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PDF Editor FAQ

If the groom's side cancelled the wedding 10 days before the wedding without a valid reason, what can we do legally?

What can you do legally? Do you mean is there a way to force the groom to go through with the wedding? Not in the US, no. And I would be surprised if such a law existed anywhere. Why would you want to force someone to go through with a wedding?If you mean related to expenses for the wedding, it is unlikely that you can do anything there either. Unless you have some written contract about who is responsible for what, and what happens if the wedding is canceled. And I am going to assume you don’t have something like that. Otherwise, the person who signed the contract for the services being provided is the one responsible for paying. At 10 days before, it certainly will be hard to cancel any number of things without penalty, but all you can do is your best to save money where you can. And if you cannot, maybe consider donating some of the services to charity. Perhaps you can get a tax deduction, and help a needy organization.Personally, I think it is better that a person who realizes the marriage is wrong for them cancel the wedding. Even if it is the day of the wedding. What seems awful to me is to get married knowing you don’t really want to. A life of misery and/or a divorce is a lot more expensive than the cost of the wedding celebration. I can assure you, the person had a valid reason. He may not want to share it. Or it may not seem like a valid reason to you. But any reason is valid, in the end.The whole groom’s family thing is a bit confusing here. So it suggests you may not be in the US. If that is the case, you will need to check the law in your country.If you are someone who was providing a service to the wedding, that is the florist, catering, location, etc, then you should have a contract. That contract is hopefully in writing. And it hopefully addresses what happens if there is a cancellation. You can expect to be paid and if you are not, you can sue. If you do not have a contract, or if the contract does not have some sort of cancellation policy, that will make things harder. I suggest you consult with a lawyer.

Just how wrong can a wedding go? What is your experience at a wedding or reception where it went terribly wrong?

The one wedding that I have seen go horribly wrong, had two elements outside of my control. The first was the weather. The second was human.So, one bright and sunny spring day, a newly engaged couple walked into the doors of the wedding planner I worked for, along with the bride -to-be's parents. I greeted them warmly and offered them something to drink. The bride looks at her mom and said “Why is the help talking to me? You know I never talk to those type of people!”Mom shot daggers at her daughter and I very calmly came around to the front of the reception desk. I very politely and calmly said, “Please do not refer to me or anyone else in this office, or any other person working hard to ensure that your wedding is special, as help, servants, or any other derogatory name you can think of.”The father and the groom both looked at the bride angrily and she apologized. Both the mother and father both said that they heard good things about us and that is why they were there. I stated that I understood that getting married can be a stressful period of time and our job was to help mitigate and alleviate that stress.My boss came out and we all went into the conference room, where I took notes. Using a boilerplate contract that we came up with, I made the necessary changes. I talked them through it and then pointed at one clause in the contract. It basically said that sometimes things happen outside of anyone's control and by signing the contract all parties recognize that fact.So the contract was signed and then they left. A week later we sat down to choose the venue. The location that the bride chose did not allow weddings to be held there. When I started to explain that fact, and I knew of a venue that had a similar setup the bride lost it. After her tantrum, I finished explaining that I knew of a venue that had what she wanted, it was closer, and we could go over and see it that day. After seeing it and realizing the date that the bride and groom chose was available, it was booked.All of the other appointments went smoother. Then three months out it hit the fan. It started with the florist. He called and said that the bride called and berated his staff. Unless the bride apologized he was pulling out. The baker and the manager of the venue had called later and said the same thing.My boss had a sit down meeting and it came to light that the bride was crash dieting. The bride did apologize and she agreed to see a therapist who helped with wedding stress.So in the week leading up to the wedding, I am checking out the weather and it doesn't look good. Then that Wednesday my boss had a family emergency, so she wouldn't be available to work the wedding. Friday morning I get a call from the bride's mother and the bride had collapsed and was in the emergency room. The bride had decided to crash diet again.The big day arrives and the weather is horrible. Heavy rain with lightning and thunder. The venue says that the ceremony can not be held outside and the bride starts to lose it. Mom calms her daughter down and we arrive at the start of the ceremony. Just as the bride started walking down the aisle the power went out. The venue had backup generators but they didn't come on when they should have.Bride completely loses it and runs from the room, followed by mom, dad, and me. Mom and dad are consoling their daughter and I asked if she had eaten that day. Bride shakes her head and I race to the kitchen and one of the cooks made up a couple of sandwiches.By the time I returned the generators had restored power. I handed over the sandwiches and made the announcement that the ceremony was still going to happen, and that there was a slight delay. Once the bride had eaten the sandwiches and had her makeup fixed, the rest of the wedding went off without any other issues.

What do you think is the correct constitutional ruling in the Colorado, Masterpiece Cakeshop case before the U.S. Supreme Court, where the bakery refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple based on religious grounds?

There needs to be a clear distinction between sale of off-the-shelf items vs custom orders.LGBT activists routinely conflate these two situations, which are very different, in order to confuse the issue and try to impose suffering on anyone, especially Christians, who disagree with their lifestyle.To refuse to sell an off-the-shelf item to a walk-in customer because of the customer’s sexual preferences is understandable as discrimination. That should be the extent of public accommodation laws.However, custom orders are a new and distinct contract for special services. The provider should have the right to refuse to enter into a new contract if he or she, for any reason, does not like the terms and conditions. The law does not, and should not, force individuals to enter a new contract regardless of terms and conditions. Such would be indentured servitude, or slavery.Thus, on the basis of the First Amendment Freedom of Speech and Right of Religious Freedom, the Court should rule decisively in favor of Masterpiece Cake Shop, as well as any other baker, printer, florist, or provider of goods and services to refuse to enter into a contract for custom goods and services that conflict with their religious views, or for any other reason. Freedom of Soeech also means the right to refuse to participate in speech, in any form, that one does not agree with.The Supreme Court should declare a clear Constitutional stand on this recurring issue, and invalidate any public accommodation laws that are in any way inconsistent with the First or 13th Amendment. The use of these public accommodation laws to persecute Christians or attack those who disagree with lgbt lifestyles needs to stop. It is the lgbt activists who seek out and attack Christian providers of goods and services who are the bigots.

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