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I am wanting to audition for multiple companies. I have my eyes set on JYP or KQ, but I'm not sure what to dance to for my online audition. Do you have any suggestions?

Sure, I got a few…Before K-pop singers were stars, they were trainees. Trainees live, train, and perform together starting at a very young age. Some trainees start as young as 11 years old, but many don’t get discovered and join a company until they’re in their late teens, so don’t despair if you’re a little older! Many K-pop trainees and idols are Korean, but it’s not an absolute requirement to be Korean - people of all ethnicities and races can audition. Skill and persona have a lot to do with your potential success, as does your willingness to do hard work.1. Take dance classes to become a better and more versatile dancer. Especially if you don’t have much practice dancing yet, look into taking as many different classes as you can. Focus on hip hop and urban dancing. A big part of being a trainee (and hopefully an idol!) is being able to perform exceptionally, and that includes dancing.[1]If you can’t take actual classes, use the internet to learn new skills.2. Invest in a vocal coach to strengthen your singing abilities. Even if you’re already a great singer, chances are you could still learn something from a coach. If nothing else, they can give you tips to increase your endurance when you perform.If your main skill is dancing, that is okay! But having the ability to sing will increase your odds of getting noticed when you audition to become a trainee.3.Work on your rapping skills to round out your skill set. Rapping is an important part of the K-pop lifestyle, and it can also be fun! Listen to more rap music to get an idea of the rhythm and start imitating your favorite artists.If you get caught up on the words, practice tongue twisters to loosen your lips.4.Practice writing your own music and perfecting well-known songs. When you audition, you’ll need to perform songs that the producers already know, but when you’re a trainee, you’ll be working on writing and choreographing your own original music. It’s a good idea to work on both aspects of being a performer.[4]Take a music writing class if you can, and spend a lot of time listening to K-pop and watching music videos so you can start emulating popular styles.5. Familiarize yourself with Korean cultural norms and beauty standards. Though many companies will accept non-Korean trainees, you will still be catering to a largely Korean audience. It’s smart to learn about the culture if you aren’t already familiar. Study popular K-pop groups, spend time on Korean fashion websites, and read up on etiquette and social norms.[5]If you aren’t Korean, it’ll show the producers that you are invested in becoming a K-pop trainee and are willing to work hard to be a part of the culture6. Learn to speak Korean if it isn’t a language you’re familiar with. At a minimum, make sure you know basic phrases like “hello,” “goodbye,” “please,” and “thank you.” Though, the more you know, the better! You will have to sing in Korean at least some of the time if you become a trainee, and knowing the language will also help you make friends and get around in South Korea.[6]7. Avoid scandal and be careful with what you put on social media. A big part of being a successful trainee is characterized by having good manners and behaving properly. Try to stay out of situations where you might get in trouble, like, for example, being at a party where there is underage drinking. And use caution when putting things on social media. Managers and executives can most likely see your accounts.[7]Producers are interested in trainees who have the right skill and are willing to work hard. They aren’t interested in trainees who end up in the spotlight because they’re often in trouble or causing drama.8. Create a YouTube channel to upload videos and create a following. Start recording your original songs, as well as your covers. Feel free to experiment with videos that show you talking about your experience in your pursuit to becoming a K-pop trainee. Producers often visit YouTube channels when looking for new recruits.[8]Create a schedule for posting so that you’re regularly adding new content to your channel, and research different ways to grow your audience.9. Maintain a healthy weight and be in good shape. Some companies are looking for recruits who are very slim, while others will happily accept trainees who are a little bigger. But regardless of your size, you need to be able to keep up with the rigorous physical requirements, like hours of dance classes everyday.[9]If you are out of shape or want to lose weight, incorporate daily exercise into your routine and try to eat more whole foods rather than processed foods.10. Research which company you’d like to audition for. Some of the major K-pop companies are SM, JYP, YG, Cube, LOEN, Pledis, Woolim, and BigHit. Some companies are focused on trainees who match a certain aesthetic and already know how to sing and dance, while others don’t mind taking someone who looks a little different from the norm or who needs more training in a particular area.