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What are some tips to fill out the kvpy self appraisal form?

this question has already many answers provided. still i would like to share my views.please do select your favourite subject carefully. they will read that line that which is your favourite subject and may also ask you so that they can start the questioning. so please select the subject which you will be able to face the interview in. it may occur that you are not good at your favourite subject that much as another subject. then think carefully about feeling the form as it will decide the subject of starting.write with a easy mind. the questions are not going to be evaluated at all. so as there is no direct marks o that paper then please do not lie on experiences and inspirations. writing something story can throw you in danger of answering questions on a imaginary experience.if you are having doubts take a xerox of the paper and take suggestion from teachers and others adn after filling the xerox well you can fill the main form cleanly and clearly.thats all you need to know about that little important form and please worry about the interview and not about the form which is going to turn useless if your interview is not that worth.

At what moment in your life did you witness true evil?

I had never really experienced a truly evil human being until I was incarcerated in a small upstate NY county jail back in 2013, at 26 years old. I recently just used this experience to answer the question, “What incident has traumatized you for good” but I feel that it answers this question as well, I hope that's okay.I had been in Steuben County Jail for about 4 weeks when the headaches began. It started with pain around my sinuses that spread to the top of my head, face, and neck. In jail you have to fill out request slips if you'd like to be seen by medical staff. So a day after my symptoms began I put in a slip to go to the medical unit and be seen by the Physician Assistant. I told her my symptoms and was diagnosed with a sinus infection and was prescribed antibiotics.A week went by and my pain was steadily getting worse. When it began it was very painful, but after 7 days it was excruciating! I couldn't eat or sleep. The other inmates/Correctional Officers would hear me crying in my cell at night when everything was quiet. I again put in a request slip to go to medical because I knew I was suffering from something other than a sinus infection, and was beginning to suspect it was something very serious.I went to the medical unit and told the PA that I was in a huge amount of pain. I told her that it was so bad that I hadn't been able to eat or sleep in days, and that the pain had spread to my entire head, including gums and face, and also to my neck and right shoulder. She felt my neck and back, then asked about my teeth. I told her I didn't have any teeth problems, but she concluded that I had an impacted tooth. I told her I disagreed, and asked to go to the hospital, but was she refused saying that hospitals were only for emergencies.A day goes by and I am in extreme agony. I couldn't move from my bunk in my cell. I cried constantly. If I moved my head even the slightest bit it felt as if my head would explode, or my eyes would pop out of their sockets. I began asking the CO'S and sergeants to send me to the hospital. I kept getting denied. I remember I was curled up in my bed sobbing when the CO doing her rounds stops at my door, opens it, and said, “would you knock it off!? Crying isn't going to help you!”On my 8th day into the pain I requested, and was sent, to Medical for the 3rd time. I told the PA that I was seriously ill, that the pain was torturing me, and that I desperately needed to go to a hospital. She felt my neck and right shoulder and said I was stiff as a board. She says, “It's not a tooth problem after all. The headaches are tension headaches. You need to learn to relax.” I told her that it wasn't just some headaches, that I was in the worst pain of my entire life. I begged to go to the hospital. She said, “that's not happening.”The next day I began having double vision. In about an hour it went from being double vision for about a minute, but then cleared up, to being constantly. A nurse was in the unit handing out medication. When it was my turn at the cart I told her that I now had constant double vision. I told her, “there's two of you.” She gave me a look like, yeah right, and told me to again put in a slip to go to medical.The other inmates began to get very worried about me. I'd often have girls stop by my door to check on me. I'd often hear them telling the staff that I needed to be hospitalised. That day when a fellow inmate stopped by my cell to check on me, she looked horrified and said, “oh my god… Your eyes… They've shifted.” I immediately went to my mirror to see that I had gone cross eyed!A sergeant was called to talk to me. I showed him my eyes, told him I couldn't handle this pain, and that I could no longer walk right. I was unbalanced, and walked in little shuffled steps. I remember telling him that I was dying, I knew if I wasn't treated soon I would die. I begged him to send me out. All he said was, “Oh is that your expert prognosis? I didn't know that you're a doctor! You can go to Medical tomorrow.”I laid in my cell that night sobbing. The act of crying made my head feel like it would explode, but I couldn't help it. I was waiting to pass out or die. I remember moving my mat onto the ground by my door, so if I did become unconscious, I hoped the guards making rounds would see me and help. I asked the evening and night CO'S to please help me get to the hospital, that I didn't want to die alone in a jail cell. They just said there was nothing they could do.The next day at medical I told the PA that I had double vision, showed her my eyes, told her I couldn't walk, that the world was spinning. I had also told her that I was now vomiting constantly, that I was being tortured. I remember saying something like, “please, I'm dying, I'm only 26 years old, please don't let me die.” She looked at me for a minute and called the guard. “Take her back to her cell. Tell everyone to stop bringing her here, she's wasting my time. This is her own fault for