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PDF Editor FAQ

How can I get a teaching job in Bhutan?

Hello there, if you are an Indian, then you can submit an application to the Ministry of Education, Bhutan, for a teaching post on contract basis. They will guide you through.Good day to you.

What are the preferred posts in SSC CGL for a ECE B.Tech student?

About Various SSC CGL 2016 Post Details -''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Recommended Post Preference Order forSSC CGL 2014 ( Interview Posts)(posted in the pay band 9,300-34,800)................................................1 Inspector in Income Tax J(Better Promotion Chances. Posts are available all over India so better chances for Home Posting)2 Inspector in Central Excise K(Uniform Job, Chances are better for Home Posting)3 Inspector (Examiner) in Central Excise M(Best Promotion chances.Promotions are fast in respect of any other post.Only drawback is that the posts are available only in 11 Coastal Cities. So, if you belong to coastal city and Place of Posting is not an Issue. Give it the first Preference)4 Inspector (Preventive Officer) L(Uniformed Job, Better Promotion Chances again the posting is at coastal cities. Give 2nd preference if Place of Posting is not an issue.)5 Assistant Enforcement Officer N(Better Social Stature. Good Promotion Options. Posting limited to certain cities only.)6 Assistant (Cypher) in MEA F(Lucrative offers, Maximum Salary among CGLE in case of Foreign posting. Posting sequence 3 years India, 6 years Foreign. So, if you want to live in foreign countries and want to earn honest money, give this first preference.)7. Assistant in MEA E(Same as above. Only difference is Foreign posting is of 3 years.)8. Assistant in Central Vigilance B(Better Social Stature, Adequate Promotion Chances. Honest and Corruption Free job)9. Assistant in IB C(Same as Above)10 Assistant in Railways D(Posting in Delhi, Only Benefit is that you would get railway benefits like AC passes and all. Suitable for Delhi or NCR residents.)11. Assistant in CSS A(Mostly File work. Hectic job, corruption free, Posting only in Delhi.)12. Assistant in AFHQ G(Same as Above)13. Assistant in Other Ministries H(Same as Above)14. Sub Inspector in CBI O( Reputed Job, No Corruption)15. Inspector in CBN S(Tough Job, But good social stature and Lots of Awards and emoluments for making seizures and all.)16. Inspector in Posts P(Very Hectic Job, Lots of responsibilities. But better Promotion chances)17. Divisional Accountant in CAG Office Q(Better Promotion chances but lots of File work)18. Assistant in Other Ministries I(Very Hectic work, limited posting.)19. Statistical Investigator R(Applicable only for Statistics Graduate. Good Job.)Recommended Post Preference Order forSSC CGL 2013 ( Non Interview Posts)(post in the pay band 5,200-20,200).......................................................20 Auditor in CAG T(Moderate Promotion Opportunities. Satisfactory Work Load.)21 Auditor in CGDA U(Same as above)22 Auditor in CGDA V(Same as above)23 Accountant/ Jr. Accountant in CAG W(More work load, moderate promotion chances)24 Accountant/ Jr. Accountant in CGA and others X (Same as above)25 Tax Assistant in CBEC @(Moderate work load but better promotion chances upto the level of Inspector)26 Tax Assistant in CBDT Z(Moderate work load, lesser promotion chances than CBEC but upto the level of Inspector only. Some Emoluments like Free Sim etc.)27 Sub Inspector in CBN #(Challenging Job but more options for Growth.)28 UDC in various ministries Y(Lots of Work Load. All Clerical work.)29 Compiler in Registrar General of India $(Limited for eligible candidates only.)''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Following are the eligibility conditions for appearing for SSC CGL examination:---------------• All Indian Nationals are eligible. Apart from this subject of Nepal and Bhutan.• Candidate should be between 18-27 years of age on the closing date of the examination. (Relaxation in age as per Government rules)• Educational Qualification :o A graduate degree in any discipline from a recognised university.o For the post of Compiler and Statistical investigator applicant should have studied Economics/statistics/mathematics as one of the compulsory subjects at the level of graduation.o For the post of Assistants (CSS) AND TAX ASSISTANT, computer proficiency is also a compulsory requirement.• Physical standard required for the post of Inspector (CENTRAL EXCISE/EXAMINER/ PREVENTIVE).• Male Candidates:o Height 157.5 cms.o Chest 81 cms.o Walking: 1600 m in 15 mins.o Cycling: 8 Kms. in 30 mins.• Female Candidates :o Height 152 cms.o Weight 48 Kgs.o Walking: 1000 m in 20 mins.o Cycling: 3 Kms. in 25 mins.• For the post of Inspector CBI :-------------------------------------o Height for male 165 cms and 150 cms for females.'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''-----------------------------------------------------------------------Age Limit: The age limit for SSC CGL 2013 is 18-27 years.-----------------------------------------------------------------------SSC CGL Exam Age Limit:For Statistical Investigator Gr. II post, your age must be greater than 26 years and above, for Assistant/Sub Inspector your minimum age should be 20 where the upper age limit would be 27 years. And for all remaining posts your age should be in between 18 to 26 years. For scheduled class candidates or reserved candidates age relaxation will be there as per the government rules.------------------------------Educational Qualification:Applicants must have completed their bachelor degree in any streams from the reputed and recognized university.-------------------------------------------------------------------------****************************************NOTE:'''''''''''''1)All inspector posts other than Income Tax Inspector have physical test, traditionally ITI is one of the most sought after posts & cut offs tend to be very high.2) Posts like CSS,Railways & MEA are generally based in Delhi.3) In most cases chances of home posting is high in Auditor & Tax assistants & cut off also low being Group-C post.4)For female candidates it is suggested to go for MEA posts,CSS & Railways among group B posts other than ITI & Inspector Postal dept if you are ready to relocate otherwise options are limited.Irrespective of male/female if a person for some reason wants to stay in state,he should ideally give Auditor & Tax assistant in high order of preference,right after choice of Group B posts.

