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PDF Editor FAQ

Why are both sides in the gun control debate so hostile towards each other?

Asked: Why are both sides in the gun control debate so hostile towards each other?There is a lack of trust and a perception of “evil” on both sides.One side is fighting for the civil rights of all citizens while the other side is demanding people give up that right, in full or in part.The stance of pro-gun groups is owning firearms is a constitutional right, like the right to freedom of worship or speech, that inherently limits the authority of Congress and the executive to diminish that right. They are protecting a civil right. The people in support of this cause include gun owners and non-gun owners, military veterans, 80% of rank & file police officers[¹], doctors, lawyers, and constitutional experts.Those who demand more gun control are typically those involved in a violent crime involving guns. They may be a survivor, the family of a victim or know a victim. They turn their anger to the tool used by a person to create the harm. Understandably, many are angry over their loss and are emotionally invested in seeing to it “there oughta be a law…” in response. Unfortunately when trying to engage with a meaningful dialog with many of them, the animosity rises to the surface and it becomes difficult. There is also the problem with knowledge. Some of the gun control lobby folks know nothing about how firearms work and two have even told me they’re proud of it.Both sides accuse the other of lying and making false statements to generate support for their side.The pro-control groups claim the NRA (et al) falsely accuse them of wanting to take people’s guns away. “No one is coming to take your guns away!” they say repeatedly.The group Americans for Gun Safety Now and another group in Florida want to ban “assault weapons” and included this statement. I have italicized the falsehoods in the statement.“The assault rifle, and its ability to fire approximately one hundred rounds a minute, can be purchased legally with no proof of training, no background check, and no regulations what so ever,” said Gail Schwartz, BAWNs chair, and the aunt of Alex Schachter who was killed at Parkland. “Our goal is to take military-style firearms off the shelves thus saving the lives of innocent people.”Suffice it to say, federal law requires all firearms dealers to fill out BATF Form 4473[²] for all gun sales, perform a background check through the NICS system or their state’s version of that system. And I should point out that you cannot buy a legally defined assault rifle at most gun shops because they are classified as machine guns. The guns they refer to are semi-automatic and function in the same way as grandpa’s semi-auto skeet shotgun. Banning these guns is unlikely to save lives, at least according to a government report reviewing the 1994 ban on these kinds of guns.It doesn’t help that the media provides free press coverage with no fact-checking in most cases while selectively quoting pro-gun information or rebuttals. Most of the print media outlets have refused to even let the NRA buy space in their papers to defend against attacks on the NRA or certain guns.It doesn’t help that the side that has “lost” or given ground in 97% of the time has been the pro-gun side. If gun rights were a pie, we’ve lost slices over the last 50 years (1-gun-a-month laws, interstate sale restrictions, magazine limits, waiting periods, etc, ad nauseam), and still they want to take more of the pie.I could go on with a long history of how the movement originated to ban handguns while claiming they had no interest in rifles or shotguns, then when bans on handguns were rejected, it morphed into seeking to ban “assault weapons” and later, more specifically, so-called “weapons of war” and now semi-automatic guns. But that would exceed the scope of the question.PoliceOne's Gun Control Survey: 11 key lessons from officers' perspectives (PDF)

Should Scott Peterson be convicted and if so, for what charge?