[10]You could audition for every opportunity you come across, but that might get expensive and time-consuming. It’s a good idea to find the company that seems most likely to accept you and focus your attention on their auditions.It’s also good to note that if you’re under 14, a legal guardian will need to attend or sign-off on the audition for you.11.Become an expert in your skill and be confident when you audition. Most K-pop trainees are great at one of the following skills: singing, dancing, or rapping. Make sure to have one really strong skill and a familiarity with everything else. For example, if you are strongest at dancing, take classes and hone that skill as best as you can, but also don’t neglect to work on your singing and rapping, too.[11]No matter where you end up, you’ll be taking hours and hours of classes for all of the skills needed to be a K-pop idol. But having a strength when you set out to addition could help you stand out to the producers.12.Prepare 3 songs for an audition, 1 of which should be Korean. Think about where your talents shine, and then make your song selections based off of that talent. For example, if you’re great at rapping and dancing, choose 1 song that is in Korean that showcases your rapping and dancing skills, choose another that exhibits another type of dancing, and then choose a song that you absolutely love—the producers will get a chance to see your skill and your passion![12]Search YouTube for audition videos to check out what other hopeful trainees are doing.13.Get headshots done to hand out or send to producers. You can have these done professionally, or you can try to do them yourself at home. Take shots from the front and profile, and include photos of just your face as well as your entire body.[13]Wear minimal makeup for your headshots, as producers will want to see your face on its own.14. Wear normal clothes and minimal makeup on your audition day. The judges will want to see what your face and body look like without excessive makeup or body-altering clothes (like Spanx). K-pop trainees live in a world controlled by the company, and they will be choosing your clothes and styling your makeup and hair for you when you perform or make public appearances.[14]Avoid wearing K-pop fan clothing—producers might assume you’re at the audition to get to see your idol.15. Attend a live audition or submit an online audition if you’re overseas. There are tons of live auditions that take place all over the world, so chances are you can find one in your country to attend. If you can’t attend a live audition (or even if you can but want to submit more work), check out each company’s online audition forum at their websites.[15]Online auditions are a great option for people hoping to be trainees! Live auditions are great for the experience and opportunity, too, but don’t discount the possibility of getting discovered through an online audition.| Alexander De Croo resilient—it can take a long time to get accepted as a trainee! A lot of people audition time after time after time before they finally get chosen to be a trainee. If you get feedback from an audition, make sure to incorporate it before your next one. For example, if a judge says that you need to work on your vocal strength, start seeing a vocal coach to work on that.[16]Don’t worry if you’re older and still not a trainee. Lots of K-pop idols didn’t get started in a company until they were in their late teens. Keep working on your skills and attending auditions.17.Realize that it might be hard to make friends if you’re a foreigner. Trainees often sign years-long contracts and spend upwards of 18 hours a day with the other trainees. If you don’t speak Korean or are unfamiliar with the culture, it may take a while before you make friends and feel like you fit in.[17]Make an effort to try and communicate clearly with others, especially if there is a language barrier. And also try to be kind to others—that can go a long way when you’re away from home and trying to be successful while also making friends.18.Read your contract carefully before committing to a company. Being a K-pop trainee is a longterm commitment! Some companies, depending on your age, may even ask you to sign a 5-6 year contract. Be sure to read and review the contract language very closely. If you don’t speak Korean, hire a professional lawyer who does to review the fine print.[18]Lots of companies make you repay your salary if you break your contract. Some of them also don’t make accommodations for emergencies or health issues. Don’t sign anything before you fully understand it.19. Take good care of your health to withstand the grueling schedule. Many trainees work from 5 or 6 am until midnight or 1 am. In addition to training, you may also have schoolwork that has to be done or need extra practice on your own.[19]The company often sets the schedule for their trainees without running it by them first.Trainees generally don’t get the recommended amount of sleep every night, and they often don’t eat meals at regular intervals.20. Be prepared for monthly evaluation tests. Because new trainees are often being brought into the company, everyone is evaluated on a monthly basis to ensure that the recruits are all up to standard. It can be a tense time every month as the company could choose to let you go if you don’t perform well.