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Is new energy apart from crude oil very difficult or expensive to create or harvest?

There are two ways to answer that question. The first is scientifically and the second is economically.Scientifically, there are sources of energy around us that are less difficult to get to. For example the mechanical energy of wind, the tides, flowing water and geothermal pressure. Likewise, there are several chemical ways to provide energy such as nuclear, biomass, coal and solar. Each one is more accessible than where we drill several miles into the earth to recover hydrocarbons, such as oil and natural gas. As a person who has drilled hundreds of wells in 19 years, trust me when I say there is a lot more accessible energy available up here.The second issue is economic. Economically, oil and gas, as difficult as it is to deliver, is still the most efficient scale-able option to meet energy demand. I know that is information that some people don’t want to hear, for various reasons, but we are living in the hydrocarbon age.The problem is that oil was an incredible chemical find in energy creation because the combustion reaction of breaking hydrogen bonds is really energy high yield and hydrocarbons very common. Discovering oil was so good that it put the whale oil business out of action and into the history books. Since then, we’ve built on the drilling and refinement of oil and gas because it was plentiful and easy to transport for our power needs.In terms of other energy types, I believe that other energy types will cut into the oil and gas side over time. There won’t be a silver bullet solution but oil’s market share should decrease as other energy sources issues of scale and cost get reduced. AS much as it pains me to say this as a Geologist, give the engineers enough time and they’ll figure out a solution. ( Just don’t tell them I said that.)The problems that they will face are the same things that will mattered when oil replaced whale oil. Can you make the process cost less? Is it scale-able? What are the production constraints? How easy is it to transport? What is the environmental impact? What is the rate of adaption?All of those other energy sources have to compete with those things.For example, wind power is priced against natural gas for producing electricity. It’s free energy but it has a large construction cost. Environmentally, it kills large birds and people complain about the sight and the noise of wind farms. Also, wind works better at night than during the day and it needs a more modern grid to take advantage of power shifting to transport the energy where it’s most produced to where it’s most used. None of that is impossible to overcome but can you find a price competitive balance? I think they will, over time, for part of our energy. Just like we have with hydro-power, solar and the like.Likewise, the electric vehicle is an interesting study. I personally enjoy driving them. The torque of an electric engine is a pretty cool thing to feel. As a geologist, I can also say there is an issue with batteries in that they allow electricity to compete with the combustion engine but the do use relatively rare earth metals. The increase on battery use is going to effect price of said metals over a longer term as supply and demand play out. Environmentally, go google “strip mining “and check out the images. Yikes. That’s gonna be a PR problem. And, most importantly, they don’t actually make energy (except when they are stopping.)Still, the fact that we see them out there psuedo-competing shows that supply and demand work economically in moving the energy demand around. By creating a demand, people (and engineers) are working on those problems. In time, that will make it more competitive economically and maybe one day oil drilling will go into the history books next to “whale oil.”

Why are bullet ant sting reactions so over dramatic?

Bullet ants are known for having one of the most painful stings in the insect kingdom.They’re named because many people stung by them says they feel like gunshot wounds.Justin O. Schmidt invented an index because without it, we wouldn’t understand the basis of stings or how they feel.It’s a 4 point scale since numbers 5 or 10 are too complicated and not understandable, so the ranking is from 0 to 4.Yet the scale is logarithmic, so one number up is far greater than the one before it.0=nothing, 1=mild, 1.5=substantial, 2=intermediate, 2.5=high, 3=intense, 4=extreme.A 1.5 is 5x more painful than a 1, a 2 is 2x more painful than a 1.5 and 10x more painful than a 1, a 2.5 is 5x more painful than a 2 and 10x more painful than a 1.5, a 3 is 2x more painful than a 2.5 and 10x more painful than a 2, a 4 is 2x more painful than a 3.5 and 10x more painful than a 3.For example, a 1.2 is 2x more painful than a 1, so 2 is 5x more painful than a 1.2 and 10x more painful than a 1.Schmidt gave the stings descriptions to help us understand, making him the connoisseur of pain.He even documented them while making his book, Sting of the Wild, which can be found on here: The Sting of the Wild (9781421419282): Justin O. Schmidt: BooksThe rating shows exact numbers and how one sting differs from others in pain levels and how they feel.Many are listed here:Club-horned wasp - Sapgya pumila 0.5 “Disappointing. A paper clip falls on your barefoot”.Potter wasp - Eumeninae sp. 0.5 “Looks deceive. Rich and full-bodied in appearance but flavorless”.Triepeolus sp. (A type of parasitic bee) 0.5 “Did I just imagine that. A little scratch that dances with a tickle”.Indian jumping ant - Harpegnathos saltator 1 “Ah, that wonderful wake up feeling, like coffee, but oh so bitter”.Delicate trap-jaw ant - Anochetus inermis 1 “A tiny spark, just enough to rouse you from a dreamy stroll in the woods. A slight jolt as you return to reality”.Iridescent cockroach hunter - Chlorion cyaneum 1 “Itchy with a hint of sharpness. A single stinging nettle pricked your hand”.Scarab hunter wasp - Triscolia ardens 1 “Like a sip of tannin, bitterness lingers”.Mud dauber - Sceliphron carmentarium 1 “Sharp with a flare of heat. Jalapeño cheese when you were expecting Havarti”.Water-walking wasp - Euodynerus crypticus 1 “Clever, but trivial? A little like magic in that you cannot quite figure out the difference between