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PDF Editor FAQ

Why do people like American cheese?

Man, people are haters in here. Let's get away from Cheez Whiz (admittedly not the US's high point) and talk about regular deli-style American cheese. "Processed" cheese is just regular cheese that's been combined with citrate (it's in lemon & orange juice) or a similar agent to tweak the protein structure. Specifically, this is done so that the cheese doesn't get greasy when it starts to melt. It's not a preservative, it's a way to keep the fat and protein from separating. (By lucky accident, this process also increases the shelf life.) A slice of cheddar or provolone oozes grease when it melts, and many people find that gross.Sodium citrate is completely natural. This minor, harmless addition to the cheese makes it infinitely better-behaved on the most American of foods: the cheeseburger. Non-processed cheeses just don't work as well on a grill. American cheese is what it is because this is the nation of cheeseburgers, grilled cheese, and tuna melts -- and if you don't like it, feel free to move to one of those countries with subsidized, legally-privileged cheese makers like France*. America has competitive, capitalist cheese. The people have spoken: American cheese is delicious in melty applications.*Don't get me wrong, I liked living in France. But the cheese aisle at the grocery store smelled worse than the seafood department on a hot day.

Where can I start learning more about the paleo diet?

The most efficient way to sum it up is that eating paleo basically means eating whole foods almost exclusively, with minimal processing. Cooking and blending fit that requirement, it doesn't have to be raw.Anything that requires a lot of processing from its original whole food source is *not* paleo. If it comes in a box and has a long shelf life, it isn't paleo. If it has a long list of ingredients that don't sound like food, it isn't paleo.If it comes from the farmers market, the deli, or the produce section, it probably *is* paleo. If you grew it yourself, it's paleo.A stricter version of paleo involves cutting out all foods that didn't exist/ that humans didn't eat 10,000 years ago in the paleolithic age; hence the name "paleo". Foods such as "nightshades", legumes, dairy products, and grains fit this category.The theory is that we haven't been eating these foods long enough to have evolved the ability to digest and make use of them properly.The practical application is that foods in these categories to avoid have potential allergens in them that some people react to. When people react to food allergens, it causes inflammation. Systemic inflammation causes multiple health problems of varying degrees in many people over the long term.Regardless of whether you think the theory behind it is relevant, the idea of the Whole 30 Challenge is to eliminate all potential allergens (ie. all non-paleo food) from your diet first, then gradually reintroduce the less offensive foods (ie. nightshades, legumes, dairy, grains) one at a time to see if you can notice a difference. If you don't notice a difference, then you might be OK with those foods, and you can decide whether to reintroduce them or not.The comment mentioned in the question details "eat five times a day" is completely irrelevant to the paleo lifestyle diet. However, some people might choose to do both; eat paleo, five times a day. You can eat paleo on any schedule you want and it's still paleo.Another common misconception is that paleo is low carb and/or mostly meat. This is a common misconception because the two diets are very compatible, and many people have had a lot of success losing weight this way without hunger, while feeling great. The most obvious paleo choices are meat and vegetables, and the most obvious foods to cut are sugar and bread -> result: low carb.In reality, you can eat any macronutrient balance you want with paleo. Paleo just means it all comes from whole foods. There is a tendency for it to end up low carb after cutting bread and sugar, but you can replace those carbs with starchy root veggies for starchy carbs, and with fruits for natural sugars. Protein usually comes from meat, but it can come from nuts and greens for vegetarians, or even beans for those doing a less strict version of paleo who don't react to beans (beans are legumes). Fats can come from cold pressed olive oil, various minimally processed coconut products, avocado, and nuts, among others.Most people who follow the paleo lifestyle use the 80/20 rule, and allow some non-paleo choices here and there. It can be difficult to keep it strictly paleo in our society. Personally, I keep it at about 90% paleo because I've been doing it long enough to have found so many delicious paleo alternatives that it gets easier and easier to follow, and I have less and less desire to go back to a standard American diet. When I want to excel at the gym, I keep it closer to 95% paleo.For more information, see Dave Ogilvy's suggestions for books and Mark's Daily Apple blog, and Bonnie Som's suggestion to read about and try the Whole 30 challenge.

What's an amazing loophole you found regarding life?

Little community center/arcade where I used to live as a kid had an air hockey table in the back room. Somebody figured out that if you jimmy the coin slot in just the right way, you could get an extra 3-4 games out of one quarter until the thing was fully pressed in and you'd have to put in a new one. None of us had much money, so this was a lifesaver. The employees didn't really care because what money we did have was typically spent at the snack bar, so they made money off us anyway. I kind of miss that place. They always had fresh watermelon for free for kids who had absolutely no money so nobody would feel left out.Local radio station had a contest where you call in when they play same artist back to back to win a prize. Turns out they had a "now playing" and "up next" feature on their web site. My girlfriend at the time would start calling in before the second song even came on. Won tons of prizes ranging from concert tickets to a laptop.My college campus had a cafe with Deli and salad bar, the deli sandwiches were way over priced, like 8$ for a standard turkey sandwich. But the salad bar was very reasonable. (Subsidized to promote healthy eating)So I found that the Salad bar had all the same ingredients as the sandwiches, the meat was just shredded. The Deli would sale slices of bread for $0. 25 each, so I would just buy the bread, load up and weigh my “salad” and grab some free mayo and mustard packets, then build my own sandwiches for under 2$. Used that trick for my last two years.Back in the 90's Dr. Pepper ran a promotion where you could win stuff from the bottle caps, including a free Dr. Pepper. You just paid for the new soda with the winning bottle cap. I learned that you could look up the bottle and barely read what was written on the inside of the cap. I bought one Dr. Pepper and continued to "win" maybe 30 or so more Dr. Peppers. As a teen, an unlimited supply of soda was amazing.A (very) old place of work decided to have a Christmas party, and provide everyone with a few vouchers each for free drinks. They'd arranged with the venue that employees would hand over one tag for any drink of any size, and would settle up in the days after the event. The problem was that these vouchers were simply tags that you'd put into a filing cabinet sleeve (and write on) with a coloured sticky dot on them. They distributed the tickets half an hour before we closed for the party. Guess what was stocked in the stationery cabinet? Filing tags and sticky dots. They had no idea how the bar bill was nearly £10,000. . .My brother once yelled "last one to jump in the pool is gay," and then jumped into the pool. However, I figured out that if I did not jump in then technically he would be the last one in the pool, and he is still gay to this day.Not very impressive but at my highschool we had to wear a buttondown and a tie to class every day. One of the kids realized that they never specified what kind of buttondown it had to be so he wore a hawaiian shirt to class with a tie. Technically it met the dress code so it stuck. Pretty soon most of the school started wearing hawaiian shirts with ties to class. We looked like a bunch of ridiculous Jimmy-Buffet-goes-Mormon types but it was worth it to spite the system. They changed the rule to ban hawaiian shirts a week later.I still use the loophole of jumping on a shuttle bus out of LAX to a parking garage(/or hotel, yes) and then calling an Uber/Lyft from there to avoid the airport prices. Brings the ride home down to $10 from $40.My former workplace would tell us every Monday that we had to work overtime Saturday, then often cancel overtime at the last minute. That way they didn't have to give us the minimum 24 hours notice of mandatory overtime and they could take as long as they wanted to decide if they needed us. They also got to play it off like they were doing us a favor by giving us our weekend back. It was a dick move, but it was certainly effective.They used to have a promotion at Wendys, probably 6 or 7 years ago, where if you filled a survey out on your receipt you could get free burger. I guess they didnt notice that you could take the survey on the receipt of the free burger and just keep getting free ones. So we would just go after school and chain 5 free burgers after we just bought one. We did that for a few days until they finally caught on and stopped accepting it.My dad figured out a good one back in the 80's. Just like they do now, back then cable companies would give you a free weekend trial of a premium channel (HBO, Cinemax, etc) in an effort to get more people to sign up for those channels and pay more. However, our cable company's method of giving you access to the special channel was to send a signal to your cable box which unlocked the channel. To turn off the channel at the end of the free trial, another signal was sent. My dad figured out that the signal to lock it was only sent for a short period of time, so before the end of the free weekend, he would unplug the cable box and then plug it back up the next day. Since the box never got the signal, we would have a free premium channel for a while. Usually after a month or two it would get shut off so we'd have to wait for the next free trial weekend.I didn't find this loophole but my friend did: A few years back, an online store had this promotion where whoever spent the most money over a month would get free round trip airplane tickets to anywhere in the world. My friend (who's a fucking genius) found that one thing you could buy on the site was a gift certificate. So he bought a $25 gift certificate and kept spending it on another $25 gift certificate. So he ended up spending $25 on round trip tickets to Australia.In third grade, our teacher had to leave the room for some kind of emergency, and left one of the students in charge (the "teacher's pet", of course). The teacher said that we were not allowed to talk, and if we did, we would have to write 100 times "I will not talk in class when instructed not to", or something like that. Well, my friend and I were bored, so we started writing out the "punishment", and when we were finished, proceeded to talk to each other until the teacher returned. The student left in charge wasn't sure what to do. It was hilarious.Back in the day, two 5 piece chicken nuggets at Burger King cost less than a single 8 piece chicken nuggets. Me and those 2 extra nuggets were laughing all the way to the piggy bank.During senior year at my high school, we had a baby photo contest. The contest had a bunch of rules about the photo you could submit, but none of them said that the baby had to be you. I submitted a baby picture I found on google and won "Best Dressed Baby"Back in the 1960s, the school district in my hometown was broken up and absorbed into the surrounding districts. Fast forward to 2003. I'm applying to colleges. I discovered that there is a scholarship fund for people living in that old district's area. The district is gone, but the scholarship still exists! I applied, and got the scholarship. I don't think there were any other applicants.That you can jiggle the handle of certain gumball machines to get free gumballs.My university was trying to encourage people to walk so if we download a specific health tracker that's connected to our account, it would convert steps into points. The points would get you stuff like free coffee, mugs, discounts for stuff and the most expensive prize: a university hoodie which costs about £30. Now, the health tracking app is pretty basic, it won't let you log your steps manually however it does let you connect with other health apps. I found a health app that would let me add in the steps and I logged in an equivalent of 50 km a day and in a few days of logging manually, I would get myself a hoodie or two and I didn't get caught. However, I told my friend about it, and he really perfected the method of getting more steps a day, because apparently there was a hidden physical limit to how far a person can walk in a day, but he managed to trick it by setting his height to be 1 cm and because the shorter you are, the more steps you need to take to cover the same distance. In the end he claimed about 10+ hoodies and he would just get them for anyone who asks. The uni found it suspicious, so he received an email telling that the activity had to stop unless he could provide evidence that he walked that much. Another friend had a different method. You get points just by being friends with them on the university health website. He also found that he could access a list of everyone who had an account in that website. So he made a python script that would automatically send a request to everyone, earning him points.I used to get the train from liverpool to manchester every day. The fares were extortionate. £15 a day. Instead, I'd get a 30 day return on monday in liverpool (£20), then on the way home I'd get another 30 day return in manchester (£20). As long as the return tickets never got stamped, I'd re-use them, so I always had a valid ticket to travel. It helped that I was always on the first train, and the guard could not be bothered to check tickets, and on the way home I was on the rush hour train and they couldn't get up the train to check. It saved me thousands!This was before the barriers at most train stations now though, so probably a LOT harder to do.Italian restaurant my family loves had a candy claw machine we played every time we went. But the trick to learn was, if the claw closed all the way it thought that meant you didn't get anything, and would let you play til you did get something. This means we would go for individual items that would fit into the claw perfectly (one sucker, one laffy taffy) so it would close all the way, instead of trying to get a big lot all at once, that way it wouldn't register the candy and we could keep going and