal injections to prepare your womb to be receptive for the egg donation procedure overseas.AdvantagesThe medical fees of foreign fertility clinics are often much cheaper compared to Singapore.Foreign egg donors are permitted to receive generous financial compensation abroad. As a result, there is a wide choice of egg donors of different ethnicity, physical characteristics and educational attainment available.Some local clinics have collaborative ties with foreign clinics that carry out egg donation. Hence, they would be able to advise you on egg donation overseas, as well as co-ordinate with foreign clinics in synchronizing hormonal injections to prepare your womb to be receptive for the egg donation procedure overseas.Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) of embryos, which is highly restricted in Singapore, is readily available overseas. This might be an important consideration for patients receiving donated eggs, since it is unknown whether the anonymous egg donor is carrying any genetic defects.The use of PGS for embryo sex selection may be permitted in foreign countries.DisadvantagesThere is no government co-funding and you cannot utilize your Central Provident Fund (CPF) for fertility treatment abroad.There is also the hassle and costs of overseas travel and hotel stay, which may be minimized if you choose a fertility clinic in nearby Johor Bahru.Knowing that patients are fearful of unknown genetic defects carried by the anonymous egg donor, foreign fertility clinics often strongly advocate patients to do expensive PGS, instead of recommending cheaper alternatives such as genetic testing of the egg donor’s blood sample, and Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT). This is not in the patient’s best interest, and is likely an attempt by foreign fertility clinics to make extra money off Singaporean patients.Option 5: Utilize leftover frozen eggs from a local fertility clinicStepsTell your fertility doctor that you wish to receive leftover spare frozen eggs donated by other patients undergoing IVF at the same clinic. Request to be placed on the waiting list.Be prepared to wait for a very long time, as these are generally extremely scarce.AdvantagesSpare leftover frozen eggs are donated altruistically by other IVF patients who have successfully conceived a child, as a gesture of goodwill and desire to help others.DisadvantagesThese are generally very scarce, but can be obtained from three sources: (i) Single women facing premature menopause or undergoing medical treatment that will damage their fertility such as chemotherapy are allowed to freeze their eggs. (ii) A few married couples undergoing IVF choose to freeze their excess unfertilized eggs instead of embryos for religious or personal reasons, as they view frozen embryos as ‘living entities’ that should not be culled through disposal. (iii) Contingency egg freezing is sometimes performed when the husband is unable to produce a usable sperm sample on the day of egg extraction surgery, for example ejaculation failure due to stress.As expected, patients would use their best quality eggs for their own treatment, so the few frozen leftovers would be of questionable quality.Upon receiving altruistic donation of leftover spare frozen eggs by other patients, be wary of being overcharged high medical fees by the fertility clinic, which could in fact "mask" the sale of the altruistically-donated eggs to you.Take note that fertility doctors persuading former patients to altruistically donate leftover frozen eggs to you face a conflict of interest, because they will be earning additional medical fees by performing the egg donation procedure on you. Moreover, such fertility doctors may manipulate and abuse the doctor-patient fiduciary relationship during the donation consent process, by exploiting their former patient's gratitude to them for successful fertility treatment.TipsCurrently, the most popular option for Singaporean women is to undergo egg donation overseas (most commonly in Malaysia). Not only are the medical fees cheaper, but there is also a much wider choice of egg donors of different ethnicity to choose from. Nevertheless, Singaporean patients should beware of foreign fertility clinics exploiting their fears of unknown genetic defects carried by the anonymous egg donor, to push them to do expensive Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) of embryos. There are much cheaper alternatives to PGS such as genetic testing of the prospective egg donor’s blood sample and NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing).WarningsIn the Asian cultural context, bearing a male heir for