pain and illusion”.Anthophorid bee - Emphoropsis padilla 1 “Almost pleasant. A lover just bit your earlobe a little too hard”.Sweat bees - Lasioglossum sp. 1 “Light and ephemeral, almost fruity. A tiny spark has singed a single hair in your arm”.Cactus bee - Diadasia rinconic 1 “A skewering message: get lost. Surprising, because you did not touch a cactus spine until you realize it’s from a bee“.Cuckoo bee - Ericrocis lata 1 “Touch of fear unrealized. Oh, and I wanted to show you how brave I was”.Little white velvet ant - Dasymutilla thetis 1 “Deceptive, just like the name. Immediate, rashy, you want to scratch away the kiss of itch. A sand crab pinched your toe while you tanned”.Bothroponera striglosa (A type of African black ant) 1 “Timid, but not painless. A pebble kicked up by a passing car ricochets off your ankle”.Little wasp - Polybia occidentalis 1 “A slender cactus spine brushed against a buffalo wing before it poked your arm”.Asian needle ant - Brachyponera chinensis 1 “Nightfall following a day at the beach. You forgot the sunscreen. Your burned nose let’s you know”.Big-eyed ant - Opthalnopone berthoudi 1 “A sharp interruption as you absorb the beauty of Africa. An acacia spine just poked through your sandal”.Ectatomma ruidum - (A type of black ant) 1 “A brief searing, like tuna on a grill. The bottom of your foot is blanched but not cooked through“.Leptogenys kitteli (A type of Asian army ant) 1 “Simple and plain. A loose carpet tack pierces the ball of your wool-socked foot“.Elongate twig ant - Psuedomyrmex gracilis 1 “Reminiscent of a childhood bully. Intimidating, but his punch only glanced your chin, and you lived for another day”.Slender twig ant - Tetraponera sp. 1 “A skinny bully’s punch. It’s too weak to hurt, but you suspect a cheap trick might be coming”.Great black wasp – Sphex pensylvanicus 1 “Simple and presumptuous. Your younger sibling just nipped at your pinky finger”.Southern fire ant - Solenopsis xyloni 1 “It happens on the 3rd day, as you reach for the light switch, and you’re wondering when you will ever learn”.Red fire ant - Solenopsis invicta 1.2 “Sharp, sudden, mildly alarming. Like walking across a shag carpet and reaching for the light switch”.Tropical fire ant - Solenopsis geminate 1.2 “You should’ve learned, but the carpet is the same, and when you again reach for the light switch, the shock mocks you”.Pacific cicada killer - Sphecius convallis 1.3 “Clean. Concentrated dish detergent seeps into a freshly cut finger”.European fire ant - Myrmica rubra 1.4 “The prickle of stinging nettles against your skin on a hot, humid day.Western cicada killer - Sphecius grandis 1.5 “Pain at 1st sight. Like poison oak, the more you rub, the worse it gets”.Eumeninae sp. (A yellow potter wasp) 1.5 “A surprising touch of nasty. Like a thorn hidden on the back of a rose stem as you clutch the bouquet.Giant sweat bee - Dieunomia heteropoda 1.5 “Size matters, but isn’t everything. A silver tablespoon drops squarely onto your big toenail, sending you hopping”.Mutillidae sp. (A nocturnal velvet ant) 1.5 “Itch, burn and more itch. A toothpick dipped in both itch powder and hot sauce is stuck in your thigh”.Paper wasp - Polistes versicolor 1.5 “Burning, throbbing and lonely. A single drop of superheated frying oil landed on your arm“.Thread-waisted paper wasp - Belonogaster sp. 1.5 “Attention getting. Like the time your classmate stabbed you with a pencil point”.Samsum ant - Euponera sennaarensis 1.5 “Pure, sharp, piercing pain. You pressed your thumb on a tack”.Suturing army ant - Eciton burchellii 1.5 “A cut on your elbow, stitched with a rusty needle”.Ecatomma tuberculatum (A large golden ant) 1.5 “A slow stream of hot wax poured over your wrist. You want to twist away but can’t”.Giant ant - Dinoponera gigantea 1.5 “A pulsing sting with some flavor. You stepped on a salt bath with an open wound”.Giant stink ant - Paltothyreus tarsatus 1.5 “You must have upset the nurses. They stuck you with a big needle, and then dribbled in garlic oil”.Red bull ant - Myrmica gulosa 1.5 “A sneaky, unassuming ache. Like a brightly colored LEGO, charming till it’s lodged in the arch of your foot in the dark”.Bulldog ant #1 - Myrmecia simillima 1.5 “Intense, sharp, ripping. The dog’s tooth found it’s mark”.Bulldog ant #2 - Myrmecia rufinodis 1.5 “Shockingly sharp. A scalpel just lanced you palm”.Matabele ant - Megaponera analis 1.5 “A child’s arrow misses its target and finds its home in your calf”.Ectatomma quadridens (A type of big black ant) 1.5 “A burning itch to catch your attention, followed by regret, like ordering spicy chicken wings when you have a mouth sore”.Ferocious polybia wasp - Polybia rejecta 1.8 “Like a trick gone wrong. Your posterior is a target for a BB gun. Bull’s eye, over and over”.Bullhorn acacia ant - Psuedomyrmex nigrocinctus 1.8 “A rare, piercing, elevated sort of pain. Someone has fired a staple into your cheek”.Baldfaced hornet - Dolichovespula maculate 2 “Rich, hearty, slightly crunchy. Similar to getting your hand mashed in a revolving door”.Mischocyttarus sp. (A type of paper wasp) 2 “Robust, a full-bodied wake-up call. Imagine a pair of pliers latched onto your upper lip”.Colonial thread-waisted - Belonogaster juncea colonialis 2 “Tenacious in a stringy way, Tangy. You can’t extract yourself from the man-o-war’s tentacles”.Unstable paper wasp - Polistes instabilis 2 “Like a dinner guest who stays much too long, the pain drones on. A hot Dutch oven lands on your hand and you can’t get it off”.Honey wasp - Beachygastra mellifica 2 “Spicy, blistering. A cotton swab dipped in habanero sauce has been pushed up your nose”.Artistic wasp - Parachartergus fraternus 2 “Pure, then messy, then corrosive. Love and marriage followed by divorce”.Western honeybee - Apis mellifera 2 “Burning, corrosive, but you can handle it. A flaming match head lands on your arm and is quenched first with lye and then sulfuric acid”.Asiatic honeybee - Apis cerana 2 “Like a match head that flips off and burns on your skin”.Bumble bees - Bombus spp. 2 “Colorful flames. Fireworks land on your arm”.California carpenter bee - Xylocopa californica 2 “Swift, sharp, and decisive. Your fingertip has been slammed by a car door”.Western Yellowjacket - Vespula pensylvanica 2 “Hot and smoky, almost irreverent. Imagine W.C. Fields extinguishing