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PDF Editor FAQ

Who is Aleksey Vayner?

Aleksey Vayner is a Yale University student who in October 2006, applied for a job with UBS AG. He sent a video resume titled "Impossible is Nothing". The video opens with a staged interview between Vayner and an offscreen voice. However, the "interview" ultimately consists of a single question, to which Vayner gives a lengthy, rambling response. Using considerable amounts of business-speak jargon, Vayner praises himself and shares his various insights on success, talent, and overcoming adversity. Interspliced with the interview are clips of Vayner performing various feats designed to look impressive, including bench pressing, skiing, playing tennis, ballroom dancing, and finally karate-chopping a stack of bricks. The video ends with a dedication to Radomir Kovacevic, and a fairly lengthy credits sequenceAmused by Vayner's apparent puffery, an unknown member of UBS staff emailed his application materials to other investment banks. The video was posted on various blogs, then YouTube, where it became an immense viral Internet phenomenon.Watch the video here:http://www.focus.de/finanzen/karriere/bewerbung/bewerbung-impossible-is-nothing_vid_971.htmlFeaturesVayner's job application video includes:Cover letterResume: One and a half pagesWriting Sample: Eight pagesA glamour shot of VaynerSeven-minute video that features the following feats by Vayner (in order):Interview: gives advice for achieving life goalsBench press: 495 pounds (225 kilograms)Downhill skiing: with jumpsTennis serve: 140 miles per hour (255 km/h or 63 m/s)Ballroom dancing: with female dancerKarate chop: seven bricks brokenVayner did not receive a job offer from UBS or any other bank. He took a leave of absence from Yale. Vayner appeared in Winnebago Man, a 2009 documentary about Jack Rebney, whose profanity-laced outtakes from a Winnebago industrial film also became an internet meme. In it, Vayner discusses his video resume and seems to accept that his unwelcomed fame is simply a part of who he is.

What is a big "no-no" when looking for a job in Sweden?

One thing that surprises some people is that your CV is supposed to have one or two lines about interests outside work. This shows that you are a complete person. If you don’t appear to have any interests besides working, they will decide you’re a weirdo and you’re not getting that interview.Otherwise, same things as everywhere. Don’t criticise your previous (or current) workplace, don’t show up at the interview with a hangover, don’t exaggerate your achievements.If you absolutely don’t want the job, just say that you’ve been told to apply by the Employment Agency (Arbetsförmedlingen). You’ll be rejected, your application will be shredded, and some sort of mark will be shown next to your name in any database of applicants they keep. It’s code for “I don’t really want this job but the bureaucracy demands I apply for a certain number every week or they cancel my benefits”.ETA: Chris Ebbert is totally right in his answer, too. You’re expected to have a one page CV, and one page covering letter, and don’t worry if you don’t fill up that covering letter page. If it’s relevant to the job, you can include some samples of your work, of course.The reason is that they often get an absolutely insane amount of applications. When H&M opened a shop in my sister’s home town, population 25,000, they got 7,000 applications. You do absolutely anything to get through that pile quickly, and removing any long applications is high on your agenda. I have known CEOs simply throw away over half of the applications unread, with the motivation “the successful applicant has tons of luck”.

What is the latest format of all of the writing sections in the English board exam for class 12?

Latest format of all writing section in English board exam class 12 are as follows -Given below are the formats of Notice/Letter/Article/Speech/Debate & Invitation. It is mandatory to commemorate all the formats especially at the time of board exams. Therefore, we are enclosing the formats of these topics so that you can score better in your upcoming board exams.Formal letter1. Sender's Address.<leave a line>2. Date.<leave a line>3. Address of the Addressee.<leave a line>4.Salutation. (Sir)5. Subject.6.Content(i) Introduction(ii) Body(iii) Conclusion7.Signatory (Yours Faithfully)Important Points to remember :1. Write the letter in the full block format (i.e. to the left)2. State your reason for writing in the first paragraph and stay on track.3. Always include specifics that will help ease the recipient’s task. For instance, if you are writing to a bank, mention your account number.4. If you refer to other correspondence, quote date of the letter/s reference numbers, file numbers, order numbers, cheque number with date. Include copies whenever possible.5. Gently and respectfully direct the recipient’s course of action.6. It may be strongly worded but always be courteous and use polite language and pleasant tone.7. Self introduction should be avoided.8. Informal expressions, greetings or contracted forms of words should not be used.9. The language should be simple, straight forward and to the point.10. Leave a line/ additional space between paragraphs since no indentation is followed.11. Do not mix up the old format and new format.12. In letters to the editor – Do not ask the editor to solve the problems.13. In job application letters Curriculum-vitae (CV) /Bio-data/ Resume/ should be written. It should not be included in the body of the letter but after the complimentary close as enclosure.14. In the Letter to the Editor use ‘yours truly’ as the complimentary close.Sample :20 Jawahar NagarJaipur24 June 2011M/s Cool Home Cooler20 Nehru MargJaipurSirSub : Complaint about the malfunctioning desert cooler.Reference : Cash Memo No DC-98765 dated 17.4.2011I wish to bring it to your notice that I purchased a ‘Cooler Home’ desert cooler from you on 17 April, 2011 (Vide Cash Memo No DC-98765, dated 17.04.2011). The cooler did function well in the beginning for one and a half months and then it has started giving problems.The problems are - water leakage, heavy noise while working and high consumption of power.Kindly take immediate step to either repair the cooler or replace it as the cooler is still under warrantyperiod.Yours faithfullySuresh(SURESH SINGH)Resume :1. Name2. Address3. Telephone no.4. e-mail id5. date of birth6. Academic qualifications7. Experience8. Skills9. Languages known10. Hobbies11. Achievements12. references.Letter writing – Formal letter for registering complaints, making enquiries, information letters, order placing and replies, letter to the editor for public interest issues providing suggestion and opinion and Job application.Essay, debate or speech writingAdvertisements and NoticesReportwritingDesigning or drafting posters and Formal and Informal invitation and replies.After analysing the past year question papers of CBSE board English subject we have found that the questions are commonly based on the following topicsEducation – CBSE class 12 board exam English paper commonly includes questions based on Education so as to make the students aware of its importance in everyone’s life. Therefore, the writing skills section of Class 12 English board exam includes topics likeBanning mobile phones in SchoolImportance of girl education,Increasing drop out rate of schoolsIntroduction of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)For attempting questions on these topics students need to have complete knowledge about the topics. To get an idea about what questions related to education might be asked in the English paper, students can study the trends in education for past two years; for example – regulation of fee/fee hike in private schools has been in news last year, or Is entrance exam the right method of selection for admissions to undergraduate courses etc.; therefore, there could be essay or debate questions on this topic.Environment – Our environment has become a topic of serious concern nowadays. With global warming and many other man-made hazards affecting our environment, students need to know about the issues and measures to save it. Therefore, the board has included environmental topics in the CBSE class 12 English exam to create awareness among students.Students will be required to write essays, debates, notices, letters etc. The questions on this topic includes –Environment safety measuresCleanliness drives,Making students or neighbourhood aware of water conservation, electricity conservationLetter to the editor for garbage mismanagement or pollution in your area/locality etc.Awaiting for your upvotes!!!

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