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Can Aparajita Singh share her detailed strategy for the CSE Mains?

My strategy( I KNOW YOU ASKED JUST MAINS, BUT I HAVE RESPONDED FOR ALL THREE, so that many messages in my inbox can get it all in one place. I don't say it's a perfect stratergy and it will 10000% work for everyone, but even if it serves one person in achieving his/her dream then my purpose is served).Few basic pointsI dont read line to line.I cant cram much. ( my short term memory is really very short and long term memory is lost for long term, so I try to revise fast and be specific during revisions)I cant sit in stretch for days ( i need breaks, episodes from tv series like two and a half men, friends have saved my mental peace)Disclaimer : I don't advice you to watch TV series, we all have our escapes this was mineI covered broad areas and avoided doing phd in any one topicI am fan of flowcharts and diagrams and tried my best to use themI practiced world map, south Asia map, india map, central Asia map etc for rough ideaprep strategyPrepared mains and pre together.Only pre was focussed from April 1.Interview was focussed only after mains.Prelims-History -•i read ncerts properly and highlighted potential mcqs from them ( ncert11/12)•insight prelims booster(balyan sir book available in market too) - cannot cram whole.. So maximum number of tables were crammed. ( made mnemonics for almost everything so if you want I can upload the same) you can all have your own sources.Had a chart of all historical events (available in market) ( if you want I will attach the pic)Geography: 11/12 ncerts and some topics from mrunal ( all the videos were scrolled at 2x speed)(for main _ selected topics from gc leong- if you want I will upload the list)PolityLaxmikant by heart ( as many times you can read)I had a chart of Constitution. ( if you want I can attach it)Economics - mrunal sir videos on youTubeEnvironment:Selected topics from shankar ias, selected videos from mrunal and factual info from wikepedia.Science and tech -Any coaching institute notes for basic science.Current affairs -•Pt365 by heart. Line to line word to word.•Daily current mcqs by insights on india( they are compiled monthly in to booklets of 80-90 pages per month) and are available in any shop•Pib- cabinet meetings (add extra factual information in your own pt)•I had read pt365 of previous year during my first attempt. ( so i tore the index pages from previous year.. Wrote one line regarding each page on the index as to why it was in news and then stapled them to present year pt 365)•Onlyias prelims booster discussion daily ( 15 min daily you tube videos, watch at 2x speed)I always took screenshots from online lecture videos of any relevant information and created a folder for the same in my mobile. Every night I scrutinised those screenshots and important ones to be revised on last day were marked as favourites and rest which were added to pt/ mains and the ones not required were deleted.. Similar was the story with quotes for essays.•Budget summary and niti aayog three year agenda from vajiram yellow book ( pdf is available online)•Could not do India Year Book. As per cost benefit analysis time would have been used more.•Economic survey not relevant for this year as its not there.•Government ministries summary report of one year. (GsScore most probably) Read it. It's around 90 pages.i dont remember I think gs score gives it, pdf is available online. Don't cram but if you read you will feel confident.•Shankar ias (ias parliament) launches reports and indices booklets every year and also of international organisations. They both are hardly 50pages each and can be done in half a day. Cram specially which organisation releases which report. Upsc usually doesn't ask the rank but it definitely asks the organisation releasing report. It's a long list and can't be prepared in one day. Cram 20 each day and learn with your friend..Sab ka mnemonic ban jata h a to z. If you want.. I can make a video on my mnemonics ASAP.Organisation k members headquarters, India signatory h ya ni.. Last meeting and founding yearMcqs.1. Do previous years very sincerely. Make a diary and note down all the options of questions and you will find repetition at many places to in type of questions and also questions. Cover all the noted down topics.2.Mcqs - any two test series questions at home ( don't have time then I think 15 - 15 from each are enough) I did insights and vision. ( available in market.)Strategy in prelims.Score was not that great (105.34) but anyways my strategy was that I knew my error rate while attempting previous years. So I knew I have to attempt as much as possible. I did not attempt only those questions where I had no idea of any of the options or risk as very wrong.I attempted near about 85 questions.In first attempt i attempted hardly 70 questions and ended up missing the line. So I think you must try to attempt at least in 80s as no matter how tough the exam gets. Chances of cutoff falling very low in upsc are very low. Please see the change in previous years specially past 2 years. 3 years back it was totally current affair dominated. Past two years., paper has become a bit complex.Mains :After wasting a month crying about positive negative of result snd getting result as positive I realised I am in a mess. Alternate days for optional and gs and weekend half day for essay etc. Was tried.. My study buddies were shashi ranjan for prelims, sahil singh for mains and rest of the time ahead and Dr Rachna singh (my senior and bro like bro for rest of life) for optional:) we seriously sticked to studies and when I say seriously I mean no gossips. And of course.. Special thanks to Ishani Lohchab my childhood bestie for last minute gyan floods on topics of optional especially pharmacology. ☺☺☺For gs 1-4 I have read mains 365 of visionOther specifics1. Gs 1 - history from balyan sir notesSocial issues _ certain pdfs are available on mrunal website.( I can post the link for the same)I made handwritten notes compiling from best sources on net as well as mrunal and collected fodder ( by checking against topics in syllabus list) . Geography was largely done from same sources.. I practiced many diagrams in a blank a4 sized register with pen itself .. For eg, if question is on earthquake these three diagrams are to be made.. If it's on cyclone then these.. ( if you want I can upload certain pdfs of my rough notes online)Gs _2 polity notes of m puri and siddiqui sir ( available again anywhere) were done thoroughly. International relations.. Country specific markings were done on world map ( it became messy but I liked it because all the masala and relevant points of India and neighbourhood could be revised from one political map of India itself ) that if question comes regarding India maldives these ten points must be highlighted. Revised economic survey summary.. ( it's one of the best) It helped in all 4 papers in its own way.Gs_3 other than older sources, I saw the syllabus and saw many topics which were not covered thoroughly