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Are you seeking to edit forms online? CocoDoc is ready to give a helping hand with its Complete PDF toolset. You can get it simply by opening any web brower. The whole process is easy and quick. Check below to find out

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PDF Editor FAQ

How would one go about joining the Coast Guard?

First question you have to ask yourself is “Am I eligible to join the U.S Coast Guard?” and the best way to do that is to call or visit your local Coast Guard Recruiter as the requirements for eligibility changes at the “needs” of the Coast Guard. If you meet the requirements and honestly want to join, my best advice to you would be to talk to present/former members of the Coast Guard and get their experience/view on how they liked it. Also, get familiar with the various jobs and duties of the Coast Guard and find one that fits closest to something you like and you can do. As in all services, Basic Training is no joke so you have to be capable of strenuous exercise and swimming. After you gather all the information, make an appointment to talk to a Coast Guard Recruiter. Be presentable and courteous as in any job application 1st appearance is lasting. When you come in and are somewhat knowledgeable about the Coast Guard and have some idea of what it does and what you can do to help it do what it does, it shows the recruiter that you have ambition and not someone just looking for a paycheck. Make sure you ask the recruiter plenty of questions, like how fast advancement is in the rate(job type) you would like to be a part of, the shore/sea rotation for that particular rate and the various locations you could be stationed at(my job was a Telephone Tech at the time, now called IT and most of the locations were major cities and the larger Coast Guard ships). Another thing to look at, is the job you want, something that will benefit you after you leave/retire from the Coast Guard. Now, most important, get everything the recruiter promises you IN WRITING! a few, not all recruiters, get a vague memory on what they promised. Also, some rates give incentive bonuses for either choosing that rate or to re-enlist as that rate. They used to have early re-enlistment programs as well. I signed to enlist 6 months prior to joining, you don’t get paid for those six months BUT they did count as time in service for future advancements. So, check and see if that is available as well. Keep in mind, some rates you may have to wait a bit of time before you get to go to school. Any other questions, feel free to ask!

What was your initial salary & what is it now?

Here’s my job history as a software developer:IBM (2005 - 2007)Salary : 2.5 LPA (when I joined) - 4.0 LPA (when I left)Location: PuneHow I joined : Through campus placements. Graduated in Electrical Engg from one of the older NITs in 2005. Unfortunately the administration back then preferred quantity over quality (things have changed now for the better) - so the bulk recruiters were given first preference. Skipped Infosys and TCS (the first two companies), realized that 50% of my batchmates are already placed, panicked and opted for the third firm (IBM) and got placedExperience: People around me at the job were largely mediocre with barely any ambition beyond going ‘onsite’. The company had plenty of resources for learning though. Treated the job as an extension of college where I am paid to learn instead, went on a learning and certification spree and moved on after 2 yearsLehman Brothers (2007 - 2008)Salary: 7.0 LPA (when I joined) - 7.5 LPA (when the firm went bust) + bonusLocation: MumbaiHow I joined: Uploaded my resume and created a profile on Naukri. Lehman Brothers approached me.Other offers that I had: Merill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, BNP Paribas, Deloitte, Tibco. Goldman was paying the most (not significantly more though) but preferred to join Lehman instead because I liked the people who interviewed meExperience: People around me were really good at what they did and definitely a notch above the kind of developers I worked with at IBM. Only pain point was that there was little sense of ownership and most decisions were driven from USNomura (2008 - 2012)Salary: 7.5 LPA (when I joined) - 15 LPA (when I left) + bonusLocation: MumbaiHow I joined: As everyone knows, Lehman went bust and filed for bankruptcy in Sept. 2008 less than a year after I joined. Started attending interviews. Few days later, Nomura announced that it will take over Lehman’s Asia Pacific and Europe businesses.Other offers that I had: PwC. PwC was just matching my current package. Decided not to move as Nomura taking over Lehman meant that I would continue to be working with the same set of people and continue to live in my comfort zone.Experience: Continued to work with same set of people who worked with me at Lehman. The work was amazing. For almost 3 years continued to develop systems and applications from scratch. Work life balance was great too. On 9 out of 10 days, I would reach office at 8:30 am and leave at 5:45 pm. Hikes and bonuses were great too. However things stated to change around late 2011 - there were cost cutting pressures all round.Barclays (2012–2014)Salary: 18 LPA (when I joined) - 22 LPA (when I left) + bonusLocation: PuneHow I joined: Uploaded resume and started looking for jobs. Barclays had just recently opened up development centre in Pune and was looking for people with capital markets background. They approached meOther offers that I had: Goldman Sachs, MSCI, JP Morgan Chase, Pega, Bank of America. MSCI was paying the most but joined Barclays as I preferred Pune (where y girlfriend was living)Experience: A step down from Nomura. Too many managers from IT Services background who ran Barclays almost like an IT services shop. Work life balance was great though.Goldman Sachs (2014 - 2018)Salary: 29 LPA (when I joined) - 37 LPA (when I left) + bonusLocation: BangaloreHow I joined: Got married to my girlfriend (ex colleague from IBM) in 2012. However, within 7–8 months it was clear that we had very different ideas about ideal life. By 2013 end, we were living like strangers in the same house and were barely communicating. Eventually we decided to call it quits. I wanted to move somewhere else and start life afresh. Goldman Sachs conducted a hiring event in Pune for their Bangalore office.Other offers that I had: Citigroup, Morgan StanleyExperience : People were smart so it was a great experience learning from them. Work was really hectic and 11 hour days were the norm (with at least 2 hours on the phone everyday). Overall very positive experience despite the hectic workload.Citi (2018 - till now)Salary: 118,000 CAD (when I joined) - 125,000 CAD (now)Location: Toronto, CanadaHow I joined: Read about express entry immigration program to Canada. Figured that I had nothing to lose and if things don’t work out, I can always come back. Applied and got an invite three months down the line as my points were above cutoff. Came to Canada for a week, finished landing formalities and went back. In summer of 2018, resigned and moved to Toronto (without a job in hand). Applied for job(s) and got interview call from Citi within a weekOther offers that I had: HSBC, Royal Bank of CanadaExperience: The biggest positive is that now I am in the same time zone as the business and hence there were not after work calls spanning 2 hours everyday. The extra time saved enabled me to go back to college and attend classroom based data science and AI certificate programs at University of Toronto. Done with both and now planning to apply for an online masters program on Coursera. Getting lots a calls from recruiters for positions with banks in New York (who are willing for file for TN visa) but cant go ahead with them as I am not a Canadian citizen yet. Will be eligible for Canadian citizenship mid 2021 and maybe explore those options in 2022.

