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PDF Editor FAQ

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Planning some travel? If planning is the operative word there, you might want to get the new Lonely Planet app on your mobile device. Lonely Planet is the largest publisher of travel guides in the world, making it a great resource for getting your trip lined up in advance, or even spur of the moment.The Lonely Planet app includes comprehensive guides for a lot of cities (a few dozen), but not everywhere you might visit. If you can't find a guide for a city, the app can notify you if a guide is released. The guides you want will be downloaded locally to your device for offline accessibility. That's handy for those times when you're visiting a place where you won't have reliable (or reasonably priced) internet access on your phone.The app shows your downloaded city guides right at the top. Upon opening it, there are categories for food, entertainment, shopping, attractions, and so on. There's also a map at the top you can view that has all the points of interest on it. Importantly, this map is also available offline. Below the categories are "interests, " which are specific groups of places like museums and historic points of interest.This is a material app with proper implementation of the slide-out navigation menu with different sections of the guide. The default view is Discover, but there's also Need to Know with basic overview information and cost data. It's impressive how deep these guides go. You can drill down to get reviews of individual restaurants and attractions. The app itself is a bit plain (predominantly white), but there are various material animations and the content is all native, not webframe. It's fast and easy to get around in if you've used any other modern Android app.They may add optional premium features and premium content in the future, but these features will be opt-in -- you can choose to purchase them with in-app purchase if you wish.There are three key questions:How to get the app installed on the traveller's phone as early as possible?How to generate currently unseen sources of revenue and thirdly?How to maintain customer engagement with the app once the traveller returns home?…but, obviously, never forgetting how to make the business case stack up?The early bird catches the worm – getting the app installedThe point at which the traveller commits to a destination is usually the point at which the plane ticket is purchased. Prior to this they are looking for inspiration, after this they are looking for accommodation.At this point in time, getting a revenue generating mobile app onto the phone is probably only of slightly lesser importance than making sure you also have the passengers hotel and car booking secured. Maybe in future even that order of priority could be flipped.Sure everyone doesn’t have a smart phone yet, but adoption is growing rapidly. Even more importantly, looking at the total market is much less relevant than looking at percentage of plane trips taken where one of the party is carrying a smart phone.This is a point I have not seen being made before: when there are multiple people on the same PNR, this really is the statistic you should be looking at – if only you could get your hands on it!In the first four and a half minutes of Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s speech at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February he rattled off a series of numbers that should see the mobile doubters using their own outdated stats like a drunk uses a lamp post – for support, but not for illumination.Some of Schmidt’s numbers: Smart phones growing at over 30% a year, in under 3 years smartphone sales will pass global PC sales, mobile web adoption proceeding 8 times faster than the equivalent point 10 years ago for the desk top, and in selected developing countries Google are already seeing more search traffic coming from mobiles than from the desktop.I still occasionally hear people talk down airline websites as a valid sales channel – yes, these people do exist, but nobody takes them too seriously any more. Maybe the mobile doubters are next in line.Before the doubters cite roaming charges, let me say I agree. An app aimed at anything other than domestic travel will fail if it does not address this issue. Apple’s patent applications hint at this, and since v3.0 the iPhone has had push capabilities – most others have had it for much longer.Aside from the high roaming costs of polling, the battery life is vastly improved from apps using push. Some mobile platforms allow you to intercept the SMS before the user sees it, thereby enabling a mode of communication that will work even if data transfer is turned off and the handset is in phone only mode; expensive in most cases, but maybe cheaper when the traveller is up for high internet data roaming costs.And then the maps themselves can either be cached beforehand, or even better, a vector based mapping system like Ovi Maps from Nokia can be installed on phone making international gouging by telcos much less of an issue. Roaming charges are a legitimate concern for travellers, but they are definitely not a showstopper to mass adoption if the application is designed in the right way and assuming the low cost of use is properly understood by travellers.Just over a year ago I had a colleague trawl through data covering millions of PNRs booked in a two year period on over 50 Amadeus e-Retail hosted airline websites. She found that the average booking was made 46 days prior to the date of departure. It became even more interesting when looking at the different