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How can a medical student be an army officer?

You will have to clear the AFMC examination to be a medical officer in the armed forces.How do I join the Indian Army as a doctor after doing my MBBS?Neeraj Parashar, Proud to be born hereUpdated Feb 4, 2017You can get into Indian Armed Forces as a doctor after clearing MBBS (part 1 and 2) . But you are eligible for Short Service Commission only.Notification for the same comes every year (or twice in a year sometimes depending on vacancies) in first week of March. An advertisement is floated in all leading newspapers and the official website of Indian Army. Those who are doing their internship also can apply provided they complete it in time, latest by two months after the interview date.ELIGIBILITY in GeneralIndian NationalMBBS Degree (House Surgeons can apply provided they complete their internship in time)Normal vision / Corrected vision of 6/6No physical disabilitiesPrescribed height and weight (see the advertisement)Chest Expansion min 05 cmsFemale candidates should not be pregnant while enrollmentTHE INTERVIEWInterview will be held at Research and Referral Hospital, Delhi. To and fro 'Sleeper class train tickets' can be claimed and will be reimbursed to your account whether you get through or not, whether you have traveled in any other means also.TIPS FOR INTERVIEW - GENERALBe in a neat and clean dress (No need of wearing a suit or a tie or anything unusual. But just be well dressed.Have a neat Register.eu Parkpage there a day or two earlier.Go to the R&R hospital a day or two before your interview. Candidates who come out of the interview hall will be sitting in another hall. You can sit with them. Ask for questions asked to them. You'll be accustomed to Instructions for candidates too.Try staying close to the interview location. Delhi traffic is really not trustworthy. You may get into hours of traffic block and miss your slot. Army is very particular on that. Be there in time.Delhi will be steaming hot in March, April, May and June. Really cold in October, November, December, January and February. So gear up http://accordingly.DO NOT TRY TO INFLUENCE THE INTERVIEW BOARD. it'll fire back.THE INTERVIEW BOARDComprises of Army Doctors from many specialities, not all. It depends on the day and time.One thing for sure is you'll have a Medical Specialist, Surgical Specialist, Pediatrician and most importantly a Community Medicine specialist. Army is really bothered about your common sense and skills in Social and Preventive Medicine. Be ready for that.Usual tips- When you walk in, you'll find an officer sitting at the farthest end of the oval/rectangular table. He's the seniormost officer. Wish him the time of the day, no need to wish everybody. If there is a lady, wish her first and then the http://seniormost.Do not sit as soon as you enter, even if you may find your chair empty. They'll definitely offer you a seat. Say a Thank you.Sit with a straight spine, arms resting on your laps. avoid placing your elbows on the table.Avoid using hand signs while http://answering.Do not beat around the bush. Answer to the point.Remember. They are not sitting there to assess your depth in Medical Sciences, but the way of answering and your presence of mind. An average knowledge of a student who passes out from a Govt Medical College is more than enough.Book your return ticket on a date one or two days after your interview. You'll have to stay back for Medical Fitness tests, once you are selected which might take a day or two.INTERVIEW - TOPICS THAT YOU SHOULD BE KNOWINGEmergency Medicine including first aid and CPCR (latest)BLS and ACLS guideline (latest)Management of Burns, Electric Shock, Fracture, Trauma, Head Injury, Injury to SpineFew medical topics like Status Asthmaticus, Myocardial Infarction, Hepatitis, Infectious diseases- usual ones. No need to read about Brucellosis, Borreliosis, Q fever etc.Cardiac Murmurs and their causes. No need to go in depthAll National Programmes including Immunisation, TB, Malaria,NVBDCP(very important), RCH, Health for all etcThey'll ask you things pertaining to your state/region. They get transferred to all places. So don't bluff.They definitely have first hand knowledge on the epidemiology. So use common sense and read about diseases according to epidemiology of your area.RESULTSResults will be announced the same day, soon after your batch of ten comes back from interview