anywhere.. Collected there fodder from mrunal pdfs, govt websites and wikipedia.. Please do check syllabus here as for each word mentioned you must have quality content of at least three pages.Gs_4 prepared ethics in a week time. Read it first time there and then.Mrunal pdfs for basic knowledge about terms. Case studies are also good. Got photostated lukmaan ias notes and read them.2nd a. R. C. Every chapter has quotes.. And chapter 4 is great as it has some great material on probity in governance. So quotes in introductory mention were jotted down and also certain diagrams examples were beirfly copied.. It was a cursory reading so whatever I could get I copied. For famous personalities. .. I noted which ones are to be studied and wrote down two pages each about them in rough handwriting from wikipedia and mrunal again nd how I can use them. Certain theories were applied in many case studies for clear picture. We can discuss these in any length you guys want.Essay _had very high expectations so did my test series mentors but anyways at times upsc is unpredictable and whatever comes we should accept it with a big smile. I scored 115 in it.I love reading stories, books, I love observing things around me and then I use them as an example or story..Choose essay topics wisely.. I chose poverty ( most common) and customary morality( I guess here my essay might have become a bit of controversial..but these are guesses and what matters is score..( won't mention much because of my score(115).. For more details you guys can see my written answers in forum ias test series)Optional_Medical science.I left 60 marks paper blank due to Mismanaged time..Will discuss it in separate postStrategy in mains _It was race against time for me. I had never completed a single paper in my forumias test series and always completed in 3.30 hours or so.I wrote the fastest. Completed all the papers though could not underline but I guess upsc rewards for content so could score fairly in gs. Two coloured pens could obviously not be used because of time issue.. Used pilot pen.. Used pencils and colors in one or two diagrams like magma plume, ashghabad agreent map etcI did not leave a single question blank. Whether I knew it or not, I wrote it. I knew only factual five Points about chaitanya mahaprabhu ( that too prelims specific) yet I wrote 1 page on it. Similar was with bose Einstein condensate. Ethics gets very lengthy and writing became what we all doctors are famous for.. They were scribbles and bad hand writing. I approached case studies first.In between exam:Please don't waste time crying about how your previous paper went. I missed 60 marker in paper 1 of optional so I was all crying in the time in between and next paper itself. Irony is in both exams I scored 138. So we really cannot judge the attempt in mains. Just because some shit happened in some paper please don't let your next paper be ruined. Learn from my mistake rather than commiting blunder yourself.In evenings between exams, things used to become stressful, but it's for everyone. Please don't spend time discussing the paper at home with friends.. Here also I wasted time. Sleep at max by 1.30 no matter how much your brain wants to read more.Do reach centre at time, the schools don't allow late entry and it unnecessarily shoots adrenaline and increases stress.Check your pens, documents to carry etc before hand. Carry your water bottles if it's allowed.If sun light is irritating you in any sense don't feel awkward and ask them to cover the window. It happened with me on day one, couldn't be arranged so I carried chunni the next day.Most of all, be so confident about yourself that you can and will attempt any question that comes in your way. 100% syllabus is not possible and you just can't do it. Many a times people will say there exam was so nice paper was easy how could you attempt so bad and all.. Please avoid such people and rather block them for exam days. Trust the blessings, your struggle and God's purpose for you. You will succeed, just accept the fact that every step you are taking will lead you to the horizon of your dreams and it will become reality.Interview _This time I knew that in paper 1 of optional I have messed up so even if I don't get good score.. I will aim for 200+ in interview and work on my personality so that I manage to get any service in final list.. ( was expecting at the last)1. Mirror practice2. Discuss and debate things with people3. English speaking is not a greater issue but hesitation in speaking Is.4. Don't take extreme stands or one sided stands on topics like secular fabric of country, reservation or any other controversial issue, try to balance the positive negatives and always give a positive hopeful outlook at the end of your opinion. Don't be fatalist that nothing can be done on this issue. Always give hope. No country is perfect and every step in right direction is great achievement and all we need is to speed up the pace. We the youth are future of rising India and complaining about problems without giving hope and solutions is a futile exercise.Take extreme stand on certain issues like terrorism, drug abuse, women empowerment, dowry, patriarchy, honour killing, female feticide, caste divides, poverty,witch hunting etc, social and health issues.You always don't have to be calm middle path person but you should no where to sway and when to sway from the golden mean and that's in handful of circumstances only.Prepare your detailed application form like a holy book. Word by word in full details.. Please don't over elaborate, do take guidance while filling it. I wrote a lot so had to prepare a lot in depth.We can discuss interview strategy in a seperate post. I read three newspapers a day at this stage.My discussion buddies here were sahil singh( we discussed each conteoversial topic after indepth studies and reached conclusions and how to present them etc. ) and the one who corrected minute details of how I go wrong in mock or how mypace should have been and even more tiny stuff was abhishek phougat.Some extra stuff I didWhenever I used to read a boring or too much technical topic anywhere and I knew I would not revise it last day Or the fodder material in it is very important.. I would record the content in my own voice in my mobile and save the audio recording with topic name.. I would listen to that audio when I would get tired and my mind would behave unreceptive to the reading andunderstanding thing.I had green flash cards for geography ncerts and peach for history.. On last day of prelims.. Used them like deck of cards to shuffle and revise..I know it's all roughly written.. But I will keep on editing it and make it presentable and add various minute details I have missed...Forgive me for the grammar and spelling errors.. I am running on time deadlines.. All the very best future civil servants.. I know we all will make India proud one day and we will witness India at the top of world through our talent, largest strength and dedication towards country. Thank you all talented fellas for going through all this.

