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Why is it that most people complain about the reservation system based on caste only after their failure in a competitive exam? If you know beforehand that we have this system, and complain only when you fail, isn't it a disguised excuse?

Here's something for every pro-reservationist who fail to understand that why it is about time that reservation should be practiced not based on caste anymore, but it should be based on economic standards of the family concerned.Having said that, there should also be a protocol wherein the benefits of reservation should be limited once an individual has settled well in life as a result of availing reservation previously at various times.Extremely long but extremely valuable information:I did three RTIs.It was my first attempt and I made a grievous mistake by making my RTI application lengthy. These were my online RTIs and without any guidance, just from internet knowledge, I had filed it against the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and Education Department. And these got transferred to the respective departments.First RTI:1. What is the time validity of the reservation for Schedule Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST) and Other Backward Class(OBC) in Education, Government Jobs, Bank Jobs and promotion.Status: No replies received.2. What percentage of people belonging to Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST) and Other Backward Class(OBC) does not have caste certificate.Status: It is State Matter.3. What percentage of population of Schedule Caste(SC), Scheduled Tribes(ST), Other Backward Class(OBC) and Forward Caste are living Below Poverty Line(BPL).Status: Reply Got.4. What percentage of population of Schedule Caste(SC), Scheduled Tribes(ST), Other Backward Class(OBC) and Forward Caste full-fill the criteria of Non-Creamy Layer.Status: No reply received.5. How much has been spent for scholarships for Schedule Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribes(ST), Other Backward Class(OBC) and economically backward General Category from year 2000 to till date.Status: Partial replies.6. What is the income range of the family of candidates and occupation of the guardian who got reserved seats in education through Schedule Caste(SC), Scheduled Tribes(ST) and Other Backward Class(OBC) reservation in Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), National Institute of Technology(NIT) and MBBS seats through All India Pre Medical Test(AIPMT) from year 2000 to till date.Status: Partial replies.7. What percentage of General vacancies are availed by candidates who have applied for reserved seat of Schedule Caste(SC)/Scheduled Tribes(ST)/Other Backward Class(OBC) in Civil Service,Public Service, Railways, clerks and Probationary Officer(PO) of both SBI and non-SBI banks(selected through IBPS) and in educational institutes of Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), National Insititute of Technology(NIT) and MBBS seats through All India Pre Medical Test(AIPMT) from year 2000 to till date.Status: Partial replies.8. What is the average income of Schedule Caste(SC), Scheduled Tribes(ST), Other Backward Class(OBC) and Forward Caste in rural and urban areas.Status: No replies.9. What is the land holding pattern of Schedule Caste(SC), Scheduled Tribes(ST), Other Backward Class(OBC) and Forward Caste in rural and urban areas.Status: It is State Matter.10. What is the acquittal rate of cases registered under the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989. And how many acquits are victims of proven blackmail/personal attack by the complainant. And how many have been punished for misusing Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989.Status: This got transferred to Home Ministry, but did not get any replies thereafter.11. What is the rate of inter-caste marriage.Status: It is State Matter.Second RTI:I would like to know the following:1. What is the literacy rate of General, Schedule Caste(SC), Schedule Tribe(ST) and Other Backward Class(OBC) in urban and rural India.2. What is school drop-out rate among General, Schedule Caste(SC), Schedule Tribe(ST) and Other Backward Class(OBC) in urban and rural India.Status: No reply received regarding this RTI, filed first appeal and still no reply.Third RTI:I would like to know the drop-out rate of students of General Category, Schedule Caste (SC), Schedule Tribe(ST) and Other Backward Class(OBC) in the Institute of Management (IIM), Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), National Institute of Technology(NIT) and MBBS seats through All India Pre Medical Test(AIPMT) from year 2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2013-present.Status: Partial replies.• Reply regarding IIT was that they are independent public authorities and that I have to contact them.• Regarding scholarship in IIMs the reply was total aggregate and not caste specific.