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When will the notification of RBI grade B (2016) come?

Apply Online For RBI Grade B Officer Recruitment 2016-2017APRIL 6, 2016It is been a tough task to get hired in any of the public sector banks in India which includes some sturdy screening process. When comes to RBI recruitment, be with a part of it is a great honor also and that is one of the reasons why RBI’s assistant recruitment owns more popularity than the other similar ones like IBPS and SBI clerical. RBI Grade B officer recruitment is the other one which candidates keenly looking forward to not only because the name RBI but also the salary scale which RBI provides for this posts, It is almost 55k Indian rupees which includes all the allowances, we have detailed the pay scale below.RBI conducts Grade B officer recruitment once in every year, but with lesser number of vacancies when compared to other public sector bank hiring. It is a little bit different from the other recruitment process that it has following a 2-tier examination process where the others have only one, but from the previous year onwards IBPS walk behind with the same for their Clerical and PO. We are here to provide the complete details regarding RBI Grade B officer recruitment which includes Grade B eligibility, online application etc. No need to go anywhere else to keep updated about RBI Grade B.Note: RBI released the notification of Grade A & B (Manager and Librarian) recruitment 2016 with quite a few vacancies. If you are interested here is the details and online application. Last date to apply is 25th of April.When Is The Next RBI Grade B Recruitment In 2016 ?As we mentioned earlier, Grade B officer recruitment will be conducted once in an year, but RBI will not foretell the examination dates and the other ones earlier. After watching the previous recruitment process, Grade B notification will be released after the 2nd quarter of the year, that means probably in the month of September or October. Don’t count this as the exact, just take it as an expected. Be with RBI Grade B And Assistant Recruitment 2016-2017 we will keep you updated.Note: If the screenshots provided below are hard to read, click on it to get an enlarged view in a new window.How Much Is The Salary (Pay Scale) Offered ?Before start preparing for RBI Grade B exams, make sure that you are eligible or not for the recruitment. Just a bachelor degree is not enough for RBI Grade B Officer posts, that is what the minimum criteria required for many others.Are You Eligible ?Interesting aspect is that those who are doing their M.Phil. and Ph.D can also apply for this post with an addition of 2 and 4 years to the upper age limit respectively. You might be aware that in every recruitment notification there should be an eligibility date, Grade B Officer recruitment has also one, will be updated once RBI officially announced the notification. Please keep in mind that those who are in General Category attempted this exam for 6 times will be no more eligible to write again. Vacancy will probably be in between 125-150 which include reservations also, that is what the previous RBI recruitment says. There is no restriction to write this RBI exam even if you do meet with the eligibility criteria provided, document verification will be done along with the final phase (Interview).Selection StructureIf you want to know RBI Grade B syllabus in detail for the year 2016, here it is.How To Apply Online ?Online Application Form (For the year 2016, notification has yet to come)Once RBI released the notification officially and when the registration starts, the link mentioned above will be live. It will direct you to a registration page. Register it properly with valid E-mail and contact number, for the further process those will be needed. Keep in mind that while filling the form, do it correctly as written in your certificates/mark sheets. Once you filled the form, verify it again and then click on the Final Submit button. As the next step you will be asked to pay the fee. Fee payment details are given below.If you want to know more about this recruitment, we request you to download the advertisement PDF provides and since the notification for the year 2016 has not been published, we are providing the previous recruitment file just for a reference.Advertisement PDFYou might be interested to know about RBI Assistant recruitment for the year 2016. We provided the complete details of it.Are you interested to know when is the next RBI assistant recruitment 2016, if then, here is the details, further detail about the same which include online application link is shown here.If you have queries regarding RBI Grade B exam 2016, feel free to ask via our comment section. We will reply you at the earliest as possible. If you are in need of the book to prepare, please ask us with the topic. We will let you know the proper reference material for it.SOURCE-Apply Online For RBI Grade B Officer Recruitment 2016-2017THANKS FOR UPVOTES

Why did you decide to have a career as a mental health professional?