hall.Those selected will have to stay back till you finish up with your forms, inspection of your documents and verification of credentials.SELECTION TO DIFFERENT SERVICES- ARMY, NAVY and AIR FORCEArmy Medical Corps is common to all the three services. So you can be commissioned to any of these three services. Selection criteria differs.They'll try to give your first posting at your home station (for a few months). Just to make you comfortable until you learn about the service. So your commission does depends, upto an extend, the service hospital that's available near your hometown.MEDICAL FITNESS TESTSUnike others who are recruited, doctors do not have to undergo Physical Tests, but have to undergo a battery of medical tests. Those candidates who pass the interview will be taken to Armed Forces Clinic, New Delhi. You're now in the place where The President of India gets his/her treatment. Following things are examined and if found abnormal will result in disqualification, either permanent or temporary.Permanent disqualification - Candidates who are permanently disqualified, can apply/appeal for re-inspection in the nearest service hospital after payment of a certain amount (Rs 200-400)Temporary disqualification- Candidates who are temporarily unfit are asked to review before another medical board in the nearest service hospital after 42 days (free of cost). If found to be fit, shall be commissioned, else made permanently unfit.Medical Tests done:Height and weight should be in proportion. for chard you can refer the siteWax in ear will be temporarily unfit. So better get it examined and cleaned before interview. Perforation of TM will be permanent unfit.Minimum dental points reqd- 14Skin diseases - Pmt UnfitCorrected vision 6/6 is a must. Worst eye uncorrected 6/60. Lasik done one year back is acceptable. Colour blindness is permanent uunfitHernia/abdominal surgery in the past one year - temporarily unfitHydrocele/varicocele - Pmt UnfitChest expansion min 05 cmsCardiac murmursHepatomegaly/splenomegaly- Temp UnfitKnock knees, Kyphosis, Scoliosis, Pigeon chest, barrel chest, flat foot - Permanently unfitPhymosis and Paraphymosis - Permanently unfitUSG ,Chest Xray, X ray of long bones will be donePregnancy - Pmt UnfitBlood Tests : Hb, TLC, DLC, ESR, Platelet Count, LFT, RFT, Serum Cholesterol, FBSAll specialist examination including Gynecology examination for ladiesCOMMISSIONThose candidates who pass the Interview and Medical test, will be given a verification form to be filled and sent to Armed forces HQ in a month. They will receive a letter in their address for appearing before the Commanding Officer of the hospital where they'll be posted initially. Commission ceremony will be held at the respective hospital, and there you are. An Army Captain(AMC), A Surgeon Lieutenant in Navy, A Flight Lieutenant in Air Force. Welcome to Indian Armed Forces, the largest voluntary army in the world.LIFE IN ARMED FORCESIf you are looking for a govt service, if you are looking for something different from a regular general practitioner, if you are ready to work anywhere in the country, if you are jubilant enough, if you have a service mentality, then My friend, Armed Forces is the right place for you.SHORT SERVICE TO PERMANENT COMMISSIONAfter 02 years of service, you'll be provided three opportunities for appearing for Permanent Commission Interview. Eligibility :Minimum 02 years of service, Maximum 08 years of service, Age less than 30 for MBBS, 31 for Diploma holders, 35 for Post Graduates, Maximum three attempts.BENEFITSSalary - All inclusive emoluments 70000/ month, take home 56800/-Unlimited Medical Benefits - Free for you and your dependentsFree Ration - Every month you take home lots of quality food products for you and your family (for married officers). For single officers, you're provided great food in the mess for a small amount.Accommodation in good facilitiesFree quality education for your kids- Kendriya VidyalayasPension : No pension for Short Service Officers. Armed forces is the only service in India with Pension Benefits (all others are contributory pension)Post Graduation: For permanent commission officers, after 4 years of reckonable service can appear for PG entrance, relatively very less competition, and secure a PG seat. For SSC, it's after 8 years with a bond to work for total 14 years. SSC officers will be given DNB seats after 4 years with a bond of 14 years service. You'll be considered as