going. We actually took so long once our parents made us leave before our turn was up and we still left with hand fulls of candy. the best part? IT ONLY COST A QUARTER! They no longer have that machine :(I purchased a wireless keyboard at least eight years ago, maybe ten? It's awesome, except I broke one of the keys about two years later, so I contacted the manufacturer to see about just buying a replacement control key because it's awesome and I thought just the key would be cheap. But they said it's still under warranty and they sent me a replacement. About two or three years later, a similar thing happens and I'm all set to throw down $$$ for a replacement, but the replacement keyboard's warranty time started when they sent me that one, so I wound up with a replacement for my replacement. This just kept going on. I'm currently on my third or fourth replacement keyboard. I've lost count. (Over the years, the design of the keyboard has improved so much, the current one is not at all identical to the original K800 I purchased, but it's still a fantastic keyboard. If they would ever give me an opportunity to buy a replacement, I would. )Went to a catholic school with uniforms. We got “jeans day” passes to wear. They were always different colors, including white. I took one white pass, took it to a copier copied enough to fit one page, printed one full page of passes then printed mass stacks of pages. I made a lot of money selling them out.Took a "survey" course in college, which basically amounted to a course the school was planning to offer in the future, but giving the professor an opportunity to fine-tune the curriculum before officially offering it as a class. Easy enough course, got my credit, went home happy. Next semester the course went "live" and was offered under a different course number - but the description was identical. Signed up, never attended a class, took the final and got my credit again.When I was in high school I applied for a summer job with the county. As part of the "unbiased" application process, each applicant was asked to take an intelligence test. The test consisted of about 80 questions. Each question was four or five line drawings, and you had to put an X in the box next to the one that didn't belong. Pretty easy. I happened to notice, though, that the test paper was two part, which is two sheets of paper that are attached together back-to-back with a sheet of carbon paper in between. I could peel the sheets apart and look inside: the second sheet just had a bunch of boxes printed on it, and I could see from the first few questions that I'd answered that the Xs I'd marked ended up in the printed boxes on the second sheet thanks to the carbon paper. So, I did all of the questions with obvious answers, and if I was unsure, I just peeled the paper apart, noted where the box was printed on the second sheet, and made sure I got it right. Of course, I got 100%. I figure that if you can cheat on an intelligence test, you're pretty smart.My friend made a spreadsheet of all the restaurants in town that gave you free stuff for your birthday, and mapped out the shortest route to take you to all of them.Using Limewire to download Limewire pro when I was in highschool.I can't remember when it happened, but it was years ago. I think it was Nestea, or some other canned tea, but if you bought a case of tea then there was a coupon on the box for a free case. . . except it was on every case, so now you have case #2 and another free case coupon. All the tea could be had.For awhile McDonalds had a promo where, when you walked in, you could scan a QR code and possibly get free food. However, different locations and different cutouts had different codes. I took pics of as many unique codes I could find, put them all on a handy pdf, and scanned them all using an android device and an IOS device before lunch. I got free extra value meals regularly. In fact, I still had a couple free ones left over when they stopped the promotion.My high school had a stupid rule that banned you from attending prom if you went to a saturday detention that semester. I got in trouble and was assigned to Sat. D-Hall, but my girlfriend really wanted to go to prom. I just kept skipping it and they kept adding more until they rolled it into a day of actual suspension. They had no rule barring you from prom for an out-of-school suspension so I got a day off and took my girl to prom.Old job had a loophole about time. It worked as such. If you were scheduled for 8am shift you had 7 minutes to arrive and be on time. If you arrived past the 7 minutes you were considered 15 minutes late. Loophole: it worked the same for clocking out. If you stayed and helped for an extra 7 minutes and clocked out. You got an extra 15 minutes of pay. During my tenure there, I would always ask if people needed extra help and make sure I stayed past the 7 minutes. This went on for a full year. Got probably close to an extra 24 hours of pay.Our local Tesco accidentally had 2 offers for Terry's Chocolate Orange at once, so if you bought 4 (or a multiple of 4) they GAVE you 50p. Tried not to abuse it since if they noticed they change it, but bought 4 chocolate oranges with other stuff through the self checkout every day for almost 2 weeks before they corrected it. I planned to save them for Christmas presents but Christmas was 4 months away, and you know how delicious Terry's Chocolate Oranges are. EDIT: To all non-Brits out there since apparently they're not sold elsewhere: they're fucking delicious. If you ever come to England do yourself a favour and buy one, or find a "foreign confectionery" shop and hope they sell them there.When Presto card first came out in Toronto (the swipe card that gets you onto public transit) the card I got was faulty from the moment I bought it. I’d loaded it with cash but 9 times out of 10 it wouldn’t scan. The transit operators would see me curse & swear at it and let me through the gates anyway. Then I’d pick up a transfer which passed as my proof of payment. I must have done that a good 30 times over the course of 2 months, saved myself $100 or so on transit. Didn’t want to push my luck too much so eventually replaced the card with a working one.I was working maintenance at McDonald's when they did a Best Buy bucks promotion. Large sodas and large fries had a scratch off that was worth at least $1 at Best Buy. I would go through the trash daily, pulling out all the discarded scratch offs. I got a free computer that year for Christmas. I also had the poor cashier at Best Buy in tears. She had to manually scan each scratch off and verify the dollar amount.An agreement I had with an employer on school reimbursement with additional pay. I had to agree to remain at the company until X date and they would pay for my schooling + additional pay for various things. If I left, I had to pay the money back. (Edit for context - I received reimbursement + bonus at the end of every quarter based on completion of a class + a certain grade. I had already received ~$20k at this point) The parent company of my division changed after the agreement was signed and time came for me to get the cash owed to me. Head of HR refused to pay. I went to him and asked why I wasn't getting the check we agreed to. He stated that the agreement was with the previous parent company and therefore was no longer valid. He had this smug look on his face, but then he noticed I had a big smile on my face. I could tell he couldn't figure out why. I asked him again if there were refusing to pay and he said yes. I then stated that I no longer have anything binding me here, because the contract stated "if I willing leave the company, I have to repay the money. " He agreed and asked what my point was. I then stated that if the parent company did change then I did leave said company, but I did not willingly leave. Therefore, I did not owe any money if I left this company as it was not the company I signed the agreement with. The expression on his face changed. I continued on with, "If I, hypothetically, put my two weeks notice in now, I would be able to leave without owing any money. "It didn't take him long. He realized by stating that the agreement was longer valid because the company changed that he gave me the information I needed to get out of the contract. He agreed to pay me the money. Spoiler alert, he was fired a few weeks later for various reasons. He was one of the worst HR directors I have ever seen.When I was a student, the laundromat at the end of my street would launch the selected machine if you press the # key twice. It worked for a month or two, and then it got fixed. .Not me, but I read about a guy that bought coins from the canadian mint with his credit card, deposited them in his bank (they have value) and ended up doing this multiple times, which turned to millions of air miles.There was a drink machine in college that was $. 75 for a juice. If you put a dollar in it gave you 5 quarters in change. I got a juice everyday for months before they finally fixed it.I had a lawyer friend who leased a car from a dealer that had a really poorly written contract. Depending on how a car lease is written (and maybe depending on what state you're in), the dealer either continues to hold title to the car while it's leased to you (with the contract giving you right of possession) OR you hold title to the car while the dealership has a lien on the title so that ownership returns to the dealer at the end of the lease. This contract gave the dealer the lien, rather than the title, BUT the way it was written, the entire contract expired at the end of the lease term, including the provision that returned the title to the dealer. So essentially, the contract disappears, my friend is left with both the car and the title to the car, the dealer has no legal rights to the car. The dealership called her and asked when she would be returning the car, she says "I'm not. " They said "oh, you're buying the car?" She says "no I'm just gonna keep it, thanks. "The dealer sued her, then once they looked closer they realized they fucked up the contract, and offered to settle. Since she wasn't completely confident that a judge wouldn't just find a way to justify giving the car back to the dealer, she settled but the settlement ended up being her buying the car for like 20% of its value.Free internet access during the early days of the internet. Aol if you signed up for that free month, call to cancel they would give you a free month or two. Cancel at the end of that period then sign back up with a diffrent checking or savings account. Same process, by that time the original account would fall off their list of known accounts so you could go back to that one. I got 2 years of fre internet that way, and got my mom permabanned from AOL. Edit. This became more popular then I thought. My inbox is getting run up in!! But why all the AOL hate, they weren't that bad as far as early ISP's went. I mainly used them from 95 to 98 ish Some od 99. Maybe used a month here a month there through the early aughts to fill an a need every now again if I was between ISPS.I'm not sure if they do this anymore, but many years ago, while an employee at HomeGoods, the store had this promotion where, employees could get these scratch-off cards that reduced the cost of an item by 1/5/20 dollars each time they found a price sticker on the floor. Each card had three scratch-off areas, and the catch was that you could only scratch off one. However, if you used a lamp, you could see which scratch off area was the 1/5/20 - meaning that you could very easily rack up a 20 dollar gift card for every sticker you found on the floor. The idea was that if employees collected these fallen stickers, regular, nefarious shoppers, couldnt stick them on something of far greater value and check out at that price. There were no rules on how many an employee could have, or combine, because most folks who worked at that store were middle aged women who really couldn't give a fuck and most of the stuff HomeGoods sells is garbage. But then there was me - a starving, broke college kid, who got paid shit, but who worked in the back room unloading trucks, and who also was occasionally tasked with stocking shelves. In short, I was the only person who seemed to give a shit about this promotion, and my bosses, who wanted to show their higher-ups that they were putting the corporate programs into effect, were happy to oblige each sticker I presented with a scratch off ticket of my own. Now HomeGoods, while normally a purveyor of fine garbage, also occasionally has very nice, very high end, house-wears on the cheap (comparatively), these items, like cook-wear, linens, comforters, etc, are more often than not, usually much more expensive than the rest of the store's stock, and take a while to sell. For me, the guy who unloaded the trucks, this meant that when I saw something absurdly nice, I could put it very high up into a loading bay, and just let it sit for a while, because the senior citizens I worked with would never go up to get it. At the end of a 4 month summer, I'd amassed about 1100 in these little gift cards, and with them I bought:A full set of AllClad copper core cookwear (a new piece came in once a month)A Queen sized down comforter, duvet cover and sheetsPillowsNice flatware, Plates and GlassesA dozen useful kitchen toolsTo this day, ten years later, I still have all the AllClad, which alone retail for 800, and some of the kitchen tools. All of it for free.Not sure if this counts, but here it goes:When I was at university, I really wanted to keep up my musical hobbies as I wasn't doing a music-related degree. The music department would occasionally grant applications to non-music students to use their facilities, so I applied to see if I could get access to their pianos. I was classically trained and qualified, so I didn't think it would be an issue. Sadly, they rejected my application on the basis that their rooms were always in use, fully booked and they had to give priority to their music major. As time went on and my studies got more intense, I felt pretty bumped out that I couldn't just chill out and play piano sometimes. One day, I had a class on the other side of the campus. As I was leaving the building, I could hear a piano in the distance. I walked towards where the sound was coming from until I found myself at the front of the music room building. It was literally a block of floors, each floor with half a dozen rooms, each one with a piano. As I walking towards it, someone held the front door open for me (which required a key pass that only music majors had access to) as they must have thought I was heading in to practise - I went along with it and walked straight in. I surveyed the entire building to find that almost none of the rooms were being used. I therefore not only had access to the music rooms but a whole choice of pianos as well. As you can imagine, I felt pretty sick that I had been lied to about the availability of the music rooms - they clearly just