Hi Wen,Thanks for taking me way back down memory lane. I started life as a Dyslexic kid. Although the term Dyslexia was first coined in 1887 by Rudolf Berlin, an ophthalmologist practicing in Stuttgart, Germany but, in Dacca, East Pakistan, where we lived then, there was no psychologist or psychiatrist available to recognise or diagnose the condition. By all accounts of my parents and teachers, I was an obedient, pleasant, friendly, bright and gifted child whose main drawback was that I had trouble in reading and writing words. My spellings were atrocious and in the spelling-bee I would usually get about 3 in 10 words right although I could verbally spell them all correctly. They thought that my drawback was that I was learning three languages at the same time, i.e., English at my Convent school, Urdu at home and Bengali (the local language) with my friends. I was told to focus on my school language as that was important for my grades.A maternal-uncle, a confirmed bachelor, used to visit us once a week. He took to observing me and he recognised that I had no problem in using the words of the three totally different languages and even no problem switching from one language to the other. He noticed that I had a problem recognising particular letters and numbers. These were d, b, p, q, s, n, 5, 6, 0, O, j, and Z. He noticed that I often wrote mirror images of the letters. He started to bring some storybooks for me every week. My favourite was Aesop’s Fables. Then Hans Christian Andersen and his stories became my friends. Uncle would get me to read the stories out loud to him. After about two months of problems reading, suddenly I took off as I was reading full words instead of reading letters and joining them into words. From struggling with individual letters to form words, I found that it was easier for me to speed read full words. In that breakthrough, I had beaten my Dyslexia. I could read faster than any “normal” kids in class. From having a fear of words, I suddenly became a biblophiliac. I had always been very curious and now my curiosity hit new peaks as I would randomly open the dictionary and Roget's Thesaurus learning ten or more new words a day with antonyms and synonyms.I developed a voracious appetite for books. Uncle would take me to the British Council Library and the USIS Library. The librarians became my friends. That was when I got fascinated by psychology and read up whatever I could understand of applied psychology also.When I was 9-years old I had to walk about a mile to get to the bus to go to school. There was a large naked man who used to live on the street. People would throw him money on which he lived. Apparently he was a Chronic Schizophrenic, who probably had no family. He usually was on the other side of the street from my usual path. One day he was on the same side as me. I was not scared of him as he was a familiar sight. I kept walking on to pass him. Just as I was abreast of him, for no reason whatsoever, he swung a punch at my face. I was not prepared for that but still, by reflex, I swerved hard backwards. I was saved by the full impact of his punch but still fell down on the street. Other people on the street caught him and some were beating him, for hitting me. I got up quickly and stopped them from hitting him, saying that it was not his fault as he was not in his senses, but the fault of society who were neglecting him. Someone asked, who would take care of a mad man. I replied that I will become a brain doctor and treat people like him. You might think that was my motivating moment for becoming a psychiatrist… but you'd be part wrong!! That wasn't it.I did go into medical school and became a doctor. I did my first internship in Orthopedic Surgery. Then the 1971 Bangladesh debacle happened and the parents and I, being non-Bengali, shifted over to Lahore where I did my second internship in General Medicine and Cardiology.My next career move was to try to go to England for postgraduate training and a Royal College degree in either Orthopedics or in Cardiology. At that time the Pakistan Army was having an acute shortage of doctors, so doctors were banned from leaving the country. This meant that I was stuck. I was also married by then so I decided to take up a five year Short Service Commission in the Pakistan Army Medical Corps (AMC) as a General Duty Medical Officer. I got posted to a Field Ambulance in Lahore and I got a couple of weeks of basic AMC training. At the start of the 1971 war with India, I was deployed as Commander of an Advanced Dressing Station (ADS) in the border belt between Lahore and Amritsar (Wagah border).I provided First Aid care to any casualties that came to me (including Indian wounded soldiers). All the wounded were cared for, irrespective of which side they were fighting for, and evacuated to the base hospital in Lahore.Soon after the war I was posted to Sialkot, at the Chenab Rangers HQ as their first Regimental Medical Officer. While taking one patient to Combined Military Hospital (CMH) Sialkot, I met a senior, then a Major and Consultant Opthalmologist, who subsequently, became a mentor and a great friend. We had a common middle name, Kamal, and that cemented our friendship. I finally left the army as a Consultant Psychiatrist with the rank of Lt. Colonel, after serving 20 years. My senior friend served on to the rank of Lt. General (3-Star General) and was the Surgeon General (highest rank possible in AMC) before retiring.After about 2 months it was time to apply to join the Postgraduate Training Programme of the Armed