• So far, as per the replies, there is no caste-neutral affirmative schemes by the government.• If I did any typo mistake or calculation mistake differing from the pic then let me know.Here are my replies and my comments, you can also analyze, have an opinion that could differ from mine:----------------------------------1. Percentage of Poor Below Poverty Line (2009-2010)a. In rural Indiai. ST- 47.4%ii. SC- 42.3%iii. OBC- 31.9%iv. Others- 21%Total- 33.8%b. In Urban Indiai. ST- 30.4%ii. SC- 34.1%iii. OBC- 24.3%iv. Others- 12.4%Total- 20.9%As per this statistic we can say that the remaining ST (52.6% of rural and 69.6% of urban) SC (57.7% of rural and 65.9% of urban) and OBC (68.1% of rural and 75.7% of urban)are having better access to resources and they are having more advantage of accessing reservation.Now for those who says that the Others (which include upper caste and minorities and help for minorities for scholarship are also being given, but it varies from state to state) are having less BPL.. My question would be that, don't we have the right to live and get help from the government?Convert the %age into numbers and it will be a huge number waiting for help in lakhs and lakhs or even crores.2. Between 2000 and 2014 the amount of money spend for scholarship for OBC:Pre-matric: 41765 LakhPost-matric: 292137.53 LakhData from educational institutes, some of them did not reply fully to my queries, sharing with all of you with what they have replied me and I also regret for not asking the occupation and annual income of general category too. After looking at a pic proof if I have done any calculation mistake or typo mistake like if I have written wrong data then let me know.3. After analyzing drop-rate in IIMs,(Note: They have not stated reason for dropout, could be academic or financial) ST are top in dropouts compared to their 7.5% reservation while the General and SC and OBC have similar patterns except a curious case in IIM Ranchi where SC category has a 0 % drop out.4. Data from NIT Durgapur.i. In the year 2007-2008 the number of candidates admitted below Rs 24000 per annum is 17(caste is unknown) when there were 520 seats which is 3.27% representation of BPL.ii. In the year 2008-2009 the number of candidates admitted below Rs 24000 per annum is 18(caste is unknown) when there were 588 seats which is 3.1% representation of BPL.iii. In the year 2009-2010 the number of candidates admitted below Rs 24000 per annum is 24(caste is unknown) when there were 706 seats which is 3.99% representation of BPL.[And we know the estimated BPL percentage]5. Data from NIT Calicut.i. Number of OBC admitted under OBC categorya. 2009-2010: 185b. 2010-2011: 248c. 2011-2012: 256d. 2012-2013: 255e. 2013-2014: 250ii. Number of OBC admitted under OPEN categorya. 2009-2010: 60b. 2010-2011: 65c. 2011-2012: 34d. 2012-2013: 21` e. 2013-2014: 37iii. Number of SC, admitted under SC categorya. 2009-2010: 137b. 2010-2011: 137c. 2011-2012: 138d. 2012-2013: 144e. 2013-2014: 134iv. Number of SC, admitted under OPEN categorya. 2009-2010: 2b. 2010-2011: 0c. 2011-2012: 2d. 2012-2013: 0e. 2013-2014: 0v. Number of ST admitted under ST categorya. 2009-2010: 67b. 2010-2011: 52c. 2011-2012: 54d. 2012-2013: 57e. 2013-2014: 59vi. Number of ST admitted under OPEN categorya. 2009-2010: 0b. 2010-2011: 0c. 2011-2012: 0d. 2012-2013: 1e. 2013-2014: 3vii. The guardian's job of the received varied from Weaver Coolie Gold Smith to Engineer Government employees Doctor SP(Intelligence).And I wonder how a doctor or SP's child is backward!6. Data from NIT MeghalayaIncome range of the candidate's guardian who availed reservation.SC- Rs 1417-45779 (Per month)ST- RS 2916-25000 (Per month)I wonder how a person earning RS 45779 per month is backward!7. Data from NIT Puducherry27.27% of unreserved seats are filled by candidates belonging to SC/ST/OBC..This is a slap on the face of pro-reservationist who says 50% are reserved for general category.8. Data from NIT NagpurNIT Nagpur has spent over a 1.89 Crore Rs for scholarships.(Caste-wise not mentioned).9. Data from NIT DelhiNIT Delhi replied only 3 belonging to OBC availed general category seat and they are in 4th year 3rd year and 2nd year.10. Data from NIT HamirpurNIT Hamirpur has spent over a 1.96 Crore Rs for scholarships.(Caste-wise not mentioned).11. Data from NIT Uttarakhand(From 2010 till date)%age of change of student's category from 2010 till date2010- Nil2011- 5.74%2012- 4.76%2013- 10.67%It has most satisfactory result of the reservation, most of them who availed reservation are poor and still there are exceptions as people with good economic background are availing it though few, but I regret of not asking the occupation and income of general category then we can understand whether the poor of general category are getting opportunity or not.12. Other NITs says they don't have any information.A post by India against reservation (Taken from The Frustrated Indian Page).

Which is better for a content writing course, Henry Havin or IIM skills?