lied. So, as someone who was paying ridiculous fees for my education and as a student who should supposedly have access to everything that his university has to offer, I started taking advantage of this situation. Every day, I would wait outside the music building, waiting for someone to innocently walk out while I pretended to walk in. On certain days, no one would come out for a long time. At this point, I would knock on the windows of the ground floor music rooms and say "I forgot my key pass, do you mind opening the door for me?". They would always very kindly open up and never bothered to question if I really was a music student. As this went on, people got to know me. The fact that I could also play piano made it less suspicious that I was just some nobody up to no good. Eventually, it got to the point where the tables would turn. It turns out that students did indeed forget their key passes and on several occasions I got knocks on the window while I was playing piano. In other words, music students were asking a non-music student for access to their pianos. This went on until the day I graduated. You can imagine the shock on the faces of the friends I made from the music department on graduation day when they saw me receive a degree in a completely different subject. TLDR: I took advantage of strangers' good faith to break into another department building at university so that I could get access to pianos.I used to work at papa johns to pay my way through college. There was a contest we had where if you got someone to "upsize" their pizza from like a medium to a large for an extra $2, you got points towards movie tickets. A large was simply $2 extra normally anyways. Anyone that ordered a large, I simply put in a medium and "upsized" it. I won every fucking week. My coworkers didn't notice this obvious loophole and it didn't cost the customer extra so I didn't have a problem with this morally gray area. Free movie tickets every week was a huge in college.When I was a freshman in Highschool my geology teacher told us we had to make a presentation about igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic types of rock. He explicitly said he didn't care how we did our presentation, but it needed a visual. I asked him to specify how much he doesn't care about the content of the presentation and what is allowed to be up for interpretation. He clarified that you could do a song and dance for your presentation if it was relevant to igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. I did an interpretive dance. Relatively no effort, a sprinkle of shame, and a reluctant A-.Instead of buying sandbags to weigh down the bed of my pickup truck in winter, I just shovel the snow right in there. When it warms up, the snow melts. No muss, no fuss. It'll be a cold day in hell when I pay for a bag of sand. Or when I recognize Missourah.When shopping online, this is a bit of a ball ache but if you're struggling financially you can always just spend the amount required for free delivery, and most places don't charge you to return items so just send back what you don't want for a refund and you got free delivery.Favorite on-line clothing store used to do BOGO, but if you returned the item you paid for you could keep the free item. It was crazy. They must have caught on though because they haven't run that promotion for a while.At my university the parking pass was like $200 a month for the underground heated parking. Long story short we figured out the pass we got to let us in had a magnet strip on the back which was useless because the machine read the barcode at the top. Me and like 6 of my friends bought one photocopied it and glued it on top of older membership cards. Ended up costing like $30 a month. Best year of my life. We live in Canada so underground heated parking in the winter was the dream.I've said this before on alt accounts that are now erased, so do forgive me if the wording is different. I'll be saving it this time so it remains consistent after this account is erased and someone asks a similar question. In the summer of 2009, a new water park, Aquatica, opened up in Florida. My cousin and I went nearly every single day, from open to close,for two months. It's my favorite out of all the water parks I've visited with many awesome rides and attractions. But, for the purposes of this question, we'll be focusing on just one ride and a couple other things: the River and some of their restaurants. See, the park had lockers where people could store their stuff: small, and large lockers. Smalls were $5, large were $10; but if you brought the key for the large lockers back, you'd get back $5. There were also three restaurants in the park: one was a buffet, one had great chicken tenders and fries, and another had awesome burgers. Luckily for my cousin and I, there was a pass you could get that let you eat unlimited at all three restaurants for the entire day. Now, the keys did come with a wrist strap so you could always have your key on you and not lose it, but most people would stick the key in their pockets and go into the river, not realizing that it wasn't the typical lazy river and, in fact, had some pretty powerful jets under the water to keep things moving. Even full grown men can have trouble standing in the middle of the river, due to how fast it was going. Well, my cousin and I figured out within the first couple of days that people were just losing their keys and loose change all over that river. We could've done the responsible thing, which was to turn in the lost keys and pocket the change, but we were teenagers and assholes. So what we did instead was turn in the keys, yes, but as if it was our own key, and we'd pocket the $5. We would alternate who would turn in a key, as well as time it so that each time we did turn in a key, it was with someone brand new, further lowering the chances of getting caught. We'd turn in an average of about 10 keys every single day. We'd then use that money, plus whatever change we'd gathered to buy the eating pass, and pig out. Add into that the fact that my dad was actually giving us money so we could buy the food pass, and we were turning quite a bit of profit that summer. He spent his money on hair stuff, and I spent mine on videogames. Best summer ever.In high school our science class had one of those projects where you had to drop an egg and build something to not have it break. The assignment sheet said "fall six feet without breaking. " This particular teacher was a stickler for following instructions, often taking points off for little things like not putting the date in the preferred format on stuff. Come the day of the project, one of the kids who has no obvious egg catching contraption walks up to the front of the class where the measurer thingy was, lifts his egg up about a half a foot above the six foot marker and drops his egg. It splatters all over the floor and the teacher tells him he's getting an F. That smug legend replies "Why? The egg fell six feet without breaking. " I wish we had camera phones back then because the look of realization on the teacher's face was epic. The teacher tried to tell him that isn't what he meant but we all reminded him about "Always Following Instructions. " He gave him an A and the next year the instructions were much more precise.I've got a good one. A friend of mine takes time to read the fine print on all sweepstakes/deals. Anyways, he was able to find a nice loophole with an airline deal through Hertz car rental. The deal basically gave you 10k frequent flyer points for X airline every time you rented a car from Hertz. So this guy, using a Hertz gold card that allowed him to skip the line, check out a car, and drop it off without interacting with anyone (e. g. like scanning into a building or kiosk instead of speaking with a doorman) took a week or two off work to run this quick play. He took a sedan from "Hertz A", drove 5 miles to "Hertz B", dropped it off, picked up another car from "Hertz B", drove back to "Hertz A", dropped it off, picked up another car, rinse and repeat. He earned a few million miles with the airline and hasn't paid for a ticket since. He'll be flying first class for the rest of his life. I believe he only paid $5 per Hertz trip. Genius.Snake on Nokia 3310. Pause the game the moment the snake eats food. You collect points while that snake ain’t getting any longerWhen I was a kid my town had a "slow bike race" tournament. So the objective was to cross the finish line in last place, the key is to keep your balance. Well the rules stated that each time your foot hit the ground you would have 5 seconds subtracted from your time. But it didn't say anything about keeping your foot planted on the ground. So once the race started I just stood there and waited until everyone else finished, waited a good 5 seconds after that, then just rode across the finish line. Ultimately they didn't let me win which I think is horse shit because they wrote shitty rules and a 12 year old found a loophole.Working at Applebee's years ago, cubra libras would ring up for 99 cents on Thursdays after 4pm. A few of us would get pretty lit on the cheap after our shift. After a few weeks one of the servers no one liked caught on and told the manager. Fun while it lasted. Thanks Bernadette you skankI used to work on checkouts and at one point they started to care about scan speeds. The top 3 people on items per minute got "star points" that could be exchanged for several things including a gift card to spend in store (1 star point=£1)I figured out pretty early that it was timed from scanning between items, not in a continuous fashion or between a transaction. If you pressed the total button it stopped the timer, so i abused it hard. There was a target of 18 items per minute. The first month i had 40 items a minute, 2nd place was 28. Obviously i won the points that month. But it looked suspicious so i pulled it back a little and kept it around a low 30 to make it believable. Paid for my shopping for about 6 months using that trick.In 2014 I had the moviepass and only a part time job so I would go to the movies a lot. if I went early I would use my moviepass to buy a later movie from the kiosk then go to the box office to exchange it for the earlier show. Since the early shows are cheaper AMC would usually give me the difference in cashIn college one weekend my girlfriend (now wife) and I were celebrating some special occasion. Maybe a birthday, don't quite remember. At any rate I went to Kroger to pickup some steaks and I got this pack of two really nice filet mignons. They were normally priced around $25 for the two pack depending on total weight but there was a special going on so they were "only" $18 but we'd done good on our grocery budget that month and could afford the splurge so I got them. Get to the checkout and it rings up the $25 price. Store policy was that if meats rang up with the wrong price they were free so I walked out with two free steaks. Of course, being a broke college student I walked my ass right back in there and filled up the cart with every last package of those steaks and they all rang up wrong so they were free. We ate delicious steak for every meal for a few days after that. We were tired of it by the time we finally finished them.Not so much a loophole, but a broken system. The Ipads at la guardia airport. You login, buy a coffee or beer, instantly you get green currency (buys you actual stuff) and gold coins (allows you to play their games). You play video poker or blackjack. I play blackjack and play two hands simultaneously. You make it max bets everytime. I fly a fair amount. Everytime I sit down for about an hour and win about 10-30k in this fake currency. You use it to buy snacks for your flight like 20oz sodas, bags of chips etc. I've often left with a few sodas and bags of chips after like an hour. I'm going to sit there anyways waiting for my flight, might as well make it worth it. The moment you run out of gold coins, you just have to watch a short ad and it replenishes. By playing max bet everytime, you shorten the time it takes to accumulate worthwhile sums.UK McDonald's. Buy a drink, use the receipt to fill out a short survey, get bug mac n fries for 1. 99I feel pretty guilty for this one but I'll tell it anyways. This was about 5 years back when I still played the YuGiOh trading card game. A new set came out that was about $20 per box. Target ordered them in bulk so they arrived in larger boxes that contained 5 sets per box. For some reason Target didnt bother opening the larger boxes so I just took the whole thing to the cashier and got 5 sets for the price of one. I told a few friends and we ended up driving to 4 different Targets and got the same results.Discovered that the laundry machine in my building didn't discriminate between quarters and loonies ($1 coins, for the non-Canadians). If the machine wanted 5 coins, it wasn't fussy about what combination, as long as it got 5 actual coins. I knew that loophole's days were numbered, when I ran into another building resident who said to me "hey, you know about the trick with quarters, right?" Yeah, as soon as it starts getting disseminated, guaranteed it'll reach the people in charge in no time.Not sure if this will still work but when my buddies and I would go to see a movie, we’d only buy 2 tickets and 2 of us would go in. One of us would then take both ticket stubs and pretend like we were going out for a smoke and come back in with another buddy. We’d do this until all of us got in.Michigan used to have a law that a minor could not plead guilty to a crime without a lawyer. I found this out by accident when I was 13 and used it three more times before I was an adult. What happens is that I as a minor would just plead guilty, they would then give me a sentencing date and let me leave. Then a week or so later I would get a letter stating that it is not legal for me to plead guilty without a lawyer and my case was dismissed, or thrown out because of it. I got out of three minor in possession tickets that way.Math lessonTeacher: For this project you will work in groups of less than seven. Me: Sir, one is less than seven. . . . Teacher: Ok, fine. Do it all yourself then. I got 70% on this assignment, highest mark I ever got in group work.If you want double meat at Chipotle, ask for it after the first scoop so the first scoop isn't compromised by the idea of a second.At my college, BIG ass deli pickles were $1. 