Forces Medical College. I filled in the application and wrote Orthopedics and Medicine as my chosen subjects. To complete the application I needed the recommendations of a Consultant. I requested my senior friend to endorse my application. He readily agreed but on the condition that I applied for the subject he recommended. A little reluctantly, I agreed, thinking that he would put his subject, Opthalmology, as one of the three choices.He surprised me when he told me to put down Psychiatry as my first, second and third choices. I seriously thought he was joking but he was not!!He insisted, because he thought I had the aptitude for it. I replied that he couldn't conclude that I had the aptitude, just because I knew the spellings of Psychiatry and Schizophrenia. He replied that he had seen how I dealt with the patients, my empathy, the way of reassuring them and my caring insight about their emotional well-being. I wanted him to give me one seriously good reason for going into Psychiatry and I would agree.He said that I should forget aptitude because that I had for all medical specialities. He then gave me the following non-academic good reasons in favour of psychiatry:You are married and have a son… would you like to be posted to the bigger family stations with good schools or would I prefer to be in some non-family station of posting away from the family? All the psychiatrists are posted to the CMHs but physicians and surgeons, specially junior ones, are often posted to the field medical units and non-family stations.Would you like to spend alternate or third nights in hospital attending to emergencies or stay home most nights except for the rare emergency calls that would take an hour of my time?You will surely go for your Membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (MRCPsych) and succeed.I replied, I'm signing, I'm signing… and that's how I happened to choose Psychiatry as a career.When I was signing the application form giving Psychiatry as all three of my choices, then I also remembered my childhood commitment to care for the mentally ill!!That gave me a deep peace with my choice and I felt that I had reached my destiny, my goal and my prophesied commitment. I have never regretted my choice, nor how I came about to it, nor at the tough thankless job it sometimes is.Needless to say that I got selected, completed my training, became a psychiatrist and fulfilled my childhood promise.I did proceed on Study Leave without pay and obtained my MRCPsych from London.I have also increased the tally of the languages, that I speak and understand, to six, by adding Punjabi, Hindi and Arabic to the mother tongue Urdu, my almost first language English and the Bengali that I learned as a child and still speak quite well!! Being a polyglot is a big advantage as I am able to communicate with a vast majority of my patients in their own language, and that helps in building a rapport with them.

What would happen if the Warhammer 40k, Halo, and Star Wars Universes fused? How would races like the Forerunners, Necrons, Imperium, Republic, UNSC, and others interact?

Oh wow, this is actually a pretty fun one. All 3 of my favorite franchises come together, i.e. half of my Stellaris playthrough.I gotta say though that all three franchises can belong in the same timeline without seriously breaking their canon. Star Wars happened a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Halo is in the “near” future (pre-WH40K Dark Age of Technology) and WH40K is well, on the 41st millennium.But for the sake of this question, let’s say they just merged on the Milky Way galaxy.First and most important question: Who gets to rule (our) humanity?Both the capital of the Imperium and the UEG is Holy Terra/Earth. In both canons, a good part of Sol is also settled, most notably Mars. We can argue that it would be the Imperium since the Imperium is hundreds of times stronger than the UNSC, but to be honest, the scenario afterwards wouldn’t be as interesting as the other option. Let’s just assume we take the post-War UNSC.Proto-Astartes of Spartan Legion IV preparing for a combat drop, circa 560.M3So let’s say that the UNSC gets to rule Earth and by extension, the Imperium. They then get to decide which parts of the Imperium get to stay and which parts have to go. First things first, I think both UNSC and the Imperium would get a massive cultural shock. Even though both immediately recognize each other as human, their cultures couldn’t be more different. Of course, the more religious-minded part of the Imperium would be ready to declare the UNSC as heretics.But both have one extremely important link, possibly the sole “living” witness to the distant past that the Imperium had forgotten. Most crucially, a witness who the Imperium will never dare to question:(We need to port the Emperor somehow because the entire WH40K setting wouldn’t work without him)What I think would happen is the Emperor would be able to reach out to all of his followers and tell them that “They are our past. These are the people who spread humanity across the stars. They were the ones that made the Imperium a superpower and they have things that we have forgotten. We ought to listen to them.”Of course, there would still be some who couldn’t believe what they heard. That’s where the second-most important person in the Imperium would come in to save the day:Grandpa Smurf/Bobby G/Roboute GuilimanGuiliman most likely would LOVE the UNSC; they are closer to his ideal Imperium than what the Imperium was at the time of his resurrection. He might even