I would say, Henry Harvin, is definitely a far better institute for content writing over IIM Skills.And why I am suggesting Henry Harvin over IIM Skills is because of the following reasons-Content writers are proficient expertise in marketing who create attractive cum appealing content for use online. 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The certification offered by Henry Harvin also has a lifetime validation, which does not require renewalBelow are some of the reality checks for Henry Harvin and IIM Skills based on honest experiences-Reality Check #1: The Institutions-Henry Harvin Education:Henry Harvin Training, which began in 2013 has been a pioneer establishment in content writing courses in South Asia. Trainings360 India had positioned Henry Harvin as #1 in giving Content writing Courses.Henry Harvin is known for its magnificent mentors with over a time of understanding. 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What is the speciality of the IIM Lucknow CAT 2017 paper?

Okay, so as I understand from the question, you want to know the type of paper CAT 2017 would be based on the fact that IIM Lucknow is the convener?Well, I have to disappoint you to let you know that,“The Institute conducting CAT has nothing to do with the type of question paper being set”You might just assume that each IIM has a certain preference for each of the three sections and hence the difficulty levels will vary accordingly. But, such an assumption would be totally unjustified and I can tell you this in reference to my own experiences with CAT 2013 and CAT 2014.Both CAT’13 and ’14 were conducted by IIM Indore and the general perception regarding the two papers were,CAT 2013 was one of the most difficult and controversial CATs ever and that was the year when the contract was given to TCS from Prometric and IIM Indore took it as a challenge to mend its past mistake and conduct CAT again in 2014.Thanks to TCS and IIM Indore, CAT 2014 turned out to be much smoother and definitely one on the easier side. And since then, CAT has been on the similar difficulty levels. Hence, we see that the same IIM is capable of setting two totally different type of question papers in consecutive years.I found someone in his post mentioning that IIM Lucknow is heavily Quant oriented and hence CAT 2017 has high chances of having a difficult QA section. Let us hold this assumption true for the time being.With my own MBA experience at my alma mater, I can surely say that your ability in Quantitative Aptitude is taken very seriously at IIM Lucknow. In fact, most of the students who have repeated first year at IIM L in the past are the students who have failed in the Quant subjects.Having said that, I find no good reason why we can’t make the same assumption for IIM Calcutta or IIM Ahmedabad for that matter.In support of the assumed view, this year CAT is convened by Pr. Neeraj Dwivedi from the Strategy department at IIM L. An IIM Lucknow alum himself and a highly respected faculty, Pr. Neeraj specializes in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). When M&A is supposed to be a Quant oriented field, isn’t it very obvious that Pr. Neeraj will ensure a difficult quant paper for CAT 2017. Or is it?Now, such a ridiculous implication multiplied by the initial weak assumption will only give you outrageous expectations, soon to be dashed on the D-day of CAT 2017.So, the point I have been trying to make is that don’t correlate the question paper with the institute conducting the CAT and therefore, avoid making any concrete strategies in reference to the same.Well, so the discussion regarding IIML and CAT’17 cannot be taken any further. But, if you only want to gather a general overview of the probable CAT 2017 paper, you should probably listen to the so called CAT experts and make your own judgement call.So let me tell you this straight, that I am no ‘CAT Expert’ and the response below is based on my own limited knowledge and experience and a whole set of assumptions, which may or may not be true.First, you need to understand that CAT is not an exam where your knowledge is tested very deeply. This is mainly because of the diverse pool of applicants graduating from such varied fields that it becomes almost impossible to create a question paper testing all areas equally. Even if it did, that cannot be the aim of the institutes preparing the future managers of tomorrow. Hence, the syllabus is very much limited to 10th Std./12th Std. level of Maths and English.So if it is not the knowledge, what exactly are the IIMs testing you for? The IIMs are basically testing you for your ability of using common sense under stressful conditions.But, if the syllabus is limited, why would there be any stress? You see, when the syllabus is so basic, IIMs have a greater flexibility in varying the level of question papers as and when they desire. They can choose how many questions in each section should be of easy/moderate/difficult level.So what exactly is supposed to be a difficult question in CAT? A difficult question is the one in which the usage and application of basic concepts are not so obvious. You see, our Indian education system emphasizes rote learning so much that most of the applicants are unable to apply the basic concepts they have learned all through their school and college life.A lot of CAT applicants really believe that cracking CAT is all about knowing formulas, tricks and shortcuts. True, some of these shortcuts do really work for you and might give you that much needed competitive edge. But, most of these so called shortcuts are known to almost all applicants who are even half serious about cracking CAT.And if you do get time to solve any question backwards, you