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What are the best companies for a civil engineer?

As in 2018••••••••••••••••••••••••Globally•••••••••••••••••••••••••10. Laing O’RourkeThe British-based company is young compared to some of its fellow top-tenners, but has quickly expanded, working on several high-profile projects in the last decade, including Ascot Racecourse and Heathrow Airport Terminal 5. Oversees it is currently involved in the huge Al Raha beach development in Abu Dhabi.9. Royal BAM GroupFounded in 1886 in Holland, the company built Ajax football club’s Amsterdam Arena in its native Netherlands in 1996. Bataafsche Aanneming Maatschappij, from which the company abbreviates its name, translates as Batavian Construction Company for Construction and Concrete Projects. Around 27,000 people work for the group.8. KiewitNebraska-based Kiewit is unique within this list in that it is owned by its employees, meaning almost all its projects are staffed by shareholders. The company was named number three in Engineering News-Record’s Top 400 Contractors of 2013.7. Bouygues ConstructionThe French company employs more than 130,000 people in 80 different countries. In the mid 1990s it expanded into telecoms, which became another major revenue stream. Its subsidiary, Colas Group, specialises in road construction and rail track construction.6. Balfour BeattyThe multinational was founded in 1909 by George Balfour and Andrew Beatty. Headquartered in London, the company is currently an integral part of the Crossrail project in the UK capital. It operates in more than 80 countries around the world and employs some 40,000 people.5. SkanskaBased in Sweden, the multinational operates in the residential, commercial, residential and infrastructure sectors. In the US, the company is known for constructing the Meadowland Sports Complex, home to the NFL’s New York Jets and Giants. Skanska employs more than 50,000 people.4. HochtiefFocusing on infrastructure projects, the German company operates in the US through its Turner subsidiary. Hochtief employs around 80,000 people and celebrates its 140th anniversary this year. Spanish contractor Grupo ACS has owned a majority stake in the company of 50.16 percent since 2011.3. BechtelThe largest US contractor has worked on such high-profile projects as the Hoover Dam completed back in 1936, the Trans-Alaska Pipeline system in the ‘70s and more recently the ‘Big Dig’ Central Artery project finished in 2007. The company employs more than 53,000 people around the world.2. Grupo ACSThe Spanish contractor was formed in 1997 through the merger of two other construction companies. It has grown through several high-profile acquisitions including that of Hochtief. The company has worked on the Alqueva Dam in Portugal and Torre de Cristal and Torre Espacio skyscrapers in its home country.1 VinciThe 115 year-old French giant reports the largest revenues of any privately-owned construction company in the world, a position it has achieved through shrewd acquisitions and effective delivery of high-profile, large-scale infrastructure projects such as the Gariep Dam in South Africa, completed in 1971 and the Stade de France. The arena was built for the 1998 football World Cup, and now serves as France’s national Stadium.Operating worldwide, the Group employs more than 183,000 people according to the last available figures (from 2011).The Group is currently working on the €440 million express-lane highway system in Atlanta, Georgia and the Wheatstone Liquefied Natural Gas Project in Australia.••••••••••••••••••••••••••INDIAN•••••••••••••••••••••••••10. Hindustan Construction CompanyHeadquartered in Mumbai, this public private company is quite the talk of the town, considering its integral involvement in critical construction works in the country. The business spans across multiple sectors of civil works department and is primarily occupied with engineering and construction, real estate, urban development, infrastructure design and development respectively. The HCC group of companies enlists the HCC pvt ltd along with its numerous subsidiaries like the HCC Real Estate Ltd, Lavasa Corporation Ltd., the Highbar Technologies Ltd., HCC infrastructure Ltd. and Steiner AG in Switzerland respectively.9. IVRCLWith its headquarters in Chennai, IVRCL is fiercely engaged in the business of development and implementation of the civil engineering practices. It primarily deals with the procurement, construction and commission of lead infrastructure projects. Its other business units include water and environmental projects, power transmission, overseas forays and mining feasibilities, desalination and sewage systems build. Its power transmission projects mainly include power lines, substations, bringing in electricity to rural areas and establishment of distribution lines respectively.8. Simplex Infrastructure