a cigar on your tongue”.Jack jumper ant - Myrmecia pilosula 2 “The oven mitt had a hole in it when you pulled the cookies out of the oven“.Metallic green ant - Rhytidoponera metallica 2 “Deceptively painful. Like biting into a green bell pepper to find it is a habanero chili”.Diacamma sp. (A type of black ant) 2 “Nothing subtle about this one. Sudden and striking, a shard of glass on a tropical beach pulls you out of the moment as it finds a nerve in your bare foot”.Large tropical black ant - Neoponera villosa 2 “Exquisitely sharp and expertly clean. Broadway’s favorite barber selects his next victim”.Neoponera crassinoda (A type of big black ant) 2 “This one packs a punch. The dentist should have given that novocaine more time to take effect”.Termite-raiding ant - Neoponera commulate 2 “The debilitating pain of a migraine contained in the tip of your finger. And their queen can sting like their sisters“.African giant ant - Streblognathus aethiopicus 2 “The white hot burn of a barbecue fork impaling your hand, paired with the grizzle of a serrated knife”.Platythyrea lamellose (A purplish ant) 2 “Relentless pricking throughout your body. Like wearing a wool jumpsuit laced with pine needles and poison ivy”.Glorious velvet ant - Dasymutilla gloriosa 2 “Instantaneous, like the surprise of being stabbed. Is this what shrapnel feels like”?Platythyrea pilosula (A sleek ant) 2.5 “A torturous itch and rash with serious lasting power. Should have spent the extra money and paid for a licensed tattoo artist”.Trap-jaw ant - Odontomachus spp. 2.5 “Instantaneuos and excruciating. A rat trap snaps your index fingernail”.Giant Bornean carpenter bee - Xylocopa sp. 2.5 “Electric, sharp and piercing. Next time hire an electrician”.Nocturnal hornet - Provespa sp. 2.5 “Rude, insulting. An ember from your campfire is glued to your forearm”.Golden paper wasp - Polistes aurifer 2.5 “Sharp, piercing and immediate. You know what cattle feel when they are branded”.Yellow fire wasp - Agelaia myrmecophilia 2.5 “An odd, distressing pain. Tiny blowtorches kiss your arms and legs”.Fierce black polybia wasp - Polybia simillima 2.5 “A ritual gone wrong, satanic. The gas lamp in the old church explodes in your face when you light it”.Florida harvester ant - Pogonomyrmex badius 3 “Bold and unrelenting. Somebody’s using a power drill to excavate your ingrown toenail”.Maricopa harvester ant - Pogonomyrmex maricopa 3 “After 8 unrelenting hours of drilling into that ingrown toenail, you find the drill is wedged in the toe”.Argentine harvester ant - Ephebomyrmex cunicularis 3 “A ferocious pang lasting 12 hours or more. Flesh-eating bacteria dissolve your muscles, one by precious one”.Giant bull ant – Myrmecia brevinoda 3 “Intense, sharp, searing, burning pain that lasts for days”.Giant paper wasp - Megapolistes sp. 3 “There are gods and they do throw thunderbolts. Poseidon just rammed his trident into your breast”.Red paper wasp - Polishes canadensis 3 “Caustic and burning, with a distinctly bitter aftertaste. Like spilling a beaker of hydrochloric acid on a paper cut”.Red-headed paper wasp - Polistes erythrocephalus 3 “Immediate, irrationally intense and unrelenting. This is the closest you will come to seeing the blue of a flame from within the fire”.Dasymutilla klugii (A large velvet ant) 3.5 “Explosive and long lasting. You sound insane as you scream. Hot oil from the deep fryer spilling over your entire hand”.Warrior wasp - Syoneca septentrionalis 4 “Torture. You are chained in the flow of an active volcano. Why did I start this list?”.Tarantula hawk - Pepsis sp. 4 “Blinding, fierce, shockingly electric. A running hair dryer has just been dropped into your bubble bath. A bolt out of the heavens. Lie down and scream”.Bullet ant - Paraponera clavata 4+ “Pure, intense, brilliant pain. Like walking over flaming charcoal with a 3” nail embedded in your heel”.Remember the index’s a 4-point scale, so anything higher than 4 gets +.Now the Asian giant hornet - Vespa mandarina, was originally ranked as 2, as this explained: Google Image Result for one of the most famous YouTube stars, Coyote Peterson, a wildlife scientist from one of the most popular YouTube channels, Brave Wilderness, stung himself with a Japanese subspecies of it (Vespa mandarina japonica), and based on the effects, he claimed it gets a 4+ and is somehow more painful than the sting of the bullet ant:Yet a victim years ago described it a “hot nail being driven into your leg”, which would put it straight up at 4+.Yet he also stung himself with the polistes carnifex, known as the executioner wasp:And even though it nicked him, he claimed it packed such a mighty wallop that he rated it not only worse than the bullet ant, but also on this:he ranked it FAR above the giant hornet, like almost 100 fold, putting it at a whopping 4+++!The initial onset was like the Tarantula Hawk’s sting and then the full pain set in and kept growing til it reached a hundred fold.That would make the giant hornet’s sting feel like a yellowjacket’s sting in comparison, which is nothing when compared to the sting of the giant hornet or executioner wasp.Yet the executioner’s sting burned a hole in his arm and left the surrounding skin raw after a week due to its high potency and necrotic components.Yet he admitted on here the dose of the executioner wasp’s sting was about as painful as his experience with the bite of the giant desert centipede(scolopendra heros), as seen on here:A myriapod known for having a bite more painful than that of a rattlesnake.Except coyote didn’t need to see a doctor with the executioner wasp’s sting like he did with the centipede’s bite.If Justin Schmidt ever got stung by the executioner and described the pain, he might describe it as this: “Burning, searing, and throbbing pain which resembles being submerged in lava. Pain lasting almost a week”.Not to mention Coyote said while the true pain lasted 36 hours, the residual effects were still strong and lasted nearly a week.The bullet ant’s sting is still no joke though, and Coyote’s reactive behavior may be an understatement in this:Though he did act accurately with the tarantula hawk:Though who knows as his sensitivity seems to have changed over the months and years with each sting.But there’s a tribe who sticks their hands into gloves with like 300 to 400 bullet