see Master Chief as some sort of proto-Primarch after learning of what he had accomplished. I’m not sure how well they’ll get along personally, but as soldiers, I think they’ll both understand each other very well.John, Primarch of Spartan Legion II. Defending humanity against traitors and foul xenos since 525.M3Guiliman would use all his powers to get UNSC in proper control of the Imperium. Given that the new administration has been officially blessed by both the Emperor and his regent, who in the Imperium would dare to say otherwise? In exchange, the UNSC would put both the Emperor and Guiliman somewhere up high in the government, as some sort of permanent special advisor for their wisdom.As for the people from UEG/UNSC, they’ll be both impressed and shocked at how far humanity has gone and had fallen. Adapting their government to suddenly govern a galactic empire (note: More on the Star Wars later), is going to be daunting and costly, even if they managed to inherit the vast Administratum from the Imperium. It will take centuries to get things in order, let alone convert the masses of the Imperium to the secular ideology of the UNSC.As for the UNSC proper, thing get really, really interesting. One of the first things they’d do is to keep the AdMech, after all, they have technology so advanced that it is basically magic to humans of mid-3rd millennium. Someone has to help maintain all those equipment across the new Imperium. One thing for sure, the UNSC gets at least a ten thousand-fold upgrade in raw firepower (and numbers) instantly.Who’s laughing now, you damn monster?Sgt. Johnson, Hero of the Imperium/RepublicThe AdMech likewise will have to change dramatically. With the new government gone are the entire restriction on experimenting. UNSC scientists would help themselves test all kinds of equipment that they thought was impossible and maybe improve it along the way.The exchange is not one sided though: By decree of the Emperor, the AdMech is going to mass-produce the Shaw-Fujikawa slipspace drive as it offers a very reliable mode of Faster-than-light travel that does not involve the Warp and all the associated dangers, basically one of the dreams that the Emperor had.The Space Marines are probably going to follow what Guiliman told them. Likewise, they recognize the Spartans as their older brethren, if not role models. The Spartans, on the other hand, would get even MORE augmentations and get their own power armor. Imagine what the Master Chief would be able to do if he gets upgraded to the level of Primaris Marines?Like this, but on two legsAs I said, if the Emperor and Guiliman intervenes, slowly but surely the rest of the Imperium would follow the new government. That said, I think the UNSC would have serious issues with the now millions unemployed and aimless preachers. Having their foundation shaken to the very core, some would commit suicide. Others, unable to comprehend what just happened might declare the new government heretical. But with the might of the Imperial Navy, the Guard, and the Space Marines on their side, these uprisings would be dealt with relatively quickly.After getting their act together, it is about time humanity to look outwards…The Covenant is probably getting the short end of the stick. Even at their peak, they are nothing more than an afterthought compared to the Imperium. Having nearly exterminated humanity before, I think most people, both former UNSC and Imperial, are going to be more than happy to wipe them out without remorse. An exception might be made for the Sangheili, who realized the error in their ways and helped out humanity in the end. They might be allowed to live, but only as a single-system protectorate. Same thing with The Banished, who will be solved conclusively with the application of multiple cyclonic torpedoes and similar weaponry.Now that the minor problem has been dealt with, we are still left with several powerful factions.The (Star Wars) Empire and Rebels would be shocked to find uncharted systems appearing seemingly everywhere in the galaxy. They are even more baffled with the fact that most of the inhabited planets have human civilizations that are unlike anything they’ve ever seen, and more technologically advanced too. Of course, both would immediately visit each system with the aim of bringing them to their fold.The inhabitants of those worlds would wonder why the newly-arrived officers claiming to be acting under the name of the Emperor suddenly ditched their customary bling for drab grey.That is, until they realized that these officers were acting under the orders of Emperor Palpatine, which is most assuredly not the Master of Mankind—i.e. a false emperor. Assuming the UNSC influence hasn’t reached them, they responded in the only way they know…For worlds under control by the UNSC, the response would be more measured. The planetary authorities would call Earth and ask if these people were part of the Imperium. One email to Guiliman (I assume he’ll get a laptop or something with his office) and a few confused exchanges later, Earth finally replied that they have no idea who they are but they are most definitely NOT from the Imperium. It wouldn’t take long for someone from the UNSC to realize, “OMG, they’re Space Nazis!”In the end, it wouldn’t be pretty for the Empire. Palpatine might make the opening move and try to conquer a few systems, but the Imperial (SW) Navy will realize that their Star Destroyers are no match for the Imperial (40K) Navy ships. The Imperial Stormtroopers from Star Wars could not even hope to match