I am from India, I have a Master's degree in English Literature and I also have a B.Ed., which is Bachelor of Education. I was wondering if I could get a teaching job in Bhutan or any other Asian countries?

In order to work as a teacher in Bhutan, the Ministry of Education in Bhutan requires the following qualifications at the time you submit your application.1. English must be one's first language2. You must possess either: a) a post-secondary degree in Education, or b) a post-secondary degree in the subject you wish to teach (eg., English)3. You must have three years of full time relevant classroom teaching experience (English, Math, science, special Ed.)Teachers must fund their own airfare and purchase travel and medical insurance.The two week orientation in the capital city is included plus transportation to your school and community.Two support offices (Toronto and Thimphu, Bhutan) year round.Mid-Year retreat during summer break.Holidays and vacation included.Immersive communities in a mesmerising countryBhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon.Gain valuable international experience as you become a teacher in the Kingdom of Bhutan. This is a remote nation that many have never experienced that is full of history, culture, and ancient temples. You will be able to hone your teaching abilities, work with local and international colleagues, and live the culture of Gross National Happiness as you experience Himalayan culture.Teaching in Asia is an excellent opportunity for those interested in teaching English abroad, and exploring Asia’s fascinating cultures. While teaching in Asia, teachers can learn about ancient dynasties, delight in exquisite Asian cuisine, and enjoy inexpensive travel to neighbouring countries and regions. Whether you are interested in teaching ESL at a language school in Japan or teaching in Korea’s public school system, Teach Away will guide you in finding the overseas teaching job that is right for you.Steeped in history, deep-rooted cultures, and exquisite natural beauty, Asia also offers some of the most lucrative opportunities in the world as a typical native-speaking English teacher with a TEFL/TESOL Certification from International TEFL Academy can expect to save 30%-50% of their salary after expenses.Asia | Teach Away Teach in Asia. Teaching jobs in Asia are some of the most sought after international teaching positions. Teach Away recruits teachers for excellent teaching jobs abroad in Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.Best regards.

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