25 at the Albertsons in our strip mall/turned campus. At self checkout you couldn’t even find any conceivable Way to input this particular deli pickle. It requested to be weighed on the scale. It’s weight ultimately cost less than 10 cents. This started me and my friends’ 40 cent pickle exclusive lunch diet for months.My college stats courses required a certain level of math course as a pre-req, I was one of the few people that noticed that intermediate algebra and survey of math were technically on the same course level. It was a fun semester of Sudoku, logic puzzles, and weird thought experiments dealing with infinity. Jokes on me though, that stats class was much harder without the basic knowledge I should have had going in.There were old “codes” on baseball cards you could put into the website towards a PS vita - so I bought a set of like 5,000 codes online to start inputting for like $20, figured eh even if it’s fake and I lose $20 it’s not a big deal for a $200 value. . . there was a max allowance per day of how many you could input which sucked. . . but it also struck me as odd that this person had all codes that were indeed working. . . as if the codes weren’t unique or random or one time use (they were one time use per account). I never did input enough codes for a ps vita but I did make a few hundred bucks on eBay selling the codes for $30 over and over again.There's a Chinese place my dad and I used to go eat at often. Buffet, before 3:30 it was about $8, after 330 it jumped to around $14 or so and they brought out the frog legs and seafood and stuff. So what we did was show up at around 3:15 and since I'm allergic to shell fish I would just get my regular fried rice and pepper steak. He would get a small plate of whatever, then when the frog legs come out, he would devour them. So basically we paid minimal price for the evening food.When I was still in University, I used to work as a rep for a big TelCom company. The store was in a somewhat wealthy neighborhood, so people would come in to trade in their phones pretty often. Of course, as you all know, the TelCom companies give you a shit price for your phone when you trade it in, so I always offered the client the possibility to buy it myself cash, for an amount that was inbetween the one being offered by our company and the one I knew I could sell if for on Kijiji/Craiglist. So I would buy around 5 to 10 phones per week and resell it for a profit. It wasn't a true loophole, but still a win-win situation for everyone involved, except the company. Fuck them anyway, they overcharge their clients here in Canada.Costco, if something is mislabeled mis-priced they will honor the lower price. It was near Christmas, I was shopping for a prime rib roast. Usually the Prime rib roasts are $16 to $18 per lbs. They had USDA Prime Rib primal ( the whole roast ) marked as USDA Choice Chuck (about $3. 50 per lbs. )I walked out with two 12 ish lbs roasts that should have been 400 dollars but I only paid 80 dollars for them.At one point on the McDonald's app there was a bug where you could order 40 nuggets for 1 dollar because whoever set up the app forgot a zero, so me and my friends order like 200 nuggets for 5 dollars, then got some other stuff so the cashier person wouldn't pay attention and we would pig out on nugsI used to work as the vendor receiver manager for Food Lion. I used to really love Dr. Pepper back then (now I'm a cherry coke man). We were having a sale where Dr. Pepper was 59 cents for a 2 liter. I was excited until I talked to the driver who delivered the product and he was like, yeah I have a fuck ton of coupons for 55 cent off that we are sticking on them for next week. I calmed myself and asked him for as many as he was willing to part with. He handed me 400 coupons. The coupons were already active. I bought 400 two liters of Dr. Pepper at 4 cents each. I cleared out two stores in my town. Some of you are probably wondering if I filled up a bathtub with Dr. Pepper and bathed in it. The answer is yes. BECAUSE I COULD.If you live in an area that has Amazon Prime Now and need something but not enough to meet the $35 order minimum for free delivery, you can buy an Amazon gift card to meet the minimum and then add it to your account to apply towards your next purchase.McDonalds have a promotion in the UK, if you buy anything, at the top of the receipt is a link to give feedback on your experiance and they'll give you a code to get an extra value meal for £1. 99. I then learnt from a friend at McDonalds that on their tills, there's no option to input a code or verify it. So now whenever I fancy a big mac and fries for £1. 99, all I need to do is show them the top section of my receipt and I've got myself a dealI got MoviePass when thr absolutely insane $10 a month deal came out. Our local movie chain (Regal) has a reward program where you get points for purchasing tickets and concessions which you can trade in for free movies and food. For whatever reason, Regal allowed you to swipe your rewards card even when you used MoviePass. My husband and I used one rewards account and went crazy seeing movies all of the time. Now that MoviePass officially blows and we've cancelled our account, we're still getting free movies with the points we acccrued.GameStop once had a "return ANY 5 games for $10 in credit" deal. I did a bit of mental math, walked over to the used bin and sauntered up to the counter with 5 copies of Princess Ponyland Express or whatever for $. 99 each. The cashier looked more curious than weirded out as he rang them up. I swiped my card and then gestured at my pile of used garbage and said "I'd like to trade in some games". He laughed out loud, gave me a high-five and said "This promo has been live for weeks and you're the first person to figure it out! I can't let you abuse it, but just take any one game you want". And that's how I got Read Dead Redemption 1 for the low, low price of high-fiving a Gamestop employee.back in the 1980's many coin op video games could be 'hacked' with a piece of thread taped to a quarter. You couldn't pull the quarter back out, but you could lower it slowly until it tripped the credit switch, and then you could jiggle it up and down racking up as many credits as you wanted for the single quarter. We played hundreds of hours of video games for very little actual money spent, and would often get bored and leave games with dozens of credits for the next person to find. Before anyone points it out, that's less of a 'loophole' and more just "stealing". . . so definitely don't try it at homeI own a car and live in the general DC area. My first six months here, I couldn't get a street parking permit because my name wasn't on the title (it was technically my dad's car, but for all intents and purposes it was mine). So I parked it in multi-day parking at a Metro station and only took it out on Sundays, when they don't charge fares for parking (I switched between parking it at Huntington and Franconia-Springfield every week). Boom: safe, monitored, free parking even while living in downtown DC. Saved the $250 it would have taken me to get a reciprocity parking permit, whatever the charge would have been to put my name on the title in my home state, AND the cost of parking it at a parking garage.When I started work at my new job, they e-mailed me a contract to sign. You sign it, return it to your new boss, he signs it, then it gets filed. The contract was a PDF but I converted it to Word so that I could modify one of the lines to “at the termination of employment, the employee must return all company property and be handed a lemon meringue pie for each month of employment”. New boss signed it without looking at it too closely and it has now been filed. I have been working here for approximately 80 lemon meringue pies now, but it has been a while and now I am starting to wonder if I really pulled it off or if I just thought about it without actually doing it. I can’t ask to see my employment contract without arousing suspicion.My brother got free parking for pretty much his entire time at university. It was that golden period when the pay parking kiosks were able to accept credit cards, but before they were actually connected. They'd read a card and check it against a locally stored list of banned numbers, and once a month the meter maid would download the transactions, process them, and update the blacklist. My brother found that they'd accept those prepaid gift cards if they were backed by Visa or MasterCard, but couldn't check the available balance, so he'd buy one, use the balance up on whatever, them use the card for parking until the end of the month when it'd get processed, found to not have funds, and banned. Rinse and repeat. Guy saved probably $2500 over his degree. [Edit] Y'all can stop telling me this is illegal, I don't give a flying fuck and you are far from the first to say so.In 8th grade we played a history game and people selected me to be the banker. Our goal was to get the French out of debt and we had to select what taxes we should set on goods, trades and other various things. So I talked with the merchant population or bourgeoisie and allowed them to trade with each other at a lower than normal tax so it incentivized high quantity trade and the only catch was that I get a 10% cut from each trade. So a few merchants made three way trades with exponentially increasing quantities from the three way trade until they were all rich and the French debt was removed in less than a day. The project was supposed to last 2 weeks and we weren’t supposed to get out of debt.My High School required you to attend a certain minimal number of classes a year in order to graduate. If you missed too many days, they made you go to "Saturday School" to make up missed days. But Saturday school was great, it was just half-days and sitting quietly reading a book. In any case, I realized that they didn't track when you were absent and when you did Saturday school. So I just went to every Saturday school to build up credit so I could skip days later in the year whenever I wanted.In my highschool we had the rule: If you lost your book you get a new one. But if you don't return it before the end of the school year you have to pay for the book. In the first few weeks I 'lost' my books. Eventually I got a stack at home and in my locker. Never had to drag a heavy backpack.Club Penguin unlimited coins. No joke. But at the top of my head the only thing I can think about is the one loophole my mom found. She works almost daily every week and unfortunately the store she works for, even though its a multimillion company, cant afford to have employee parking. So my mom has to (well in this case HAD to) pay €3. 50 daily, around €15. 50 a week just to park in one of the pay-and-display carparks with the rest of the costumers. When you’d put in the money in the machine, a copy of the ticket would come out, showing the price and the time and date of purchase. The ticket would only be for the day but on the ticket the 2 digits of the day dont print out properly, so my mom figured out that if she buys one ticket at the start of the month, she wouldnt have to buy another one till the next month. The tickets were rarely checked and if they were no one could say anything because the month is barely visible. Thats also saving €70 a month.Not exactly a loophole, but back in college the law that banned open containers of alcohol lapsed during finals week. Someone in the county government forgot it was expiring and so renewal wasn't put onto the Board of Supervisor's agenda in time. Word spread to the college town adjacent to campus rather quickly. A group of drinking age students went to one of the liquor stores, bought a keg, rolled it down the street, and planted it right in front of the little police outpost for an impromptu kegger. The entire week or two during the lapse was great. There was far less stress and animosity between students and police. They still stopped and carded kids to verify they were legal to drink, but the tension between them was non-existent. Sadly, everything went back to the confrontational status quo between students and law enforcement a couple weeks later when they renewed the law.This was something of a literal loophole, which my friends and I exploited at Dave and Buster's. For those of you who may not be familiar with the establishment, Dave and Buster's is sort of a restaurant, sports bar, and arcade all rolled into one. There are dozens of allegedly skill-based games from which you can win tickets, and then you can use those tickets to buy cheap prizes that you don't actually want and won't actually use. (That is, of course, unless you buy a whole bunch of those sticky hand things. Those things are awesome. )Anyway, on the night in question, my friends and I discovered a game in which you were supposed to hit a button at just the right time to make a ball drop into a numbered ring. It was designed to be insanely difficult, and in fact it might have been impossible. . . had it not been for the hand-sized hole in one side of the machine. We took turns "playing" the game, which involved acting like we were trying to time our button-presses, then catching the ball as it fell and quickly depositing it into the highest-scoring ring. We managed to rack up several hundred tickets in this way. . . but our best discovery came when we were ready to turn those tickets in. It used to be that when you exchanged tickets for prizes, arcades would run them through a counting machine. At Dave and Buster's – or at least, at the one that we visited – they used a scale to determine how many tickets a customer had accumulated. This scale happened to be positioned in such a way that if one were to lean on the counter at just the right angle, they'd be able to push down on it during the weighing process. By the end of the outing, my friends and I had actually managed to buy a twenty-dollar piece of schlock for the low, low price of only twenty dollars. . . and at one of those arcades, that's definitely a victory. If I recall correctly, we left that night with a vaguely futuristic-looking alarm clock. That was only because they were out of those sticky hand things, though. TL;DR: We cheated Dave and never got Bustered.In many states, contributions to a 529 are tax deductible. But it’s not just for saving for your kid’s college! If you’re going to school at least half time as an adult while working, you can contribute your rent/mortgage money to the 529, immediately withdraw it, and effectively have your rent exempt from state income taxes. You can do this up to your school’s total “estimated cost of attendance” line item for room & board. Similarly for textbooks, groceries, and other supplies (which should have their own line items), but housing is by far the biggest allowance. Saved me about a thousand bucks during grad school, and I haven’t heard of anyone doing this before. Oh, and if this applies to you, you can backdate this for all the rent you’ve paid during the semesters this calendar year thus far. You’ve got until Jan 1 to make withdrawals from a 529 for your 2018 educational expenses, but jump on now because it takes a few weeks to cycle through. Check to see if your state allows this exemption (I know CO does). Edit: You can do this for tuition too, I forgot to mention that since mine was covered by my employer so I couldn’t count that as an expense. But that should also be a tidy chunk of change. Edit2: I will make the caveat that I am just a guy on the internet and not a financial advisor. Read up on your state’s 529 laws, what