How was your BPCL interview experience?

Number of posts available : UnknownPay scale : 60,000-1, 80,000CTC : 17.32 LPAPost applied for : Engineer trainee recruitment through GATE 2018.Information:Applicants were called to their regional offices where processes were held. I was called to attend the process at Southern Regional office, Chennai. (Reporting time: 8:30 am, 3rd May 2018)There were around 100 people in the hall. I met people with rank above 800 also. There was an introductory presentation about BPCL. They explained the process of recruitment. Process was for 2 days. It is as follows:· Group discussion· Shortlisting ( I )· 1st round of interview· Shortlisting ( ii )· 2nd round of interviewPeople were divided in a group of 12 to 15 for Group discussions. The topic of our batch was“You are working as a design engineer in an automobile company. You are asked to look into the problem of brake wire failure. You are instructed by the boss that our company is customer centric and the customer doesn’t like to have a modification in design. He asked you to look into the problem without any design modification. But you found that it’s impossible to rectify the problem without design modification. What will you do?”(Three big paragraphs were given which I have summarized as above)5 minutes were given to understand the case. GD went on for around 12 minutes.Around 35 students were shortlisted after GD. Certificate verification was done for the shortlisted candidates.Both the 1st and 2nd round of interviews were a mix of technical and HR questions. 20 students were shortlisted after 1st round of interview. People who got selected will be addressed through the mail later.Some of the questions were:· Tell me about yourself· How may PSU’s have you applied?· Why only BPCL?· What is your preference among all PSU’s?· What if you are given an offer by IOCL?· Why did you leave your job? ( I worked in an MNC earlier)· Tell me three qualities in you as why should I select you· What are the events in the Inter NIT athletics? (I have mentioned that I was the captain of Inter NIT athletics team)· On what principle does an aeroplane fly?· What is Bernoulli’s principle?· Laminar and turbulent flow· An example of device that work on Pascal’s law· MPFI & CRDI ( I worked in an automobile company earlier)Both the interviews lasted for nearly 20-25 minutes.Verdict : SelectedPoints to remember:· There is no weightage to GATE score. Even a top ranker can be rejected in the very first round.· Shortlisting is done after every round.· Do not cross others while they are speaking. Let them speak. You will get your chance. Panel will give a chance to the persons who speak less (Or they have felt so. But this need not happen all the time)· During the interview, there can be 2 to 5 people in the panel. It’s true that the next question of the interviewer is mostly based on the answer that you had given to the previous question. However, when the person asking you the question changes, the discussion can be completely new.· Questions on interns and projects were asked to some of the candidates.· In the interview, they are predominantly trying to see that ‘if you are recruited, will you stay in the company or not.’ Your chances of getting selected will mostly depend on how well you satisfy the interviewer with your answer.· Take a photograph of the bio data form/resume before submission. There can be many questions on that depending on the mood of the interviewer. You must remember what you have actually written in that.I hope this can be helpful to some of you. All the best…You can refer to other interview experiences of mine:ONGCMohit's answer to How was your ONGC interview experience?IOCLMohit's answer to How was your interview experience at IOCL?EILMohit's answer to How was your interview experience at EIL India?BHELMohit's answer to How was your interview experience at BHEL?Thanks for reading!

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