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Is age 28 too late to get healthy and in shape?

This was ME at 30–31.This is Me now after few years:Here’s what I did that allowed me to go from Skinny-Fat to LEAN:-I started tracking my caloric intake using a free software: cronometer. I know for a fact that the number of calories that you are eating based on your goals is one of the most important thing one can do especially when they are focussing on body composition.-I dramatically reduced my workout time from 10–12 hours per week (yeah you’ll be surprised to know I was working out quite a lot in the first pic. too) to only 3–6 hours a week—basically high intensity stuff with low volume.-HIIT, Heavy weight lifting with rep range 5–7 etc most time of the year. I grew stronger in compound lifts.-I completely rested for 4 days week allowing my body to recover-I ensured that I walked quite a lot on my off days…multitasked by walking to grocery store, long walks with my family and other activities. I used standing desk to burn even more calories.-I ensured I ingested all micro-nutrients daily and supplemented with omega 3 oils and multivits.-I did intermittent fasting and have been eating only 2 meals a day. 11am my first meal and 7pm my second meal. I also drink few cups of black coffee that keeps me going in the mornings and afternoons when I am doing mini-fasts.-I was consistent. Building my dream physique which not only looks good but is also functional, strong and healthy is my top priority and I ensured that I planned for it—spend more time in the kitchen cooking all my meals, grocery shopping to ensure all ingredients are there, hit the gym 3 times per week, never missed a session, and so forth.-Overtime my cravings for pizzas, burgers, alcohol, sugary foods naturally declinedIn the past few years, I have such strong foundational health habits that I know will keep my super fit for the rest of my life.I know I will stay LEAN throughout because I worked hard to build solid habits and that my friends is the key.No workout or diet is perfect. You work hard by creating habits and work on key guidelines to see what fits well for you.Check out my program LEAN where I give you a step-by step workout program and diet chart for 18 weeks to get you started to a younger you.

What did your body transformation look like?

This is how I looked at the beginning of my TransformationBut why did I use to look like this?Here it is…I was the Director of a Spoken English and Personality Development institute in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Being the director I had to manage all the Administration and Marketing work. I was passionate about training as well so I used to take all the batches. And hence my schedule looked like this.6:00 AM - WAKE UP6;30 AM - GET READY AND TAKE BREAKFAST7:00 AM - REACH INSTITUTE7:30 AM - START TAKING BATCHES7:30–9:00, 9:00–10:30, 10:30–12:00 BATCHES,12:00–12:30 DOUBT SOLVING SESSION12:30 PM -GET FREE FROM BATCHES1:00 PM - LUNCH1:30 PM - ADMINISTRATION AND MARKETING WORK3:30 PM - START TAKING BATCHES3:30–5:00, 5:00–6:30, 6:30–8:00, 8:00–9:30 BATCHES,9:30–10:00 DOUBT SOLVING SESSION10:30 PM - REACH HOME11:00 PM - DINNER11:30 PM - GOOD NIGHTI had a very hectic schedule and that’s why I couldn’t take proper care of myself and got obese. Right? Bullshit.The real reason I looked like this was…Is that a coincidence that all the old photos that I have of myself are either taken in hotels, eating something or going to or coming back from a hotel!I wanted to be the best trainer in the world and that’s why I used to teach all the students by myself. I used to teach around 1000 students each year and I was their favourite teacher [obviously, I am the best :)] They all had birthdays, someone used to top the exams, someone used to buy a bike or a car, any professional used to get promoted, any female student used to get married or engaged or deliver a baby, whatever maybe the reason the result was always a PARTY!!!!!Cut a cake, bring sweets or order food. Almost everyday was a celebration and everyday I used to consume enormous amount of sugar, oil, maida, potato and cheese, a lot of cheese. Hence I became obese. At the peak of my obesity I didn’t even have a visible neck, only second chin!This continued for almost 3 years. My weight skyrocketed from 72 to 92. Until one day…..I reached my institute, parked my bike and went to the lift. To my surprise the lift was out of service. It didn’t happen like this in ages so I took the stairs. My institute was on second floor. I couldn’t even climb to the second floor and started fainting and my heart started beating like anything. Somehow I managed to reach my office and drank water. It took me ten mins to get normal again. I took my classes after that I thought to see my family doctor. I went to him and described everything that has happened. He wrote me some tests and called me when I get the reports.After few days when I went to the doctor, he saw my reports and said, I am sorry Mayank! but you can’t become the best trainer in the world.I got hyper and said what do you mean? Who will stop me?Your habits, he replied.I was silent.He said you are on the verge of diabetes and your cholesterol and blood pressure are alarmingly high! I doubt with these eating habits you can’t live more than few years. I can’t help you until you decide to change. When you are ready, let me know. I will give you a diet plan.I was stoned.I came back to my place and had no idea what to do next. I loved food but I also loved to live and become the best trainer in the world, after all that’s my purpose of life.That day was the turning point of my life.I decided to put my life together on 8th September 2013. I went to the doctor and took my measurements. I was-Body weight - 92 kgHeight - 5.7″Body fat - 37%Waist - 38 inchesNow the next thing was getting a diet plan. So I went to my dietitian. Yes, yes, yes I had a dietitian before. I had also joined gyms several times before. But my love for food never allowed me to love my body.My dietitian saw me and started smiling. ‘Welcome back, Mayank! How can I help you again?’ And she laughed. I asked her to make me a diet plan. She told me the only diet plan that works is the diet plan that you stick to. And she knows I won’t stick to a diet plan but what she didn’t know was this time was different. This time was not about ‘me’ this time was about my plans, my goals and my ambition. She had seen my love for food, she had seen my obese body but she hadn’t seen my will power and determination.Anyway I got a diet plan and now it was time to find a gym. I went to Reeyaz gym, the gym infamous for it’s owner and trainer Anand sir. He is deadliest trainer I had seen or heard of. I went to him and told him the whole story and that I want to get back my life. He doesn’t coach individuals but agreed to coach me only if follow his two conditions.I will have to come to the gym 6 days a week and stick to the diet plan that we mutually agree upon in the gym.I have to complete my workouts without failing and can’t leave gym without his permission.Did I have any option to say no? I agreed. The journey starts…These photos were taken just after my first workout.After my first workout I came to know why he kept those two conditions. My body was in pain like anything. I had no idea what to do. All I wanted was to eat a lot of food and sleep. But wait! I can’t because I am on a specific diet. Oh! I hate diet plans. I shouted. But then I remembered why I had started. Followed the diet plan and slept. The same continued for over a period of a month. I didn’t even check my weight in between. I didn’t skip a single workout and not even compromised with my diet for a single time.And do you want to know what happened after a month?I had lost 12 kg in one month!Going for running every morning, following a diet plan and working out 6 days a week can work miracles. I was already on cloud nine!45 days down the line was even more amazing!60 days and 20 kg apart!!!Now it was getting difficult to lose weight. My body was getting used to of whatever I was doing so I decided to give it a shock and added swimming in my regime. The decision turned out to be amazing and I shredded 5 kg by the combination of diet, swimming and workout within next few days.100 days and 25 kg apart!!!I hadn’t have a single cheat meal in over three months. So I decided to have a pizza after three months and let me tell you it was the same pizza I had eaten for hundreds of time before, but this time it was a totally different experience. I literally had goosebumps when I had it. I had the whole pizza by myself in less than 10 mins :)And now I was back to work. See the progress in five months…In my body transformation journey of almost six months I lost 32 kg and my fat percentage dropped from 37% to 15%. My waist from 38 inches to 28 inches. It’s like from owning a Fiat Ambassador to owning a Honda City, I would not say Ferrari because there is a long way to go.Now here comes the most important part of the article. How do I look now! After 5 years of the actual transformation!So this how I look in 2018 in comparison to 2013. (without clothes)In suit.In formals.In gym. (getting more muscular day by day)And last…Now whats my message?It’s simple. You become what you practice.It’s not that I don’t eat cheat meals now. In fact I cheat more frequent than ever. But now my life is not just about cheat meals. I have cheat meals three or four times a week sometimes even five or six. But when I don’t cheat I know I have a purpose to eat. To become stronger and healthier than ever. I love food but I love myself even more. I want to live longer and feel better and hence I got to take care of my body!Start small, make small but consistent changes in your diet and workout regime. Remember I told, only that diet plan works which you stick to. So get a diet plan, get a workout regime and stick to it. With discipline, consistency and patience you will see miracles.One more thingThe most important thing people often forget is live your life to fullest. Having a goal doesn’t mean compromising with your social life and cutting yourself off with your friend circle. You don’t just want to own a chiselled physique you want to keep it as well. Have a workout plan and a diet chart that you can follow forever. We are not competitive bodybuilders or celebrities, we are normal people who have jobs, families and responsibilities beyond over control. So don’t run behind a goal that’s too superficial. Because owing a Lamborghini is a different thing and maintaining it is a different thing (and if you can maintain it as well, go for it. I salute you.)P.S. This question is only about my body transformation. So I will write a separate article about what diet I followed and what was my workout regime. To read more such articles and know more about me please follow me.Thanks for reading and if you liked the article please up vote.Please feel free to connect with me in case you have any questions about your body transformation. I am just a message away!