constitutes 529 qualified withdrawals, and what records you need to keep before trying this out.So at my college, they offer a promotion with a certain brand of milk bottles where you can buy one for 4$ and return the bottle for 2$. Well, I recently found out the Safeway by girlfriend's dorm sells the exact same brand of milk for 2$/bottle. !!!!My college used to have a bunch of rooms you could book for meetings for free if you were a student or faculty member. Included the rooms were barebones, just chairs and a table. And a coffee machine set to free vend. My group had "production meetings" booked every morning for our project.Got some in ear headphones at this big branch electronics store. Didn't like them, the quality was shit and they just didnt fit in my ear nice. so I went back to the store to receive the answer that I couldn't return the headphones because of hygiëne reasons. When I went home I checked their website for any weird return policy rules. Didn't find anything useful but it did say that I had a 2 year guarantee on it. So I drowned my headphones in the sink, and smashed them agains a wall for 5 minutes. Headphones were broken. I went to the shop again to tell them that my headphones were broken and that i'd like to have a refund. They gave me one without question. It would've saved them a lot of hassle if they just accepted my headphones in the first place. (+ with the 2 year guarantee, when my 2 years are almost over I ask for a refund of money instead of the same headphones, which I use to buy the same headphones which resets the policy. )Back in 2013, Papa Johns had a promo for the Super Bowl where if you called the coin toss correctly, you would get a voucher for a free 1 topping pizza. However, the only control in place was you could only enter the contest one time per email address. I created more than 60 emails, half of them calling heads, half tails. Ate free for six weeks. Edit: My highest rated comment ever is talking about ripping off Papa Johns. Never change Reddit. . .When I was LARPing, I fully read a contract about selling my soul. There was some unfortunate wording in there that gave me all the bonuses the contract offered, without actually having to give up my soul.Mcdonalds has a thing right now where you peel off a thing and have 1/4 chance of winning free fries or a mcflurry or something, but only certain items had the peel. Water, which is free, is served in the cup with a peel. You can already tell what happens nextWhen World of Warcraft first came out there was a quest called Felwood slime sample. Some of the slimes contained items you could vend for 1. 5-3 gold. You could fill inventory, fly to town to open and and vend, then go back and keep collecting and selling without ever turning in the final step of the quest. I amassed 5k gold over the course of the day before they patched it. Most others at the time felt rich with 100 gold.I was laid off from a job and my not-so-smart manager gave me my separation agreement with one additional pay check. Told me to take my time to sign it, show it to my lawyer, etc. Went home and reviewed my actual contact. My manager copy/pasted my contact from a VP Sales contract which stated that I was owed 6 months full salary, benefits, and any commissions derived from sales that I generated. Went in the next day with a smug look on my face and asked the CEO, "have you read this?". Edit: for clarity, I'll just add that we said, "no", proceeded to read it, and then said, "Wow, looks like we owe you 6 months salary and benefits. Oh, and commissions on your opportunities. "I took a 400 level French film course (that was entirely taught in English) and it counted as 3 years of foreign language credit.In high school, we had some say in which classes we took, but not too much choice. In all four years, we had a mandatory “study hall”, where you had to go and sit quietly in a class and pretend to be busy, even if you had no work to do. I convinced the administration to instead let me take courses from the next grade up (but nothing with prerequisites I was currently taken). I then proceeded to take community college courses over the summer that were listed as equivalent to the last year courses I was missing without telling them. In California, as long as you take all the required classes, you can graduate high school once they’re finished with a full diploma. When I brought in all the documentation and paperwork to graduate a year early, they were pissed. They apparently knew about the program, but actively hid the information and attempted to dissuade parents when it came up, because they lose money when someone does that. I filed the paperwork anyways and graduates cum laude in my junior year. So, while not technically a cheesy loophole, I did manage to save a year of my life for $100 in community college courses.In the UK about 2 years ago the popular Walker (Lays) crisps (potato chips) company had a promotion where every 1 in 4 bags of Walkers would have a £4 off a lunch meal deal. On it it said “any combinations of a “lunch meal” below £4” or something like that. The ‘meal’ could consist of a sandwich, drink, and crisps. So any combination of those without going over the £4 was acceptable. Their full size crisps were in store sold at £1 each. Naturally my combination of a “lunch meal deal” was 4 full size Walkers bags. At least one always had another coupon. So essentially I just kept on getting 4 free bags of crisps and kept it going until their promotion ended. Only a few times the cashier raised a bit of a fuss but the coupon was legit and the terms were met so fuuuuuuuuuuuk u gimmy mah chips. I ate a lot of chips that year. A LOT.I'm late to the party but there is a loophole in the Comcast billing system that always a rep to reset accounts to new customer pricing, while earning a tv & phone "sale". I made about 5k the last month before they figured out what i was doing and fired meI used to work at a CVS. We had a promotion for a type of $2 shampoo that when you bought it, you would get $2 in “Extra Bucks” basically the Shampoo was a wash but I think we had a whole lot of it and needed to get rid of it- IIRC it wasn’t anything too special anyway. I watched, in horror from the photo area, as two strange women (I remember them appearing as gypsies or equivalent) stocked an entire shopping cart with every bottle of shampoo we had. They then demanded the shampoo be rung-up in individual transactions so each bottle they bought earned them the $2 to pay for the next bottle. It was mayhem. They must have bought 50 bottles of shampoo for nothing, save for the $2 initial investment (though walking away with $2 “extra bucks”). My local managers learned their lesson for sure. . .Not exactly a loophole but I just wanna bitch about this and this kinda fits. Before Papa Johns namesake became it's greatest embarrassment and ruined sponsorship deals, they would have codes every year that could be used pretty frequently(I think it was for a set amount of time, at a time), during every football season iirc. This code was for a "free large pizza" if you spent $15 on an order. It didn't give you the pizza upfront or give a unique single use promo code for the pizza, but instead gave you 25 Papa Rewards points, enough for a free 3 topping large pizza, which can be saved or used whenever. Big difference here. For context, a Large 3-topping pizza alone is normally like ~$20 or so. What made this so good is that you could use the promo as much as you want, and most importantly, you can use your Papa Rewards points while also making use of the promo. Use the code, build a large pizza with 3 toppings. Shove a few more toppings as you wish for a few more dollars and more food. Let's say that's $3. Then you can "Papa-Size" it to an extra large for just $3. Then just toss on nicely sized drink and sides or something. Bam, Extra Large 6-Topping Pizza, a side, dessert, and drink, for $15; and you're rewarded with yet another free Large 3-topping pizza to do it all again when you want some more. That's enough food for at least a few days for me. This really helped with food in my old living situation out more times than I care to admit, and it bothers me that it's just not gonna be available anymore.When I wear glasses white people arent afraid of me. I can blend in anywhere. Nobody wants to be the guy who asks if the black guy really works there. I can walk straight in Area 51. Edit: I'm in the hospital they shot me in the leg and said I was trespassing. Thanks whoever told me to bring that clip board it deflected a bullet. Probably saved my life honestly.Infinite free Amazon prime. A few years ago you could sign up for free Amazon prime, then immediately cancel the automatic monthly subscription. You could do this every month and use the same card/home address for each new account; all you needed was a different email address. Did this for just over a year and got free next day delivery and some movies/tv to stream that Netflix didn't have. I just wish I'd have known about twitch prime so I could have helped a few streamers out for free along the way.If you double-tap the switch weapon button in several of the Metal Gear Solid games, you instantly reload your weapon. It helped a lot against Psycho Mantis.My college required two semesters of either: Biology, Chemistry, or Physics (provided those weren't your majors). You can imagine how intense things get in the second full semester of Biology. Or Chemistry. But upon closer inspection of the coursebook, there was a fourth option: Two semesters of something called Earth Science. This turned out to be, four HALF semesters, one each of Astronomy, Oceanography, Geology, and Meterology. You can imagine how easy the coursework is for a half-semester of any one of those topics. So while all my colleagues were slaving away in a 200-level Chemistry or Biology course, I was coasting doing a mere half-semester course on fun stuff like Meterology or Astronomy.In Canada when i go to walmart sometimes I look up the American prices and get the Canadian walmart to price match the American prices that are cheaper. Its saved me around 80$ so far for small things . I don't risk it with purchases that are too expensivePaypal letting me transfer a couple hundo over to my alternate Paypal account despite me not having the funds in my bank account to back the transfer up. has come in handy in emergency situations, like when my car was towed and I needed $300 to get it out. I've always paid it back, so its just kind of like a payday loan without any fees!When Tim hortons has roll up the rim to win, the chances of winning a free coffee is way higher on XL cups, I won 10 days in a row and I would just split the XL cups into two different coffees. 2 coffees a day for free in college makes a difference.High School Bio-II class. We had to catch X amount of bugs and pin them into a board. like 80% of the bugs were worth 2 points (the were the most common), 15% were worth 5 points, and like there were a few which were worth 10 points. Or something along those lines, the more rare the bug was the more points you'd get for it. The BIO teacher gave us all about 25 pins which was plenty enough to get a 100% on the project. Because it was a public school and everyone was super cheap, the BIO teacher said at the end of the semester for every pin you returned you'd get 1 point of extra credit. So you could "keep" your collection that you worked on for a whole semester or disassemble it and get extra credit for returning your pins so the teacher could reuse them for the next semesters class. Everything was pretty clear and wrote out on the project paper/handout. I went out and caught a handful of bugs (they gave us nets and everything) it was actually fun! Then one day 1-2 weeks into the bughunt, I went to a craft store with my mother and I say a "bug pinning collection starter kit". It came with a net, some stuff to "kill" the bugs with, pins, magnify glass, and other random stuff. It got me thinking. . . . . Well next to the kits, you could buy 100 insect pins for like $5. So I asked my mom to borrow $10, and I had a $5 on me so I ended up buying 300 pins. The day comes to turn in and present our Bug Collections. Mine by far had the fewest bugs pinned. Most people thought that I had caught some rare bugs and that's why my collection was so small. It was my tern to present and I go and list off my handful of common bugs and the teacher sort of gives me that looks of disappointment, asking why I did so poorly. I then told him that I had extra pins to turn in to get extra credit. Still will some confusion, he said he didn't think I would have enough pins to get a decent grade. He then asked the question, "how many pins do you have to return for extra credit". I sort of smiled and said "300 pins not including the 25 you gave us. " At first he was sort of mad, but he ended up taking the extra pins as extra credit. He told me he's been doing this for like 8 year and this was the first time someone went out and bought extra pins just to get extra credit. The next year people heard about what I did, and in the new handout it explicitly outlined that you could only use like 20 pins as extra credit. TL;DRHad to catch bugs for a BIO class. If we returned the pins we used to pin the bugs to the board we'd get extra credit. I went out and but an extra 300 pins and got full credit plus a TON of extra credit.This one time in elementary school I took some kids crayons or something and had to write "I will never steal anything ever again" 100 times. I used permanent marker and stacked 3 pieces of paper together and let the marker seep through. Teacher probably immediately knew what I did, but she didnt say anything so a win is a win.Ive posted this a couple times before. Back in high school, one of my close friends worked at Harris Teeter. He found out that the store had 2 deals going on simultaneously for the same product, and we took full advatage of them:⁠Poptarts normally cost $1. 