the family is considered the most important duty of the wife towards her husband and family. As such, a childless woman may be subjected to coercive pressure from her husband and in-laws to undergo egg donation to conceive a child.Emotional distress and identity crisis of the child, upon suddenly and unexpectedly finding out the truth about his/her conception.Risks of accidental incest between half-siblings conceived by the same egg donor , and possibility of Genetic Sexual Attraction.Widespread availability of DNA home-testing kits and associated Genealogy / Ancestry websites, makes it harder to maintain secrecy of the child’s conception.Possible transmission of unknown genetic defects from the egg donor to child. The only information about the family health history of an anonymous egg donor comes from a Questionnaire form that is filled up by the donor herself, and this information is difficult to verify. Foreign fertility clinics often exploit patients’ fears of unknown genetic defects carried by the anonymous egg donor, to push them to do expensive Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) of embryos. Patients should be aware that there are much cheaper alternatives to PGS, such as genetic testing of the donor’s blood sample and NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing).Claims that a woman receiving donated eggs passes some of her genes to the child are untrue, and should be viewed as a deceptive marketing gimmick by foreign fertility clinics.

What are some weird facts?

There's a reason people say that truth is stranger than fiction. Between impressive inventions and natural oddities, the world can be a pretty incredible place. Just when you think you're too jaded and you know it all, people and things can surprise you in delightful ways. Wondering how long it would take to drive to space? Or where a quarter of the bones on your body are located? Or what you call a rainbow that happens at night? You'll find out all that and more when you read through trivia tidbits from around the world. Prepare to be astounded by these 50 weird facts that you won't believe are true. And for more trivia to blow your mind, check out these 50 Incredible "Did You Know" Facts That Will Astonish You.1Squirrels are behind most power outages in the U.S.iStockThe American Public Power Association (APPA) says that squirrels are the most frequent cause of power outages in the U.S. The APPA even developed a data tracker called "The Squirrel Index" that analyzes the patterns and timing of squirrels' impact on electrical power systems. Turns out, the peak times of the year for squirrel attacks are from May to June and October to November.Typically, the squirrels cause problems by tunneling, chewing through electrical insulation, or becoming a current path between electrical conductors. "Frankly, the number one threat experienced to date by the U.S. electrical grid is squirrels," said John C. Inglis, the former deputy director of the National Security Agency, in 2015. And for some "facts" you only thought were true, ditch these 50 Well-Known "Facts" That Are Actually Just Common Myths.2Spider webs were used as bandages in ancient times.ShutterstockIn ancient Greece and Rome, doctors used spider webs to make bandages for their patients. Spider webs supposedly have natural antiseptic and anti-fungal properties, which can help keep wounds clean and prevent infection. It's also said that spider webs are rich in vitamin K, which helps promote clotting. So, next time you're out of Band-Aids, just head to your attic and grab some "webicillin."3A woman who lost her wedding ring found it 16 years later on a carrot in her garden.ShutterstockA woman in Sweden lost her wedding ring while cooking for Christmas in 1995. She looked everywhere for it, and even had her kitchen floor pulled up hoping she could find it. But she wouldn't see it again until 2012.While gardening 16 years later, the woman found the ring around a carrot that was sprouting in the middle of it. The only explanation was that the ring must have been lost in vegetable peelings that were turned into compost. Clearly, composting isn't just good for the environment. And for more trivia to bring you joy, try these 50 Feel-Good Facts Guaranteed to Make You Smile.4One-quarter of all your bones are located in your feet.ShutterstockThere are 26 bones in each foot. That's 52 bones in both feet, out of 206 total bones in your whole body, which is more than 25 percent. It may sound crazy at first, but think about it: Your feet support your weight and allow you to jump, run, and climb. Those bones and joints also allow your feet to absorb