the skills of their 40k counterpart, let alone the Space Marines. Before long, the Empire would be pushed back to Coruscant (which is still located somewhere near the center of the galaxy) and would be given a stark ultimatum by the more level-headed UNSC leaders: Submit or perish.Palpatine might think that this would be a good time to unleash his dark side powers and so he went up to confront the combined human forces directly… only to be trounced by a group of Space Marines librarians.One of them have the advantage of wearing a power armorAn ignoble end to someone who thought he could rule the galaxy. Vader isn’t likely to be much better either. Fighting run-of-the-mill Jedi is one thing, fighting many armored Jedi specifically trained to deal with psychic users is something else, something too much even for Anakin Skywalker to handle in his prime.As for the Rebels, they are in for a rough start too. Remember that the Imperium, by and large, is a xenophobic society. The thought of humans being commanded by a talking calamari is too much for them to bear and a quick clash is inevitable.But eventually, the UNSC would step in. The Rebels would recognize that the UNSC is more or less the Galactic Republic they were fighting for while the UNSC also realize that the Rebels have nothing but good intentions. And so the Rebels would be folded into the UNSC and they went to defeat the Empire as planned. They might even get the UNSC to agree to rename the new order as the New Republic.While on liaison with Rebel high command, a former inquisitor noticed something odd about a particular sibling… After a little chat and basic testing, they finally realized what it was: These two are amazingly powerful psykers! They just have a different name: Jedi.So they did what any responsible inquisitor would have done in the Imperium, out of sheer force of habit and training: Refer them to the higher ups. Realizing how powerful they are, the siblings are trained accordingly, with Luke potentially ending up in the ranks of the Grey Knights.Upon realizing this, the UNSC would scour the new planets in their territory for any and all potential psykers, from which they managed to net several hundreds, including quite a few non-humans…This will be a bone of contention among many ex-Imperials. Xeno psykers living openly among us?! But the Emperor would soon recognize that these psykers are a breed apart: Thanks to their training, they are in control of their Warp powers and therefore are relatively safe from daemonic influence. He might even order an investigation into Jedi training methods and figure out ways to incorporate them to train future human psykers. Luke and the survivors of the Jedi purge would be all too happy to help.Of course, the Rebels and the Empire aren’t the only factions that got merged into the timeline. The Hutts would likely see the new galaxy as a great opportunity to expand their criminal enterprises, potentially allying with pirate Kig-Yars and whatever remained of the Banished, as well as rogue human elements. Given other more pressing threats, humanity would have to relegate them to low priority. The Chiss are isolated no longer. They might find themselves smack in the middle of human systems. However, they might choose to stay clear and since they are not a real threat, humanity would also ignore them for the most part. Other minor Star Wars factions are likely to join the UNSC, now more or less a human-dominated Galactic Republic, knowing they won’t stand a chance opposing them after witnessing what happened to the mighty Empire.One thing that the UNSC brought with them is the knowledge of the Forerunners, the Flood, and the Halo rings. With Imperium technology, it wouldn’t take long for them to secure all of the remaining installations. UNSC scientists and AdMech Magos would conduct investigations on the Flood. With the technology available to the Imperium and their experience in dealing with similarly hardy and pesky Orks, it is likely that they would figure out an effective countermeasure to the spores. The rings would be decommissioned afterwards.One thing that would remain a mystery is the Forerunners. With the Didact dead prior to the merging of timelines, many of the mysteries of the Forerunners would remain so for a long time. The AdMech, however, are all too happy to be given the opportunity to study their exotic technologies, some of which they would begrudgingly admit to rival theirs.Another minor player that would see a massive change is the Tau Empire. The Ethereals would be scratching their heads at the sudden change of attitude from the Imperium, who have gone so far to rebrand themselves as the Galactic Republic. Suddenly, the Gue’la are far more open to diplomacy, going so far as to establish a permanent embassy. That said, they were all too happy to accept the new status quo; while most of them still reject the Greater Good, they knew that a large portion of their borders is secure from further Imperial expansions. Still, some more militant members the Ethereals raved for their own a war of expansion. But after finding out just how big and more powerful the Gue’la empire is from the new ambassador, they quickly backed down. Before long, the two empires signed comprehensive treaties that allow for free trade, migration, and cultural exchange. The Tau would gain new converts while the human Republic get a good look at advanced Tau technology.The Farsight Enclaves might join the new Republic, realizing they are probably better off associating with the large Gue’la empire than