Scot Peterson (Parkland School Resource Officer) is who I am assuming you are talking about.Please note that my post here is almost entirely influenced by the actual court documents which can be reviewed by you here. Note that this is an Adobe PDF file so you’ll need a reader to review it.Also note I am NOT a legal expert, so this is strictly an opinion based on the court’s own documents.So let me start with the perjury charge first. The court documents linked above spell out a pretty clear cut case for the perjury charge all the way down to a coherent and well annotated timeline of events. Was Scot Peterson willfully lying to cover what I perceive as his cowardice? Probably. The lie in question is about where the shots were coming from. In one interview he asserted that he thought there could have been shots taken from outside the building by a sniper, his radio transmission mentions possibly firecrackers, and another interview he said he couldn’t tell where the shots were coming from.As a military veteran that served 6 years in the US Air Force, an avid firearms shooter and enthusiastic range goer, I can tell you from personal experience that gunshots have distinctive characteristic depending on where the shooter is in relation to the observer. I don’t believe that he couldn’t tell the difference between a shot taken from inside a building, from one taken by a sniper outside a building, and from firecrackers. I think for Scot Peterson to even suggest it is a ludicrous attempt to cover -something- up.This is where I personally believe the good faith of the officials of Parkland and the state of Florida ends. I think their eyes have been severely blackened by the fact that Peterson did virtually nothing when he should have been doing almost any other than what he did has them seeking revenge, and most likely, they are trying to sidestep the political fallout caused by this incident. This chiefly among them all. Elected prosecutors have to answer to the electorate for their failings, and they can’t honestly go back to their constituents after Parkland and expect reelection if they can’t at least say “we tried to jam this guy up but your peers rejected it.” They had to have the attempt on record to save face in my opinion.So if you read the court documents linked above, they use Scot Peterson’s training against him as justification for the negligence charges. A sound strategy by my estimations, and I agree that Scot Peterson probably was negligent since he basically abandoned his post and failed to engage Cruz. However, the Supreme Court of the United States, has stated in the past, that police officers have “no Constitutional duty to protect someone”. The link for that article can be found here. So his training or lack thereof, or any oaths he makes pursuant to the protection of the children of Parkland is completely irrelevant. If a court protection order, which you would assume supersedes any document, oath, or anything else that was made outside of a courtroom, is effectively unenforceable as a tool to hold accountable police officers for discretionary decisions made in the line of duty, then certainly a police officer’s training certainly fails to qualify.What’s worse, this seems like a dangerous precedent would be set if this guy gets convicted of negligence. Any person in the vicinity of a school shooter could potentially be found negligent if they are not allowed a discretionary decision not to engage an active shooter. If you read the definitions of Florida Chapter F.S. 827.01, every teacher and staff member of a school could be considered a “caregiver” and consequently subject to prosecution under the law for anything bad that befalls that child that meets the Florida threshold for negligence under the law. That threshold can be found here, Florida’s Chapter F.S. 827.03, which is what Peterson is being charged under, section 3 paragraphs (1)(e)1., (1)(e)2., and (2)(b). It seems to me that any person that fails to intervene during an active shooter in a school could possibly be seen as “a caregiver’s failure or omission to provide a child with the care, supervision, and services necessary to maintain the child’s physical and mental health, including, but not limited to, food, nutrition, clothing, shelter, supervision, medicine, and medical services that a prudent person would consider essential for the well-being of the child; or A caregiver’s failure to make a reasonable effort to protect a child from abuse, neglect, or exploitation by another person.”, which are direct quotes from the chapter and paragraphs Peterson is being charged with.Now I do agree that Peterson perjured himself, he abandoned his post, he was derelict in his duties to respond to the active shooter inside the building, he probably was negligent and should be held accountable for the deaths and injuries sustained as the result of his inaction. However, should he be criminally liable? As the Supreme Court precedent is written, no. In my opinion of what cops should be, and how they should be acting under the color of authority and what we the people expect from our law enforcement individuals, yes he is guilty. All private individuals have, in my opinion, the right not to directly engage or intervene in the face of tragedy outside of raising an alarm. So if you are out and about as a regular citizen minding their own business, I firmly believe it is your duty to make a call if you see a crime being committed. You see a murder, a stick up, a rape in progress, it is everyone’s civic duty to pick up the phone and call 911. Beyond that, I don’t believe that anyone has the obligation to get involved, especially where they would be risking their own life or personal safety. Police, firemen, military, and to a much lesser extent, emergency medical don’t have that luxury. If you are going to don that uniform, then you need to be ready to walk into the fire. EMS I give a lot of latitude to, I think they have an obligation to brave the elements and put themselves in minor risk to save others, but probably not mortal risk.I did not look up the Florida statutes for perjury, so I don’t know what kind of prison time Peterson could be looking at for that one, but legally speaking, I think that is the only charge I saw that is most likely legitimate.