and release energy efficiently. It's one of the reasons humans can outrun any other animal in an endurance race.5Blood donors in Sweden receive a text when their blood is used.ShutterstockTo encourage more young people to donate blood, Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden, sends a text to donors when their blood has been dispensed to someone in need. A common issue with blood donation—along with other types of charitable donations—is that if a donor doesn't know the recipient, it's harder to convince them that donating is beneficial. But with this system, which started in 2012, potential donors in Sweden have proof that their contribution is going to good use. And for more quick trivia to kill some time, here are 35 Fascinating Fast Facts for When You're Bored.6You're more likely to get a computer virus from visiting religious sites than porn sites.ShutterstockAccording to research from security firm Symantec, religious websites carry three times more malware threats than pornography sites. Symantec found that the average number of security threats on religious sites was around 115, compared to adult content sites which carried around 25. In fact, only 2.4 percent of adult sites were infected with malware. The researchers hypothesized that's because porn sites need to generate a profit, so there's a financial incentive to keeping them virus-free to encourage repeat business.7The inventor of the Pringles can is now buried in one.ShutterstockIn 1966, Fredric Baur developed the ingenious idea for Procter & Gamble to uniformly stack chips inside a can instead of tossing them in a bag. Baur was so proud of his invention that he wanted to take it to the grave—literally.He communicated his burial wishes to his family, and when he died at age 89, his children stopped at Walgreens on the way to the funeral home to buy his burial Pringles can. They did have one decision to make, though. "My siblings and I briefly debated what flavor to use," Baur's eldest son, Larry, told Time. "But I said, 'Look, we need to use the original.'" Fredric Baur, an American classic.8Sunglasses were originally designed for Chinese judges to hide their facial expressions in court.ShutterstockToday, sunglasses serve as protective eyewear, effectively preventing bright sunlight from causing discomfort or damage to our eyes. Of course, they're also a fashion accessory. But sunglasses were originally made out of smoky quartz in 12th century China, where they were used by judges to mask their emotions when they were questioning witnesses. And for more facts that are so cool they're hard to believe, check out these 100 Fascinating Facts You'll Want to Share with Everyone You Know.9Cotton candy was invented by a dentist.ShutterstockDentist William Morrison and confectioner John C. Wharton invented machine-spun cotton candy in 1897. It was first introduced at the 1904 World's Fair as "Fairy Floss." Then, another dentist, Josef Lascaux, reinvented the machine in 1921. He came up with the name "cotton candy," which replaced "fairy floss."10Shakespeare's epitaph contains a curse for grave robbers.iStockWhen William Shakespeare died at 52 years old on April 23, 1616, he was buried in a tomb that featured an epitaph meant to ward off grave robbers: "GOOD FREND FOR IESVS SAKE FORBEARE / TO DIGG THE DVST ENCLOASED HEARE / BLESTe BE Ye MAN Yt SPARES THES STONES / AND CVRST BE HE Yt MOVES MY BONES." Or more clearly: "Good friend, for Jesus' sake forbear / To dig the dust enclosed here / Blessed be the man that spares these stones / And cursed be he that moves my bones." And for more fun content delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.11A New Orleans hotel offered a $15,000 stay to a whoever stole the "most outrageous" item from them.Image via the Roosevelt New Orleans, a Waldorf Astoria HotelIn March 2019, the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans decided to celebrate its 125th anniversary by offering a free seven-night stay in its presidential suite, along with complimentary private dinners and spa treatments worth a whopping $15,000. But this wasn't a standard giveaway: The prize was only available to the person who returned the "most outrageous" item ever stolen from the hotel.12Children of identical twins are genetically siblings, not cousins.ShutterstockCousins whose parents are identical twins share 25 percent of their DNA, instead of the usual 12.5 percent. While full-siblings share 50 percent of their DNA, half-siblings share 25 percent. That's why, though children of identical twins are legally cousins, they are genetically the equivalent of half-siblings.13A giant