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PDF Editor FAQ

Do you think its hypocrisy that most of the Indian youth who use marijuana are celebrating the arrest of Rhea Chakraborty for the same reason?

I'm shocked very much indeed. More by the youth,I'm shocked by the bollywood fraternity.I've to say y'all,be it the raging waters or pacifying waves at times,the fraternity won't leave their frame.Absolutely shameful and disgusting,you can check my answers,I've never written anything ill about Rhea till date, because I know she was the accused(NCB called her for interrogation and Godi media did virtual trials on her actually),but today,she has been arrested. The very idea of liberalism is being polluted by self proclaimed actors and liberals in this country.Law is equal for all and also respect the law of the land, patriarchy sucks,yes it does,no doubt but woman card is dangerous as well when one can't prove herself innocent.Absolutely disgusting that bollywood who has advocated selmon Bhai(I hope you know that he is involved in a hit and run case,he is a poacher also has harassed a former beauty queen) but our feminists in bollywood absolutely love him(hypocrisy much!?)Although I don't watch movies especially bollywood much these days,I've to say thatMajority of the bollywood movies are men centric,there are movies where an actor is almost double of his co-artist(actress's)age.For instance Athiya Shetty×Nawazuddin Siddiqui,Disha×Selmon Bhai(in some song),Saiee M × Selmon Bhai, Sara× Ranveer or maybe Deepika and Srk (20 years elder) and many more.Tomorrow,I won't be surprised,if some bollywood actor or actress is involved in raping any minor unfortunately,I'm very much sure that the baalliwuud fraternity will support the rapist not the victim.Placards will be in trending for any issue that's against the Govt (remember,Kathua,no,I'm not justifying)but how many voices for 90 year old brutally raped in Delhi today,a minor raped in Karnataka last month,a minor gang raped in Orissa last week,a 19 year old covid patient raped by an ambulance driver in Kerala,a minor(13,Nirmala Pant)raped in Uttarakhand and many women raped in UP this month and also last monthNone, someone was right on Twitter,in India,there's no such thing as liberalism, conservative values,champions of free speech. Either you support BJP or Congress,that's it, nothing else. This is blatant truth.Tahseen Po*nwala(the one who gives knowledge about curious movies like grey colour ke 50 avtaar,you know what I mean),oops, poonawalla is saying 50 grams of drugs isn't a big deal. Hmmmm,you see,he's a brazen panelist,it would be better if he knows law of this nation.Very poor of the youth who're supporting Rhea Chakraborty,they're legalising illegal things like democrats are demanding Legalisation for Marijuana,but this is India. We are probably some decades behind USA.Very nasty of bollywood and filmfare who has come in Rhea's support. People like Taapsee Pannu have lost credibility I feel, although I agree with her on a few points. But her logic sucks,she's advising media to do journalism instead of activism but what's she doing btw, isn't she supposed to be an actor?🤔just asking.Look at the tweets below:(I guess majority of y'all don't understand, because the language and the use of vocabulary is in such a way that it will subtly ensure in subconscious minds of people that Taapsee Pannu is right here,but smart people will surely understand that she's a hypocrite)I didn't understand anything,I asked my mother to explain,she first gave a smirk and then did.Taapsee seedhe shabdo mein kehna chahti hai ki woh sahi hai,woh feminist hai,woh achi hai,woh liberal hai at any cost and at anyone's cost.Some people are so frustrated with their lives,that they reply will spread negativity everywhere.Most of the Indian youth are actually frustrated by the media trials,they're exhausted mentally by seeing breathless reporting on Rhea by Godi media.Source: Twitter,below(bollywood's hypocrisy)hereIt would be hypocrisy if Indian youth supports the same.Besides Rhea, there are many things making rounds as well,both good and bad to the country,If Arnab would discuss if some day,that would be a holy dayBollywood is a synonym for hypocrisy,it advocates murders,crime and also sh*t

What was the UK like in the 70s?

To sum it up in a word : boring. I was 11 in 1970 and had somehow passed the Eleven plus and was on my way, most unwillingly, to a Grammar school.The Comprehensive system was introduced that year. I, and all my mates, were kept back a year yeah great. Before going on to a Zoo labeled a Comprehensive at 12.I was a better reader and writer at 11 than I was when I left 4 yrs later. The perhaps egalatarian ideals : higher education for all, actually translated into virtually no education for anybody.There was no daytime TV- Andy Pandy at 1 pm preceded by and followed by the test card. 2 Channels which started around 4pm and shutdown at 10.30. As did pubs- 11am 3 pm 6pm 10.30, although as an 11 yr old that was moot. No video games. Shops also shut by 6pm. As did pretty much the whole of the UK. Pubs, cinemas and the odd theater not withstanding.The Mod era had ended. Easy Rider was released. We bought defunt Mod scooters for a few pounds and customised them into choppers with a big tin opener and a chisel driven with a brick. They were ridden on pit slag heaps and the police treated it like a serious offence.That and the upcoming miners strike earned the police no brownie points at all. The final nail in the police respect coffin was the 1983 miners strike- where they were a partisan force on the side of the bosses. But the seeds were laid in their ridiculous enforcement of victimless crimes such as trespass and riding an old scooter on NCB property. We saw them as humourless and oppressive- which they were.We also lived in an almost entirely white homogeneous society. Other areas had some none whites but the mass immigration didn't start until perhaps the mid 70’s and didn't really take off until Blair's govt was elected in the 90’s.I recall tramping around grey damp streets with gangs of mates- doing absolutely nothing with not one pence between us. Slum clearance was under way- a lot of houses were boarded up awaiting demolition. We camped out in them. And also in the bomb cratered derelict water works. Which often had scrap cars and rubbish dumped in them- scrap being of little value in the early 70’s.Cars were shit, I recall it wasn't rare to see the road if one lifted the floor mats up in above one of my 'carers' vehicles. And rare trips to the 70 mile distant seaside often involved unscheduled stops for breakdowns and overheating.The miners strike had us using candles in 1973. The 3 day week applied to schools too- coal generated electricity, there was no coal. The oil embargo imposed after the Arab Israeli war saw petrol go from 6 shillings a gallon to over a pound a yr or two later.Inflation meant that if you saved up for something you still couldn't buy it as prices went up almost weekly.We still walked to school. Often hitchhiked to nearby towns and cities. Cycled on cobbled together bicycles- frequently without brakes. And then unlike today the young were second class citizens- shut up and stay out of the way was a mantra adopted by most adults.It wasn't quite post war austerity but it was a pretty grim time to grow up.I started work in 1975 at the pit. Life was better with money. And with a motorbike. For all that I'd not fancy a rerun. The decade ended with the ' winter of disconnect'. Strikes, rubbish uncollected, the dead unburied and bread rationed.A class war the working classes with it's secretly Trotskyist leadership lost when eventually Thatcher came to power. Her genius was in getting rid of the industries with militant unions. Something akin to getting rid of a rat infestation by burning the house down with the kids inside.

Why does pubic hair turn gray?

Err it doesn't. My beard went grey, and consequently got chopped, in my 30’s. I've a light sprinkle in my head hair- started around 55. And at 60 I'm still awaiting grey pubes.I've read that grey facial hair is a form of signalling- similar to a silverback on a gorilla. I've no idea if that's true or false. I do know that many men grow a grey beard before grey pubic hair. I worked at the NCB and showered with 600+ men per shift.

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