ant’s repeatedly stinging them in the course of 10 minutes, and the rounds must be completed 20 more times for the boys to become warriors.The hands are amongst the most sensitive areas and they get stung repeatedly, so the pain is unimaginable and building up in waves, leading them to a sense of impending doom, along with extreme swelling, redness, high blood pressure, excessive sweating, tachycardia, flu-like temperatures, dehydration, hallucinations, paralysis, tremors, sleep deprivation, and of course, pain.And the pain after each round lasts over 24 hours before subsiding (making it nicknamed the 24 ant or the 24 hour ant).Imagine that!Now Coyote Peterson said the dasymutilla klugii’s( a.k.a. the cow killer’s) sting was much worse than that of a harvester ant’s sting but nothing like the tarantula hawk’s sting, which would put it at 3.5, putting it at the top 6, making it the 6th most painful known sting in the insect kingdom:Not to mention he seemingly set the record for most harvester ant stings in 1 minute beforehand:Yet he said on an interview that 60+ harvester ant stings (which he’s taken) is equal to 6+ bullet ant stings, which feels almost like a 4++:2 pluses after the 4, which is still nothing compared to the 3 pluses after the 4 for the executioner wasp.Bullet ants may no longer be the record though, and Schmidt has yet to learn from Coyote, but we do know for sure they’re something you don’t wanna mess around with.Not even a tarantula hawk or warrior wasp, or even a cow killer, let alone a common honeybee, yellowjacket, or fire ant.

The protagonists from the last 5 video games you played battle each other FFA style. Who wins?

This should be pretty interesting, let’s see the contestants shall we?The Hunter from Bloodborne.My build in Bloodborne favors Strength Endurance Skill and Arcane (only because i heard that if you maxout Arcane you can one shot Orphan of Kos with A Call Beyond, yeah it didn’t work.) His right main right hand weapons are The hunters axe which can extend for a plethora of AOE swing attacks and I think it can thrust one as well. This weapon leans towards more strength and skill and the charged up extended attack can launch all humans and humanoid non boss opponents.Which can be useful for both major damage and if a ledge is nearby. However it can easily be parried as I learned in early pvp. This weapon can be modified temporarily with the Empty Phantasm Shell for extra arcane damage, Fire…rub?for fire damage,or bolt for lightning damage. As with both weapons consuming beast blood pellets increase damage output but reduces defence. A risky but possibly profitable trade. His second weapon is the Holy Moonlight Sword,As you can probably guess (Or perhaps you know) this weapon is mostly based on arcane and strength. While in its normal sword form its heavy attack is a quick step forward and thrust which is amazing for getting backstabs. However it really shines (literally and figuratively) in its transformed mode where it can shoot projectile slashes of arcane energy at enemies for the cost of a single bullet. The distance is limited however. But if both blade and wave connect at the same time massive arcane damage is assured..Unless the target is resistant to arcane. Now I know what you’re thinking if you played Bloodborne before. If you use arcane builds you must have a lot of spells, right? Wrong. I only have and use three spells.A Call Beyond shoots a barrage of homing arcane (go back and take a shot every time you read arcane) projectiles for and can ista-kill if resistance is too low. Costs seven bullets if I remember correctly.Tiny Tonitrus summons arcane lightning from the ground in a straight line, pretty good damage. Six bullets if I remember.Messengers Gift. Transforms the hunter into a messenger, or more accurately a group of messengers. Cost either 0 or 1, but I’ll go for 1.They get the job done and I’m not complaining.His first secondary weapon is,Hunters Blunderbuss.A shotgun essentially which will guarantee a low damaging hit and possibly knockback at the cost of precision and speed. Consumes 1 bullet.2. CannonThe cannon consumes 12 bullets but does massive damage despite bloodtinge level. However it is slow to shoot and slow to reload.Finally the other items he carries.A lantern used for lighting areas while using a two handed weapon.24 blood vials ( assisted by a rune) .20 quicksilver bullet carrying capacity but can be replenished in exchange for health.Beast blood pellets, pellets that can allow greater attack damage in exchange for defense.A journal to leave notes.A sinister bell.A summoning bell.The thing that ends friendly summons.A shaman bone blade that either makes opponents move erratically for a time while not attacking or causes the opponent to attack and get attacked by nearby enemies.Throwing knives….Are knives you throw.Poisonous throwing knives….Are like the above but can inflict a lingering poison damage.Bone ash allows yields greater damage from bloodtinge weapons.Finally I have the bone of an old hunter which temporarily allow the user to have the ability of quickening. (Essentially short distance teleportation.)Also the hunter can’t really die as he will just awake again, renewed, in the hunters dream.The next protagonist is from a fantastic and quirky game but still quite enjoyable. Borderlands 2, Zer0.Before we g0 t0 l0ad0ut lets l00k at his innate abilities. (Well, fr0m the skill trees I have chosen.)I fully completed the Sniper skill tree t0 get that sexy b0re skill which is fantastic f0r training. ( Running ar0und and clustering y0ur enemies wh0 are either following y0u (Like a train) 0r y0u cluster them int0 a fleshy ball that you take p0t sh0ts at which reminds me 0f this interesting d0cumentary 0n d0lphins and 0ther aquatic species called Blue Planet 2, y0u should check it 0ut s0metime.)Besides faster rel0ading and weap0n swapping the sniper skill tree heavily deals with snipers, shocking right? But it als0 includes features like increased critical hit damage, enhanced z00m, m0re damage the l0nger you aim down sight, and 0f c0urse B0re which n0t 0nly all0ws y0ur bullets t0 pierce enemies c0ntinu0usly and every enemy after the 0ne y0u initially pierced takes extra damage, but it als0 highlights enemy crit sp0ts when Zer0 Activates Decepti0n. When Decepti0n