taking other inmates’ medication.” She said it was a drug reaction from an inmate’s medication.I was stunned. I thought for sure that when she saw my eyes she'd HAVE to believe me. I promised her that I hadn't been taking anyone's medication, and that I knew it was something life threatening. I began sobbing and just absolutely begging. I felt like if I didn't convince her right then and there to take me to the hospital, if I was taken back to my cell, that I wouldn't make it back out. I stood there sobbing and pleading, but she just stood with her back to me, and the guards took me back.I was lying on my cell floor trying to find the least painful way to position myself, when I moved my head to the side. When I did that I felt a pain that caused me to start screaming. It felt as if my brain was too large for my skull, and that my brain would burst. The CO ran over to my cell, unlocked it, and sent a fellow inmate in to check on me. I was on the floor by the toilet because of my vomiting. The girl got down on her knees and cradled me in her arms. I was screaming and sobbing that I couldn't take it anymore. A sergeant was called in, and when he came to my cell I recall saying something like, “Please help me, I'm a human being, I'm dying, you have to help me.” To my great relief he says, “ okay, get your shoes on, we'll get you checked out.”The sergeant has to help me get my shoes on, and had to have his arm around me to help me walk. He leads me up the hallway, and the whole time I'm sobbing with relief, and thanking him for agreeing to send me out. I remember thinking that I made it, I was going to live!The sergeant leads me into a room at the end of the hallway. It was a small room with two cells, a shower, and a desk centered in the middle of the two cells. The sergeant leads me into one of the cells, sets me down on a wooden bench, and then exits the cell shutting me in behind him. I ask, “ when am I going to the hospital?” to which he replies, “ you're not. We can't have you screaming like that, bothering everyone on the unit. You're staying in Constant Watch until you can grow up. ”Constant Watch is the area of the jail used for inmates that are suicidal, or a danger to themselves or others. A guard is on them 24/7 and records in a log book what they are doing every 15 minutes.I was utterly shocked that I was in this cell instead of on my way to a hospital. I've never felt more let down in my entire life. That night as I layed on a mat on the floor, I sang songs to myself to try to distract myself from the pain. I kept asking the CO who was watching me to help me. I cried and screamed. I kept vomiting, which made everything hurt even worse. I even called out for my mom. The CO just sat there watching me, looking bored and irritated. It was easily the worst night of my life. I started wishing that I would die so that the pain would finally stop.In the morning the PA came in to evaluate me. I just kept begging to go to the hospital. I told her that this was total torture and I just couldn't handle it. I told her I couldn't see, walk, and my thinking ability was starting to get cloudy. She turns to a sergeant and says, “take her back to her cell, all this is her own fault. "I screamed “Noo No No” over and over, and kept on screaming. Even though it hurt I just didn't know what else I could do. The PA actually said, “if it was something serious it would have killed her by now, that's how I know it isn't.” A trained medical person actually said that!!The PA leaves and the sergeant says to me, “Your head can't hurt that bad if you're screaming. I couldn't scream like that if my head hurt. ” I just continued to cry and scream. I felt totally helpless.A different sergeant came in to talk to me. I again reminded her that I am a human being. That they were just letting me die a slow and painful death. I had given up all hope at that point when she said it. “Okay Templin (my name back then) we'll get you looked at.” I sobbed uncontrollably, and just kept thanking her over and over again. She bends down to help me up, then says, “holy shit, you're disgusting, don't breathe on me.” (!!) At that point, I didn't even care. I was just so happy and grateful.At the hospital one of the first things they did was a spinal tap, or lumbar puncture. The doctor who performed it told me that my spinal fluid shot out like a geyser. Tests confirmed that I had Fungal Spinal Meningitis. During the spinal tap my Intracranial Pressure (pressure on my brain) was checked and was found to be 48 mm Hg. Normal intracranial pressure for adults is between 5-15 mm Hg, with high normal being 20-25 mm Hg. Between 40-50 one usually becomes unconscious, and 60 is nearly always fatal. The Dr said it was unbelievable that I (unfortunate for me) never passed out. He said he believed I would not have made it another 12 more hours.This was when I first experienced true evil. In a building full of people, and a medical unit, I was tortured for 11 days. Most people wouldn't let an animal suffer in such a way. Not one guard who witnessed my agony tried to challenge the medical personnel and sergeant’s decision to not send me to a hospital. I was in jail for a misdemeanor charge, and nearly died as a result.To jail personnel I was just a good for nothing criminal. They viewed me as a lower life form than themselves. To them I deserved the pain I endured because I broke the law and was a prisoner. They are evil. Totally evil to not show an ounce of compassion for their fellow man.It took a long time to recover. I had double vision and trouble walking for a long time. I do get chronic headaches, but I have physically recovered. I will never recover mentally.After I recovered I sought legal representation to help me sue. At the time I was told that in NYS one has 90 days to sue a county, after that you're S.O.L. After much advice from people here on Quora I've decided I will try to pursue it again.Here I am today fully physically recovered. I am one of the lucky ones, as I've read countless stories of people dying in jails and prisons while staff literally watched on closed circuit television and did nothing. To them an inmate’s life means nothing.If that's not evil I don't know what is.Thanks for reading. I apologise for the length.