standing alone in the cold, dark galaxy. This might not sit well with the Ethereals but they also know that it is not worth risking the new treaties.Sadly, the Tau are probably the last faction that the Republic would get along with. For the remaining factions, it was business as usual…The Eldar would be a bit pleasantly surprised to see that humanity becomes a little bit more intelligent and less xenophobic after a change in leadership, though they will still see the Mon’Keigh as their inferiors. Ex-Imperials within the Republic advised current rulers to exercise caution when dealing with the Eldars, something that both Guiliman and the Emperor also agreed.Given the lack of experience of the UNSC and former Rebels in dealing with Eldar treachery, it is inevitable that the Republic would be deceived in their earlier engagements. They would also look down upon the Eldar factions that are trying to rebuild their fallen empire. However, the Republic also extended their invitation to the Eldar to join them, which the majority of the elder race refused point-blank. There is simply no way they would want to be equaled with the inferior races.As for the Orks, the Republic quickly became aware of how persistent they are and how dangerous they are when they unite. Ork-infested areas in human-controlled planets would be cleansed with liberal application of napalm and prometheum. With the influx of fresh military thinking from former UNSC and Rebel officers, the armed forces would no longer order suicidal bayonet charges on the heavily-muscled greenskins. Instead, they are to be dealt with systematically with overwhelming firepower whenever they are found. With the UNSC and AdMech having perfected terraforming technology, they might even condemn entire worlds to be burned to cinders before restoring their climate, now free from Orks.Specialized Ork fighters, trained by veterans of the Armageddon Ork Hunters and other esteemed regiments, would be formed and sent to deal with any new threat they encounter. Still, despite their best efforts, the Orks would remain a threat to the Republic for the foreseeable future.The Necrons are going to remain a major and mysterious threat for a long time. However, with the ban on experimentation lifted, the Republic would try to get their hands on the Necron technology and try to replicate them, probably to little avail as it was far beyond the comprehension of the best scientists in the galaxy (but given that human technology reached unbelievable heights during the Dark Age of Technology, it’s possible that with disciplined approach, eventually they will be able to replicate and improve upon Necron tech).One of the things that the Republic would focus on is to check if their worlds contain Necron tombs. This process is still fraught with danger as no one really understood what may trigger their awakening.A faction that is going to be severely weakened is the Tyranids. And not by design either. The Tyranids have been using the Astronomican on Earth as their guiding beacon. However, with the ubiquity of non-Warp Slipspace Drives and Hyperdrives, the Astronomican have been rendered redundant and can be safely decommissioned. Without guidance, they are lost and their terrible onslaught might come to a halt. As the Republic grow stronger, there is hope yet that the Tyranids can finally be expelled from the galaxy at large… assuming that the current fleets are not a prelude to an even larger invasion.Within the former Imperium, an entire caste of people would also lose badly: The Navigators. Now that they are no longer needed, their political clout plunged and they have to start living life as an average citizen. Not all of them are going to be thrilled by this development.One wild card in all this would be Chaos. During the timeline merge, Cadia still stands strong as the lone bastion in the Eye of Terror. Abaddon might nonetheless launch his crusade and destroy Cadia and the Republic, still trying to sort itself out, would be hard-pressed to respond. The Immaterium spilled forth and divide the galaxy in half, consuming thousands of world in between.However, given that the Republic has moved away from Warp-based technology, the damage from this seemingly catastrophic event could be minimized. The half of the galaxy isolated from Earth can still communicate and receive regular shipments and reinforcements from the center. Fewer worlds would be conquered and the Republic as a whole would endure. It probably won’t take long for the scientists to realize that the mysterious pylons in Cadia was the key in containing the warp. If they’re lucky, they might even get Trazyn to spill some of the old Necron secrets.Under the new government, knowledge of Chaos is no longer restricted to a select few. While terrifying at first, eventually the wider Republic would come to terms with it as another fact of life. Since the denizens of the galaxy are now more open-minded, the Emperor could finally do what he intended to do all along: Starve the Chaos gods. Good public education campaign promoting simple positive habits could go some ways in weakening Chaos. The Republic would also be open to cooperate with Eldar in their desperate gambit to beat Slannesh. While Chaos won’t go away permanently, their corrupting influence may be contained.That covers all the major factions of the three franchises.Tl;dr: Give their lost knowledge and their sanity back and the Imperium becomes OPVarious historical pictures of the Republic Special Forces:

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