lead times for different types of PNRs.The following numbers are just for one representative airline, but domestic travel booked via internet was purchased on average 35 days ahead, international was 76 and redemption was even higher; in fact 29% of redemption bookings online were made more than 90 days in advance.I’m pretty sure the international number would have come down since that analysis was done, but how are these numbers relevant for mobile? In short, get in early and get commitment – there is a lot of time from buy to fly, and the longer the booking window then all the more time for that passenger to install a competing mobile itinerary planning and sharing application.Much harder to dislodge something when the user has already invested time in customizing the existing app and entering in key trip related data. Itinerary planning and sharing only becomes relevant once you have an actual itinerary, so whover knows this fact first has a distinct advantage.This is maybe the biggest challenge most of the innovative new entrants will face if they don’t partner with companies that can directly access the traveller earlier in the process. Waiting until the traveller arrives at the destination airport will be too late for DMO’s adopting a wait-until-arrival strategy.The market for chargeable digital downloads of destination guides is already proven. Lonely Planet state that one in five sales of their city guides now come via the iTunes store – their digital business is growing at 40-50% a year. If the traveller hasn’t purchased a digital guidebook prior to ticket purchase, then sell one at this point.Own the mobile app, bundle the guidebook, make it readable (or at least searchable) via your app, offer a free or discounted updated guidebook if one comes out prior to departure to overcome long lead time resistance, and lock the customer into your app every time he opens the digital guidebook. Or wait for him to buy it from iTunes, get no commission, and give him one less reason to install your app at this early stage.Guidebooks are just one example, but a little creative thinking should see you easily expanding on this. Add it into the business case for mobile by estimating what you will sell and the commission you will earn from the guidebook content owner, as well as the cost of licensing/modifying an app from a mobile phone technology specialist.The app should definintely be pushed first to all, and the itinerary planning and sharing features are a natural, but guidebook integration may open up a new market of traveller that today isn’t convinced they need an app just for itinerary planning. Owning the preferred app on the handset means being able to benefit financially from the ideas that follow below.The focus of this article is on revenue generation, but from what I’ve seen given my experience working with airlines, the quickest way to get a mobile strategy approved is to also factor cost savings into the business case.The savings just from automating things like inventory schedule change notification, SSR confirmations, disruption notification etc can be huge, and anything you can do to move work out of the call centre and into a self service environment will almost certainly outweigh the revenue generation possibilities from mobile in the short term.Using these savings to set up a mobile strategy that will eventually deliver more in revenue than in cost savings is much smarter than only looking at the cost side of the equation. Besides, the more integrated the mobile strategy is, the much better chance you will have of getting that one “must have” travel app installed on the passenger’s smart phone.Interestingly on the point of moving non revenue generating queries out of the call centre, I saw Lufthansa referring to their recently launched MemberScout mobile app as a member-helps-member service.There are of course other strategies for getting an app onto a persons phone at an early stage. Deals can be cut with telco’s to have it pre-loaded, or corporates can automatically download it to employees BlackBerries.I’ve never heard of this latter one being used in negotiation, but both the travel provider (be that TMC or airline) and the corporation have something the other needs, so it wouldn’t surprise me to hear of this happening in the future.Opening up new sources of destination revenueAncillary revenue has grown tremendously in recent years, but in some ways the mobile may end up cannibalizing a small part of this. Of course the new revenue opportunities will replace the lost ones many times over, but before looking at the positives, here is one small potential negative.Sojern have a nice business selling ads on boarding passes to a number of US carriers and recently announced a new partnership with US Airways. Sojern shares the revenue with the airline. US Airways do not disclose the potential annual revenue from the ads, but have said it’s 30% to 40% more than they receive from their tray-table advertising.My guess is that the business model of ads on home printed boarding passes may end up stuck somewhere between a Viator, Isango or Unaira and an AdMob or Quattro once they are replaced with a bar code on the phone. At that point, the challenge becomes the more general one of how to ensure these destination related offers are delivered to passengers in a timely manner over the entire trip, not just at boarding pass creation time.Travel Buddy recently announced a partnership with GuestLogix to provide its travel information services to airline customers and their mobile phones. To quote GuestLogix chief executive Tom Douramakos from the press release:“Now OnTouch Concierge