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PDF Editor FAQ

How many people in Assam do support ULFA? Are the majority of the people of Assam with ULFA?

I was born and raised in Dhoedaam, a little tea estate in the Eastern end of Tinsukia district. In the early 2000s Tinsukia was a much conflicted haven for ULFA. The things I saw, the things I heard about ULFA in my childhood only makes me hate them more than ever.ULFA was formed with the aim of an independent Assam, but their ways were pure terrorism.The racial crimes they commited were similar to the Nazi culling of Jews. Their concern was Assamese people becoming a minority in their own state and the government cutting us from the much deserved privilege.The tea estates were a posh areas on one end, where the lifestyle is still pretty much the way British left us with, but this was only applicable for the officials employed by the company. They were usually people hired from other states for managing the tea factory. The commoners or the natives of the tea estates were the descendants of the labourer tribes brought by the colonists. They still live in huts and do the same work their forefathers did.ULFA was known for demanding ransoms with death threats and kidnapping. Their primary target was non-Assamese people.One day we saw Indian army march in the tea garden with helicopters. Their orders were to evacuate the non-Assamese employees. The manager and his family was first to leave their bungalow. A few families including ours was left behind because we were Assamese and they believed we weren't in any danger, they were wrong.My mother was working as the civil administration officer. Her office was just by my school. One day we heard a loud explosion. A hand grenade was tossed in my mother's office. Luckily she wasn’t there in the office at that time and no one else was injured too. Within a week her request for transfer to a different district was accepted on grounds of safety.The entire section of NH-37 was filled with Police check posts for many years. Every car was searched and every person interrogated. People travelling in busses were asked to march in lines with armed CRPF personnel walking behind them, while the sniffer dogs and search teams did their work around the vehicles. That never felt good, it felt as if they believed we were terrorists, but we can't complain, it was for our safety.My father on the other hand was a doctor. One of his friend from medical college had a good tie with ULFA and it worked out as a lucky charm for us. We came in good terms with Surrendered ULFA leaders like Jiten Dutta.Back in the days if someone bought a car or a anything where a healthy transaction was needed, within days ULFA would send their men to bring the things in their possession. Often our family’s name was in the ransom list. My father’s friend made sure the name was wiped from the list. Others weren't so lucky, a “no” was always replied with a gunshot.We feared ULFA, we couldn't celebrate days of national importance because ULFA claimed Assam was never free. They threatened to launch genocide and one dark day they did- The 2004 Dhemaji school bombing where innocent children were targeted for celebrating Independence Day.Some people supported them, they believed the fear of ULFA in the mind of outsiders assertained the strength of Assamese people, little did they know how they were brainwashed into hatred and racial discrimination.Assassinations were a common news. Engineers from other states and countries often faced ULFA’s wrath. Bihari people became a common target. 2007, 61 Bihari workers were massacred. Development of rural areas came to a halt. The workers and engineers decided to run for their lives Uncomplete roads and bridges plagued the scenery. The fear of ULFA affected tourism too.Even after years of ULFAs inactivity people still fear them. ULFA is hated by every Assamese in the right state of mind, although as I said some brainwashed people still exist. ULFA is responsible for setting us way back in terms of development.Their desires and actions don't match. They were the greatest threat to the people they wanted to preserve.

What is the NRC Assam?

Dear Readers,NRC stands for National Register of Citizens. The first NRC was published after the census of 1951, Census of India. It's a list containing the names of genuine Indian citizens. It contains names of all Indians, not only people living in Assam.During the Bangladesh Liberation War 1971, many illegal immigrants from Bangladesh came to India, mostly settled in Assam and West Bengal. The immigration continued even after the end of war. The Indian Government had to spent huge amount of public money for those illegal immigrants.(Congress Government)The Assamese people felt alienated because of this unjustified move by government of India. The immigration changed the demography of Assam. To compel the Indian Government to identify and expel illegal, (mostly Bangladeshi), immigrants and protect and provide constitutional, legislative and administrative safeguards to the indigenous Assamese people, the influential students Union, AASU(All Assam Students Union) and All Assam Gana Sangram Parishad (AAGSP) led a series of a program of protests and demonstration, popularly known as Assam Movement.The Assam Movement (or Assam Agitation) (1979-1985) was a popular movement against illegal immigrants in Assam. The agitation program ended in August 1985 following the Assam Accord, which was signed by leaders of AASU-AAGSP and the Government.The NRC is a product of this long struggle by the Assamese and Bodo People, where 855 Assamese and Bodo people had to sacrifice their precious lives.The purpose of NRC update is to identify illegal migrants residing in North eastern state who entered Indian territories after midnight on 24 March 1971(Though 1951 in Indian Constitution) and to determine the citizenship of the applicants who have applied for inclusion of their names in the updated NRC.The first part of draft NRC, known as the Part Draft NRC published on expiry of midnight of 31 December 2017 by the Office of the State Coordinator of National Registrar (Assam) in all the villages/wards where the Application Forms were issued & received. The total number of people included in the Part Draft NRC was 1,90,10,932 members out of 3.29 crore applicants.The complete draft NRC was published on 30 July 2018 Office of the State Coordinator of National Registrar (Assam) in all the villages/wards in all the villages/wards where the Application Forms were issued & received and also made available on the nrc official website. The total number of persons included in the Complete Draft NRC is 2,89,83,677 leaving a total of 40,70,707 as ineligible for inclusion.Jai Hind.Thanks for scrolling down.

How hard is it for a Bengali born in West Bengal to stay outside Bengal?

I am a Bengali born in West Bengal but at the age of 9months I was made to live in Tehpur, Assam. And then for the last 16years I have been living in different cities and towns of Assam. The different things that have really hurt me throughout the years areFirst of all I hate when people taunt me because of my “Calcatian” Bengali which has a some different accent then the Bengali which they use here in Assam.I made as my home state.I miss the gossips or discussions with friends and families that is a part of culture in West Bengal.I miss my relatives who live in West Bengal.I don't like the oppressive behaviour shown towards the Bengali's by the local people. although not everyone is rude in their behaviour as I have 2 very good assamese friendsAlthough I have been leaving here for long I have not mastered the Assamese language due to which I have to face various social problems in my daily life.But not everything is bad asI am far from West Bengals politics lover community(As I hate modern politics)I do not have a CM who uses slants in her speech.I enjoy a very good weather throughout the year and would love to call Guwahati an AC city.The above points are just some random ones and may not be applicable for all.Anyways, thanks for reading.

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