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Is it possible to get a new gas connection in Bangalore without giving bribe? If so any guide for it will be very helpful

It is possible to get new gas connection in Bangalore without bribe. Applying for new gas connection is easier than you think.Gone those days of bribing for new gas connection. Now one can obtain the new LPG connection easily without bribe and comfort of home. Thanks to technology and stringent government regulation on distributors.3 Major LPG suppliers in Bangalore are,IndaneHPBharatApply new LPG connection Online or offline. Let me start with the online procedure and to Offline procedure.Online application:Step 1: Open the indane website https://cx.indianoil.in/webcenter/portal/CustomerStep 2: Register with your details. To locate the registration, refer to the below image in the circleStep 3: Just the following details are needed to registerFirst NameLast NameMobile NumberRefer to the below imageEnter OTP and set the password.You will be directed to home page for loginStep 4: After login, On the home page, click LPG. Refer to the below image in the circle.Just scroll down a bit and find “Apply for new connection”. Refer to the below image for your reference.Click on “Submit KYC”Provide your following information in KYC form,NameGenderMarital statusDate of birthNationalityFather or spouse detailsAddress in BangaloreSelect the distributor from the list (List of nearby distributors popup automatically based on the address you provide)Email id and mobile numberClick on “select the products”. Refer to the below image in the circle.Here you have 3 options to choose from,General (click this if you wish to opt for LPG subsidiary)Non-subsidized (Click this if you wish to opt-out of the subsidiary)PNG - Non Subsidized (This is applicable for piped gas for apartments, which is not subsidized. This not applicable to individuals)Hence I click general because I want my subsidiary credit to my bank account.Select “14.2Kg general package with PR” and click submit.Beloe image for your reference.Click the button “ SAVE & CONTINUE”. Below image for your reference.Step 5: Upload anyone's Proof of Identity (POI). This could be Aadhar/ Driving license/ PAN/ Voter ID/ passport. The proof of identity address could be anyplace in India. Address in the identity is not necessarily to be Bangalore address.Enter the Proof of Identity number and upload the proof in JPEG or PDF format. Maximum file size allowed is 512kb.Upload “Proof of Address” (POA). This could be Aadhar/ Driving License/ Rental agreement/ Lease agreement/ Water Bill/ Electricity Bill/ Voter ID/ Passport/ Ration card / Sale deed. The Proof of address (POA) should be a local address. (The address of Bangalore)(For local address proof, opting for rental agreement is the cost-efficient option for immigrant. We provide rental agreement service including notary, to opt for our service, please Whatsapp to us 9 7 4 2 4 7 9 0 2 0. Our service includes home delivery)Enter the proof of Address Number and upload the proof in JPEG or PDF format. Maximum file size allowed is 512kb.Below screenshot for your referenceClick the button “SAVE & CONTINUE”Step 6: Select “Yes” if you wish to opt-out subsidiary or select “No”.If you select “No”, Provide your aadhar or bank details. If you provide Aadhar details, you will get subsidiary only if you link your aadhar number with bank. If your Aadhar is not linked with bank or if you don't have aadhar. just provide your bank details and upload the image of cancelled cheque.Below image for your reference.Upload your passport size photoIf your income is more than Rs. 10 Lakh per year, you should provide your PAN details or just skip this step and click on “SAVE & CONTINUE”. Below image for your reference.Step 7: On the last page of KYC, go through the declaration terms & conditions. Accept declaration and click the “SUBMIT” Below image for your reference.This completes the KYC Submission.Step 8: You should receive acknowledgment SMS and email. Below acknowledgment image for your reference,Local LPG distributor will call you if any missing details within 7 working days. Distributor will arrange an executive to your place or you will be called to distributor office to complete the payment and Receive LPG Consumer Number.One can choose up to 2 LPG cylinder, Make the payment based on the tariff quoted by a distributor.As of 10th Dec 2020, LPG application