tortoise thought to be extinct for 100 years was recently discovered in the Galápagos.ShutterstockBecause there hadn't been a sighting of a Fernandina giant tortoise in more than 100 years, scientists believed that we had lost the last of the creatures ages ago. However, in Feb. 2019, an adult female was spotted around Fernandina Island in the Galápagos. Scientists also found bite marks on nearby cacti that led them to suspect there may be other tortoises in the area, too.Wacho Tapia, director of the Giant Tortoise Restoration Initiative at the Galápagos Conservancy, released a statement saying, "To find a living tortoise on Fernandina Island is perhaps the most important find of the century … Now we just need to confirm the genetic origin of this female. She is old but she is alive!"14The Goodyear Blimp is the official bird of Redondo Beach, California.ShutterstockThe Goodyear Blimp is nothing short of iconic, but we wouldn't classify it as a bird. Still, that didn't stop Redondo Beach—a coastal city situated near the Goodyear Blimp's home airport in Carson, California—from passing a resolution in 1983 to make the blimp its official bird.15It would only take one hour to drive to space.ShutterstockIf you got into your car, turned on the ignition and drove up to the sky at 60 mph, it would take just one hour to get to outer space, according to astronomer Fred Hoyle. Of course, this is purely a theoretical, but it sure is fun to think about!16A cornflake in the shape of Illinois sold on eBay for $1,350.ShutterstockIn 2008, two Virginia sisters found a cornflake that was shaped like the state of Illinois, and sold it on eBay for $1,350. Monty Kerr, the owner of a trivia website from Austin, Texas, was the buyer; he explained that he wanted the special piece of cereal for his traveling museum. "We're starting a collection of pop culture and Americana items," he told the Associated Press. "We thought this was a fantastic one."17The amount of copper on the Arizona capitol building roof is equivalent to nearly 5 million pennies.ShutterstockThe copper roof of Arizona's capitol building in Phoenix is undeniably impressive, especially once you learn that it's the equivalent to 4,800,000 pennies. That's a heck of a lot of pocket change!18A cloud can weigh more than a million pounds.ShutterstockClouds are not as light and fluffy as they appear. In fact, researchers have found that a single cloud weighs about 1.1 million pounds. How do they know? Well, that number is calculated by taking the water density of a cloud and multiplying it by its volume. Fortunately, the cloud can still "float" at that weight because the air below it is even heavier.19The Apollo 11 crew used hundreds of autographs as life insurance.Image via NASANeil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 crew faced the real chance that they wouldn't return from the moon safely, leaving their families without financial support. Due to the extreme danger that they were about to face, they couldn't take out life insurance policies. So instead, they signed hundreds of autographs, which their families would have been able to sell if they didn't make it home. Luckily, those life insurance autographs weren't needed. They do, however, show up in space memorabilia auctions today, selling for as much as $30,000.20The Queen owns all the swans in England.ShutterstockAccording to British law, any unclaimed swan swimming in the open waters of England and Wales belongs to the Queen. The law originated in medieval times when swans were a delicacy for the wealthy, but it still stands today. Queen Elizabeth II also upholds a centuries-old tradition with the swans: Every year during the third week of July, all the swans in the River Thames are counted for the Queen in a practice called "Swan Upping."21A fortune cookie company once foretold the lottery, resulting in 110 winners.ShutterstockIn 2005, one Powerball drawing had a shocking 110 second-place winners who all attributed their luck to a fortune cookie. The folks at Powerball were suspicious (typically, there are just four or five second-place winners); however, no foul play was involved.Wonton Food, a Chinese fortune cookie distribution factory in Long Island City, just so happened to correctly foretell five of the six winning numbers. "We are so excited," Ho Sing Lee, president of the cookie manufacturer, said at the time. "I knew people took our lucky numbers seriously. It shows that they really do tell fortunes, and we are happy so many people have benefited." Each winner took home between $100,000 and $500,000, depending on how much they bet.22A woman with two uteruses gave birth to