Everywhere extends that onboard store experience beyond the flight during the entire trip and afterwards as well.”Using mobile to sell during the entire trip really is the holy grail.Ancillary revenue can roughly be split into two key areas. First is the a la carte fees from unbundling the ticket price. My experience has been more in the second type of ancillary revenue which is helping airlines get a cut of any spend the traveller would have probably made anyway, but which the airline traditionally has not seen a cent of. For example, hotel, car, destination content and the like.The problem with destination content to date has in part been not fully understanding the role of satisficing behaviour – more is not necessarily better, and timing is key. There are some great companies in this space, but the product has never been embraced by consumers to the extent it deserved. This is one reason why I think DMO’s on their own face an uphill battle in mobile, despite having the most local content and a few already making a valiant effort in mobile.Viator’s mobile app has masses of content, and at least it is not single destination, but destination content is about selling something good enough at exactly the right time; this becomes even more relevant once the mobile user interface and international roaming charges are taken into account.How newer entrants like either Goby or Siri attempt to proactively sell via their iPhone apps will be interesting to watch, as well as how they intend to get a large enough installed user base. My view is that people buy flights, people buy hotel rooms, but those same people need to be sold destination content.If the hotel concierge doesn’t make the sale, if the local taxi driver doesn’t make the sale, and if that aggressive guy standing in front of the closest shopping strip to your vacation hotel doesn’t make the sale, then the mobile app can and should. In fact, a good mobile app should get the sale before those others even get a chance to ply their wares.I’m hardly the first to make the link between mobile and destination content – Stephen Joyce was making this point back in September 2009 – but I am convinced there is money being left on the table here at present.In the last few weeks I’ve seen an alarming number of people talk about both social networking and/or mobile claiming that return on investment should be binned in favour of other more subjective measures like return on engagement, return on inspiration or worse.Others are welcome to this space, but for any new technology to get widespread acceptance in business it is never a wise move starting out by being defensive and apologetic.Mobile can show a very positive ROI, and integrating social aspects and destination content into the platform can definitely make the financial rewards even greater. If there is only one point you take away from this article, please let it be that mobile is a genuine money making opportunity and the right time to chase it is now.Back to destination content and satisficing behaviour. The best way to make your app top of mind first thing every morning during a trip is to push a weather forecast, and below it show to one idea for an activity suited to those weather conditions and the demographic of the traveller. On a cold and rainy day don’t promote kayaking (unless maybe it is distressed inventory at a discounted price, and only to the most budget conscious traveller).On that rainy day during the vacation, any suitable activity is better than being stuck in the hotel room, and by being first in front of the consumer with the applicable offer, the sale is most likely to go to the well designed mobile app – especially if it also has the right design to facilitate easy purchase.This is just one reasonably simple idea, but with a bit of creative thinking and correct use of timing, this offer combined with what you already know about the passenger from data within the face of the PNR should see commission revenue on destination content as a reasonable line in your business case.The future of mobile advertising opens up a lot of possibilities, and one industry example I came across was STA Travel who engaged in a mobile ad campaign with apparent success.For a company selling (in part) tours and expeditions with a strong focus on younger cost conscious travellers (eg backpackers and gap year) imagine how much more powerful such a campaign could have been if it targeted those people directly. Most backpackers buy a local SIM card, so how will the ad network be able to segment the ads to this demographic?The airline who flew the backpacker should have the local mobile number on record for notifications, an email address, and knowledge of dates of travel and number and types of travellers in the party taken from the PNR. Ask yourself just how valuable this information would be to a mobile ad network?The phone tells you who, the GPS (if it is turned on) gives you the where, but neither gives you the why; the context of why a person is in a given location is extremely valuable to advertisers. It is much better promoting a five star restaurant with limosine pickup to someone in a city on a short trip flying business class than to the person with a discount economy ticket returning home in 12 months.All of the talk I am hearing on targeted mobile advertising is around GPS. With Apple taking a negative stance on this, and the probability that people may turn it off if they feel stalked (especially if the ad offers them a dollar off a Big Mac everytime they walk past a McDonalds), I think GPS as a basis for serving location based ads is in many cases actually less valuable than the