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It is possible to get new gas connection in Bangalore without bribe. Applying for new gas connection is easier than you think.Gone those days of bribing for new gas connection. Now one can obtain the new LPG connection easily without bribe and comfort of home. Thanks to technology and stringent government regulation on distributors.3 Major LPG suppliers in Bangalore are,IndaneHPBharatApply new LPG connection Online or offline. Let me start with the online procedure and to Offline procedure.Online application:Step 1: Open the indane website 2: Register with your details. To locate the registration, refer to the below image in the circleStep 3: Just the following details are needed to registerFirst NameLast NameMobile NumberRefer to the below imageEnter OTP and set the password.You will be directed to home page for loginStep 4: After login, On the home page, click LPG. Refer to the below image in the circle.Just scroll down a bit and find “Apply for new connection”. Refer to the below image for your reference.Click on “Submit KYC”Provide your following information in KYC form,NameGenderMarital statusDate of birthNationalityFather or spouse detailsAddress in BangaloreSelect the distributor from the list (List of nearby distributors popup automatically based on the address you provide)Email id and mobile numberClick on “select the products”. Refer to the below image in the circle.Here you have 3 options to choose from,General (click this if you wish to opt for LPG subsidiary)Non-subsidized (Click this if you wish to opt-out of the subsidiary)PNG - Non Subsidized (This is applicable for piped gas for apartments, which is not subsidized. This not applicable to individuals)Hence I click general because I want my subsidiary credit to my bank account.Select “14.2Kg general package with PR” and click submit.Beloe image for your reference.Click the button “ SAVE & CONTINUE”. Below image for your reference.Step 5: Upload anyone's Proof of Identity (POI). 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LPG Consumer sheet looks like below image, which contains the details of consumer number.Step 9: Within 2 working days, cylinder will be delivered at your doorstepStep 10: Once the existing cylinder exhaust, order LPG cylinder on Gpay, Phone pe, Paytm, Indane app, Indane website, or telephone order +91-8970084365 from the comfort of home.LPG cylinder delivered within 2 working days from the date of order.Below is the step by step procedure of offline application.Step 1: Find the LPG distributor near you. 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