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PDF Editor FAQ

What is the point in isolation notes from the NHS if they can be cheated? In other words it's pretty much self certification?

It is self-certification.Feel free to lie and self-certify if you are willing to take the risk of the penalties.At the moment that’s potentially a fine of up to £10,000… though there were proposals to introduce prison sentences as well.

Can I get some insight from people in countries with universal healthcare? Many in America believe that the systems are terrible and that you have to wait months for treatment. Is any of that true?

I moved from the US to the UK in 1998.It took me a couple of years to get to grips with the National Health Service. Mostly, I had to retrain myself into looking after myself properly.I was always un or under-insured as an adult in the US. So I put off doctor visits and did lots of old wives tales and self-help treatments at home to get by when I couldn't see a medical professional.In the UK, there seems to be an expectation of being proactive about your own care.If you get a sore throat, you can use an NHS self check website that can basically triage your symptoms with a flow chart and advise you what to do. The local chemist (pharmacy) can help you find appropriate meds. You will have to pay for them, but at least you'll be buying something that will work for your symptoms. (And not once have I bought what a chemist recommended and had it exceed the equivalent of a prescription copay.) If your symptoms are concerning (via the flow chart or if they persist or get worse) you probably need to have it checked out. Phone the doctor surgery and make an appointment, the receptionist may do a mini triage to see if you require a same day appointment or if it can wait a day or two. If you absolutely feel you need seeing that day or out of hours and feel you can't wait till the appointment, there are usually Urgent Care centres within a 30 minute drive or less that often have extended hours. You also have the option to phone 111 and they will take your details, triage and advise you, help you find an Urgent Care or have a doctor phone you. All of the 111 services are triaged. Your sore throat will not trump someone with a more potentially threatening complaint. If they say a doctor will return your call, they will, but you will wait your turn. 111 also has the means to summon an ambulance or emergency doctor, if they feel your symptoms are cause for concern. A persistent or bad sore throat will likely need an exam, test and prescription. You will only pay £9.15. (Unless you have a lot of presciption medication and have a Prescription Prepayment Certificate which costs in 2020 £105/year and covers all prescriptions during the year OR have a medical condition that has a fee exemption OR are in receipt of certain benefits.) Edit: Prescription fees are strictly an England requirement. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have abolished prescription fees for everyone.Obviously a sore throat is pretty minor. So I'll blog a little bit. I had a cancer scare 2 years ago. I found a breast anomaly and made an appointment with my GP. She referred me to a breast cancer screening clinic at a local hospital. I received my appointment letter 3 days later for an appointment in 7 days. 10 days from the GP to the tests. 12 from when I first found the issue. I arrived to the clinic and it was amazing. Every single woman left after their test either knowing they were in the clear or if there was something unusual they're in need of further testing. Some of that additional testing was able to be done that day, but conclusive results might take a few days. I required a mammogram and a breast ultrasound. I walked out of there knowing that it wasn't cancer. And I had no bill to pay. I regularly get reminders to make a routine mammogram appointment now, in addition to the routine pelvic exams.I have family members in the US who have delayed even talking to a doctor when they've suspected cancer. Usually it's down to money. One postponed mentioning it for several months because then they'd qualify for Medicare. Cancer loves when you give it months to grow. They were lucky. They survived, despite the delay.I used the sore throat example because a “sore throat” nearly killed me while I lived in the US. I had 3 things I needed to pay for: a doctor consult, test, and prescription. I was never in a position where I could pay all 3. As a result I was sick for months, and grew sicker by the day. Eventually I could not swallow at all, I could not eat, could barely drink and my tonsils were so full of infection and scar tissue that I required immediate IV antibiotics and an emergency tonsillectomy. They had little blood flow and were apparently starting to decay. Someone in the ER helped fast track me onto the state's Medicaid type program because I'd told them I couldn't pay for surgery. I spent a week in hospital, post surgery, and it was a year before I was fully recovered and involved dozens of ENT appointments.I've only had 2 serious conditions in the past 20 years that I've been in the UK and using the NHS. I cannot fault their treatment either time. I did have to wait 18 months for a knee ligament once, but I was young, mostly healthy, I could still walk (but fell fairly often because of my knee - but I could get back up on my own) and I didn't have a job that relied on walking or standing. I wasn't a major priority and I understood why. If I'd not still been thinking like an American and avoiding medical treatment and had gone straight to the hospital when it first ruptured - I probably would have been a higher priority because it was an acute injury. Waiting till it wasn't healing before seeing a doctor only slowed it down more.I don't know how I lived before the NHS. As I've gotten older, more has gone wrong with my body and now I'm not sure that I would be able to survive if I returned to the US.

How do you get an NHS sick note if you are in self-isolation, and what are the rules?

if you live in the United Kingdom The Employer and the Government will acceot self certification ask at gov,uk for proceadure.

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