data contained within a PNR.Who else knows if I am travelling with children, or travelling alone? And in an away from home destination, I am much less likely to rely on my own local knowledge and more likely to respond to marketing messages, making me very attractive to advertisers who know the context of my trip.I saw a number of travel industry predictions for 2010 about how this year would see data play a much more important role in travel – the above example is one very tangible example of how that prediction might come true. No doubt your legal department will have a heart attack, but get the fine print from your conditions of sale bullet proof in order to cover this use of data, and then go for it.Opportunity favours the brave, and even though the market for this data is not yet proven, I am absolutely convinced it is a goldmine for whoever can sell it in a way that does not contravene data protection laws – I’m putting my money on the major airlines for this one. PNR data being used to serve mobile ads in a highly segmented way – this is incredibly valuable.Moving to the next untapped source of value coming out of a well executed mobile strategy. Imagine getting your hands on how much passengers paid to travel when they flew with a competitor and what share of wallet of their annual travel spend you are receiving.This is where the Tripit model really stands out. There is a wrong way to get this information, but having passengers on a competing airline voluntarily sending you their itinerary receipts is pure genius.The value of this information must be factored into the business case, and it should be a significant number – look at what websites pay QL2 or Infare to monitor competitors, or what an airline pays for MIDT data, and then make an estimate of what this information could be worth to your own employer if used intelligently.Before finishing up on totally new sources of revenue related to mobile, it is important to note that I have barely touched on the social networking capabilities for mobile usage whilst on vacation and how this could be tied to revenue generation for the owner of the app.Mobile suppliers are starting to tout the social capabilities of their new phones, and despite most social travel initiatives to date (at least the ones from airlines) focusing on the ability to share a taxi, the revenue potential beyond this is real and should not be ignored.I never intended to write a three part series on mobile for Tnooz, but I’ve since realized that location based social networking revenue generation warrants an entirely new post to conclude.Therefore my next article for Tnooz will throw around a lot of ideas for companies really wanting to build a compelling and profitable mobile app, especially one with a strong focus on social and destination.The intention will be to demonstrate even more revenue lines for that mobile business case – a business case based on genuine innovation and not just catching-up.From trial to testimonial; or applying the post-trip treacleStickiness equals success over the longer term, so how to ensure the great momentum you have built with the passenger on location does not evaporate when he returns home; especially as cost per customer acquisition must be a line in the business case.Southwest has a popular app for the iPhone and they use the lure of their DING special fare alerts to keep users engaged even when not travelling. You wouldn’t want to give the app users any preference over your frequent flyer program members, but it makes sense for any new app customer to be automatically enrolled in the frequent flyer program and then this problem is solved.Even if the special offers are public fares, giving the mobile app users advance warning of promotions, even if by only half an hour, might be enough to make the app a little stickier.Spanish airline Iberia have occasionally enabled Zap Off for their frequent flyer members where for a limited period and only for that closed user group all fares on the website have a 5% or 10% discount.This may also be an option to encourage stickiness, but I’d be very wary of making special offers or benefits like additional frequent flier points as a prerequisite for success; doing so could end up making what was supposed to be a profit generating exercise into an expensive indulgence.I’ve mentioned above the ability to enter flights from other carriers, assuming it is an airline that owns this app (or at least has licensed a white label from a vendor specializing in mobile technology).This inclusiveness applies to hotel and rental car bookings as well. In order to really own this market, that functionality is a prerequisite. If airlines don’t offer it, then travel agencies or an existing mobile technology company will do so under their own brand.Even if you have lost the sale of the air segment to a competitor, if you have the passenger itinerary emailed to you there is absolutely no reason why you can’t try and cross sell them accommodation and the like.I’m surprised Tripit does not try this actively, but maybe they feel it will be perceived as a negative by the user of the service – they are probably right at this point in time, but once their product becomes so compelling that it is a must have, then I’ll definitely forgive a slightly more aggressive sales pitch.If you can build something good enough to convince passengers on a competitor airline to forward you their itinerary emails in sufficient numbers, even a little bit of inducement might be justified if you can cross sell to them before and after their flight.This is a definite ancillary revenue line, plus the data it delivers is a benefit to your