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PDF Editor FAQ

What do teenagers wish adults understood?

14Everyone who's written an answer so far is older, so I thought I'd give it a shot-We’re human. Less experienced humans, yes, but humans nevertheless. I am not any less human than you. We think the way you do, talk the way you do, etc, because we’re all human. Treat us accordingly.We’re treated like children and expected to act like adults. Until the day we turn 18, then all of the sudden we’re treated completely differently, which can make the transition into adulthood difficult.Our entire lives depend on what we do as a teenager. This again relates back to the fact that we’re treated like children but expected to make adult decisions. It's a terrifying thought, which is why we often try to distract ourselves from this terrible truth.How am I supposed to decide what I want to do with my life??? I'm serious, I'd like to know. Does this “life” thing come with an instruction manual? Because I have no idea what the heck I'm doing.No mom, I can't just “get a job.” Where I live, you're expected to pay for a lot of things (clothes, food when you eat out, movie tickets, etc) starting at age 14. Well, I'm sure you already see the problem with this. We can't drive! Also, the only businesses that could employ us would have to have a permit to “employ minors.” Most parents here don't give allowance either, so where do they expect that money to come from? This often results in an extremely competitive lawn-mowing and babysitting market, and the inability to do fun things because we don't have any money.We are interested in things, they're sometimes just different from what you’d expect. Yes, we’re very much passionate about things, and from past experiences we know that you'll judge us because of them, so we don't tell you. Our interests can coexist. I can love TØP (Twenty One Pilots) and run a Mock Trial Team. I can have pink hair and piercings and have a 4.4 GPA. I can be obsessed with YouTubers and be obsessed with politics at the same time. Our “frivolous” interests can coexist with our more “serious” ones, and many adults seem to be unable to grasp this concept, so we hide what we can.I'm done for now, maybe I'll write more later (yes, I could think of a lot more)

Why don't the Indian police forces get as much respect as the Indian army?

This is a real incident happened with me while I was in market.There is a famous temple in our locality where many people visits for sight.A top ranked officer along with convoy was coming back after sightImage Source :Googleand there were many Military police personals were deployed alongside road.But one thing that was noticeable>>>>Image Source:GoogleThere was not this kind of situation in the market which happens with police.Police deploys their personals at least 1 hour before visit they stop the whole traffic, which irritates the common public.But with army there was nothing like that the convoy was moving along with common public without any special treatment.They could have kept the traffic in standby mode but instead of that they care about others feelings.This is the reason why we love Army than PoliceJai Hind!!Images only for representation purpose.

Why do Texans have to keep reminding themselves that Texas is so special?

It’s not that we are reminding ourselves, we are reminding Texas. It is like telling your spouse you love them every day. We love Texas. We love the people: Mexican, Black, Anglo, German, Polish, Czech, Creole, and Vietnamese. We love the food: Whataburger, tamales, Dr. Pepper, crawfish, and Tex Mex. We love the music: Texas Red Dirt, Tejano, Mariachi, Zydeco, ZZ Top, and Beyoncé. We love the kindness: yes ma’am and no ma’am, chivalry, pulling over for a funeral, and respecting our elders. We love the sports: football, baseball, and even soccer. We also love Shiner beer and Bucees gas stations. We even love company, so come and see us.The bottom line is… we think that Texas has given us all these things and we love her for it. And, when you love someone that much, you have to tell them.

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