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Why is it good to meditate?

Since the 1950s hundreds of studies on meditation have been conducted. Note that there is no single method of meditation, but dozens of different techniques.Meditation has been successfully employed in psychology and psychiatry since the 1970s to alleviate mental and physical conditions, such asReducing depression.Alleviating stress and anxiety.Calming effects.Treating drug addictionReducing pain.Promoting happiness and wellbeing.Promoting pro-social behaviours.Slowing of brain aging.Numerous systematic reviews show that mindfulness meditation in particular has several mental health benefits, can enhance the psychological functioning of breast cancer survivors, is effective for eating disorders, and may also be effective in treating psychosis.Further reading;Aftanas L, Golosheykin S (June 2005). "Impact of regular meditation practice on EEG activity at rest and during evoked negative emotions". The International Journal of Neuroscience. 115 (6): 893–909. doi:10.1080/00207450590897969. 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