98 per box. They were $1 off, now making them 98 cents per box. ⁠All Kellogg's products were buy 10, get $10 off. Do the math. The system wouldn't allow for us to get the boxes for free, and defaulted to 15 cents per 10 boxes. We bought over 2500 boxes in 2 days. We cleared out every store within 20 miles and spent under $40. https://imgur. com/a/8imDTIn sixth form (that is I believe a UK-equivilent to the last two years of US highschool), we had timetables for our classes, but since most people only took 4 subjects at that point they weren't completely filled, leaving us with parts of our timetables marked "free periods". It was expected you would use this time for your own studies or to catch up on work, but when I realised the phrasing of the thing, "free", I just took one of the hours to go have a walk and a cig. I got back and some teachers were pissed, but when I pointed out I had missed no lesson and hadn't caused any trouble anywhere on my "free period", they let me off. I continued to do this, as did many others when they realised they were perfectly free to. Apparently the year above us had just assumed they weren't allowed to leave and had their minds blown. By the start of the next year, these periods had been renamed "Study Periods" and had a teacher assigned to them, usually in the main study room or the library. But it was fun while it lasted. Even though it was allowed and I was pretty much into adulthood, there was a distinct thrill from just walking out the school gates in the middle of the day and seeing all the younger kids look at me in sheer shock like I was some kind of school god. I also tried to make the argument during this time that if my "free" period was the first lesson of the day, that I could just come in an hour late. Got shut down pretty quick on that one. Guess they gotta do the register at some point. EDIT -- People are telling me this sounds unusually strict so a few additional points: 1) The schooling and education system in the UK compared to Europe, at least, is very much more traditional and disciplined. Or at least that's how it seems to me. I remember seeing on a German exchange that high-school students were fine to wear whatever they want (most schools in the UK have school uniforms or at least a dress code) and that people were just moving around the classroom while the teacher was talking, sweehearts sitting in each other's laps, fucking smoking areas?? Nah, none of that shit flies here in the UK. 2) My sixth-form was attached to a very traditional all-boys secondary school and shared most of the staff, so we were kind of treated like we were still in high school. This was a VERY traditional school. I mean stuff like the whole class having to stand up if another teacher entered the room and having to stay stood up and wait for permission to sit down when class begun. With assemblies every day where we'd have to sing hymns and actually people got punished for not trying hard enough to sing! (Despite the fact it never claimed to be a "Christian" school - I fought against that one too). EDIT2 - Just to quickly summarise the UK education system for those elsewhere: Primary School ("Reception" (aka kindergarden) and Years 1-6, ages 5-11), Secondary School (Years 7-11, ages 11-16), College/Sixth Form (Years 12 + 13, ages 16-18) then University (varies depending on what you're doing). You're only legally required to stay until the end of Secondary School.I used to be a professional traveller for work. When I was on site in a city I would get paid a per diem for meals based on the location (some locations were as much as $75/day, some as cheap as $25). The thing about this per diem value is that I received the money regardless of whether I spent it or not. Being a young and recently poor man I would arrive on Monday, order 2 pizzas from Dominos for ~$12 and just graze off of that for my 5 days in that city. On occasion my clients would take me out for dinner/lunch which would just make saving the per diem that much easier. I ended up making a small fortune in just per diem money as a result of just eating my favorite food.At my university parking was about $14/day. . . total ripoff. However, someone discovered a trick. You could take a ticket when entering the lot at the gate, it would swing up and let you in. If you were able to park and make it to the ticket kiosk (used to validate a parking pass, replace lost ones, etc. ) within 5 minutes of entering you could cancel the ticket. But for some reason this wouldn't invalidate the ticket. You could go to class for the whole day, come back out, and when you inserted the "cancelled" ticket in the machine at the gate, it would display the have a nice day smiley and you'd be on your way!This odd glitch went on for the better part of a 2 years before the parking company had it fixed. I can't imagine how much money people saved. I easily saved hundreds of dollars.First year of high school, they have us a bunch of things that were supposed to be laptops. Had is sign a bunch of paper work that we wouldn't install anything on the laptop, no unauthorized changes, blah blah blah. Probably should have banned installing games and proxies on flash drives, my goodness did we abuse that.There used to be an old school vending machine in our breakroom at work. The kind that you placed the coins in the slots and turned the handle and the snack fell out. Every snack was 50 cents. Only needed 2 quarters. I figured I could manipulate a paper clip like a little shaped U. I would then place the ends in the slots and turn the handle and then pull the clip out and abbra cadabbra, free snacks. Got away with it forever. Did it every once in a while because I'm not greedy. Showed a coworker how to do it and that fucktard did it everyday and sometimes twice a day. They pulled out the machine about a month after i showed him cause he was greedy. Moral of the story is to not teach people your diabolical plans for slowly taking over the world.A friend of mine has had free Hulu for over a year and a half now. He got a free month, then went online to cancel it, however every time he clicked to cancel, the system would offer him another free month to stay. Eventually that stopped, but every time he cancelled they would email him a code for a free month almost immediately. Last I talked to him it was still working.Was going to place an order for a laptop with a reputable well known computer company online. they had a promotion that you get a free Xbox 360 with your purchase. So I proceed to add what I want for my order. Added to basket and add the Xbox ‘add on’ per se. Proceed to check out, they ask if you wanted to add anything else on that up selling pop up where you could upgrade certain specs of the machine. But at the same time you could actually remove the original laptop but it would still keep the Xbox add on part on there. So then I could Enter my card details, they issue one of those regular account check for like £1 to bank card, their systems must have registered it as a valid purchase and they sent the Xbox 360 without me adding computer to the order. In fact my card was charged £1 and then £0. 01 (I guess they couldn’t send an invoice for £0) so I end up with the account check which cleared and so they refunded the £1 as they do. So got a Xbox 360 for a penny.I've never personally done this but I did figure this out pretty quickly after working at Tim Hortons for 4 years. So the way you word things when buying stuff can save you a small but of money, for instance a bottle of water is $2 but if you ask for a cup of water its free. There's also the biggest one that can save someone a lot of money over the course of a long period of time if you drink tea daily. A tea depending on the size ranges from $1. 50-$2. 20, but if you ask for a cup of hot water and a tea bag on the side it is $0. 25. So if you drink tea daily you can knock off a couple hundred bucks a year by doing this.get a new college ID card the day before graduation (because of some made up reason) and then you have an ID card that doesn't expire for 4 years. That means building access isn't revoked and you have brand new bathrooms of the Ross business school to use on football gamedays - clean and warm. It's worth it, trust me.Want a tall iced latte at Starbucks? get an iced espresso in house and pour in the milk yourself. This saves you about $1. 30. If you want a hot coffee and like milk in it, order in a bigger cup so that you get the full cup of coffee and still have room for milk (for example rather than getting a grande coffee with room for milk, get a tall coffee in a grande cup). There are tons more tricks for the same experience but a little cheaper price when you know the ingredients in the store and what they charge. Source: former Starbucks employeeEdit: I apologize to all the Starbucks employees I’ve triggered but full priced post Starbucks life is expensive. Also the ultimate hack is to do what I did and splurge on a nice home espresso machine. It’ll pay for itself after a year or two if you compare it to Starbucks prices.At the Subway that I used to work at the kids subs were always 2$ a piece, doesn't matter which sub you get and since we cut each of them at roughly 3-4 inches, you could technically get a 6-8 inch sub for like 4$ plus tax.Me - Hello, I'd like to return this game. It's not at all what I thought it would be. I just purchased it yesterday. Them - I'm sorry, you can't return opened software. We can only exchange it for the same title only. Me - Okay, I'd like to exchange this for another copy. Them - Was something wrong with it?Me - Yes. Them - What was wrong with it?Me - I'd actually like to wrap this up, I need to get going. Them - Here you go. Will there be anything else?Me - Yes, I'd like to exchange this for something else. Them - You can't do thatMe - Why notThem - You just can'tMe - This is sealed. Them - Would you like to talk to a manager?Me - Nope. I'd just like to return this now. I no longer wish to exchange it. Them - We can only give you store credit. Me - That's fine. Then - Here you go. Anything else?Me - Yes. I'd like to use this credit to buy this game. Them (internally) GoddammitMy friend worked for American Eagle one summer and their promotion was “free movie ticket for trying on a pair of jeans”TRY ON a pair of jeans for a free movie ticket. . . . After a week her manager had enough of the rid raf trying on jeans for movie tickets and gave her a stack of the remaining tickets. Probably 50 or so. I supplied the blunt she supplied the movie ticket and we watched about 20 movies that summer fo freeeee. One of the best summers ever.I got a $2,500 bill from Quest diagnostics. It was an overcharge and then and my insurance company just ignored me and I kept getting bills. I called them and told them I wasn't paying it. They condescendingly said that is I couldn't afford it they could put me on a payment plan. I told them, fine "I'll pay $1 a year for the next 2,500 years. "And she said "well you need to pay every month"I said "deal. I'll pay $1 a month. " and hung up. I sent a check for $1. I got a form letter saying they accept no less than $5 a month. So now I am on a payment plan paying $5 a month for the next 500 months to pay off my bill. It's been goung on for like 18 months already so I'm paying it down!And no one in the world is going to read thisIf you buy skittles from one of those quarter candy machines, you can mold one of the skittles so that it’s the exact same proportions as a quarter. Then you put it in the machine and more skittles come out. Voila, infinite skittles. I didn’t believe it till I saw it but then I was blown away to see that it actually worksMy sisters and I used to go to a community center every weekend for basketball games, cheerleading practice, etc. We ended up spending most of the day there. Somehow we found out that using Chuck-E-Cheese coins in the vending machines registered as a $1 coin. We used that loop hole for a few weeks before my mom caught on.There are some stone cold motherfuckers in this thread.When professors let you bring in “a 2 by 5 notecard” but don’t specify the dimensions. Bring in a two foot by five foot poster and 80% of the time they accept it. Then they go back and change the syllabus but hey if it works at least once.Found a bingo site that let you withdraw the £20 free bonus. Didn’t even play a single game.when i was a kid, my dad would always buy this box of bulk cookies from safeway when shopping. he said they had this policy at the time where if the price listed on the shelf doesn't match the price scanned, that item was free. he was getting this box of free cookies for years before they corrected the mistake.Gmail ignores period(s) in the email address so one email address can become many. ie) me. here@gmail is the same as mehere@gmail and m. ehere@gmail and so forth. Most website forms do an exact email comparison so those would all come to a single email address! No need to create a bunch of new accounts, just reuse one email address and shift the period around. I've used this to get multiple newsletter sign up coupons and other similar deals and contestsI took my girlfriend to the aquarium for our anniversary a couple years ago, I paid for our tickets and parking online and decided to use a visa gift card I had that had less than a dollar on it just so I could get rid of it and then put the rest on a different card. I put the card info in and it accepted it and gave me the tickets! So I got a super cheap deal of $0. 97 instead of $80!There was this website that had some content I wanted to download, but before each individual item, it would show a captcha. I discovered that if I wrote a script which uses the same cookie for the whole session, I would only need to solve one captcha for any run. This was a long time ago, so sites were less sophisticated.The merry-go-round at the mall food court said "kids $2, adults ride free. " I figured it meant adults ride free with kid, but when my friend and I approached, the lady let us on free. We both battle depression, and having those 2 minutes of cheer together are such a good memory.reddit works while im at workMy high school was trying to get more people to register for AP classes, so they modified the student handbook to say if you take the AP exam, you don't need to take the final exam for the corresponding class. I wasn't in any AP classes but found out that anyone can pay to take the AP exam, so I wrote a check for like 200$ and sat for every AP exam, without running it by teachers. When they asked why I hadn't been coming to class during "review week" for the finals, I told them I was electing not to take them. They obviously thought I was drunk again, cuz most of them just laughed at me. Until I told them I had taken the corresponding AP exam for their class. Then almost all of them seemed to get offended, and said essentially "nice try, but you're taking my final" (except mr rogers, my American history teacher. He was more impressed that I studied the student handbook enough to know my rights). So I appealed to the principal and he said all my teachers and I would have to meet with him and go over my grades, attendance, and if I should take the finals in each class. So I show up to the principals office on the date and time established, and all my teachers are waiting outside his office (I was 10min late or so. Let them wait). I go into Mr. Zalaski's office and one-by-one each teacher comes in explains why I need to take their final. But I have come prepared with my student handbook, with the relevant section highlighted which plainly says "if a student takes an AP exam, they do not have to take the final for the corresponding class". I don't even think I said anything. Just opened to the page of the handbook and handed it to my principle/teacher. And one-by-one, they left his office. All were bitter sore losers.I found a website promotion that gave you $15 for buying a $100 giftcard. I found loophole using their giftcard to buy more giftcards. I made an easy 3 grand in 1 day. I shared this