[20]There are generally 20-30 other students at any company at any given time, so you are usually going to be in competition with your classmates to keep your place at the company.When trainees are finally chosen to debut in new groups, they will face a new setting of personalities created by the company to cater the entertainment market. Each member of an idol group has his or her own character to play and therefore an important part of their job duties is to maintain that temperament in any kind of exposure they may get. One way to build personal image of idol groups is through social media services with contents taken care by the company to make sure the consistency of these personal characteristics.I don’t think JYP is much different than any other kpop agency. You’ll need to sign a trainee contract, which I believe tend to run for two years, though I don’t know the details at JYP in particular. Then you’ll move to the training facility in Seoul unless you already live there (or somewhere they have remote training; Twice’s Tzuyu trained in Hong Kong for a while). I believe they’ll help you find housing if you’re a foreign trainee, but you might have to pay them back for it if you don’t debut, so read your contract! Then you’ll be enrolled in a performing arts middle/high school and you’re in for years of vocal and dance training every day after school before you’re up for debut. Right now it looks like they are probably going to debut a boy group in 2018 and a girl group in 2019 so your training period would be relatively short for the industry.Very few JYP trainees get plastic surgery, so that wouldn’t be a requirement to join like some other agencies (*cough* SM *cough*). You’ll have to wipe your social media though, and be careful not to let anyone post pictures with your face in them. Your schedule will be somewhat less controlled than some other agencies but you’re still going to be at the agency until late in the night most nights. You can expect weekly weigh-ins, monthly training evaluations, and biannual showcase performances where hundreds of people from outside the agency will evaluate you. Even though JYP has a reputation as the down to earth, friendly agency out of the big 3 it’s still a big business and very intense.After you pass a JYP audition, they will usually tell you when to come to Korea. If it is a global audition, then they will pay for your ticket depending on the audition. They have you and your parent (unless you are old enough) read and sign a contract. READ the contract and make sure you fully understand what is to be expected of you when you come to their company. Not reading it is when all the lawsuits start happening and the company usually always wins. If you do end up agreeing with the contract and signing it, then your training begins.It not late or early just check their sns for updatesWhat you should look like...1. If you are a girl, get ready to starve, if you are a boy then get ready to be ignore unless you have that special something about you.2. Jyp is looking for air/sounds vocalists3. Jyp need you to be healthy (no more junk food hon)4. You have to have swag moves/fun movesyou need to dance well5. Have good expression6. Make sure you look really young7. Have passion with what you are doing8. Get ready to be judge on your weight9. Dance like their no weight holding you10. Have good personality/ especially sweet oneAuditioning is very nerve wrecking especially when it comes to the THE 3 BIG COMPANIES. Based on what I’ve seen, they’re few requirements that i concluded on my own.TALENTS - YG are very strict when it comes to this! If you wanna audition at YGE, you need to make sure that you’re more than good. You can just simply audition because you think you are good enough, you can’t be just good enough at YG Audition. Unlike SM, YG are more focused on talents instead of face, YG are a company that train people to become the best while SM make sure that you’re good looking, and then they make u the bestSPECIALITY - It is important for you yourself to know what makes you different from the other. You need to show them why they need to sign you and not someone else. YG also tend to signed those that are very eye capturing. You have to be confident in front of themMULTI-SPEAKER - If you wanna audition at YG, Korea Entertainment Agency, if you’re foreigners, you need to be able to speak in KOREAN. This is necessary as this may proved to the judges that you have the spirit to actually debut as a k-idol. Also, you need to be able to speak in many languages. Bilingual at least, The necessary languages are Japanese, Chinese, English. You need to be able to speak at least one of those stated bcs being able to speak in many languages will make them think it’s better because they won’t have to train your language ability anymore.Physical state - If you’re really talented enough then i don't think this would be any of a matter to audition at YG, but to secure your position, you need to have a good physical state. YG like those who looks healthy instead of those who look unfit because this can affect ur dance and your breathing. Make sure ure fit enough and make sure your dance skills are on top!This is so far the requirements i think might be needed to enter YG. I am not a professional at this but yeah, good luck!Learning Korean is a rewarding experience. And it comes with countless benefits. But if you want to achieve language learning success, you need the