is activated, Zer0 launches a halograph and g0es invisible t0 enemies. Which is great when y0u want to get s0me distance or take a cheeky p0t sh0t at an enemy wh0 can’t see y0u. I als0 invested a little in the cunning skill tree which f0cuses 0n running, gunning, and using Decepti0n as m0re than a quick get away. The skills in this skill tree increase backstab damage (melee damage fr0m behind), can all0w guns t0 sh00t twice while using 0ne bullet, can l0wer the time between using Deception. It can als0 all0w the user t0 thr0w explosive kunai 0f rand0m elemental effects with0ut breaking decepti0n. But as stated before I 0nly have a little p0ints in this skill tree s0 I 0nly have bonus melee damage and backstab damage. If Zer0 gets d0wned he will enter fight f0r y0ur m0de which will all0w him t0 sh00t his weap0ns for a limited am0unt 0f time. If he gets a kill he can get back up, if n0t he will die 0nly t0 get respawned by a New-U stati0n.But my pride and j0y, especially when fighting b0sses, is the c0nstant stacking that the end 0f the sniping tree grants Zero. This b0nus damage can stack up t0 999 times and is an0ther reas0n I main my sniper.His l0ad0ut c0nsists 0f:A Jac0bs sniper that fires as fast as you can pull the trigger. ( D0es damage dealt even matter in this scenari0?)A t0rgue explosive sh0tgun.Miss M0xxi’s vibrating smg, fire damage.Law, a high damaging rev0lver that d0es extra melee damage.A shield that, when depleted, releases a cr0ssosive nova.five lighting grenades that separates int0 child grenades.The next character 0n this is from the well received rpg that has its 0wn show 0n Netflix which I recommend y0u t0 check 0ut. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.In this game you play as a witcher named Geralt of Rivia who is an expert at killing monsters of all kinds, but he isn’t shy about killing humans if he time comes to do so. (If you watched the Killing Monsters trailer you’d see his skill first hand and either respect him for his skill and altruistic ideals or you could mock his one-liner like Lambret. What a prick?) Right now I have him kitted with a full set of Grandmaster Wolven armour, except for gloves which are random legendary gloves found within a box.He carries with him a pair of swords, one silver the other steel. Silver is for monsters and steel is for…everything else. He also carries a crossbow with infinite arrows, while the cool arrows are finite. Cool arrows, that I have currently, include:Explosive arrows (By far my favorite.)Split bolt arrows. A Crossbow shotgun essentially.And finally the Broad headed bolt. A bolt that inflicts a lingering bleeding damage.Those a pretty cool but I really use bombs more than I use bolts, bombs I have access to include:Superior Northern Wind freezes individuals solid for a longer amount of time.Enhanced Dragons Dream (or was it breath?) releases a could of poisonous, flammable gas.Superior Grapeshot, explodes and shrapnel causes bleeding damage.Enhanced Sanuum blinds opponents yet can also blind geralt if too close.Superior Dimeritium bombs, cancels magic within the area and disallows monstrous transformations. (Now that I think about it I should have used it when fighting the Djinn With Yen.)Those are the bombs I mainly use, there are a lot and I am sure they are great situational but these are the main ones I use. They are extremely limited but can easily be replenished when meditating for an hour. Thanks to my boi Gaunter O’Dimm I have unlimited heals with the fleshy cornucopia thing that throbs. (doesn’t sound pleasant but unlimited heals is unlimited heals.) Sword swings and casting signs cost stamina, which regenerates swiftly out of combat but slowly in of combat. My mutation allows for a constant stack of damage damage when in battle up to 250 percent and all kills end in finishers or …the removing of limbs. Speaking of mutations let's talk about skills.The first two skills I have got increase the heavy attack damage and the quick attack damage. Both gain adrenaline points,which is used to gain extra damage (I should have mentioned this earlier, my b.) and increased critical hit damage. Solid and worthwhile yet nothing flashy.The second is razor focus which instantly grants one adrenaline point and increases the amount generated by sword blows by 25 percent which is noice because it lowers the time it takes to do maximum damage.Whirl is the flashiest move and can absolutely melt opponents in a 360 degree radius. When stamina is fully consumed it will use adrenaline to continue. While it consumes adrenaline points it also generates it essentially means that as long as Geralt has something(or someone) to hit he can possibly stunlock an enemy until it dies by his blade or an instant kill.The instant kill can be provided by deadly precision, which adds a two percent of an instant kill.Maximum adrenaline points are three which means that a maximum of a six percent chance of an instant kill which kills fairly more often than you’d think.Rend is a unblockable heavy attack that does damage in proportion to stamina spent. Massive damage but is slow and can be stopped if his attack is interruptedCrippling strikes, quick attacks not make the victim bleed profusely or lose essence rapidly.Lightning reflexes slows down time by 45 percent when manually firing a crossbow.Quen intensity, Quen is 25 percent more intense.Delusion, which makes enemies not move towards enemies when casted. Also can effect dialogue and the will of others not in combat.Quen Discharge reflects 25 percent of the absorbed damage. It can also absorb poisonous/ venomous gas and magic which is nice.A Witcher without signs is like a corpse with two swords strapped on their back, not only do these signs increase combat capabilities but they also improve defense and allow one to manipulate the minds of others. Here are the signs:Igni casts a wave of fire at the opponents, unsurprisingly causes fire damage.Aard, cast a wave of pure force that can collapse weak structures.Axii, influences the mind of others.Quen (My favorite), makes a 360 shield that absorbs damage.Yrden is a magical circle that slows enemies within and forces enemies to become physical.The Witcher Geralt has a whole horde of potions that can turn the tide of battle in an instant. The potions I mainly use are:Superior