knowledge with friends, they all got money too. Eventually word spread and half our friend group made like $20k total. We all got shut down and banned from the site, only ever got like $800 in free stuff.Another moviepass/amc one was I would use my moviepass to buy tickets to movies I didn’t plan on watching then I’d return them at the box office. most of the time I would get a re-admit pass and I’d bank a few of those every month. I’d use those for my friends or gf when we went to the movies.The best loophole I found was a couple years ago when the Dunkin Donuts app first came out. After you amassed 200 points (~ $40 worth of spending) you received a coupon on the app for a free coffee. What they didn't account for was that you can screenshot the coupon and use it over and over again. I used it for at least 4 months before they fixed the system. I must've got hundreds of free coffees.About 5 years ago dominoes had this cool deal that gave 50% off if you lived in a certain area (which I lived in, but then me and my friend accidentally stumbled on this loophole, we went out of the app to do something else before we paid having already put the 50% offer on, then when we went back on the app it had refreshed our order but the price was still 50% of the original but it allowed us to put the 50% on again. We did this every other week for months and months getting 75% off huge orders were talking £100 orders reduced to £25. We would just freeze the leftovers for reuse. Then one day there was no more 50% offers.When I was in elementary school I got a milk carton that moo'ed (contest about 10 years back occasionally your milk carton would moo and that meant you won something). Anyways the milk carton is not filled with milk but rather a bag of sand and a speaker and you could tell it was full of sand when you shook it. So I went to every local store and shook cartons of milk looking for mooing milk and won 10+ (crappy) prizes. the next year they ran the promotion it was a bag of water instead of sand but you could still tell the difference.My wife and I met when we both worked in different divisions for the same company. At the time, I lived about a mile from the office and would walk to work most days. On the days when I did Drive, I would park immediately across the street from the office. My wife parked about 5 blocks away. As we became friendly, she started giving me a ride home on days I didn't drive, and I would give her a ride to her car on days that I did. One evening, I was enjoying our conversation, so, instead of dropping her off at the bottom of the parking garage, I paid the $1. 75 to get in the garage to drive her to her car. The next day, I was running late, so I drove again. I got to my desk to find a stack of seven quarters sitting on it. I had chosen to spend the money from the previous day, and felt it was inappropriate for her to pay me back, so I slipped the quarters back onto her desk. For most of the morning, the quarters kept moving back and forth between our desks, reappearing when either of us would step away. I thought it was a fun little game. She, on the other hand, was getting irrationally annoyed. Finally, after lunch, she walked into my office while I was still there, slapped the $1. 75 down on my desk, and informed me that she didn't care what I did with that money, but it was not to come back to her desk. I kept the money, she cooled off (and, as I later learned, was embarrassed and convinced that I'd lose any interest after that). At the end of the day, when I offered to drive her to her car, she agreed. As we approached the garage, I pulled into the lane once again to drive into the garage. She started to protest, but I had my loophole already figured out. "This crazy lady gave me exactly $1. 75 and told me she didn't care what I did with it. So I'm using it to drive you to your car. "Later, she said she was pleasantly surprised that I'd not only been able to overlook her "crazy", but that I'd outsmarted her. On our wedding day, I presented her with her wedding gift: a homemade picture frame, with a picture from our first out-of-town trip and 7 quarters around it (quarters selected for our birth years, for our home state's state quarter, one minted the year we were married, and three random omes).The BYU Super-date. Mormons are forbidden from pre-marital sex, but college students have found a loophole around God’s inconvenient rules. BYU students can drive to Las Vegas on a Friday, get married, fuck all weekend, annul the marriage, then get back to being a single celibate college student in time for class on Monday.One time when I was in high school I figured out that spotify would give you free Premium on your birthday. So I messed around with a system on my jailbroken iPhone and set spotify to recognize every day as my birthday. It was pretty nice hahaI've built my life around a loophole. See- I couldn't go to college because I (23 f) didn't have a cosigner for my loans and I was still technically financially under my parents (on paper). This is the case for everyone until they are 26. So I had to pay full price for college which I couldn't keep doing. This guy I had gone on a few dates with was from South America and he couldn't stay in the U. S. because of Visa issues. Turns out, if you get married to someone who doesn't even have a work permit, your school gets paid for and they get to stay in the United States. Two months and one quick cafe wedding later. I can go to school for free and he gets a green card. It's been two years and we ended up falling in love and we are happy as can be and I'm almost done with school.This was only a loophole I found for maybe a school semester but back when I lived in California during the early 2000’s I was in Junior High, one of my friends was moving out of State and decided he would give me all the stuff he didn’t need to take (nicer textbook, reading books) that was part of our class set. One thing that we didn’t know about was he was on Meal Tickets for Breakfast and Lunch, it was just a yellow/black card stock calendar that you would tear the dates off and one said Breakfast and the other said Lunch. He basically said I could have them but didn’t know if we could change his name at the top, the only thing was the actual individual dates didn’t have his name, so the day after he left I went up for lunch, gave one of my tickets and they didn’t question in. So for the rest of that semester I had free lunches that were paid for. Only reason I feel bad about this is because I never told my parents and would pocket the money they would give me to buy lunch.Not the greatest, but something. I carry around a Starbucks giant venti tea thing and get 50 cent refills at my college campus. There are too many people for them to notice I just keep coming back with the same cup. Sometimes if I want a different tea I'll take nail polish remover and remove what they wrote and write a different one, same goes for when they write 'refill' to discourage me from using it again.You can buy all the ingredients to make alcohol if your under 21At my state university, they had created a few new buildings and there was the new student center smack dab in the middle of the college. Only thing with this expansion, the road next to the university student center (and splitting the school in half) was owned and operated by the TOWN. Now, they did a shit job painting the yellow lines and the standing rule was that anywhere with a blank curb and ample space could be a parking spot. Luckily for me, there was enough space for ONE spot that wasn’t in the”20 minute” parking right behind it and it was past the markings and signs. So I basically could park in the middle of campus with no decal, no meter, free for YEARS. I did this for 4 years until my 5th year, I was driving up to my usual spot 1-2 minutes before my class nearby only to see a lonely worker painting the spot. It was a good run. But I saved hundreds in student fees for parkingI had SiriusXM for 5 years for free. And hundreds of email accounts because of it. But they changed the policy and the programming is shit now anywayMy wife and I found an error in the checkout software at Teavana, which made it subtract only a single Starbucks Reward from your account, no matter how large your purchase was. At the time, you could get an ounce of loose leaf tea, no matter what kind, for 1 Starbucks Reward point. So we went and cashed in all 30 or so of her rewards for a 30 ounces of loose tea, and the next day she had 29 rewards remaining. . . . So we went to a different Teavana and did it again. And then the next weekend at two more. It's been like a year since Teavana went out of business, and we're still livin' high on free Oolong and Gyokuro.Parking at college. If I wanted to park in the commuter lot it would take me almost 20-25 minutes to get to class since I had to take a bus to the main campus. Right next to all the buildings were those sweet sweet teacher lots but they were patrolled like a hawk by campus security. So what I would do each semester is intentionally get a ticket the first week of class and then use that ticket to park in the teachers lot as they would think they ticketed my car already. $20 a semester. Pretty fn sweet.I had to spend a few days in a hospital earlier this year and drove to the hospital. You get your ticket and the gate opens to let you in, but you need to pay inside at a machine and then insert your validated ticket when it's time to leave. Parking is something like $10/day maximum and I was in for three days. When I was released, I went to the parking machine and selected "I lost my ticket" - so it only billed me the maximum amount for the day ($10).Subway had a promotion once where you could add any extra meat for 1 usd extra, so I had a 4 usd ham sandwich with extra roast beef for 5 instead of 8 usd roast beef with extra ham for 9.In the year 2000 on satellite radio was just beginning to become popular and Sirius and XM. We’re still separate companies Siri is offered a lifetime membership for $500 that includes up to five radio changers. As of 2018 I’m on my fourth radio and have enjoyed full service satellite for 18 years for only $500. Each time I buy a new vehicle I had to pay the $75 charge to switch to a new radio show in 2thousand10 I bought a standalone Radio that I had since installed in each new vehicle I have purchased. Probably the best $500 I ever spentI once put some dimes into a vending machine. The dimes came out at the bottom, so I put them in again. They came out again but this time I saw that the machine had added 20 cents of credit. I did a double take. Then I realized what was happening. I started putting the dimes through over and over again and bought the whole vending machine.My housemate at University had a year working after 2 years studying. At this job, he got 50% off at Halfords. Halfords sold prepaid Visa cards. He spent 5 grand on 10 grands worth of prepaid Visa cards, and they were the only thing he paid with for a year.Burger King has a promo back in ~2006 where you answered a simple question and got a free 48-hour Xbox Live trial. I set up an auto mouse and auto typer program to do it for me, copying the 48 hour codes to notepad. I had over 600. Had free Live for over 3 years cause I only used them as I needed them.Reminder: Theft is not a loophole.My university charged ~10ct per page on every printers, and 30ct for pages in color. That can adds up to quite a bit of money when half of your teachers requires a physical copy of assignments and lab reports. Well we found out that the fee was only enforced when you used the normal print method (ctrl P, or file>print). But not if you use the command prompt. Check out the lpr command, it may not work at your uni, but God I think I saved 200$ during those 4 years.I've shared this before, but it's my best. To set the scene, it’s 1999 in suburban Utah and we’re partying… well, like it’s 1999. Weekends are constant backyard barbecues between a couple of my best friends who have adjoining backyards. Over time the invite list keeps growing, and as we’re between High School and starting college, we’re all broke. We began by covering most of the food and people would bring their own drinks, chips, whatever, but with the growing list of guests we’re starting to get a little short on covering the hosting costs. Cue a late Thursday night as we head to the local Albertsons to see if we can find some meat and other things on sale in preparation for Friday night. We’re digging through the butcher section and we find a few things on sale. Head up to check out and it’s around midnight. The attendant is scanning out items and as he grabs one of the packages of meat he stops and says “Oh, this is expired, I’ll get you a new one and not charge you for it. ” We question him and he replies that they have a Freshness Guarantee, that anything expired is replaced with a new item and is free. We tell him it’s no big deal to replace it since it was just expired by a day, we get a free pack of steaks and are stoked. The next night at the barbecue we’re discussing the luck we had and one of my friends says “I’ve been thinking about this all day… they’ve gotta have a bunch of expired stuff on those shelves, and if we find it, won’t it all be free?” We all think about it and agree that he might have a good idea here. So the next Thursday night, we show up at the grocery store at 11:30 and start the hunt. Now, not only are we grabbing anything we can find that’s expired, but anything that’s going to expire that day… after midnight. Dozens of packages of meat, salads, day-old bread, random expensive cheeses, absolutely anything we can find. It’s around 1 am when we roll up to the check-out with four shopping carts full of food. The lone checker sighs at having this much work and begins to scan. As it beeps on our first item my buddy who hatched the plan says “Oh, that’s expired so it should be free. ” Checker gives him a look, checks the expiration date, gives a “whatever” shrug and discounts the item for free. He moves onto the next one and as soon as it beeps by buddy says again “That’s free too. ” The kid looks up and with a completely straight face my friend says “It’s all free. ”The look on his face is pure panic as he grabs the phone and over the intercom calls the night manager to the front. A mid-forties guy shows up, already looking bothered that he got called out from the nap in his office to deal with something. The checker tells him that we’re claiming everything in the carts is expired and should be free. The manager starts grabbing things out of the first cart and checking the expiration dates. His face is getting redder and redder with each item, and honestly at this point I’m feeling just a little twinge of guilt. After a couple minutes he looks at all of the carts and yells at us “This is total abuse of the system!”I’m ready to call it quits, but our ringleader replies “It’s your policy. ” The manager stares at him for a minute and then loses the standoff. He starts