best Korean language classes. So, how do you make sure your resources live up to your expectations?We’ve compiled a list of great Korean language classes and courses to help you achieve your dreams of fluency. Here are some tips and advice to make sure you choose the best language-learning resource for you.Best Traditional Online Korean Language ClassesIf learning Korean from the comfort of your home appeals to you, there are a number of great online resources you can try. These Korean online courses are put together by some of the best colleges in the world.Sogang Korean Language Programsogang university offers korean language classesSogang University is one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in Seoul. Their online Korean as a Foreign Language course gives you a great insight into the language. Put together by outstanding instructors, this online resource is useful for learners of all levels.CourseraCreated by professors at Yonsei University, this Korean language resource has vast materials. The lessons are fun and well-explained. They also cover all four domains of Korean (reading, writing, speaking, and listening).Berkeley Koreanberkeley offers korean language classesBerkeley University is world-renowned for its quality education. Although it’s an American University, its online Korean language course lives up to the name. This Korean language resource was created by Berkeley professors and takes you through an esteemed college’s approach to learning Korean.Learn Langskorean language courseAlthough this free online Korean course isn’t from a University, it’s still very effective. Beginners are especially welcome to participate in classes. Divided into six different lessons, this Korean language class teaches you how to read and write Hangul.Best Non-Traditional Korean Language ClassesIf studying languages with a college isn’t your thing, don’t worry. There are plenty of fun and engaging online Korean language classes and courses you can try.YouTube ChannelsFollowing YouTube channels and watching videos is a free online resource. You can hear authentic Korean pronunciation, and follow the structure of each video easily. While Websites such as KoreanClass101 and Talk to Me in Korean offer Korean language classes on Youtube, there’s a lot more variety out there.Channels like Korean Unnie and Learn Korean with Go! Billy Korean are presented by fellow language learners. Their content is much more approachable, so you’ll learn the ins-and-outs of the language fast. Plus, these Korean language classes are extremely relatable and well-paced for any level of learner to easily follow, making it really easy to get hooked on their content.Dom + HyoIf you’re a visual learner, and you’re looking for more artistic Korean language classes, Dom + Hyo can help. These aesthetic infographics explain Korean through pictures. Comics like these can be fun, and they can give you great vocabulary knowledge.Learn With OliverAs we mentioned before, flashcards can be a very useful tool. Learning languages is all about remembering your material. Learn with Oliver uses the power of flashcards and email newsletters to etch your Korean language classes into your memory.OptiLingobest korean language classes at optilingoA list of the best Korean language classes can’t be complete without OptiLingo. This mobile app and language learning website combine the most effective language learning methods into one. Based on common phrases and expressions, you’ll learn to speak like the locals. Featuring comprehensible input, you’re guaranteed to understand all of the material. And with spaced repetition, you’ll have no trouble remembering your Korean classes.Based on scientifically-proven teaching practices, you can see fast and lasting results with OptiLingo. Whether you’re looking for traditional or non-traditional Korean language classes, you’ll definitely find the best courses here. Discover how easy and fun learning Korean can be when you try your free lesson today!How to Find the Best Korean Language Class?Narrowing down all the Korean Language Classes out there can be a tough task. Whether you join a local program or follow an online course, there are key elements a good Korean class needs to achieve:The Class Targets the Four Language DomainsReading, writing, speaking, and listening are the core principles of language learning. If you want to achieve fluency, you need to have a comfortable grasp on all of them. The best Korean language classes cover these four domains. If a language learning method gives you limited materials in any of them, chances are they aren’t as effective as they claim to be. This is why it’s important to SPEAK, not TYPE your Korean lessons.Each Lesson Matches Your Language LevelYou need your Korean class to match your fluency level. If you’re already intermediate, there’s no use starting your Korean language studies again. And if you’re a beginner, learning advanced material may only confuse you. That’s why it’s important you find material that suits your needs. Standardized, impersonal, and boring courses will only limit you.The Program Balances Grammar and VocabularyWhen you’re speaking a language, you need a good grasp of grammar and vocabulary. These two language concepts rely on each other. In order to communicate well in Korean, you need a language