for 1 cylinder is Rs. 2,800/- and Rs. 4,600/- with stove2 cylinder is Rs. 4,800/- and Rs.6,600/- with stoveCollect LPG ID (Consumer number) from a distributor. LPG Consumer sheet looks like below image, which contains the details of consumer number.Step 9: Within 2 working days, cylinder will be delivered at your doorstepStep 10: Once the existing cylinder exhaust, order LPG cylinder on Gpay, Phone pe, Paytm, Indane app, Indane website, or telephone order +91-8970084365 from the comfort of home.LPG cylinder delivered within 2 working days from the date of order.Below is the step by step procedure of offline application.Step 1: Find the LPG distributor near you. A simple google search provides the list of distributors near you with reviews or check with neighbors, apartment society office, security, or colleague.Step 2: Carry the following documents to local distributor centerPhotocopy of identity proof - Aadhar/ Driving license/ PassportPhotocopy of Address proof - A rental agreement2 Passport size photoCarry the original documents for cross-verificationIn the offline mode of application, distributor fills the KYC details directly in they computer. you just want to submit the proofs.Step 3: Submit the above-said documents to distributor and complete the payment. Get the acknowledgment receipt for payment and LPG consumer number. (At some centers, distributors may take up to 2 days to issue LPG consumer number)Step 4: Within 2 working days, cylinder will be delivered at your doorstepStep 5: Once the existing cylinder exhaust, order LPG cylinder on Gpay, Phone pe, Paytm, Indane app, Indane website, or telephone order +91-8970084365 from the comfort of home.This completes the procedure for applying new LPG connection in Bangalore.The same procedure applies across all LPG brands of HP and Bharat.We provide rental agreement service in Bangalore. Our service includes drafting + execution + notary + home delivered in 2 working days. Same day express delivery available. To opt for our service, please Whatsapp to 9 7 4 2 4 7 9 0 2 0.Thank you for reading and have a great day…

What is the pressure inside a boiler? What is the effect of pressure on producing steam?

Your question is a bit too broad because boiler pressure (and temperature) depends on a variety of factor such as fuel (wood, coal, fuel oil etc), boiler area and configuration, material, and downstream requirement (engine pressure requirement, turbine requirement, chemical reactor requirement and other end-user requirement). So I decide to highlight important boilers on a timeline. Engine is also included as it closely relate to the pressure produced by the boiler.But first, let's go through several thingsVariable that affects boiler pressure:-1) FuelDifferent fuel have different energy content and different flame temperature. Some trasfers energy differetly like though radiant heat. It also depends on how much you can feed into furnace and into what furnace geometry. You can even boil water using waste heat and solar power.2) Boiler area- The higher the area, the higher the heat flux4) Boiler configuration - with superheater? with economizer? fire tube or water-tube? etc5) Material and thickness - temperature and pressure affect tube integrity6) Downstream requirement - Smaller locomotive tonnage do not require a such a high pressure. Also, triple compound engine requires higher pressure than double compound engine etc.You also have to keep in mind that sometimes pressure is not the main goal. Other targets are steam load, efficiency, etc.General trend for the timelineIn general, there is an increasing trend of pressure achievable as higher pressure allows for bigger load like locomotive haulage (tonnage) and power plant output capacity (MW). Higher pressure is also achieved as we gain more understanding about thermodynamics and boiler properties at which higher pressure provides higher efficiency. Higher pressure is also made possible by newer materials and newer technology.There is also a drive for higher pressure (especially for power plant) as higher pressure means higher efficiency.Also note also that standard for what is considered high pressure (like for locomotive can change over time).I also apologize for the units as I did not interconvert into standardized unit (psi, MPa, bar)Brief history descriptionHistory of boilers interrelates with other history like history of vaccuum pump, mine-site pump,etc. So you can see