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PDF Editor FAQ

What is the best interview question ever?

A young Aspirant facing HUGE Interview panel sitting in U Shape.( Indian Army conference)Question:- Gentlemen we have been talking since last 5 minutes, tell me about one non living thing which has moved from its position in last 5 minutes in this room, without being touched by anyone, or moved by air.Answer:- you all will love the answer, but before getting a direct answer, imagine the situation and try getting the answer.Any guesses? Pen,curtains,dust particles?Think again all those guesses don't qualify as per condition given in the question.Want answer?Alright here it is.“The needles of the wall clock!”Cool isn't it?Edit 1:-Many have got it correct, claiming it's very easy- well I have no doubt since you are quorans.It's tough when you ask Whatsaap and FB chaps, try yourself.First 1k up votes is milestone, has brought smile with sense of satisfaction.Edit 2:- Removed as suggested by miss Pallavi Shukla.Thanks to miss Pallavi for suggestion, but dear friend you also learn to write suggestions for sake of suggestions not for showing your anger.

What resources did Aman Goel use for his software engineering interview preparation?

Coursera algorithms course (Princeton): for developing basics of DS/algosSPOJ: for learning how to write codeTopcoder/Codeforces/Hackerrank: further practiceGeeksforgeeks: diverse set of problemsCracking the coding interview: Actual interview questionsInterviewBit: real interview environment practice

What are the best programming interview questions you've ever asked or been asked?

"It says here that you're proficient in C and C++, is that correct?""Yes, that's what I used at blah blah blah from blah blah blah to blah blah blah.""Remember malloc?""Yes, of course.""Great. I want you to write malloc on the whiteboard."I laughed out loud. "Are you serious?"He laughed too. "Yeah! We'll do free if we have time."As I went to the board he said, "you might want to describe the design first."So I described a heap, and wrote some code to allocate from it. It kept me busy for a good long while and it gave the two of us a lot to talk about. There are a lot of decisions to be made about what to optimize for, and how to do it. We occasionally talked about how free() would work, but there wasn't really time to write it on the board (I wonder how many of his candidates got that far).The element of surprise at the beginning is part of what makes it such a great question. My first thought was "that's preposterous," and when I laughed, he laughed too. So that broke the ice, put both of us in a good mood, and helped to keep the whole thing fun.One of the nice things about this interview question is that once you sketch out the core concepts, you can very easily spend an hour exploring the details, the tradeoffs associated with doing it one way vs. another way, and so on. It's just one continuous conversation. And it's a one-sided conversation, and I mean that in a good way.Programming interviews are often a series of small puzzles, each completely unrelated, each requiring time to explain. When the interviewer is talking, they aren't learning much about the interviewee. With this approach, the interviewer wastes very little time talking. The interviewer's questions were all very short - because we both know what malloc does - so he spent almost all of his time listening, and that's what makes it a great question.

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