Ltd.Established in the year 1924 and hosting more than 2600 mega projects, Simplex Infrastructure Ltd. is the premier institution that exclusively caters to the engineering and construction sector. It deals in various projects that specifically include the Transport, Energy and Power, Mining, Real Estate, Buildings, etc. Ensuring consistent quality experience coupled with extensive cost control solutions; this business corporation has been successfully dominating the construction fraternity for more than 90 years and has had its fair share of success in the corresponding financial markets as well.7. SOMAOne of the “fastest growing infrastructure developers”, Soma successfully retains its brand name even after 13 long years of experience in this particular industry. With an overall turnover around Rs. 39165 million, it is presently executing 13 projects in 15 different states. Initially an EPC player, SOMA has evolved into executing various infrastructure projects on a Build Own Transfer basis. It incorporates a highly strategic approach wherein it deploys state of the art equipments and technology worth over 10 billion to achieve greater efficiency in its execution processes.6. GMR GroupFounded in 1978 by Mr. G. M. Rao and headquartered in New Delhi, GMR Group is one of the top civil engineering companies that withstand tough competition in the market as of today. This particular corporation deals primarily in Energy, Transportation, Airports and Urban infrastructure respectively. Having more than 3 decades of experience in this industry, GMR Group has been rapidly evolving to be the best in the market with the help of state of the art projects in the sectors critical to the whole process of development as such.5. Nagarjuna construction companyDriven with passionate commitment towards excellent success scripting, under the effective leadership of the visionary entrepreneur Dr. AVS Raju, Nagarjuna Construction Company has paved its way into the top 10 of the engineering and construction industry. It has evolved into a major leading brand with BOT, Realty and international business respectively.4. Punj LloydThis international brand has established its roots successfully in the Indian market. It provides for integrated development, engineering, procurement, construction and project management services in the energy and infrastructure sector. Originally established in the year 1982 as the pipeline division of the Punj Sons Private Limited, it was finally rechristened into the Punj Lloyd public Ltd in the year 1992.3. AFCONSAfcons infrastructure limited is part of the shapoonji pallonji group, which presently holds the second largest position in the engineering and construction sector in India. Equipped with a vision towards fostering an environment that helps in the creation of knowledge and its application to work, it seeks to excel in all the activities and strives to build a better organisation on the whole. Afcons boasts of excellent specialisation in marine and industrial sector, indulging in more than 150 marine infrastructures across the Indian coastline. It has also made a significant contribution in building LNG infrastructure in India.2. Tata ProjectsTata Projects is the premier infrastructure and engineering institution that is equipped with great expertise in building complex urban and industrial infrastructure projects. It incorporates a highly skilled taskforce of more than 2700 employees who specialise in engineering excellence, supply chain expertise and exceptional construction management. This business giant pays special attention to quality and safety as its core values, because of which it has earned several awards. These include the “Certificate of Merit” from “Confederation of Indian Industry”, and “Certificate of Excellent Safety Management” from SEPCO China. It indulges in more than 79 million safe hours and incorporates the accomplishment of OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certifications respectively.1. Larsen and ToubroThis industrial conglomerate is a major technology, engineering, construction, manufacturing and financial services provider that integrates global operations in more than 30 countries across the globe. Predominantly known as L&T, it addresses critical needs in key areas like the Hydrocarbon, Infrastructure, Power and processes and the like. It believes in delivering a world class customer oriented quality approach with unmatched experience in all the major lines of business as such.Civil engineering is the key towards efficient workgroup design and constructive development. The above mentioned organisations are by far, the best in the market right now. With extensive infrastructure development opportunities and the incorporation of high-end technology, this industry is soon to take off on a boom for greater financial and business standards in the current global market.