How can we use technology to create an effective alternative to the current system of higher education such that engagement and outcomes are closer to (or better than) what we see with traditional education?

Online education is not an alternative to traditional education. They can compliment each other if well done.Going to college is meant to equip you with the tools to master life. You have to start organizing your life. You receive freedom and with the freedom responsibilities. You need to interact in a far larger social environment. You have to choose what you need and want rather than choices being made for you. Today, in my job as a manager, I use my education as a Ph.D. chemist rarely or never and it is more coincidental that I am working for a company which, to some extent, is a chemical company. I had also worked for non-chemical companies. College and Graduate School have made me a good chemist, but they also have made me into a reasonably well rounded person who can do much more than just chemistry.Online education can be very focused and efficient in teaching you topics suited to online education (I hope that also in the future doctors will have seen some real patients as students, not only simulacra). If I want to improve my Excel skills I do that online. Also I have access to sources which my college cannot offer. For example I can follow lectures and take notes online, lectures from Nobel Laureates whom I would never see in real life. This is truly wonderful.Thus some topics and teachings could, even at today's colleges, be 'outsourced' to the online world. Why not learn some parts of a math class online? Why not learn some theoretical chemistry online. And in college concentrate on 'the college experience'. Experimenting in the lab (as a chemist) (while complementing this with a suitable online lecture). Learning in the lab not only chemistry but also teamwork and dexterity. Doing sculpture (as a budding artist) while doing the 'art history' class in online.The goal for online education cannot be to replace college, the goal has to be to enhance college.

How can I get consultation from senior doctors in hospitals like AIIMS and Safdarjung, Delhi?