Thunderbolt, which increases damage by 35 percent and critical hit damage by 100 percent.Wyvern Decoction, which increases sword damage with each connection until he is hit.Enhanced Swallow dramatically increases health regeneration even in combat.Superior White Honey removes toxicity and effects of other potions.Finally Cat allows total vision in dark areas.I know it seems light but to each player their own playstyle right?Now a newcomer, relatively, enters the match from the hit battle royale Apex Legends. The one, the only, Casustic.Caustic was a lead researcher and developer on pesticide but the only “pest” ;) he exterminates now are the women and minorities of Apex Legends. (I’m kidding, please lower your pitchforks.) Jokes aside Caustic grew a fascination with the concept of death itself and, using the gases he created, he tests them on other contestants to find the perfect mixture that will kill swiftly and painfully. Lets look at how he uses his gas and some of its characteristics.It can damage character using a gas mask. Odd isn’t it? Sure, until you delve into caustics banners and etc and there you will find the image of a melting mask. I don’t believe the gas damages due to its high temperature but instead it is highly corrosive. Just look at the damage on the mask and ask yourself, how do other legends not die when breathing this?2. He can see all enemies within his gas whether they are invisible or not.3. The gas increases in damage over time.4. It also slows enemies within it.5. The gas attacks health directly, by passing armour and shields.6. Up to six gas traps can be set at one time, they can be activated by enemies going near them or by shooting the top/middle of the trap. A canister can be thrown , after fully charging, to blanket a large area with gas.7. Enemies within the gas, despite distance are revealed to the caustic which can be both a bad thing and a good thing. Mirage can launch decoys to safely trigger traps meaning intanginable beings are susceptible to triggering traps.8. Once up and active there is no way of removing the trap, meaning if someone was trapped behind it they must marinate in the poison until it eventually disappears. The only way to remove a trap, other than caustic picking it up is to shoot the bottom.Now that we have his gasses key characteristics covered let's move onto prefered armour and prefered weapons to give our gasy boi the best chance in this battle.The Mastiff is a super powerful that shoots rounds that explode on contact. Possibly an instant kill in close range, purple or gold armour or naught. And solid at mid range.The Kraber. Did you think I wouldn’t mention perhaps the most op weapon in the game? A headshot with this weapon is an instant kill. A body shot can remove all armour and some health. A purple or gold shield is equivalent in hit points to health so yes a headshot can kill you twice. I also believe I damaged two people with one bullet, leaving me to think the bullets can penetrate enemies to hit other enemies.A Golden Helmet provides the maximum defence and recharges his gas traps and canister faster.Golden armour allows him to use healing items faster while providing maximum defense.A resurrection shield blocks significant damage and allows the user to stand back up if downed.A golden backpack allows the user to carry the maximum amount of items (14 stacks) and everyone they heal comes back with increased health and shields. Even themselves.Now lets look at the items he will take into battle.2 Thermite grenades create a wall of fire on impact that inflicts lingering burn damage that stacks. Perfect for closing off areas.2 Arc stars, ninja stars that stick for 25 damage and explodes for 75 damage.2 Grenades, standard grenades with a wait time of around three seconds before exploding for 100 damage. (The reason I keep bringing up 100 damage, so on and so forth is because health is at 100 hit points meaning that 100 damage equals a kill, unless the target is shielded.2 Phoenix kits heals both shields and health yet takes the longest to use.3 Shield batteries completely heal shields.3 Med kits completely heal health6 syringes provide small patch ups and with the golden armour are nearly instant.(Heals 25 percent)6 shield cells that provide small shield patch up and with the golden armour are nearly instant. (Heals 25 percent)3 Ultimate accelerants charge caustics canisters 30 percent and with the golden armour takes less time.A loot vault key, a key to a vault containing high tier loot.And finally he will have….2 more thermite grenades because why not?With a full 14 items stack loadout we can move onto our next and final competitor.Finally we have reached our last competitor, WHO IS THE ONE, THE ONLY, THE DUCK HUNT GUY!!!( can’t find animage of him anywhere, iv’e looked for like five minutes and that’s a record.)The duck hunt guy has fast reflexes to shoot fast….ducks. With a shotgun! That’s all I can say.In order for this to make sense lets say that the hunter was transported to another realm, a realm far away where the curse of the old blood first began. A place where the great ones first spawned. A place where no lanterns exist.Zer0 has been given an assassination contract and in order to complete it he must jump through several hoops and hurdles, one of those being a blood sport known as the Apex Legends tournament, solos.Geralt, unwillingly, goes through a portal and instead of being greeted by a stuffed unicorn he was met with an unknown surrounding with odd buildings and groups of people falling from the sky leaving behind vibrant trails in an abundance of colours.Birdhunt after a night of drinking away memories of his dogs mocking laughter, kinda accidentally signs himself up for the Apex Legends games.Finally, Caustic, along with Zer0 and Birdhunt man, falls from the plane in his effort to win yet another game.As Caustic knelt next to a dying Lifeline who flashed their golden shield in an attempt to plea for mercy fell upon bling eyes as he tossed a gas trap next to his victim who, triggered the trap and flooded the room with a poisonous gas. Tic after damaging tic lifeline desperately attempted to resurrect herself only to taken out moments before completion. Her golden deathbox replaced her lifeless body. “Ah, another fine test completed. “ He looted the