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PDF Editor FAQ

Is only one cause of death put on a death certificate? If so, might COVID-19 deaths be over/under reported?

This answer may contain sensitive images. Click on an image to unblur it.The standard U. S. death certificate has up to 4 causes of death. The first is the immediate cause of death, and the fourth is the underlying cause of death as shown on the following blank form.Specialists called “nosologists” code the underlying cause of death for statistical purposes. There are also computer programs like, SuperMICAR[1] that aid in the process. Getting this right is extremely important for consistent statistical reporting.The immediate cause of death could be heart failure (the medical term for it), but that could be caused by electrocution, or Covid-19. If the person who died had Covid-19, and it was known, then it will be on the death certificate under one of the 4 causes. However, and particular in early cases, Covid-19 might not appear on the death certificate because it was not known. Some guesswork was involved before test kits were widely available.See also: Provisional Death Counts for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)Footnotes[1] NVSS - MMDS - SuperMICAR

Are there family members you've chosen to not talk to anymore?

I have not spoken to my identical twin sister for 13 years now. We were 36 years old then.Why? The ultimate end was her doing - she was living with me, my husband and our two young kids. We were caring for her 4 yo son so she could go back to shift work. She wasn’t paying her way, would sleep all the time, and basically was taking us for a ride.The three kids were treated the same and were like brothers. She came home early one day while I was cooking dinner and hid in the dining room. I’d been at work all day, and at this time I had three kids under 4 in the kitchen. I was grumpy because she had not cleaned the stove after spilling stuff on it, so I had to do this before I could get the kid’s dinner. She overheard me basically grumping one line about that she should have cleaned the stove. She burst into the room and screamed at me like a banshee. Anyway, she took off and disappeared for about a week with her son.Next thing I know there is a removalist truck at the house and she was packing up and leaving. I was home studying for exams. She said she’d be back to clean - I told her not to bother. Just go. That was all good and well, but then I was called into the children’s creche office and was told that she’d been taken in by good Samaritans and was telling everyone that we had abused her and her son. They initially believed her, but then smelled a rat. The creche director did not believe her - knew me and my husband… and her. So, she did not put in a ‘mandatory’ report to the government which could have seen us lose our kids and my husband his teaching job.This of course was not an isolated incident. My twin sister had a long history (since early childhood) of very difficult behaviour and had been very negative, and caused me lots of grief throughout school, university and beyond. She was seeing psychiatrists by 15 and blaming everyone for everything. She was a massive drain on my psychological resources with regular threats of suicide, self-harming etc etc. She was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. She would have everyone believe that we were seriously abused as children (we grew up in a strict environment, but we were not abused).All my life I had put up with her drama, abuse and lies. At 36 she’d throw tantrums and write me 20 page hate-mail letters claiming I was mean to her in a fight when we were 4… stuff that was ridiculous. The accusations, negativity… claims of abuse… vitriol… Ugh!! I tried setting my boundaries - including that I’d not discuss historical incidents, nor read her hate mail. She started sending it to my work. She started sending some to my husband too. She also wanted to ‘share’ my husband… that is another story.Anyway, after she ‘disowned’ me I’ve gone on to NOT miss her drama at all. It isn’t the way I’d have preferred things to be, but it is the necessary way for things to be. Since she disowned us… she’s gone on to turn on our father, my brother, my (now late) mother… and disowned them all too and has stopped any of us from seeing her son (who is about to turn 18). They were all accused of ‘abuse’ in one form or another too. She speaks only to our younger sister who lives overseas - and our younger sister pays dearly for that privilege with being manipulated and hit up for money by my twin.I am quite happy to remain estranged from my twin sister. People think this is strange and unnatural of me. I really don’t want or need to invite the drama back into my life. I know through friends that my twin’s behaviour has not changed - she’d now disowned her new husband (of 5 years) family too…Our mother died unexpectedly in September of this year. She had not seen her grandson or daughter in 13 years. This caused her great pain - not so much about my sister, but not seeing her grandson. Mum did not want anything more to do with my sister either. There had been attempts at reconciliation in the early days - but, my sister remained nasty and wouldn’t reconcile unless Mum just accepted everything she demanded (lies and all). Mum had written my sister out of her will. She knows this now and we are expecting her to challenge the Will. She’s already pretended to be grief stricken and is claiming that I am trying to rip her off because her name wasn’t on Mum’s death certificate. I had nothing to do with the death certificate! Here we go again…. I hope not!

What power does the next of kin listed on death certificate hold in California?

Usually nothing.I am not familiar with death certificates in California in particular, however most states have similar forms.Original question:What power does the next of kin listed on death certificate hold in California?The death certificate will usually list your spouse if currently married or widowed. It will list your parents. These people may or may not be your legal next-of-kin.But the person who supplies the information for the death certificate is called the “Informant”. This does not confer on them any special privileges.NOK (Next-of-kin) is a legal term that does allow that person to make decisions and can have some obligations.In the USA there are “levels” that go like this: Provided by WikipediaSpouseChildren (in no particular order)ParentsSiblingsGrandchildrenGrandparentsNieces/NephewsAunts/UnclesGreat GrandchildrenGreat GrandparentsGreat Nieces/Great NephewsFirst CousinsGreat Aunts/Great UnclesGreat-Great GrandchildrenGreat-Great GrandparentsGreat-Great Nieces/Great-Great NephewsFirst Cousins Once Removed (the children of First Cousins and descendants of Grandparents)First Cousins Once Removed (the descendants of Great-Grandparents)Great-Great Aunts/Great-Great UnclesGreat-Great-Great GrandchildrenGreat-Great-Great GrandparentsGreat-Great-Great Nieces/Great-Great-Great NephewsFirst Cousins Twice Removed (the descendants of Grandparents)Second CousinsFirst Cousins Twice Removed (the descendant of Great-Great Grandparents)Great-Great-Great Aunts/Great-Great-Great UnclesGreat-Great-Great-Great GrandchildrenGreat-Great-Great-Great GrandparentsAs you can tell more than one person could qualify for every level (except spouse). However for legal purposes, and decision making, the children need to be adults.My brother and I are both “equal” NOK for our parents - after their spouse if still living.If we were to disagree on something related to our parent’s estate or disposition of their remains, we would need to go to court to settle it. Even though I am younger, being that we are both adults, we are both the legal NOK.I would most likely be the ‘informant’ on the death certificate for my parents, just because I tend to do most of the paperwork. But it does not grant me any more ‘power’ than my brother.Now I may be able to take that death certificate, where I am listed as informant, and use it to settle some details of their estate. Like turning off electricity, or their cell phones, for example. But it will not let me sell their house.I am sure some Quora lawyers will be able to explain this better. But overall, your name on the death certificate does not make you the legal NOK.

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