I have $150,000 and live in the Seattle area. Should I purchase land and build a simple house? Is that a good idea?

No. Take it from someone who just did this in the Seattle Area. In 2006, my wife and I were thrilled to buy a lot in Lake Forest Park. 2 acres for only 175K! 15 minutes from downtown seattle, centrally located in the northend. Jackpot! We sold our house in Snohomish and then paid cash for the land. Now all we had to do was get an architect, get some permits, and then build, easy peasy, amiright?Not so fast. First…there’s the studies….$7500 for a wetland delineation survey (I actually ended up doing 2, because the first wetland company was too conservative and recommended a suspension bridge for my driveway so I wouldn’t drive over wetlands. Pro Tip: Don’t use any of the companies the city recommends, they will usually be too conservative. My second wetland company was sourced by the consultant I hired after I had screwed up several times).$2500 for a Boundary survey$6500 for a geotechnical surveyThe reason the land was still available was because there was wetland and steep slope. So, now we had to get a Reasonable Economic Use Exception. In the state of Washington, if you own a piece of property that is zoned residential, you are by law allowed to put a single family home on it. But…that doesn’t mean that you can just do that. The County and City can lay all the restrictions it wants on you based on environmental concerns, local ordinances, etc. That cost me $3500 for the application, and I also had to engage a consultant to usher our project through the process at $8000, because I watched a neighbor try to do it on his own and he blew $40000 because he didn’t know what he was doing, best 8K I spent on the project.Then, there are the improvements.Need electrical? $5000 to stub out service. Need Water? $5000 per line, which I needed two of because the City of LFP required that I put in a fire suppression system, just ’cause (it’s not part of the code, but they required it to sign off on my plans).Architect? If you know what you want and just need someone to draft something code compliant, you are looking at probably $10,000. Add in another $5000 for engineering. Add $5000 for contingencies once the city has their planner and engineer putting their fingers in the pie.Now, we are into the project $175K for the land, and $65K just to get the project shovel ready.Next construction. You are living in fantasy land if you think you can build for 100–150K. We put up a modest house with 2100 square feet. Not too small, but not huge. It’s 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 baths, with a 2 car garage. The initial bids I got in 2007 (before I dropped 63K on land improvements) while the market was at it’s height ran around 500–650K for construction. Fortunately, all the rigamarole above had me wait to engage a builder until 2011…when the construction market was at it’s lowest in decades. The cheapest bid I got then was for $350K (now, the market is hotter than it’s been in decades, you won’t find a builder like I was who was starving and willing to do things at cost to keep his lights on). To stay in budget, I sourced a bunch of materials off of Craigslist (from builders and design studios who were going out of business), did all my own tile-work, and much of the trim. It was finished in 11 months. I did not mention the neighbors who were resentful of me building near a wetland who would turn me into the city for any perceived environmental violation. Or my wife who was depressed for 6 months because due to financial compromises driven by city restrictions she could not have her dream house. Total cost for the project then: $588,000 (plus the building permits, another 5K), not counting all the lighting and plumbing fixtures I bought on CL, or my own time and effort.TL;DR: Don’t do it, it’s not a game for amateurs.Fortunately, due to the insane Seattle Market, the house is worth about 100K more than I have into it after 4 years. But it was a hard hundred grand to make, let me tell you.Edit: as I have been thinking about this, new costs keep coming to me. For instance, the city had recently run sewer down the street before I built, but required me to put in a 12k mascerating sewer pump, and then charged me an additional County sewage fee of around 10k which I am still making monthly payments on... And I didn't even mention the joy of getting the construction loan 2 years after the financial meltdown (45 years old with excellent credit (FICO over 750) and I still needed my father in law to co-sign (that was an awesome conversation to have, as you can imagine)).I added a picture of the house up top, on the day we got occupancy.

What are some mind-blowing facts about famous people?

The Chairman of India's biggest engineering and construction conglomerate, Anil Manibhai Naik, is one of the most influential entrepreneurs in India. Ever since he took charge of Larsen & Toubro, he has fought many battles to take the company to the top. He made L&T a global leader through sheer hard work and through what he calls 'devotion beyond dedication'. These are some interesting facts about A.M.NaikNaik took L&T from a Rs 29,819 crore gross revenues in 2007-08 to the ever highest revenues of Rs 1,10,011 crore by 2016-17.He pledged to devote 75% of his lifetime income to charity.He has set up two charitable trusts- the Naik Charitable Trust and Nirali memorial medical Trust named after his grand daughter who died of cancer.He was paid 32.21 crore INR as leave encashment since he rarely took leave during his 53 year old career, Never took a day off for the first 21 years of his career life.Naik's money is being handled by an asset management company.He is the person who started implementing CSR activities in the companyHe had made seven spelling mistakes in his L&T job application form.He served as a chairman of IIM-AKey honors he grabbed includes, Padma Bhushan, Entrepreneur of the Year, Business Leader of the Year, Businessman of the Year, Transformational Leader of the Year,  Among India’s 50 Most Powerful People, Asia’s Business Leader and many more."L&T is my hobby, the rest is work." his best quoteHe showed that success is never owned, it is rented. And the rent is due everyday.True inspiration for everyone!!!

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