Fitness: What is the ideal diet for getting a 6 pack?

Here’s what most people won’t tell you about fat loss. From someone who always had a belly and never achieved a 6 pack until I was in my 20’s… There is no best diet.Everywhere you see from the news, media or marketers“Top X foods to lose fat”“Best Diet”“How to lose fat fast”“Why everyone is now using X diet”“This amazing new diet or fitness trick that will solve all of your problems”All these tips, tricks and advice can be helpful, but the truth is that almost none of what they say TRULY matter. The whole point of all these articles, blog posts, videos are to get your attention. That’s all they care about is views.I came across this article the other day, The Best Fat Loss Article on the Motherfuckin’ Internet , Which isn’t even one I wrote but I believe it’s really good.Losing weight is all about consistency and patience.The longer you can stick to a particular “diet”, the better results you will get. Most people now a days want everything right now. We live in a now now society, I’m apart of it and so are you.You will not have a magical body transformation in 30 days or even 60 days. You can see progress and results, but it is more likely that it will take several months to maybe even a year to see an amazing transformation.You’ll see that the first 2 pictures are 30–40 days apart. Then “I believe” the 3rd picture is at about 90 days.Here’s also what most people won’t tell you about fat loss. It’s boring.K.I.S.SKeep it simple stupid.You can get fancy and extravagant but in most cases you don’t need to. It likely isn’t any better. And in some cases you may just be making it harder for yourself.Start and build a foundation first before you try to go over the top.An amazing foundation of the basics will get you much further. I spent 3 years WASTED in the gym because I was doing the wrong things. I wasn’t being intentional. I spent $1,000’s of dollars on supplements and tons of excess time and money. Over the course of 3 years all I had to show was the first picture you see above.Then I spent 1 year starting back from ground zero and mastered the basics. That year is the progress you see above.My meals 90–95% of the time were not Instagram worthy.I stopped going out to eat for sometimes weeks at a time.I didn’t go out drinking on the weekends sometimes.But I also didn’t spend money on supplements.I also didn’t spend more than 4–5 days a week in the gym.It’s now much easier and much simpler for me to maintain my weight. I can now almost effortlessly alter my body based on my goals. Now I can now go out, live and not worry as much.The reason is all because I built a foundation of knowledge and habits that have benefit me ten fold.This is a great example of why many times we mess up our diets.How do you build a foundation?First…Stop looking for motivation. I wasted a ton of time thinking I had to feel motivated. I felt like I needed motivation to do something.Motivation does not come before results/action. It comes after.There will be many days where you don’t feel like eating right or working out. When you don’t feel like something, you should probably do that.Assume responsibility for everything. I’ve heard this from so many people. One of my favorite sources was the book, Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin.EVERYTHING in your life is a result of a current way of thinking or doing. Even when you don’t think something is your fault. Ask yourself, was there something, anything I could have done about it? The answer is likely yes.But what’s also important is although you don’t always control everything 100% you control HOW YOU REACT. I was overweight, because of my actions. I could have continued down the path and ended up just as overweight as I was as a kid. But instead I didn’t. I said enough is enough. I stopped thinking and dreaming about being fit and I just started working towards it.Calories in Calories out isn’t useless, but it isn’t the whole story.This is the hierarchy of what affects your weight from a nutritional macro perspective.The simple truth is no matter how healthy you eat, if you’re eating too many calories you will gain weight. No matter what, even though many keto advocates will tell you calories don’t matter, they do. (I’ve done keto and do it here and there cyclically)If you want to know how many calories, Here’s a calculator to figure out.Stealing infographics from @Cartergood on InstagramDon’t be married to your approach.The number