own business and must also be quantified as a substantial number in any business case. I’ll speak more about the benefits of getting non customers using your app in the next installment covering social.The percentage of PNRs containing at least one traveller with a smart phone must be significant, and the percentage of these that are already hooked on an enhanced itinerary planning and sharing mobile app would be very small indeed. Cover all the bases, and owning a geographical market with the preferred travel app is a real possibility.You won’t use all the ideas below in your business case, but there are more than enough positives to make standing on the sidelines a very lonely place.Of course, Lonely Planet is no longer a small business. For the past few years, it’s had the weight of a behemoth behind it. However, it wasn’t always this way. The business started in 1973 when the couple penned their first book, Across Asia on the Cheap. “The first book was an accident,” says Wheeler. “We didn’t set out to do it. After doing the first book, we realised that people liked it. There was just this sort of enthusiasm. So we thought: ‘Let’s do another one.’”Five hundred books later, Lonely Planet has also expanded into magazines, television, mobile apps and more. Although the founding couple may have appeared like freewheeling hippies backpacking around the globe, Wheeler says they saw the venture as a business from day one.“But we didn’t have any idea it was going to get as big as it did,” he says. “In our first four of five years it wasn’t making lot of money, but we were staying afloat. In the third year, Maureen worked and supported us. If she hadn’t been working, we wouldn’t have survived.”If Lonely Planet has a guide for your destination, it's a no-brainer to download and use it. The guides are great and the app is free.Reference:AffiliateGoogle Play App Roundup: Guides by Lonely Planet, Downwell, and Punch Club - TestedWho will make money from mobile in travel and how will they do it? - Tnooz10 reasons why Lonely Planet guidebooks aren’t as good as they used to beEx-Googlers Launch Mobile Travel Guide To Kill Lonely Planet; Raise Funding From Chris Sacca & MoreInterview with Lonely Planet's FounderThe success story of the app TouristEye, told by its creator - Mobile World Capital BarcelonaMobile Apps - Lonely Planet supportAbout

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Live n d presntLern 2 aPrec8 evrtng rownd U. By practicing gratitude, you’ll chAng yor perspective. insted of bn ^set bout losing an important client o failing a test, you’ll b grateful 4 d air U breathe, d H2O U drink, d f%d U eat, & d ppl U luv. Focus on d now, cuz it’s aL U truly hav.11. tAk Inventoryf you’re reading this, U also hav a lot of secondary stuff, such az a computer, d Internet, d knowLdG 2 uz it, d ability 2 rED. U hav a lot of skills & resources avail. 2 you, evN f they’re not d ones U wsh dey wer. figur out wot U have, & find ways 2 uz dem.12. SocializeTLK things out w fRnds & famLe – they’re normally :-) 2 hlp U regain confidNc. f dey (or lack thereof) R d rEsN U lack confidence, expand yor social circL. Go 2 public places & interact w strangers. f U fail 2 mAk an impression o completely blo it, hu cares? dey weren’t n yor Lyf before, & U won’t ms dem.13. plA A gAmVDO gAms R gr8 4 a lot of reasons, & gaining confidNc iz jst 1 of dem. n real Lyf U mA b a borN fIL clerk w a dead-end life, bt n a VDO game, U cn b whoever U wnt. evry VDO gAm console (as weL az d majority of cmptr & mob games) hz achievements. Hunt dwn som EZ wins 2 jumpstart yor spunk.14. Do somTIN crAZI’m a firm belEvR n spontaneity bn d spice of Lyf. Go out & do somTIN U sed U nevr wud. wen I rEchD a point n my Lyf whr it felt lIk Nuttin c%d go right, I jumped out of an airplane. az I feL Thru d air, I had sevrl epiphanies dat 4e changed my Lyf. n othR decision n my Lyf had mo of a diRct impact on my Lyf thN dat 1 crAZ act.15. Try agenf yor lack of confidNc iz caused by failure, pik ^ & try agen n NE way posebL. It doesn’t hav 2 b immediately – U cn practice, Lern & evolve prior 2 trying agen. DIS time, however, go n az an experienced veteran hu t%k a few licks & got bak ^ stronger, faster & smarter thN b4.It’s EZ 2 lose yor confidNc. Unexpected things happen, & U cn v EzalE find yorself on d sht nd of d stiK. evN tho it sEmz lIk you’re d only 1 it’s hapNn to, we aL XperENs inequalities & failures. stiK it out, & you’ll eventually git d confidNc it takes 2 succeed.English Version of My Answer:Okay First you need to understand it’s not a competition, trust me don’t try to beat your friends, instead try to learn and enjoy the pleasure of learning and you will soon start performing well.And every one has there down time, that time all the best performers sometimes are unable to perform. It’s completely natural so don’t be hard on yourself and to solve this problem try to figure out the root cause.You can simple 5 why method:Here how it works,Ask your Self a QuestionQ: Why I have Score Less in ExamsA: it’s because I have not studiedNow Second QuestionWhy Have I not studied?Answer it so repeat this 5 times and you will have the root cause of not scoring well in exams. You can apply this 5 Why method to any Problem.Here are some tips to gain confident.1. Find Your Comfort ZoneEveryone has a comfort zone, whether it’s food, music, art, a favorite book, movie, TV show, a specific geographic location or group of people. Whatever it is that makes you feel comfortable, get into that zone. You’re not there to hide from your problems or dwell on them. You’re there to recharge; just like your muscles and mind need time to recharge, so does