angrily scanning each item, pounding on the keyboard to discount the prices to free and just tossing the food down the belt for the poor checker to bag. I’m super uncomfortable, but my friend who hatched the plan is a soulless ginger. He tells the manager “Can you please handle our food more carefully? It’s for a party. ” From the look on the manager’s face, I thought the guy was going to jump the counter. It takes quite a while to ring up four carts worth of stuff and the total ends up being over $400 of free food. I’m dying, but my buddy is loving every minute of it, even directing the kid bagging to put some items in plastic vs paper, what should go on top because it’s fragile, etc. The manager yanks the receipt off the register, throws it at my friend and storms off back to the office. We pack up and head out. We throw a bomb barbecue the next night and have enough meat to freeze and use the next weekend. We decide to give it a week to cool off, so two weeks later we head back on a Thursday night. But by now Albertson’s quality control group has been on it though and we find maybe a handful of items that have expired. Not easily deterred, my friend suggests we head to the next suburb over. Fifteen minutes later we’re back to filling up shopping carts full of loot again. The same scenario plays out, but this manager has more of a “Not my problem” attitude and just sends us on our way. Weekend number 3 rolls around and we go to scope things out. As we start browsing another friend says “Hey, where are all the Freshness Guarantee signs?” We don’t see any, so our ringleader heads to the front and asks the checker. It’s gone. Our plan lasted less than a month. We had stockpiled enough food to last the last two months of summer and threw some great parties. I can’t say for certain that we single-handedly broke their policy, but we like to think so. Tl:Dr We abused a grocery store Freshness Guarantee policy to get hundreds of dollars-worth of free food.Not me, but my wife. Although, I was there to witness the whole thing. When she goes grocery shopping and they're out of something she wants, she gets a "rain check". We all do this, right? Well, I witnessed her take it several level up. She waited until the shrimp and boneless chicken breasts were on sale 2 for 1 and she had "rain checks" for both at ridiculously low prices. Then she loaded up the cart with these items, plus some other stuff we needed, and wheeled it over to the cashier. The guy was astounded, and said, "no, no, you can't do that". It was the wrong thing to tell my wife. Manager was called. Loop-hole was not prohibited on the rain check. We walked out of there and our "savings" were about $250. 00 and we only ended up spending about $75. 00. I'm still stunned at her shopping acumen.Three 4 piece mcnuggets is cheaper than a 10 piece mcnugget. Well they may have caught on by now but I abused that system for many a lonely nightThis should be almost be a subreddit.My ex has a . edu email address. . . Once they became my ex I was left with spare time so I used it for all the fun . edu discounts across the internet! Now I'm saving over $100 a year on Spotify / Hulu!When I was in middle school, some friends and I braved the haunted house that the nature center did every year. It was fun, and with it being the early 2000s, it was extra special that they were having a vote this year! We had only gotten a home computer ourselves, so I was pretty stoked to be part of the hip crowd to vote. We really enjoyed this one exhibit in the haunted house, it was electricity themed and the guy handled our dumb jokes with ease. Shockingly we were making a lot of puns. But with the vote, he was in second place! I learned I can just refresh after I voted and it kept adding a vote. Being a pre-teen with no real goals or motivation besides "avoid chores", I sat and refreshed that page dozens of times. He was well in the lead and then I refreshed some more, for good measure. I told my friend at school the next day, but whomever was running the poll must've noticed my cheating as my friend didn't have the same results when refreshing. It wouldn't even let her double vote!He won by a ridiculous landslide, anyway, but probably the only time I've helped someone win somethingIn college we had a variant of turnitin. com, which is where you upload papers for your class. It checks for plagiarism and whatnot, and it’s easy for prof to read them and not having to go through a million emails. Our assignments were usually due by 11:59pm. I figured out it records the “upload time” as when you initiate the upload, not when you complete the upload. So all you had to do was open the dialogue box or whatever it’s called (where it shows all your files) before 11:59pm, then just let it idle. Then the next day or few days later you could finish the paper, complete the upload, and boom — looks like it was submitted much earlier than it really was. Several times I’d show up to class and professor would say my paper hasn’t been submitted yet, what’s up? I’d say I thought I turned it in, idk why it’s not showing up. Then I’d finish the paper that day or the next, finish the upload, and next week prof would say it’s all good it was submitted on time. They ended up changing it later (different software IIRC) and you couldn’t do that anymore. But it was a nice life hack while it lasted.At my university in order to take Accounting 2 you must have Calculus completed, but if you transfer Acct 2 from the local Jucco which does not have the same calc pre-req then you can practically skip Calculus. This helped me get into the business school and then take Calc when I actually wanted to.You could sometimes catch the KFC near school unloading their extra chicken through the drive-thru window close to closing. If you rolled up at 8:55 and asked for a three-piece, you might could get eight pieces plus a handful of biscuits.I have a really expensive medication that costs thousands. Of course my health insurance has a out of pocket max of about 3500 but i found a coupon program that reimburses me for my medication so i get the 3500 back and it still gets tracked into my insurance out-of-pocket max. So I don't pay anything for medical at all except my premiums of 37 dollars a month.when i was 6 my mom told me that if i could get one side of a small keychain sized rubick's cube all the same color that she would give me a new star wars figure (1981), so I peeled those fuckers off as fast as I could and got every side correct. Picked out an OBI-WAN-KENOBI with lightsaber and cape. Was so badass. Heard her calling everyone telling them how smart i must be, then dad got home and immediately saw the stickers weren't perfectly lined up. . . oh shit!At a John's incredible Pizza, on one the games where you had to shoot balls at a target one of the sensors was broken and constantly being triggered, and would award you the jackpot every game. I did the math and the prizes came out under retail value if I kept playing the game, ex PS4 for ~$120 USD. I ended up having to leave because my family had to go and I didn't know if I would trigger some sort of warning in their system for accumulating tickets like this.Pre-2010 Australia, using Telstra with a prepaid mobile that had no credit on it. You used to be able to make a call, and then hear bunch of reasons as to why your call won't connect, how to get more credit etc. . . Anyway, If you listened to the menu then pressed the # key, it would repeat the list. Repeat this for about 4 minutes and your call would go through. I talked for hours and hours with people for free when call credit was still unaffordable for a high school student. Not sure if this still works or not, but it was fun while it lasted.I had a landlord a few years back that was a bit of a slumlord. He had coin operated washer and dryer and forgot to put the screws back in place after fixing the dryer one time that left the main circuit board easily accessible. After a quick Google search I learned you could change the amount the dryer charges simply by unplugging the circuit board and plugging it back in. I never told any other tenants but took advantage of this for the last few months I lived there. I always worried he would notice that he was suddenly not making as much from the dryer as the washer but he never did. I think he was too lazy to bother noticing those sort of things.German post office: Put the recipients address into the senders field, don't add stamps. Post office will send it back to the sender, and therefore the originally intended recipient. Probably not legal.My high school had a requirement that everybody had to take two years of "3rd language" classes. Me and like 15 others failed our second year, yet didn't have to take any more because enough people noted that we took the year even if we weren't successful at it. Next year, they changed the rule to say "get a passing grade in two years of classes"Ordering a cheeseburger without cheese at McDonald's when it was cheaper than a hamburger due to some promotion.When i transferred universities, i had to go to each department and explain my class and the advisor would assign the appropriate course for those credits at the new school. They never checked my previous schools syllabus. So basically if I pre read the class descriptions at my new university. I could convert my old credits to whatever I wanted. I had mostly taken the classes I needed them to be sadly, but i got to swap some grades around and inflate a class or two into something better. It was also a semester to quarter system, so I was able to get some classes split into two classes, even when they were really just the value of 1. 5 classes.In Norway, you have an ansence limit of 10% in high school. I figured out, after reaching the absence limit, that if you switch class in every subject, the percent goes back to zero. Due to this loophole, I didn’t fail any of my classes.Unlimited pancakes for $14 at Denny's. Capped at 25 pancakes now sorryMy local burger joint will give you a free dessert of your choice if you do the receipt survey during your visit. All they ask is for you to show them the completed page on your phone. They don’t need to code. I did the survey once, screenshotted the end page, and been using the same photo to get free desserts every visit.When I was 10 years old I used to live about 5 miles away from a local mall that had an arcade. After receiving a steel blank from the token machine one time, I theorized that if you took a nickel and smashed it with a sledge hammer for 20 minutes, until it was roughly the diameter of a quarter, the machines would accept it as a valid token. I spent about three hours hammering out 10 nickels on the sidewalk, then made the half hour trip to the mall on my Huffy. Scored me a cool 5 minutes of playtime on X-Men vs. Street Fighter and I saved $2. 00 in the process. Walked out feeling like Lex Luthor.The Family Video would give you free rentals for every A on your report card up to a certain age. We would make copies and go in every so often and get some movies and games all summer. Good timesWhen I first got an office job they had this policy when you worked over 10 hours in a day you were given 30 bucks for dinner. As long as your time cards were punched and showed you worked 10 hours just sign your name and take it out of petty cash. I was young, hungry, and broke but man 150 bucks extra week tax free, I volunteered to put in the overtime. I also got paid by the hour so it increased my paycheck. Worked my butt off for the first year before I got a decent promotion and switched over to salary, but man I miss that supper money.Earning miles and points through strategic use of credit card applications and spending to travel the world in first class and stay in top hotels for virtually no financial expense.Not really a loophole but definitely a glitch, target had a stackable $15 coupon so I used it the max amount of times and got a Nintendo switch for $50When I was in high school I had a curfew of 2 am in high school, many years ago - literally last century. I was told I had to be home at 2am. I took this literally. I would get home at 2am. I would then go into my room and immediately go out the window and get back into the car with my friends and go back out. After a couple of years, I finally pushed my luck too far and when I came home at 6 my mom and stepdad were already awake and waiting for me. They were pissed. What did I have to say for myself. I told them I was required to be home at 2am. They didn't say anything about staying. Still got in trouble.HP website. First few hours of a pre-black Friday sale. Accessories we're all $20 off. So I ordered like 15 things that were $20. Didn't really expect it to be shipped. Well they actually sent them. I still have some of those laptop sleeves.Don’t know if this counts, but its useful info. I work at a bank and one of the higher ups told me a way on how to get a ton of reward points/cashback. It only works if you have a credit card that gives reward points or cashback with an acceleration category (ex. 3% cashback on gas, groceries and bill pymts. = accelerator, 1% on everything else). Most people don’t realize that the gas accelerator isn’t just for gas, its any purchase at a gas station. So you can buy a shit ton of giftcards and get the 3% cashback on all of that, and use them wherever you want, instead of going to that specific store and getting 1%. A bit of extra work but if you spend 5k on giftcards for stores that you regularly shop at, you can get $150 back. Easy discount. Tip from me: keep in mind most credit card purchases (depending on the amount/your provider) have some type of purchase insurance/protection, so try not to use the giftcard loophole for electronics or appliances because you wont be able to file a claim.It's a fairly lame loophole but in the first apartment I ever lived in someone jammed the coinslot of one of the washers at some point. There were only two machines for the whole building so I got desperate one weekend and spent a little time trying to unjam the machine. After a lot of frustation I pulled the tray out and just slammed it in as hard as I could hoping to dislodged the coins stuck in the back as a last ditch attempt o fix it. IT WORKED!! The tray pushed all the way to the back and I heard coins drop and the wash started. I put my clothes in, came back end of the cycle ready to load up with load #2. I pushed the tray in JUST to make sure it was smooth so I wouldnt loose my coins. Low and behold the tray slid in smoothly but the wash started WITHOUT coins. I thought that was odd but wasn't about to argue. Load #3 I was intrigued and pushed in the empty tray again. Started right up. Somehow someway the machine broke to where it started with or without coins as long as you pushed in the tray. I didn't tell anyone and washed clothes free for a solid year! (I was a broke graduate student at the time so this felt amazing to have free washings!)

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