one way to not be in control of your body is to be so married to food, or a particular diet that it becomes a religion.Flexibility and Adaptability are huge keys to long term success.There is no best diet for weight loss, but personally I like to take a long term health approach to eating.You don’t have to eat green and clean but focusing on real whole foods from plants and animals will make the process easier. KISS. Sometimes getting rid of fake artificial foods is really all you need to do. It won’t be easy because you’ll have to cook and/or prepare meals but it’s worth it.Macronutrients; Protein, Carbs, Fat.When studied against each other, THE ONLY macronutrient that has a role in fat loss is protein. Eating 20g of carbs vs. 50g vs. 200g will have no major effect on fat loss.However protein and fat are mostly essential to health. Carbohydrates are not necessarily essential. But you can choose how you want to eat.There is no muscle growth or fat loss benefit to eating more than 0.8g of protein per pound of bodyweight. [1]Generally speaking, it’s better to eat carbs in proportion to how active you are. And that doesn’t mean just because you lift weights for an hour a day you need 200–300g of carbs. Building Muscle: The Myth of Carbohydrates. But really it’s up to you how you set your macronutrients up.Like I said, I look at nutrition in a long game approach. Eating vegan isn’t any better than eating meat. Vice Versa. Just like eating carbs isn’t any better than eating dietary fat. Dietary fat may however have a better long term benefit, but a lot is unknown still to say for sure.Just make sure you eat good quality food.From Harvard Public School of HealthFor chronic disease prevention, though, the quality and food sources of these nutrients matters more than their relative quantity in the diet. And the latest research suggests that the same diet quality message applies for weight control.For weight, disease/illness prevention and improving overall health, it's primarily a food quality issue than it is a food quantity issue.Eat plenty of vegetables, a wide array of color. When eating animal products quality is important. There are big differences between wild caught vs. farmed raised fish. Just like grass fed vs. grain fed beef.Focus more on eating more of the good.Cardio isn’t the most effective way to lose weight.You don’t get abs by doing crunches.You don’t get abs even by working out.Abs are made in the kitchen, but sculpted in the gym.Pick exercise you enjoy.You don’t exercise to lose weight. You exercise for the additional health benefits and the way you want to sculpt your body.Exercise is rather ineffective for fat loss. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise, it means what you do isn’t as important as simply just exercising.Personally I weight train to sculpt my body and because I enjoy lifting weight s for 30 - 60mins. vs. running for that amount of time. But I also sprinkle in cardio, and yoga. Not for fat loss, but because I know it will help long term.Here’s a few article guides to creating an effective workout routine.A Full Guide For Picking The Best Exercises To Sculpt An Aesthetic PhysiqueWorkout Optimization: Volume & FrequencyLike I said. I wasted time in the gym trying fancy routines. I followed useless bodybuilding dot com workouts and other magazine routines.Now I switched from following fitness gurus and looked at actually science. I follow evidence based routines. As well as I only listen to science and evidence based professionals like Layne Norton, Menno Henselmans, Greg Nuckols, Brad Schoenfeld. (to name a few).Many people, I included, think that you need to workout a lot. Or super intense. Or that 10 reps is the most effective method. I thought I needed to split up body parts. That if there’s no pain there’s no gain.Quality > Quantity when it comes to working out.Again, I think the most important part when it comes to changing your body is it comes down to Consistency and Patience.If you like free content, I have free guides on my blog. As well as a free guide on how I personally overcame my overeating habits. It’s a lot of what I learned about the psychology to overeating, obesity and fat loss. As well as where the current state of nutrition comes from and where it’s likely heading. If you want it you can check it out.Let me know if I can help you out anymore!Footnotes[1] The myth of 1 g/lb: Optimal protein intake for bodybuilders

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