class that gives you explained grammar with appropriate vocabulary.The Class Helps You Get Rapid ResultsWhether your goal is to achieve Korean proficiency or fluency, your Korean language classes need to help you achieve it. If it gives you satisfaction and actionable results, you’re on the right track. Being able to successfully talk to a local is the most satisfying feeling there is. No matter how long it takes for you to learn Korean.Your Instructors Cover Formal and Informal SpeechKorean culture and society are built on traditions. Showing respect is a very important part of that. However, using formal speech with your friends can be awkward. You need a Korean language class that teaches you about the nuances of the language and prepares you for every korean language classesYour Lessons Provide Cultural InsightKorean culture is extremely rich. Traditions, history, art, and holidays, all unique to the peninsula. The best Korean language classes also give you an insight into what life in Korea is like.The Learning Methods Are Convenient and Easy to UseWhether you’re choosing a physical class or an online one, it needs to fit your lifestyle and schedule. Language learning websites and mobile apps can help you study on the go. The sooner you make language learning a habit, the better your results will be.The Course Makes Language Learning Fun and EnjoyableThe best Korean language class is the one you enjoy the most. If you have fun while learning, you’ll study faster and more effectively. That’s why it’s important to choose a language learning method that keeps you interested and entertained.Get the Most Out of Your Korean Language ClassesWhen you’ve chosen a Korean language class that suits your needs, there are additional steps you can take to make your studies more successful. The more you can remember and practice, the faster you’ll see the results.Make Flashcards: Learning vocabulary words with flashcards can be very effective. And if you review your material regularly, you take advantage of a natural cycle of spaced repetition with your studies. (Spaced repetition systems are key to fighting the forgetting curve and remembering your Korean language lessons.)Use a Learner’s Notebook: Writing things down by hand helps you remember them. Since handwriting has been linked to better memory, we recommend carrying a notebook to aid your Korean language classes. As old fashioned as that seems, at least it never runs out of battery.Organize and Schedule Your Lessons: Being well-organized will help you see through the structure of your language learning journey. In return, you’ll also realize the structure of the Korean language.Use Self-Made Exams and Textbooks: Textbooks are a great resource, but they can be very expensive. Download PDF versions and print them at home to budget your language learning. You can also find previous years’ language exam questions and answer keys, so you can test your progress at home.Speak Korean Often: It’s very important you speak Korean and not type. Practicing your pronunciation is the only way to achieve true fluency.Reach Fluency Faster with the Best Korean Language ProgramIt may be tempting to just sign up for the first Korean class you can find and dive in. But the truth is, you can waste a lot of time and money doing it that way. It’s important to do your research and get a feel for the best Korean language class or program that’s perfect for you. Take your time. Try them out. And see what works. Once you find the language learning resources you enjoy, you can fast track your journey to fluency!When it comes to online auditions, the process is usually like this:You fill out an application form and send the desired entertainment company a video clip of you singing or dancing (some companies may require both, it depends). The application form asks for your general location, name, etc. You shouldn’t give the company your real address. Make sure you review your video over-and-over again. For SM, once you send the video, it is legally SM’s property. Even if you are rejected, they will have the ability to post it on Youtube. There is a rare chance they will take it down, even with your request.If the desired entertainment company is interested, they will send you an email back. For SM specifically, they usually respond in less than a month. In the email, they will send you an audition schedule in your country. Warning - the locations are typically in big and major cities (ex. Los Angeles), so if you live far away from one, it could be a disadvantage. Internationally, the locations are extremely limited. They are usually in North America and other Asian countries.You will attend the live audition. I’m not extremely sure on what will happen if you pass the audition, but I believe you and the company will reach an agreement on being a trainee with them, the very possible fact that you will have to move overseas, etc.There are many websites filled with information on this subject. There is one helpful Q&A written on Wattpad that has crucial information. I urge you to read it if you are serious about being a K-pop idol. (Just some background info for you to understand the Q&A: ‘everysing’ is a karaoke singing app developed by SM Entertainment. You can sing along to K-pop songs and even use a clip of your singing from the app in your application/online