Ex-service officer and will get quota in seats in Army institutions if you select to got out of service after 05 years.Source:- Doctors In Indian Armed Forces45.3k Views · 185 UpvotesUpvote · 185 Comment...RecommendedAllPromoted by Shopify Build online business w/ Shopify. No hassle, just start selling.Shopify has all that you need. Trusted by over 500,000 businesses. Start your 14-day free trial today!Learn MoreRohit Vats, Son of an ex-army officer, amateur defense analyst and ORBAT junkieAnswered Dec 8, 2015Continue ReadingOriginally Answered: Indian Armed Forces: What is the procedure of joining the Indian Armed Forces as a MEDICAL OFFICER after completing my MBBS? What is the testing procedure?Hi, I thought of penning the answer myself (my father served in Army Medical Corps) but then came across a detailed reply on the net. This article is from The Hindu and dated 2011. Most of the details are likely to be relevant to current period.Another link to 2014 advert from the Indian Army for openings in the Army Medical Corps. Has all the relevant details.http://indianarmy.nic.in/writere...Options for MBBS graduates in ArmyHope this helps.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Posting the content from The Hindu article in full:The Army Medical Corps under the Government of India annually offers short service commission for MBBS graduates who have passed the course in the first or second attempt and have completed internship as an officer. The candidate must have obtained permanent registration from any State Medical Council or the Medical Council of India.Postgraduate degree holders viz. MD, MS, M.Ch. and DM will also be considered.Postgraduate degree holders in anaesthesia, surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, medicine, orthopaedics, respiratory medicine will be given preference.Age should not exceed 45 years. Only Indian nationals will be considered.Eligible candidates will be called for an interview by the board officers at the Army Hospital, Delhi, in order to assess the suitability and merit for granting short service commission in the Armed Forces Medical Services. The final selection will be on the basis of medical fitness examination.The selected candidates can get posting in any part of the country in the Army, Navy or Air Force.Doctors on being commissioned into the Armed Forces Medical Services will be granted the rank of Captain or equivalent rank in Navy or Air Force in the scale of Rs.15600-39,100, plus grade pay, non-practicing allowance, free rations, subsidised accommodation and so on.On completion of two years of service, short service commissioned officers can apply for Departmental Permanent Commission, provided they have not attained the age of 30 years. An officer can apply for postgraduate course on completion of two years of service after grant of permanent commission.Recruitment notification will be published in Employment News Weekly, a government of India periodical and in leading news papers. Applications are invited from the Indian citizens, both male and female, who have passed their final MBBS examination and completed internship for grant of short service commission in the Army Medical Corps.Medical PG degree holders (MD/ MS/ M.Ch./ DM) in anaesthesia, surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, medicine, orthopaedics and respiratory medicine will be given preference.The candidate must not have attained 45 years of age as on December 31, 2011. The total number of vacancies available this year is 100.Application form and other details can be had either from the web site www.indianarmy.nic.in or from the notification published in the Employment News dated April 16- 22.Duly completed applications in A4 size plain paper along with attested copies of the required documents should reach the office of the Director General, Armed Forces Medical Services / DG – 1A, Ministry of Defence, M. Block, New Delhi – 110001 latest by May 16. For intimation of date of interview, one self-addressed envelope (without postage stamp) and as an application processing fee, demand draft for Rs.200 drawn from any nationalised bank in favour of Director General Armed Forces Services (APF Fund) payable at New Delhi.Eligible candidates will be called for interview during July/August 2011 at New Delhi.The final selection will be on the basis of medical fitness.Doctors on getting commission in the Armed Forces Medical Services will be granted the rank of