How frequently do you like to have voice coaching sessions with your students? If money is not an issue, what is optimal for the student in this regard?

Eight ways my teachersLift Up under - engaged voicesgive kids more discussion time to explore and develop there ideasallow for creative expressionwriting in the voice of othersmake lessons personally relevantWeb resultsThe Ultimate Guide to Teaching English with VIPKID | Road Affair days ago - Also, when teachers teach a trial class and the student signs up for ... I Heard/Read That VIPKID Does Not Pay Their Teachers, Is That ... Now you know how you can make easy money and travel like a king ..... You have to check the portal often to find out if you have a new class, asstudents can book you at ...The Role of the Tutor/Coach – Gallaudet University 651-5369 (voice) ... As a part of "The Role of the Tutor/ Coach" training, Tutors and Coach will... If you must miss a session, you should inform the student and your ... could ask, 'how can Iimprove?' instead of 'why do you criticize me like that?' ... Students will also show up for theirtutoring session when they have no ...Group Piano vs. Private Piano Classes - Sage Music with piano: The benefits of group vs. private piano classes. ... I am very often asked by newstudents, or parents who are planning to get their kids ... Students want the best for themselves, and if the student is a kid, the parents want ... easier to “see if I like it” and try couple of sessionswith the group, instead of signing ...Singwise - Singwise - Private Lessons and What to a student vocalize (e.g., sing scales and other simple vocal ... (Most of my students havecome to me after they have already studied with other ... Nor do I assume that a singer with absolutelyno formal instruction in singing in his or ... any technical issues, and then decide from there what level of exercises can be ...Voice Training | How to Sing Better | How to Learn to Sing 12, 2017 - Interested in singing classes so you can learn how to sing better? ... Session Singers, Opera Singers, and so on who often make the best Teachers. ... You never know when a Singer willaccept your bid because they truly need the cash. ... nor are they trained to fix the vocal issuesgiving a student problems ...5 Things Your Voice Teacher Isn't Telling You | Sybaritic Singer 21, 2017 - Here are five things you definitely want to talk about with your voice teacher. ... Oftenthis can simply be that a student doesn't understand the mechanics the ... Do you get the impression that your teacher wants to change things that are ... If you're not sure what your teacher is asking from you or why you're ...Missing:money‎| ‎Must include: ‎moneyTrump's solution to school shootings: arm teachers with guns | US ... 21, 2018 - Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. ... of which you have many,” Trump said during an emotionally searing session ... high school in Parkland, the president continued: “If the coach had a firearm ...[PDF]The Making of the Principal: Five Lessons in ... - The Wallace Foundation about how school leadership can contribute to improved student ... have formed theirown training academies or are working with non-profit ... voice, emphasizes the profound impact good leaders have on teaching .... new principals every year, and if we can lower the number of ..... Just like states are getting.5 Ways to Give Your Students More Voice and Choice | Edutopia 31, 2014 - The idea of co-constructing knowledge with students can be a scary thing for ... Getthe best of Edutopia in your inbox each week. ... it might remind us that no matter the age, we all liketo have choices especially when it ... In what ways do you include student voice and student choice in your curriculum?Missing:money‎| ‎Must include: ‎moneySearches related to how frequently do you like to have voice coaching sessions with your students? if money is not an issue what is optimal for the studenthow to conduct an effective training sessionhow to start a training sessionvipkid quiz answerseffective training techniquesvipkid cancellation policy 2018which of the following statements about tpr is incorrect?how many times should you encourage the student to repeat the word back to you?when teaching new vocabulary how many times should student repeatPage navigation12345678910Next

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