audition to SM.)I also urge you to think very hard about being an idol. Are you willing to move overseas to Korea? Are you willing to follow an intense schedule with hours of training? Are you willing to train for years with the possibility that you won’t debut? If you think about it, it’s been years between 2NE1’s debut and BLACKPINK’s debut, which means that many trainees have trained hard without debuting. Maintaining a good physical appearance is also important, but it can also pressure you into pursuing unhealthy eating habits. Sometimes, the company can force you into losing insane amounts of weight in short periods of time. For example, Momo of TWICE was forced to lose 7 kg (about 15 pounds) in just one week, or else she wouldn’t be able to step on stage. Seulgi from Red Velvet opened up about her struggles as an idol and how she found it hard to identify herself. (Red Velvet’s Seulgi Opens Up To Sunmi About Past Fears And Struggles Regarding Her Identity)But, living life as an idol has many pros also. Seeing your fans at fan meets is a great sight to see, and you have the chance to wear great clothes! BLACKPINK from YG is kinda known for their high-end clothing, especially Jennie.And when touring, you get to go around the country, continent, and possibly even the world! Your life will be filled with opportunities.This long post wasn’t written to try to discourage you from being a K-pop idol but was to show you the true reality of the situation - and the way to do that is by showing you the pros and cons. No matter what path you take, I wish you the best. Try updating us if you do make it!Good Luck!!!JYP Entertainment looks for someone with manners and honesty. Make sure to be yourself AND not the fake side.If you are singing for the audition, choose a song that fits your vocal and personality. You don’t want to sing a song in the low vocal range if you’re not good at singing in low notes. Do not do a Korean song if you don’t have good pronunciation (since your a foreigner).Dont do a song by the entertainment! They do not look for fan girls/boys in the career of the kpop industry. They will compare you to the real singers. Speaking of that, DONT wear kpop group merch either!If you are dancing, make sure to wear comfortable clothing. You don’t want to be dancing in heels or a suit. Try not to be ‘flashy’ with the outfit. Keep it natural and simple! Same with the singing, don’t do a song by the entertainment.If makeup sounds like a good idea, NO. Keep the makeup to foundation and concealer, don’t wear too much.Since you said your a foreigner, you can practice simple Korean. Such as saying hello and your name before you start. They will appreciate some of your work to learn a little bit of Korean.Keep in mind this is for an online audition, if you are doing an in person one there will be a higher chance for you. Make sure you have the money to fly to Korea if you do pass the 1st audition since you will be flying there for your 2nd one if you make it.If you don’t make it, you can always apply again. Make sure you have improved a lot.Note: if you go on the online auditions, there will be a member and a non member account. You can apply as a non member, but that will give you a less chance than the members.JYP will choose 3 - 5 females and males a year, so definitely do your best!Self-introduction. Make a very very catchy and noticeable way of introducing yourself. When you are going to audition in JYPE online audition, at the bottom part of their application form there is a SELF INTRO., Since I tried to be part of the team years ago, but they did not notice me because I have a plain and lame intro back then. The SELF-INTRO. will serve as gate pass for them to open your audition piece video files.TIPS: In making a self-intro.*Do not praise the company. They will probably think that you are trying so hard to get their attention. It won't work, I assure you. *Do not say that you love KPOP. They might think that you are one of the crazy fans doing it just to see their very own idols.*Only say the truth nothing but the the truth. Don’t lie. Do not say something that you cannot do.*Follow them. Do what they have just told you to do so. If they told you to dance, then do it. If they told you to sing, sing your heart out. Simple. (Also, some entertainment ask you to sing more or less 5 songs. It can be a korean or foreign song it depends on you. Prepare a dance piece, practice at least 3 song to dance)*Refrain from answering back while they are commenting ’bout your overall audition. (Not for online audition. Morelike for the personal audition part)finally, JUST BE YOURSELF.Remember that, SELF INTRODUCTION serves as your “PASSPORT” to enter JYP ENTERTAINMENT.For all foreign wannabe trainee in Korea. If you are able to do an actual walk in audition, this is much better than online audition. There are maybe hundreds of audition piece online sent to a company every day and may not happen to watch all that piece sent to them.But who knows? Just believe and you can do it! You can pass through all that hardships. For those who already passed the audition, prepare for the screening ppl. Make a good impression wear something you can pull of your style and show your character.I hoped this helped you and good luck! (:

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