COMPLETE PROCESS OF AIIMS : Stage by Stage with Photographs and LinksI have been the Accompany to my Patient Wife!It was indeed brave to decide to go ahead with AIIMS! We showed to top doctors in Delhi. Every doctor was focused to get more and more money from us.Dr. Dureja - Pain Management Clinic- SDA Dr. G P Dureja - Book Appointment Online, View Fees, Feedbacks - gave STEROIDS and saw her for 2 months and didn’t di muchDr. Anshu Rohatgi : Nerve Specialist :Dr. Anshu Rohatgi Charges 1200/- per visit and probably most greedy of all. Charged us within 2 days 2400/- just to see reports and prescribe. Pushed for Dr. LAL PATHLABS Test.Dr. Anil K Sharma : Dr. Anil K. Sharma - Book Appointment Online, View Fees, Feedbacks was sweet however, could not help much.Dr. Prasan Deep Rath : Arthritis Specialist , Suggested only 5 tests at MAX and charges were Rs. 11,000. Like everyone he was sure and with conviction. 1400 per visit. We were tired of paying and MAX is such a Loot! No idea why everything is so costly!Step 1: Register for Online AppointmentORS Patient Portal : Request for appointment - get date!Step 2: D - Day - Appointment dayI went at 6.30 am.Place : Just at GATE 1 on right sideI still got around 300th in this ZIG ZAG LineThis is a special line for ONLINE AppointmentOffline appointment is even bigger.Total OPD Online Patients for 1 day : 1200COUNTER Opening Time : 8.30 amEveryone is taken into AC Waiting Rooms with 41 Counters for creating UHID. i.e. the FORM created first time in AIIMS databaseWaiting time : I was 300th in line but whole line got cleared in 15–20 minI.e. all 1200 must get cleared in 1.5 hours.Great work by 20 VolunteersThe UHID form given has DOCTOR ALLOTTED and ROOM No. for OPDNEXT :Next Stop - A room Just left to GATE 1Waiting Time : 15 MinI was taken to a room where we were given 2 Bands and stamped for today’s date.1. BLUE for PATIENT2. VIOLET for ACCOMPANYSTAGE 3 : OPDChecked by Guard : Finally you reach to DOCTOR CabinI was there at 9 amDoc Comes at 9.30amWaiting Time : I was 9th In the list , each patient takes around 10–15 minWaiting time : 2 hrsSTAGE 4 : DOC VisitExceptionally patient doctor with great composureSTAGE 5 : Get Receipts made for TESTSCAREFUL : The assistants often miss the tests if there are too many testsSTAGE : 6Stupid Part and very ill trained staffYou will be standing in line for getting the dates of testsFrequent - SERVER DOWN, ILL STAFF TREATMENTS, BEFORE TIME CLOSING of Window are major issuesTime taken- 3 Hours for crossing - 15 patients ahead of me.Should be 15 min jobHere you pay for the test.NOTE : If today is 17th Apr, they give date of 3–10 days later for tests.They will ask you to come later for BILLINGPlease push for SAME DAY Billing or else - you will have to stand in line 2 times.Sometimes some tests have to be paid at a different bldg - 26/B.Tests : Blood testX RAYMRIURINE/Stool Test dates are different. try for same dayFOR X RAY : Counter 5 has to be visited on the day of X RAY AgainReceipt given :Now STAGE : 7 TESTSThen Wait for test resultsAgain Start the procedure to show the DOCTOR the report. i.e stand in line to show doc again.2nd visit to doctor - 15–30 days later.#AIIMS is a great place with great doctorsCRIPPLED by GOVT Services and age old technology and queue systems by TCS.ILL TREATMENT by Staff and huge public makes it worse. Apart from AIIMS delhi no other AIIMS has even 10% facilitiesHAVE PATIENCE and TRUST!Govt. Healthcare Ministry and Administrators have made it a JOKE and pakes you feel POOR and makes you feel how Indians SUFFER!If you are politician- you have direct entry. If you are not - just wait!DOCTORS are helpless and staffs are useless.Medicines are free and TESTS which would have cost me around 35000–40000 cost me 1100 in AIIMS!But it’s at the cost of patience and wasting at-least 4 working days to show 1 patient.-Sunil Saha

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It has features like merge, split and compress PDF. We can also convert PDF to word, PowerPoint and Excel and vice versa which is really nice.

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