Captain in the scale of Rs.15,600-39,100 plus grade pay of Rs.6,100 plus military service pay Rs.6,000.Non-practicing allowance at the rate of 25 per cent of the basic pay will also be allowed.Total emoluments at the minimum of pay scale at the time of joining will be approximately Rs.44,000 per Under Construction addition to this, entitled for free ration, subsidised accommodation and allied facilities shall be provided.Postgraduate degree holders will be eligible for PG allowance of Rs.1,000 per month. Officers are entitled to 60 days annual leave and 20 days casual leave in a year.Leave Travel Concession (LTC), free medical services for self and family including depended parents, group insurance of Rs.40 lakh and canteen store depot facility are also available.Short service commissioned officers are eligible for promotion up to the rank of Major or equivalent rank in Navy, Air Force, after four years of services as Captain, and Lt. Colonel after a total service of 11 years.For more details visit the Army official web site Official Website of Indian Army.54.6k Views · 31 UpvotesYour response is http://private.Is this answer still relevant and up to date?YesNoUpvote · 31 Comment...RecommendedAllPromoted by DocsApp Talk to a specialist doctor online on DocsApp. No need to visit.For all your health related issues, talk to a doctor privately over chat or call. Download DocsApp now!Learn MoreAnkit Sharma, Mbbs; HealerAnswered Mar 30, 2015Continue ReadingRecruitment to the medical posts are through Permanent Commission (PC) and Short Service Commission (SSC).50% of the graduates passing out from the Armed Forces Medical College Pune are taken directly into Permanent Commission and the rest are offered Short Service Commission. Doctors from civil medical colleges are offered only SSC entry. SSC officers are required to serve for a minimum period of 5 years. The SSC may be extended by another two terms of 5 years and then 4 years upto a maximum of 14 years. AFMC graduates offered SSC are required to serve for a minimum period of 7 years extendable by another 7 years.Short Service CommissionUpper Age Limit- 45 YearsNotification for the post of doctors (married/unmarried – male and female) in Indian Navy through SSC are published in leading newspapers once a year. Eligible candidates are called for interview at New Delhi to assess their merit and suitability for grant of Short Service Commission in the Army Medical Corps and subsequent secondment to the Navy. Based on the results of the interview, candidates who have been short listed are subjected to medical examination at designated Armed Forces hospitals in New Delhi. Medically fit candidates are granted commission subject to verification procedures as deemed necessary as required for commissioning. Post graduate degree holders i.e. MD/MS/MCh/DM may also apply.18.1k Views · 13 UpvotesYour response is http://private.Is this answer still relevant and up to date?YesNoUpvote · 13 Comment...RecommendedAllRajesh Matam, Doctor, Indian NavyAnswered Oct 12, 2015Continue ReadingOriginally Answered: How can I join the Indian Navy after doing MBBS?This answer is on the premise that you want to continue your profession on joining the armed forces.After finishing your MBBS , you can join the Armed Forces Medical Services as a Doctor on clearing your interview, held at New Delhi by a panel of Army Doctors. Candidates are tested on their knowledge of medical subjects and attitude followed by medical examination of the candidate.Armed forces medical services comprise army, navy and airforce, hence you may get any of the three services on selection. Ratio of selection in army to navy to airforce is usually 80:10:10 as army is quite huge compared to navy or airforce.Selection usually takes place twice in a year - for January and June. So advertisement regarding selection is usually in months of February and August.Other option is to do your MD/MS from AFMS institutes which come with a rider of compulsory 05 yrs of service as an SSC officer.All The Best9.2k Views · 9 UpvotesUpvote · 9 Comment...RecommendedAllRamiz Majid, Digital Marketing Manager at Digital Marketing (2011-present)Answered Mar 13, 2017Hi,There are websites where you can see the Indian Army job opportunities. My brother used this website called (Army Calling) where the recruitment information and opportunities are updated regularly. They also have mobile applications which will help you to get notifications in