your mood. Take a staycation in your comfort zone to regain your composure.2. Change Your ThoughtsActively make a conscious decision to change your thought processes. Every time you doubt yourself, counter those thoughts with ways you can overcome. Remember most of your problems are in your head. That’s not to say they don’t exist – merely that you’re allowing them to affect you. Stand up to and for yourself, and you’ll learn ways to stand up to and for everyone else.3. Smile Like You Mean ItA smile goes a long way. Even if you’re not fully sure of yourself, you’ll exude a sureness that encourages people to perceive you as a confident person. You’ll be seen as a leader rather than a follower, and things will be more likely to go your way. The media portrays Special Forces soldiers as killing machines, but one of their most used weapons is a friendly smile. Diplomacy is strong, so put a smile on your face, and make the world a better place.4. Don’t Slouch!Your posture and the way you carry yourself goes a long way in determining your appearance. If you’re slouched over, people assume you’re weaker. This is how nature works – every plant and animal species on this planet understands survival of the fittest, and you need to look like you’re fit. Make an effort to sit up and stand up straight and tall.5. Take Baby StepsEverything happens in steps. Don’t get discouraged if there’s no magical change that suddenly makes you confident. Focus on your path, and understand it’ll take baby steps to get where you want. You’ll soon be taking baby steps from confidence to full-on success in life.6. Clean Yourself UpCleanliness is close to godliness (or so I’ve heard). Hygiene is vital to your confidence – it’s hard to feel good about yourself when you’re stained, sweaty and smelly. No matter what your circumstances in life are, do your best to stay clean, as it’s the key to your confidence.7. Face Your FearsEveryone has a list of fears and phobias, although many don’t want to admit it. I’m afraid of snakes, spiders, heights, loss of control, drowning, the dark, other people, and just about everything under the sun. I’m even afraid of the sun since I have moles and have a high melanoma risk. These are natural fears that everyone has on some level or another – it’s a fear of death and the unknown. Face at least one of your fears. When you survive, you’ll be that much more confident.8. Define YourselfYou are your present choices. Your past decisions and future aspirations determine how your present choices are perceived, but you are your present choices. Learn how to define yourself. Set your rules and boundaries and follow them. These are your morals and ethics, and they’re the foundation of who you are. Never forget that.9. Embrace MistakesLooking back (even while it was happening), we judge Michael Jordan on his successes. People quote him as the greatest basketball player of all time and use his wins, championships and statistics to back it up. Jordan himself, though, reached that level by focusing on his failures. What drove Michael Jordan wasn’t the high from making a game-winning shot, it was the low of missing one.10. Live In The PresentLearn to appreciate everything around you. By practicing gratitude, you’ll change your perspective. Instead of being upset about losing an important client or failing a test, you’ll be grateful for the air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat, and the people you love. Focus on the now, because it’s all you truly have.11. Take InventoryIf you’re reading this, you also have a lot of secondary stuff, such as a computer, the Internet, the knowledge to use it, the ability to read. You have a lot of skills and resources available to you, even if they’re not the ones you wish they were. Figure out what you have, and find ways to use them.12. SocializeTalk things out with friends and family – they’re normally happy to help you regain confidence. If they (or lack thereof) are the reason you lack confidence, expand your social circle. Go to public places and interact with strangers. If you fail to make an impression or completely blow it, who cares? They weren’t in your life before, and you won’t miss them.13. Play A GameVideo games are great for a lot of reasons, and gaining confidence is just one of them. In real life you may be a boring file clerk with a dead-end life, but in a video game, you can be whoever you want. Every video game console (as well as the majority of computer and mobile games) has achievements. Hunt down some easy wins to jumpstart your spunk.14. Do Something CrazyI’m a firm believer in spontaneity being the spice of life. Go out and do something you said you never would. When I reached a point in my life where it felt like nothing could go right, I jumped out of an airplane. As I fell through the air, I had several epiphanies that forever changed my life. No other decision in my life had more of a direct impact on my life than that one crazy act.15. Try AgainIf your lack of confidence is caused by failure, pick up and try again in any way possible. It doesn’t have to be immediately – you can practice, learn and evolve prior to trying again. This time, however, go in as an experienced veteran who took a few licks and got back up stronger, faster and smarter than before.It’s easy to lose your confidence. Unexpected things happen, and you can very easily find yourself on the short end of the stick. Even though it seems like you’re the only one it’s happening to, we all experience inequalities and failures. Stick it out, and you’ll eventually get the confidence it takes to succeed.

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