Has anyone noticed you are accepted at clinics these days based on the application you fill out?

Thank you for the compliment of the A2A. However, I'm not sure if I understand your question.Has anyone noticed you are accepted at clinics these days based on the application you fill out?Are you talking about healthcare facilities? If so, the short answer is yes. It's actually been that way for the last decade or two, if not longer. While urgent cares and ERs usually accept all patients for at least a medical screening exam and stabilization, healthcare facilities providing a lower level of care have different procedures.Clinics and private practices need to ensure that patients seeking their care meet the qualifications for treatment at their facilities and that they can accommodate the level or type of care patients might need. The application or intake forms provide a way to do this.Most clinics depend on insurance reimbursements from your and other patients' visits to remain open. The reality is that healthcare is a business: the clinic has rent, insurance, overhead and staff to pay, just like any other business. If patient insurance and co-payments can't keep up, the clinic will be forced to close.Some healthcare clinics may be subsidized by the state, county, city and/or philanthropic organizations. Such clinics are usually reserved for those with no or inadequate health insurance, as well as those falling below the poverty level. Because these clinics must adhere to strict guidelines and rules, there's usually an application process to ensure that patients meet the criteria to be seen.Most private medical practices come to some sort of consensus about the types of patients that will be seen at their facilities. Again, they are first and foremost a business and must run efficiently and profitably to remain open. Toward that end, the medical providers decide which types of insurances and how many patients they will each accept, what sorts of medical problems they feel qualified to evaluate and treat, and which patients will be referred to specialists.In other words, whether public clinic or private practice, the medical providers want to make sure that their office is the right one to help any prospective patient properly. The intake forms-- application--helps them understand your needs and whether or not they can help you.One thing that I have noticed about the practice of screening patients in advance: many practices will not accept chronic pain patients. The liability and legal issues associated with pain management have become too high for them to risk this.Some practices will take chronic pain patients only if they are already well-established with a dedicated pain-management clinic.Otherwise, those forms you fill out are for insurance (and income verification if you're going to a free or low-income clinic) and to meet HIPAA privacy and other regulatory purposes. The health questionnaires ensure that the clinic or practice is qualified to evaluate and treat you.I hope that helps. If I missed the mark, please clarify your question, and I'll be happy to try again.(Quora pro tip: try wording questions in more open-ended ways, rather than simply asking for a yes or no answer. For example, someone could just say yes or no to your question, because it's all you requested. And that's fine if a yes or no was all you wanted. However, Quora prefers more open-ended questions that ask those answering to give more information. With this question, perhaps you could have asked: Why do today's patients have to fill out application forms before they can be seen at a clinic? In any event, Happy New Year, and happy question-writing to you!)

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