that there is a transfer of technology that occurs. These boilers eventually finds use in industrial application and locomotive application.INDUSTRIAL APPLICATION AND POWER GENERATIONEarly use of boilers is to provide mine-site engines for pumping operation. Industrial engines also moved away from river power and adopt these engines that require boiler. Corliss steam engine especially benefited industrial works like iron foundry, saw mill, textile mill, and sugar factory. [Ref11].At the turn of the century, electricity generation becomes a new industry. Early dynamo is powered by reciprocating engine. As electricity demands grow, large reciprocating engine becomes inefficient and needs to be replaced by steam turbine. (Though, there are newer piston steam engine developed like uniflow steam engine). Big companies like Allis-Chalmers (who acquired the Bullock Electric Company) and General Electrics start to become leader in steam turbines. [Ref13] Material improvement allows for higher temperature and higher pressure steam to be used.Chemical industry also benefits as newer variety of boiler (called recovery boiler) allows energy extraction from varied sources. Furthermore, chemical industry requires steam at various pressure (HP, MP, and LP) and usually incorporates evaporator, superheater, reheater, and economizer.LOCOMOTIVE APPLICATIONAt the time watt engine was famous, it finds use in boats and locomtives. Although early use was in road vehicle (Trevitchik's Puffing Devil locomotive), diesel and gasoline becomes more practical for road vehicle. People like Symington become among the earliest to put a boiler and engine in boats. Though, it is people like Robert Fulton who gains more success and even breeding new generation of steamship operators to become rich (like Cornelius Vanderbilt). In terms of marine boilers, the early design uses same boilers as non-transport boilers. These include plain cylindrical design, Cornish, Lancashire, and Galloway boilers. Though, it later evolves its own variety of boilers including scotch marine boilers, to three-drum design (Yarrow, Thornycroft). Thewater tube boilers later influences newer water tube boilers used in chemical industrial facility.TIMELINE62 AD Hero of alexandria aeoliopile pressure - ?? [Ref14]1629 Giovanni Brance Steam jet water wheel. pressure - ?? [Ref14]1698 boiler for Thomas Savery's pump 3-6 bar [Ref3]1712 Thomas Newcomen beam engine 3-4 psi [Ref1] Thermal efficiency 0.5 Engine power 56 kW [Ref3]1780s James Watt wagon boiler 5 psi [Ref2] engine power 5-10 kW thermal eff 2-3% [Ref3]. The most successful engine is Watt & Boulton engine1767 Smeaton (improvement of Newcommen engine) 1 bar, efficiency 1% [Ref3]1788 William Symington paddle steamer/boat using Watt-type steam engine ??5?? psi [Ref3]1797 Richard Trevitchik's high pressure boiler. 3 bar -10 bar [Ref3] This design can eliminate condenser used by low pressure steam engine. Furthermore the design is more compact that it can start be put on moving carriage1801 Richard Trevitchik's Puffing Devil locomotive. 414 kPa. Boiler contains a single U-shaped flue tube to increase heating area. [Ref18]1807 Robert Fulton's Clermont paddle steamer/boat using Boulton&Watt engine ??5?? psi [Ref3]1811 cornish mine engines ?? bar, efficiency 2.4 % [Ref3]1818 SS Savavanah steamer/sailship (Allaire Iron Work's marine steam engine) [Ref3]1820s Plain Cylinder Boiler. Cylinder containing water is placed above firebox while 3 flue gas streams (no tubes - flue gas streams passes the 2 sides and the bottom of the cylinder). pressure -?? [Ref21]1820s Cornish boiler - like plain cylinder but with additional flue gas stream passing through the middle of the cylinder (inside large metal tube that is submerged in water). Furnace is placed inside the middle flue gas stream instead of below cylinder. These changes allow higher heat transfer rate. pressure ??? [Ref21]1820s From Cornish boiler to Lancashire boiler. Two separate furnace for more fuel charge. Flue stream is NOT shared between both furnace. Pressure -?? [Ref21]1820s Galloway modification of Lancashire boiler. Water tubes (called Galloway tube) are added to the inside of the flue gas tube where water can pass through them to extract heat at hottest point in the flue gas stream. Pressure - 175 psi [Ref21]1824 First compound engine on ship, PS Eckford - 100 psi (700 kPa) [ref51]1828 Cornish mine engines 3.7 bar, efficiency 9.5 % [Ref3]1829 