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Is a verbal rental agreement legally binding?

Here in Ontario, yes, as long as the term of the rental agreement is no longer than three years. leases not exceeding three years, etc.3 Sections 1 and 2 do not apply to a lease, or an agreement for a lease, not exceeding the term of three years from the making thereof, the rent upon which, reserved to the landlord during such term, amounts to at least two-thirds of the full improved value of the thing demised. R.S.O. 1990, c. S.19, s. 3.

What are the first steps after reaching Canada?

If you are landing in Toronto, then these steps will help -Collect your CoPRPlan to land during working hours. Once you have completed immigration formalities, you’ll get your CoPR signed by the immigration officer. Keep this with you safely, forever.Get your SIN numberYou’ll then be asked to move to a separate room that provides SIN number to new immigrants. It hardly takes a few mins.Get a PRESTO card (Details)Get yourself one of these cards from the UP express service counter at the airport, or any Shopper Drug Mart outlet. Load at least CAD 50 in your card. This will help you commute easily on Bus, Metro, Streetcar and Trains. Register the card on the online portal, so that you can reload online. Note: It can take upto 24 hours for your card to reload, after the payment. So ensure you always reload if you have less than CAD 15 left.Get your mobile numberLook for the nearest Rogers/Chatr/Freedom mobile store and get a number for you and your partner. Research ahead of your travel, so you can go straight to the store.Open your Bank AccountArmed with your presto card, commute to your nearest bank outlet and open a Chequing account. If you are a couple, consider opening a joint account. You can operate it individually, and save money on account charges. You can provide your mobile number here. If you are staying in a temporary accommodation for less than two weeks, I recommend giving a friends address for the delivery of your debit and credit cards.Get an Ontario Photo ID card (Details)Visit your nearest ServiceOntario outlet and get yourself a Govt. issued photo ID card. You can use this as proof, if asked.Look for a mid-term accommodationConsidering you are still without a job, look for accommodation on Kijiji. Its hard to score an apartment without a job, so you may have to consider basements or staying in Mississauga/Brampton. If you find what you like, keep an original version of the lease agreement.Get a library card (Details)Libraries are extremely useful here. You get all sorts of resources for job search, skill development, settlement help, etc. They are also great places for people to hang out. You will need a govt. issued ID card to sign up with the library.Sign up for your OHIP cardIf you have found an accommodation and are going to stay there for a few months, then go ahead and apply for your OHIP card, to cover your insurance after 90 days. You can use your CoPR and Ontario Photo ID card or Rental Agreement to sign up for your OHIP card.Take the G1 test (Details)Download the G1 Genie app from App Store or Play Store and keep practicing from time to time. Its really easy to crack. Once you have consistently scored 95% and above, glance through the MTO handbook quickly.Visit your nearest DriveTest outlet, and sign up for the G1 test. Remember to bring your driving license extract issued from your home country. Some mandatory waiting period post G1 will be waived off. You’ll be sent to a room to take your G1 test. 40 questions in total, 20 on rules, 20 on traffic signs. You get a touch screen monitor. Its pretty cool. Once you clear the test, they’ll mail your G1 license to your address.Sign up for Driving classesAs soon as you are done with your G1 test, sign up for driving classes, and plan to take give your G2/G test as soon as possible.Look for a family doctor.Haven’t gotten this far yet. So stay tuned… :DFollow our story on our blog

What are the rights in Ontario, Canada for tenants who are still in a rental agreement when the landlord sells the house?

The purchaser becomes your new landlord, and they take over the lease. They have to complete the lease as it was signed.If the new purchaser was misled by the seller (maybe the lease was not disclosed?) then the two of them have to fight it out, but you still have your lease for the full 12 months.

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