twins less than a month after having a baby.ShutterstockWhen most people have a baby, they typically wait a little while before even thinking about having another child. But that wasn't an option for one woman in Bangladesh, who unexpectedly gave birth to twins in March 2019, less than a month after having another newborn. The highly unusual circumstance came about because the woman has two uteruses and both were able to successfully carry the three healthy children to term. However, the mother's doctor did admit, "We were very shocked and surprised. I have never observed something like this before."23A meteor exploded over Earth with the force of 10 atomic bombs and everyone missed it.ShutterstockYou'd think if a spacial body met a phenomenally fiery fate right above our heads, we'd notice. But when a meteor hit our atmosphere on Dec. 18, 2018, and exploded with a force that was 10 times the energy of the Hiroshima atomic bomb, it wasn't discovered by NASA scientists until after the fact. Turns out, it went largely undetected because it took place over the Bering Sea in an area that was close, but not directly on, the path of commercial planes flying between North America and Asia.24Louisiana is home to a rare pink dolphin.ShutterstockIt's hard to imagine dolphins being any more wonderful than they already are, but a Louisiana bottlenose dolphin named "Pinky" is almost too adorable to believe. First spotted in 2007, the unusual creature got its name from its surprising pink color, which is likely the result of a rare genetic condition.Pinky was seen again in 2015 and in 2018 while mating. Despite the fact that fishermen have apparently seen her swimming with baby dolphins, they're not sure if she's their mother—especially since no news of any pink baby dolphins has surfaced.25A "moonbow" is a rainbow that happens at night.ShutterstockIf a storm is passing and the sun starts shining, you might be lucky enough to spot a rainbow. But did you know that you can see something just as amazing at night? While they're incredibly unusual, moonbows (or lunar rainbows) are caused by the reflection, refraction, and dispersion of light, and tend to happen most often in places with waterfalls and mist. There also needs to be a near full moon for there to be enough light for you to see the moonbow.26Bumblebees can fly higher than Mount Everest.ShutterstockIf you thought it was impressive that humans can make it to the top of Mount Everest, you'll be stunned to find out that bumblebees can make it to the summit, too. Researchers who tracked two bees that were able to fly at more than 29,525 feet (or 9,000 meters, which is higher than Everest) admitted that they were "shocked at how high they could fly."27The Terminator sold for $1.Image via MGMThe Terminator, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton, earned a worldwide total of $78.3 million at the box office in 1984. As it went on, the franchise took in over $1.4 billion—not bad for a movie whose rights sold for a dollar.Before James Cameron became famous for directing blockbusters like Titanic and Avatar, he was just an unknown filmmaker with an ambitious idea. In order to get his movie made, he handed over the rights to the script for a token amount on the terms that he would be allowed to direct the movie. Despite the eventual success of the project, Cameron later admitted that he regrets the decision to sell such a valuable story for such a low amount, saying, "I wish I hadn't sold the rights for one dollar. If I had a little time machine and I could only send back something the length of a tweet, it'd be—'Don't sell.'"28Scientists discovered an organism with a disappearing butt.ShutterstockThe comb jelly—also known as the warty comb jelly, sea walnut, or Mnemiopsis leidyi—has a disappearing butt. Sidney Tamm of the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, told New Scientist that "there is no documentation of a transient anus in any other animals that I know of. It is not visible when the animal is not pooping. There's no trace under the microscope. It's invisible to me."29Someone tried to sell New Zealand on eBay.ShutterstockSome odd things have been sold on eBay, from a grilled cheese sandwich with the face of the Virgin Mary to Justin Timberlake's half-eaten French toast. But one of the strangest listings ever had to be for the country of New Zealand. That's right: A man from Brisbane, Australia tried to sell New Zealand off on eBay in 2006.The listing described the country as "the dodgiest American Cup win ever" and said it has "very ordinary weather." Despite those selling points, the ridiculous auction gained a