golden shield from the box before exiting the Epicenters main building.The surrounding sounds of chaos and gunfire were delightful to say the least. The number of contestants however were dropping rapidly, this was a normal thing to expect especially in this bloodsport yet the contestants who were killing were odd. A question mark where a name should be ended up killing with weapons foreign to the arena. Axes and swords? How peculiar? I wish to properly inspect and experiment on this oddity. Please do survive longer He thought to himself as he headed towards the closing ring.Geralt was in for a shock when a plethora or projectiles aimed their way towards him yet these weren’t magic. My Medallion isn’t humming, this must be something else. Advanced technology, perhaps? Geralt's blade soonly became soaked in the sanguine fluids of his opponents. Dismembered bodies, soon replaced by death boxes, littered the streets of Capitol City. Then a booming feminine voice echoed for all to hear, Ring closing. A massive reddish-orange slowly crept behind Geralt and, after a minor injury, came to the conclusion one should remain within these walls or face severe damage. Then, with his above human speed, he barely remained stuck close to but within the closing ring.The Hunter slew groups of legends without much trouble, dodging and rolling out of the way of their projectiles to get in close with his axe which would finish the job in a bloody fashion. There were no questions about the hunters circumstance wallowing in his mind for these people were nothing more than beast shooting shooting aimlessly, and what’s a hunter to do when surrounded by beast? The answer however is multiple choice:A. Bisect them with a swing of your axe.B. Pierce them with a mythic sword.C. Stab them in the back and follow up with rummaging around their insides.D. All of the above and more?The answer was quite obvious to the corpses and a poor Wraith who unfortunately turned her back on the Hunter in an attempt to flee but now has to suffer the consequences of her actions. A hand bypassing flesh and straight to rupturing her internal organs. Once dead, the Hunter followed a a cybernetically enhanced individual as they made their way towards the final ring.Duck Hunter guy, with his trusty shotgun, proved unmatched in CQC due to his superior reflexes. After picking up more ammunition for his trusty weapon he found himself within the final circle near a factory of sorts. Five people, other than himself were in although one of the other contestants was crawling and apparently his legs were absent at the time being while a sword in his back was present. As expected he soon perished and only four others remained.All was silent and still until Zer0, unbeknownst to all, entered deception escaped. This was but the trigger to an entire chain of events. Duck Hunter guy then sprays flurries of pellets at the hologram before realizing he was making no progress. He scanned the battlefield and noticed that Caustic slipped into the building and the white haired individual must have followed since he wasn’t present. Or so he thought as a steel blade pierced him from behind. A quick glimpse back revealed it was none other than the white wolf himself. As he removed the sword a sudden and sharp pain sprung from behind then a minor pain followed. The small burst of fiery damage to his back made him activate Quen following which another small explosion followed, the damage however was absorbed and 25% of it was redirected to Zer0, who was now visible due to the witchers enhanced senses. So the two readied their blades and sparks flew as the two swords collided. They continued struggling to overpower each other until Geralt used a swift hand motion (Axii) in an attempt to freeze Zero for an easy finisher. All this did however was confuse Zer0 which was enough for Geralt to begin his whirlwind assault. Faster and faster he swung his blade and zero was unable to block all the blows which eliminated his shields. Following which a massive, fierly nova was unleashed and Geralt, confused, burnt, and out of stamina popped an enhanced swallow. As his shields were now depleted Zer0 thought of this as the perfect time to use Deception. Geralt shouted to the invisible being “ I’m tired of playing hide and seek!” Then he began launching spheres, not any ordinary spheres but spheres that released a cloud of deadly and flammable gas. Caustic watched from atop the factory he claimed, a genuine look of amazement as he watched Geralt cast igni and explode the hidden Zer0. As the explosion sends him near the border of the ring he his health is halved. “You are powerful, I might have to start trying, I will savor this.” Zer0 says as his shields slowly begin to recharge. He then began throwing all his grenades at Geralt who flees while activating Quen. Quen absorbs the initial damage and redirects it to zer0 who is now at a quarter health and no shields. The child grenades scathe and stun Geralt before he chugs yet another swallow to mend his wounds. “The time for play passed, time to get serious now, you will perish here.” an enraged Zer0 shouts while he pulls out his sniper and narrowly misses Geralt's head. A second shot would find its target nestled in Geralt's shoulder. At the same time Geralt realizes the futility of fighting Zer0 at range and tosses a Enhanced northern wind at the time of getting shot. Zer0 was frozen and Gerlat closed the distance. He lifted his blade above his head before swinging it down with all his might to decapitate his opponent. A clapping nearby made geralt think that Master Mirror was behind this however he was met with an unfamiliar face. The hunter was watching the fight go on and was impressed but upon looking at Geralt's inhuman eyes what he once saw as a respectable fighter was just another beast ready for the slaughter. Geralt popped down a white honey decoction and a final swallow. The hunter was the first to engage, he rushed the white wolf with his extended axe carelessly allowing geralt to deflect and counter with ease causing a decent amount of damage. A quick blood vial was more than enough to heal the wound and the Hunter engaged his opponent more cautiously. Geralt stood still, waiting for his opponent to make a move. The Hunter wasn’t having it this time and shortened