Stephenson Rocket locomotive One of the early multi-tube (25 copper tube) firetube boiler (others being Lancashire Witch) 50 psi (340 kPa) [Ref17]1838 SS Great Western 2-cylinder side lever Maudslay steam engine ??5 psi1841 Cornish mine engines 4.3 bar, efficiency 11.6 % [Ref3]1843 SS Great Britain 20 psi [Ref16]1840s Multiple-tubed upright (vertically oriented) fire tube boilers usually with 100 tubes. Design is compact and tube material is brass tubing. Copper have high heat transfer/flux rate but cannot withstand high pressure. So low pressure is used. But it is safe enough and compact enough to be versatile use like home application. [Ref21]1840s Multiple-tubed fire tube scotch boiler. Scotch marine boiler is a design that is still used in modern boiler. [Ref21] Typical firetube boiler rarely produce pressures above 2.4 MPa (350 psi) as it is weaker in design. Modern thermal power plant use water tube configuration.1845 McNaught compound engine 9-11 bar [Ref3]1850s Allaire Iron Work's marine steam engine for Cornelius Vanderbilt's steamship [Ref3]1854 First compound engine ship 6-9 bar [Ref3]1859 Corliss steam engine like in Henry Ford1870 First triple compound engine ship 11-15 bar [Ref3]1874 3-stage engine used on merchant steamer, Propontis - 150 psi [Ref52]1876 Double Corliss Engine at America's Centennial Exposition, Philadelphia - 120 psi, 1400 hp [Ref12]1877 Yarrow water tube - a water-tube boiler using three-drum configuration where circulation is based on natural circulation/thermosiphom1880 Mild steel was introduced for boilers - 90 psi [Ref52]1882 Corrugated steel furnace - 130 psi [Ref52]1882 Edison`s Pearl Street power Station in New York. It had six dynamos, each connected to a 750 hp steam engine.1884 Papplewick pumping station using Lancashire (Galloway version) boiler. 50 psi [Ref19][Ref20]1893 Thornycroft boiler - another water-tube three-drum boiler based on natural circulation. Used in HMS Daring. HMS daring also used parson's steam turbine. [Ref31]1898 First superheated locomotive Prussian S 4 [Ref7] 12 bar [Ref8]1900 General Electric's Curtiss steam turbine (redesigned by William LeRoy Emmett) - 150 psi, 500 kW[Ref14]1900 Quadruple compound engine using standard Royal Navy boiler 17 bar [Ref3]1900s Large industrial steam boiler like in thermal power plant typically use water tube boilers as it can produce large steam flow rate (500 kg/s) and pressure up to 16 MPa (160 bar). [Ref22] Furthermore, water tube boilers can be installed in modern furnace that is used in chemical industry like radiant furnace.1903 Curtiss vertical steam turbine generator as used in Newport and Fall River Company Generating Station, Newport, Rhode Island, 500 kW, 150 psig [Ref49]1904 General Slocum steamboat (fate-boiler explosion) 52 psi [Ref4]1908 Allis-Chalmer's Parson's turbine ??psi 3250 kW [Ref14]1912 Titanic's triple furnace boilers (like Scotch marine boiler) 215 psi [Ref28]1920s Normal pressure steam locomotive 200-250 psi (1.38 - 1.72 MPa). High pressure steam locomotive 350 psi (2.41 MPa). Highest pressure locomotive 1500 psi (10.34 MPa) [Ref5]1920 Forged steel steam turbine replaced cast iron steam turbine 350-400 psi1926 Water-tube/fire-tube hybrid boiler in Baldwin 4-10-2 No. 60000 locomotive 350 psi (2.4 MPa) [Ref25]1928 John B. Jervis high pressure locomotive 400 psi [Ref15]1929 LNER Class W1 using water tube Yarrow booiler 450 psi (3.1 MPa) [Ref5]1929 LaMont boiler 2.5 bar. LaMont boiler are forced circulation boiler which can produce 30 MPa which is higher pressure than natural circulation boiler [Ref29]1930 LMS 6399 Fury Locomotive with superheater (fate-boiler tube burst) HP boiler 1400-1800 psi (9.62 -12.41 MPa) + LP boiler 250 psi (1.72) [Ref6]1930 Germany steam train 60 bar [Ref3]1930s HP+LP steam turbine at State Line Power station 208 MW [Ref14]1930s GE's triple tandem compound turbine generator 600 psi 315 MW [Ref14]1930s GE's high pressure compound turbine generator with reheat 1200 psi [Ref14]1930s With newer material like austenitic steel (18/8) and duplex steel, more energy can be recovered from different source, even corrosive sources like pulp and paper industry. Early recovery boilers used in Kraft Process is called the Tomlinson boiler. [Ref32]1940s Largest (500 ton) locomotive power 4500 kW [Ref3]1940s GE's high pressure compound turbine generator with reheat (with slightly moisture resistant alloy) 1400-2300 psi [Ref14]1945 WW2 Yarrow boiler - Littorio-class (Italian battleship) - 25 atm, heating area - 1,180 m2, 5.8 kg fuel per square meter heating area. 3,981 vaporiser tubes [Ref50]1945 WW2 boiler M-type boiler (kinda like Yarrow and Thornycroft) like in Iowa class battleship - 600 psi 4.14 MPa [Ref26]1950s High-pressure recovery boiler in Kraft process reaches 1200 psi [Ref33]Mid 1900s With more understanding of boiler configuration, recovery operation, reheat operation, heat exchanger design and new equipments like water treatment system, deaerator, condensate return system, etc, more diversified pressure is achieved which is useful for chemical industrial facility. Various systems in these facilities can utilize LP, MP, and HP. LP is 5 bar, MP is 17 bar and HP is 45 bar [Ref34]. Superhigh pressure steam (SHP) is developed later on with pressures of 1000 - 1200 psi [Ref35] These pressures are called subcritical operation. Picture shows the modern boiler configuration in chemical industry facility. [Ref36] Standard configuration includes reheater, superheater, economizer, and evaporator.1956 Supercritical steam generator is especially beneficial for power plant operates at above critical pressure of 3200 psi (22 MPa) as efficiency increases with pressure and temperature. For 24-26 MPa, efficiency is 40-45% (subcritical operation at 16-17 MPa achieves 33-35% efficiency)[Ref37][Ref38] Although invented by Mark Benson in 1922, not many applications was using supercritical pressure though it was used in Berlin cable factory in 1930. [Ref37] Though, the first supercritical power plant is Chemische Werke Hüls's power plant in Germany [Ref39]. Figure below shows the operating range of supercritical boiler [Ref39]1961 High-pressure recovery boiler in Kraft process reaches 1500 psi [Ref33]1963 Babcock and Wilcox boilers (similar to Yarrow) used in Leander-class frigate - 500 psi (3.8 MPa) [Ref27]Late 1900s Steam piston engine (Spilling steam piston engine, Uniflow steam turbine) 0.6 - 6 MPa 100-1500 kW[Ref10]Steam turbine1981 High-pressure recovery boiler in Kraft process uses composite tubes (900 psi) [Ref33]1981 Solar-powered boiler like White Cliffs Solar Power Station uses uniflow steam engine pdf [Ref9]2014 Ivanpah solar power station (energy is transfered to molten salt before transfered to boiler). Rentech Type-D (kinda like Yarrow and Thornycroft) watertube boilers is used. Steam turbine used is Siemens SST-900 (160 bar, 123 MW)single casing reheat turbine [Ref22][Ref23][Ref24](Source: [Ref24])Future: Ultra-supercritical can reach 27-32 MPa which have efficiency of 42-47%. Supercritical (SC)and ultra-supercritical (USC) may be paired with pulverized coal (PC) or circulating fluidized bed (CFB).(Source: [Ref40])[Ref1] Page on mosi.org.uk[Ref2] The Waggon Boiler[Ref3] http://www.nt.ntnu.no/users/haugwarb/TKP4175/History/history_of_steam_power.pdf[Ref4] PS General Slocum[Ref5] High-pressure steam locomotive[Ref6] LMS 6399 Fury[Ref7] Superheater[Ref8] Prussian S 4[Ref9] White Cliffs Solar Power Station[Ref10] Steam piston engine[Ref11] Corliss steam engine[Ref12] Corliss Engine[Ref13] Allis-Chalmers[Ref14] Steam turbines power an industry[Ref15] John B. Jervis[Ref16] https://www.asme.org/getmedia/998dfcba-3c4c-4c26-9b39-f9f81af35a23/97-SS-Great-Britain-1843.aspx[Ref17] Stephenson's Rocket[Ref18] Engineering Timelines -[Ref19] Papplewick Pumping Station[Ref20] Boilers[Ref21] History of the Steam Engine[Ref22] Water-tube boiler[Ref23] Ivanpah Solar Power Facility[Ref24] Page on siemens.com[Ref25] Water-tube boiler[Ref26] Iowa-class battleship[Ref27] Leander-class frigate[Ref28] Titanic's Boilers[Ref29] LaMont boiler[Ref31] Three-drum boiler[Ref32] Recovery boiler[Ref33] Page on gatech.edu[Ref34] Page on spiraxsarco.com[Ref35] Process Technology Equipment and Systems[Ref36] Boiler[Ref37] Supercritical steam generator[Ref38] http://www.geos.ed.ac.uk/ccs/Meetings/Wang.pdf[Ref39] http://www.energy.siemens.com/mx/pool/hq/power-generation/power-plants/steam-power-plant-solutions/benson%20boiler/Supercritical_Boiler_Technology_for_Future_Market_Conditions.pdf[Ref40] Ultra-Supercritical Pressure CFB Boiler Conceptual Design Study[Ref49] https://www.asme.org/getmedia/a96bc2c9-0067-4463-8a61-dff227124ce8/144-Curtis-500-kW-Vertical-Turbine.aspx[Ref50] The Littorio Class[Ref51] PS Henry Eckford - Wikipedia[Ref52] pg 132 Parkinson., R. (2008). Late Victorian Navy: The Pre-dreadnought Era and the Origins of the First World War. Boydell Press.