ton of interest. The starting bid was 1 cent and after 6,000 hits and 22 bids, the selling price for New Zealand climbed all the way to $3,000. Eventually, eBay caught wind of the auction and pulled it from its site. "Clearly New Zealand is not for sale," a spokesperson for eBay Australia said at the time.30A London tomb is supposedly a time machine or teleportation chamber.iStockLondon's Brompton Cemetery inspires some strange beliefs. It's the final resting place of Hannah Courtoy, who had a well-known respect for ancient Egyptians' astrological (and perhaps mystical) knowledge. She's buried there, along with two of her daughters, in a massive 20-foot granite mausoleum that includes a pyramid peak and a bronze door decorated with Egyptian hieroglyphs.The entryway also features a keyhole, but the key that unlocks it was lost, which—along with Courtoy's history—sparked the tomb's peculiar reputation. Because no one can get inside to confirm or deny superstitious suspicion, there's a local legend that says it isn't a tomb at all, but a time machine. However, historian Stephen Coates told Mental Floss, "It's not a time machine. It's a teleportation chamber."31Sumo wrestlers make babies cry for good luck.iStockWhile most parents do what they can to prevent or stop their babies from crying, that's not always the case in Japan. That's because it's a 400-year-old Japanese tradition that if a sumo wrestler can make your baby cry, it means he or she will live a healthy life. During a special ceremony, parents hand over their infants to sumo wrestlers who bounce their precious tots up and down and sometimes even roar in their little faces to get the tears flowing. "He's not a baby that cries much, but today he cried a lot for us and we are very happy about it," mother Mae Shige said at a 2014 event.32A 155-year-old mousetrap successfully caught a mouse in 2016.ShutterstockThey say if it ain't broke, don't fix it—and that turned out to be the case for a very early design of the mousetrap. In the mid-1800s, inventor Colin Pullinger unveiled his Perpetual Mousetrap and claimed that it would last a lifetime. More than a century later, Pullinger could still make that claim.The 155-year-old device, on display at England's Museum of English Rural Life, managed to catch a mouse that snuck into it in 2016—even without bait! The mouse entered the trap attempting to build a nest and ended up activating its see-saw mechanism. Sadly, the rodent didn't survive. But clearly, the perpetual mousetrap does!33A human could swim through a blue whale's veins.ShutterstockThe blue whale is the largest living creature—it's even larger than most dinosaurs. The biggest blue whales can be over 100 feet in length and weigh more than 100 tons. Their hearts alone can weigh 1,300 pounds, and are the size of a small car. Unsurprisingly, blue whales have enormous arteries, which pump blood through their massive hearts and into their vital organs. These arteries are so big that a fully grown human could swim through them, not that you should try it.34Crying makes you feel happier.ShutterstockThey don't call it a "good cry" for nothing. Studies suggest that crying stimulates the production of endorphins, our body's natural painkiller, and feel-good hormones, like oxytocin. In short, crying more will ultimately lead to smiling more.35International astronauts must be able to speak Russian.ShutterstockAs the International Space Station (ISS) has modules and operations in Russian, all astronauts going to the ISS must know how to speak Russian. Some astronauts have claimed that learning this new language was the biggest challenge of their training. According to the U.S. State Department Foreign Service Institute, English-speaking astronauts can expect to spend 1,100 class hours to reach a reasonable level of fluency in Russian. That's twice as many hours as it typically takes to learn other languages like French, Spanish, and Dutch.36The electric chair was invented by a dentist.ShutterstockIn 1881, dentist Alfred P. Southwick witnessed a drunk man die quickly after touching a live electric generator. Southwick soon realized that electricity could be a quick and more humane alternative to hanging for executions. And thusly, the electric chair was born, and was first used in 1890. Though it wasn't an initial success—a second jolt needed to be used—Southwick eventually worked out the kinks. Cotton candy and electric chairs: What will dentists think of next?37Even the man who created Comic Sans has only used it once.ShutterstockComic Sans is the classic cute, lighthearted, informal, good-for-a-child's-birthday-party-invitation font. But