will realize that most of these shortcuts are only extensions of the basic concepts. The irony is that most applicants are aware of these shortcuts, but do not know how to use them.Now, coming back to the Stress Factor, we need to know what do we mean by Stress? So, as I understand, Stress is the mental and physical conditions we undergo when we face some tangible amount of uncertainty or when we are tested beyond our limits. CAT applicants (especially GEMs) already face some pressure of competition from their fellow applicants.Besides that, there is some stress to perform at their level best or to live up to their own expectations. Especially, in a competitive exam like CAT, Stress can be defined asTo emphasize my point, let us go back about a decade in 2009, when the CAT moved for the first time from the pen-paper format to the online one. Due to lack of proper infrastructure, CAT was supposed to be conducted over a period of one month in multiple slots. There was a lot of uncertainty regarding the whole process. How the exam is going to be conducted? How to solve questions on computer screen? How many questions? How many sections? Will there be any glitches? Etc.Obviously, most of these doubts were cleared on the CAT website, but, the unpredictability remains for a candidate, unless he/she faces the actual CAT.Hence, to manage the intended overall STRESS level with the high UNPREDICTABILITY, IIMs made sure that CAT 2009 was an easy one and it was so, especially as compared to CAT 2008.Over the period of one month, IIMs and Prometric faced a lot of flak for the number of glitches faced by candidates. Questions were raised by media on the ability of INDIAN INSTITUTES OF MANAGEMENTs ‘managing’ an online form of exam. As Prometric had a 5 year contract, IIMs had no choice but to improve their operations and systems with the same vendor.CAT 2010 had relatively lesser glitches and so was the trend for the next few years. While IIMs and Prometric were stabilizing their systems, the students were getting more comfortable with the new format. With the help of mock-CATs by coaching institutes, students were trying to get the feel of actual CAT.IIMs being aware of such a change, started raising the level of question papers. If you do an assessment of difficulty levels of CAT’09 to ’13, you will see the trend, CAT ‘09< CAT’10<CAT’11<CAT’12<CAT’13. It would be hard to generalize such a statement, because the actual questions were never shared and there were so many slots per CAT, but most of the coaching institutes could see the emerging pattern.When, again, in 2014, there was some change in pattern (from 60 to 100 questions) and the shift of vendor from Prometric to TCS, there was some level of unpredictability. So, the level of CAT’14 was quite easier as compared to CAT’13. In 2015, since there was only a slight change in pattern (CAT moved to 3 sections instead of 2) the difficulty level was almost the same or slightly increased.So moving forward, it is quite obvious that overall difficulty level of CAT will be CAT’16<CAT’17<CAT’18 and so on unless off course there is a change in pattern.But, that is only about the overall difficulty, what about the difficulty levels of individual sections?For that you need to know that IIMs have been criticized by non-engineer community for asking difficult Quant questions ( some of them which only engineers could solve). So from CAT 2014 onwards, IIMs have made sure that Quant questions are quite easy. To prevent any undue advantage to the non-engineers, IIMs also made sure Verbal Section is easier as compared to previous years.So LR-DI section only remained to be experimented with the difficulty levels. As Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation is the most neutral section with respect to the background of applicant community, IIMs have made sure that they really test the candidates in this section.So, the simple takeaway is that CAT’17 will be slightly tougher than CAT’16 with respect to all the 3 sections and LR-DI will be the toughest of them all.Okay, so what should a candidate do to ace CAT’17?As I said earlier, I am no CAT expert and cannot give you shortcuts or some foolproof strategy. But, I can give you something from my own experiences of 3 attempts at CAT. And that is, learnings from my own failures and success(if there was any).So here is the thing-.‘PRACTISE’ , Why? Because that is the only way you can become better. No, you don’t need to become better than every other candidate sitting for CAT. You only have to be better than yourself each day so that on the actual day of CAT, you are much better version of yourself.There is one more reason why you should practice. We, as humans, like to delude ourselves into believing that we can handle stress and use our common sense when needed. Truth is, most of us cannot. Under pressure, our decision making abilities are compromised and we fall back to our natural habits. As one popular soldier quote goes,“In the thick of battle, you will not rise to the level of your expectations, but fall to the level of your training”Okay so we have to practise, but ‘PRACTISE’ WHAT? - Variety of Questions. I won’t say solve insane amount of questions, but solve enough to be aware of all possible patterns of applications used in different questions. Give as many mocks as you can to get well versed with the different applications of concepts being used. Spend time analyzing them so that you don’t repeat your past mistakes.I can give you gyan all day but it won’t amount to anything unless you take action on them. So, one strategy, which might just work is,‘Prepare for the Worst and Hope for the Best’Cheers!

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