How do you get a technology users list from MailStore?

Technology Users Email List & Mailing AddressesTechnology Users Email List | Technology Users Mailing Database | Technology LeadsBuy Prepackaged & Customized Technology Email Lists, Technology Email Addresses, Database and Technology Mailing List by SIC Code That Let You Reach Targeted Markets In the USA, UK, and Canada Europe & Australia!Mails STORE provides unparalleled coverage of software users across the world. Mails Store has technology lists of hundreds of thousands of Software users that actively use Oracle, SAP,JD Edwards and a horde of related ERP and DBMS software platforms. Since ERP extends to almost every core industry, there exists a huge market for third party software providers in the business of creating custom ERP applications to suit the individual operating procedures of different businesses. 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We have made it easier for you to reach out to your potential clientele with a click. Our Technology Users Email Database has been compiled by research scientists and hence is accurate and reliable. Most large businesses today actively use enterprise resource planning software platforms to integrate management functions across the length and breadth of their organizations. Enterprise Resource Planning - At Your Finger Tips! Technology Users Mailing Lists from Sterling Marketing Solutions can help you reach the prospects and target audience. Notwithstanding the fact that you run a startup or a Fortune 500 company, you would always want to consistently register profits through increased sales. To make this dream of business sustainability a reality amidst healthy competition, there arises an urgent need to stay in constant touch with your customers. Bringing to the fore the benefit of professional networking for business expansion, your search for a business information provider ends with Sterling Marketing Solutions Technology Users Mailing Database, Lists. We make an effort to keep it updated so our clients have an edge over the others. With the help of our updated Technology Users Mailing Lists you can acquire and retain the best customers. If you are on the lookout for marketing data of Technology Users Lists from reputed IT Companies then you need not look any further! With the technology revolution at its peak, the demand for better technology and innovation is overwhelming. Enterprises dealing with technology and technological services are constantly looking for marketing data to aid them in designing better marketing strategies and running more productive campaigns.Mails STORE provides Technology Users Mailing Lists have verified data of Technology Users in your Target Industry. Technology Users Email List has data from all industry and countries. Technology Users Email addresses, Technology Users Mailing Database, Technology Users Email Database, and Technology Users Direct Marketing list with more benefits. Get your list.Consumers today are savvy and smart and technology companies are compelled to adopt cutting-edge methods and consider innovative and unconventional ways to ensure that their market share is not lost. The scene is all the more complicated when tech-marketers have to connect with business users for the sales and promotion of their products and services. A smart move would be to use Technology Users Email Lists and Mailing Lists to find a simpler way to connect with prospects and business decision makers. Data-driven marketing is in, and the right list of email addresses will ensure that your marketing messages are reaching the right people. So take this step to improve deliverables and returns. Buy Technology Decision Makers lists today! Your campaigns are exclusive and what you do today will help you in carving a better tomorrow. So don't hesitate to do what's right for you.Technology Users Email List | Technology Users Mailing Database | Technology LeadsTechnology Users Email List - ERP, CRM, DBMS Users Mailing ListsTechnology Users Email List | Technology Users Mailing Lists | Mails STORETechnology Users Email List | Technology Users Mailing Addresses | Mails STORETechnology Users Mailing List | Technology Users Email Addresses | Mails STOREAnd we, at Mails STORE, make sure you can effectively tap into that market.To make sure your campaign cuts through the competition, contact “Mails Store” now!Call us today at: +1 (781) 374-8178 (or) Email us at: [email protected] can also Schedule an Appointment at your most convenient time to discuss more on your target list criteria, pricing and other benefits we provide.

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I like most the easiness of creating a pdf, before pdfcreator it was really too hard for me to creat a pdf document, i mostly was creating a different type and converting in pdf but with pdfcreator i dont need to do two works anymore.

Justin Miller