it also comes across as immature and unprofessional, and has been called the world's most hated font. Comic Sans was designed by Vincent Connare in 1995, and even he isn't a fan. "I've only ever used Comic Sans once. I was having trouble changing my broadband to Sky so wrote them a letter in Comic Sans, saying how disappointed I was," he told The Guardian. "I got a £10 refund." Worth it, we guess.38At least one of the colors of the Olympic flag appears on all the national flags.ShutterstockFresh aristocrat Baron de Coubertin designed the Olympic flag in the early 1900s, and he was very intentional with his creation. At least one of the colors on the Olympic flag appears on the flags of every nation that competed in the games at the time (but only if you count the white background of the flag itself). "A white background, with five interlaced rings in the center: blue, yellow, black, green, and red … is symbolic," Coubertin said in 1931. "It represents the five inhabited continents of the world, united by Olympism, while the six colors are those that appear on all the national flags of the world at the present time."39Australia has pink and purple lakes.ShutterstockLake Hillier sits on the edge of Middle Island, which is off the coast of Western Australia. It's known for its vibrant pink color, which is due to the presence of the algae Dunaliella salina. It causes the lake's salt content to create a red dye, which helps produce its bubble gum color. And despite the high salt levels, Lake Hillier is safe to swim in.Hillier also has a purple-ish lake sibling. Hutt Lagoon, in Port Gregory on Western Australia's Coral Coast, has a large amount of Dunaliella salina, too. Depending on the season and the amount of cloud coverage, Hutt Lagoon can be different colors, ranging from red to pink to lilac.40The tea bag was an accidental invention.ShutterstockIn 1908, New York tea merchant Thomas Sullivan sent samples of tea leaves to some of his customers in small silken bags. Many of the recipients assumed that the bags were supposed to be used in the same way as the metal infusers. So, they put the entire bag into the teapot, rather than emptying out its contents.After such positive feedback from the happy accident, Sullivan designed intentional teabags for commercial production. In the 1920s, his sachets made of gauze—and later, paper—included the string with the tag hanging over the side so the bag could be easily removed. Some things really do stay the same.41Almost 163,000 pints of Guinness are wasted in facial hair each year.ShutterstockAn actual research study commissioned by Guinness found that an estimated 162,719 pints of Irish stout go to waste every year… via mustaches. The study found that 0.56 milliliters of Guinness get trapped in the average beard or mustache with each sip. And it takes about 10 sips to finish a pint.An estimated 92,370 Guinness consumers every year in the UK have facial hair. Assuming they consume on average 180 pints each a year, the total cost of wasted Guinness annually is about $536,000. The moral of this story? Shave and save!42The Russians arrived 12 days late to the 1908 Olympics because they were using the wrong calendar.ShutterstockOver 2,000 years ago, Julius Caesar promoted the use of the Julian calendar, a 365-day calendar that didn't account for leap years. Eventually, the calendar fell out of sync with the seasonal equinoxes, and holidays—like Easter—didn't land where they should. Finally, in 1582, Pope Gregory XIII mandated that Catholic nations switch to a new Gregorian calendar that solved the problem.But for many countries, including Russia, the switch from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian took centuries. As a result, in 1908, the Russians missed the first 12 days of the Olympics, which was hosted in London, because they were still using the Julian calendar. The country finally changed over in 1918 after the Bolsheviks took control. Fun bonus fact: Greece, the country where the Olympics were born, was the last nation to make the switch in 1923.43Grooves in the road on Route 66 play "America the Beautiful."ShutterstockNew Mexico's Department of Transportation decided to spice up a desolate quarter-mile stretch of Route 66 between Albuquerque and Tijeras. Grooves were added in the road that play music when you drive over them going the speed limit of 45 mph. The grooves work just like the rumble strips, which vibrate your car if you drift out of your lane. These particular strips are positioned to create different pitches when you drive over them, and if you do, you can clearly hear "America the Beautiful" play through the