your mobile about the new additions. Hope this will work for you.Thanks5.8k Views · 5 UpvotesUpvote · 5 Comment...RecommendedAllMayank Datar, Undergraduate Medical StudentAnswered Nov 17, 2015Continue ReadingOriginally Answered: How can I join the Indian Navy after doing MBBS?You've to apply for the Army Medical Corps - Short Service Commission (AMC SSC) after completing MBBS. You'll be called to appear before the Interview Board constituted by the DGAFMS. Upon clearing the interview, you'll undergo medical examination. If found fit, you'll be given training for an year, after which you'll be commissioned as a Captain in Army and equivalent ranks in the Navy and the Air Force.Candidates are commissioned in the Army, Navy and the Air Force in the ratio of 8:1:1, given the huge size of the Army.There is speculation that it depends on whose base is located in or near your hometown. However, it is a mere speculation and the exact criteria through which forces are assigned is not known10k Views · 4 UpvotesUpvote · 4 Comment...RecommendedAllRahul Warrier (രാഹുൽ വാര്യർ), Corporate SoldierAnswered Sep 30, 2015Originally Answered: How can I join the Indian Navy after doing MBBS?If you are interested in continuing medicine in the Navy then there are lateral opening specific to doctors. Yoi need to keep a track on the recruitment notices On nausena-bharti ..You can also join AFMC for your PG and thereafter work for the defense..Alternately, if you want to work in combat role and other stuff you have CDSE entry, as well as various other opening such as logistics etc4.2k Views · 1 UpvoteUpvote · 1 Comment...RecommendedAllAnonymousAnswered May 7, 2015Continue ReadingOriginally Answered: I am currently doing my MBBS. How can I join the Indian Army Medical Corps? How tough is it to go through the procedure?Hii, Every year AMC comes up with a notification for the recruitment, pls keep checking their website AMC SSC ::. All the details regarding application are available with the notification. if shortlisted u ll be called to Delhi for an interview, once that is cleared you have to clear medical fitness. Only then you will be selected for short service commission in AMC.Only Doctors join officer ranks without going thru SSB4.8k Views · 3 UpvotesUpvote · 3 Comment...RecommendedAllOdde Siva Kesavam, former Director - II,Answered Jun 10, 2016Continue ReadingOriginally Answered: I am a medical student, aspiring to join the Indian army as a doctor after my MBBS. Who can I contact for advice and counselling regarding this matter?Hari om , you are asking a question as to : "whom to contact for joining Army after medical graduation?".First let me congratulate you on your decision to join the Army after completing your graduation. To serve the Defence Forces is a great opportunity, that too as a doctor.There is Army Medical Corps, which looks after all matters pertaining to medical profession of Armed forces.Its office is in Luknow , Uttar Pradesh. I am giving its address & other details below . Contact them for further guidance. Be curteous on phone while asking for information.Address:AMC Records, Near Shopping Complex, AMC Centerand school,Lucknow Cantt.Road,Lucknow - 226002Phone nos:05222483324+915222483324 &+91-522-2483324I think I have given you the required information. Wish you all the best. Hari om.7k Views · 5 UpvotesUpvote · 5 Comment...RecommendedAllPrabha Mohan M Baliga, Aircraft Performance Instructor at Go Airlines (2015-present)Answered Apr 13, 2015Continue ReadingOriginally Answered: How can one join the Indian Air Force as a doctor after doing their MBBS?You can never join Indian Air Force as a doctor. All doctors (and dentists) in the three services are essentially selected by the Army and seconded to the Army and Air Force as per the vacancies available. Normally, the promotions upto the rank of Colonel & equivalent would be in the same service. Beyond that, the promotions are based on the available vacancies and the person might have to change the service and uniform!8.5k Views · 6 UpvotesUpvote · 6 Comment...RecommendedAllLokesh Kr Jain, Doctor!! Aspiring to fly high in life!Answered Nov 21, 2016You need to apply for it.There are openings twice every year.You will be called for interview, followed by medical test, upon clearing it, you will join either army, Navy, or Air Force.Make sure you are medical fit. (it's strict)2.1k Views · Answer requested by

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