his Axe to reveal a cannon that Geralt eyed as the Hunter fired it. He barely managed to jump out of the explosive range unharmed and out of the corner of his eyes he noted his opponent injecting something in his leg and drinking another blood vial. The Hunter switched his axe for his sword and his cannon for the blunderbuss. Then he transformed his swords while Geralt waited patiently, then the Hunter swung his massive blade and was in no way near enough to connect with Geralt which he thought was strange, almost as strange as his Medalion which was now humming. A wave of arcane energy was sent darting towards geralt at great speed. Yet the use of Quen avoided the damage and caused the Hunter to take minor arcane damage in its place. Once the shield broke he continued to fling waves of arcane energy one, two, three, no six times and Geralt managed to evade all but the last which struck him midroll. While Geralt rushed to eat all in his inventory The Hunter stood still with his hands clasped together above his head. This was his one shot to finish the fight, Geralt thought as he tossed a Northern Wind at the still Hunter. He followed his bomb closely as it would not affect him. The bomb exploded and freezing the Hunter solid as several mysterious orbs of light surrounded him. Geralt's medallion was now humming even louder now yet he began to slice and dice the Hunter. Before a kill could be claimed the orbs rushed Geralt and exploded on impact. The White Wolf was no more. After thawing out the Hunter was extremely low on health and, in a rightfully panicked state, began chugging blood vials excessively. Once a full health he thought about where his final opponent was, then a bullet narrowly whizzed by his face following a thunderous boom. Atop the factory Caustic reloaded his Kraber then took sights again. The Hunter was prepared and evaded his rain of high caliber bullets until he approached a door that the caustic slipped into. Upon opening it he was met with an eerie silence which was nothing new making it just silence. That silence was interrupted by the sound of clanking and rushing air at the door nearest to the entrance of the factory. he followed the sound and was surprised when a popping noise followed flowing of a sickly green gas. The damage felt at first was not serious but as he continued to try and force the door open it became unbearable as he marinated in the poison. Quickly deciding that he would have to find another entrance e rushed for the exit only to have that blocked as well by the same poisonous device. More gas flooded in until a tiny area in the tiny room was safe to stand in. So he waited and waited until he first door was free of gas. Seeing an opportunity bolted to try and open the door only for it to be blocked to escape arise he blocked by none other than Caustic who simply stared at the Hunter like a caged animal getting tested on. He threw down another canister to block the door, gas leaked and the Hunter returned to his safe area to pop another Blood vial, he’d surely need it. Surprisingly the door closest to the outside directly across from him opened momentarily and through the smoke a small canister landed at his feet, odd? The hunter thought before it exploded causing the entire room to be filled with a corrosive gas. As the hunters health began to trickle down rapidly he was thankful for the numerous blood vials in his inventory. yet as his supply began to trickle down into the single digits he became desperate to escape and relentlessly beat on the walls and eventually the doors. The doors, unlike the walls, cracked under his assault and eventually broke. After countless minutes if not hours of breathing that horrible concoction he finally got a breath of fresh air. Until a burning sensation arose and a wall of fire replaced the orange walls of the ring. So he unhesitant quick stepped back into the small room, the open door replaced by another black tube of gas. With his blunderbus he attempted to destroy it from range yet accidentally set it off leaving him back at square one. Both of the exits were covered with gas and his supply of heals extremely limited. A he sat in his corner he waited, then more fire entered the room along with another gas canister. If he wanted to survive he’d need to make an exit, now. So he took the steady fire damage and the gases damage and slowly made an exit for the doorway. Upon reaching the exit he consumed he leaped for the exit. Yet due to his slow movement he was easily struck by the Kraber, nearly killing him. His blood vials were now at two and taking the Krabers reload time he used both vials to get fully healed. He sacrificed some of his health for formulate five more bullets while Caustic lined the shot. Then. after narrowly avoiding yet another shot, used a call beyond.Three orbs reached the top of the building and not only eliminated his shields but erased his health. Knocked down he began resurrecting himself immediately while the Hunter searched fora way to climb the factory. Once finding a way up the building he was met with an empty roof then the sound of an all to familiar click. Gas spread across the roof blinding and slowing the Hunter while making him perfectly visible to Casustic. “I thank you for participating in my little experiment, however we both know this has to end now. Good-Bye.” Volley after volley of explove Mastiff pellets pepper the Hunter as he tries to escape to safety until a final shriek of pain escapes the hunter as he drifts back to the hunters dream. We have our Champion!TL:DR- I believe that the winner could easily be decided by the circumstances. Here are some other outcomes.Zero could easily destroy most of the competition at range but that wouldn’t provide the challenge that Zer0 craves.Geralt could spam Quen to make the competition kill themselves or he could inflict heavy damage with Axii on all but Zer0. (Because I can’t confirm if he is a man, alien, or machine.)The Hunter could spam his arcane abilities that lock on and deal massive damage.Caustic can win most engagements with trap preparations, especially if it’s in an enclosed area.Duck Hunter guy could probably surprise the competition with his reflexes.. I guess.All in all here ya go and thanks for reading.

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