vibrations in your car's wheels.44Elvis Presley's manager sold "I Hate Elvis" badges.AlamyColonel Tom Parker was Elvis Presley's manager for nearly two decades. Many credit him as the mastermind behind Presley's massive commercial success. In 1956, Parker signed a merchandising deal to turn Elvis into a brand name, and by the end of the year, merchandise sales had brought in $22 million.Because he got a 25 percent profit share, Parker was always finding new ways to get fans to spend. He even decided to market to Presley's haters. He came up with the idea to sell badges that read "I Hate Elvis," "Elvis is a Jerk," and "Elvis the Joik" ("jerk" in a New York accent).45Paper bags can be worse for the environment than plastic ones.iStockIt's become a common notion that paper is always a better choice than plastic. In fact, bans on plastic bags are regularly being enacted.However, both paper and plastic have their drawbacks. According to research, paper bag production emits 70 percent more pollution, uses four times as much energy, and takes more time to break down, when compared to plastic bags. Guess the best option is to carry reusable bags with you.46The fastest man in the world has scoliosis.ShutterstockYou might assume that a man who can run as fast as Usain Bolt would be the embodiment of physical perfection. But it turns out, Bolt has had his share of physical difficulties to overcome, including scoliosis. "My spine's really curved bad," Bolt told ESPN Magazine in 2011. "But if I keep my core and back strong, the scoliosis doesn't really bother me. So I don't have to worry about it as long as I work hard."47The majority of people in Iceland believe in elves.Shutterstock/Bhushan Raj TimiaA 2007 University of Iceland survey found that 62 percent of Icelanders believe in real-life elves. In fact, in 2014, protesters claimed a proposed highway would destroy an "elf church," which to many was just a gigantic rock. Eventually, the "church" was moved to a safe place so that it would not be harmed and the construction continued. Though the rock weighed 70 tons and required a crane to move it, the preservation of places important to elves is significant to Icelanders.The country's elf history dates back to Viking-era poems from around the year 1000. To Icelanders, these elves are not tiny figures who build toys for Santa; they actually look very much like humans and can range in size. Many believe that grave misfortune will befall those who dare to build in elf territory, even though it cannot be seen—hence the "church" preservation.48Janis Joplin left $2,500 in her will for her friends to have a party.Archive PL / Alamy Stock PhotoArticle 11 of Janis Joplin's will included the stipulation that she wanted $2,500 of her estate set aside for a post-funeral party "at a suitable location as a final gesture of appreciation and farewell."About 200 special guests were invited to the party with invitations that read, "Drinks are on Pearl," which was a reference to Joplin's nickname and her final album title. The party took place at a suitable location for Joplin: the Lion's Share in San Anselmo, California. "I think it was fitting to send her off that way," Joplin's former lover James Gurley wrote in Pearl: The Obsessions and Passions of Janis Joplin.49Bubble wrap was originally intended to be wallpaper.ShutterstockBubble wrap was invented in 1957 by engineers Alfred W. Fielding and Marc Chavannes, who sealed two shower curtains together, creating a smattering of air bubbles, which they initially tried to sell as wallpaper. Then, in 1960, they realized their product could be used for protection in packaging, and they founded Sealed Air Corporation. When the inventors showed the product to IBM, which had just launched its first mass-produced computers, the tech company became the first big bubble wrap client. Sealed Air still exists today, creating both Cryovac food packaging and yes, bubble wrap.50Ohio DUI offenders must use yellow license plates.Image via Wikimedia CommonsThe standard Ohio license plate is white with navy blue letters and numbers, and a red border at the top. That is, of course, if you don't have multiple DUIs. Since 1967, Ohio has issued special yellow license plates with red characters to DUI offenders. As of 2004, these "scarlet letter plates"—or "party plates"—are mandatory for repeat DUI offenders, and whenever a driver's blood-alcohol level is twice the legal limit. While there is public shame that comes along with these license plates, it also helps the police spot these vehicles when patrolling highways.Source: BestLife

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