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PDF Editor FAQ

Expatriates: What's it like living as an expat in Taipei?

The experience of living in Taipei as an expat seems to totally depend on where you're coming from and your apparent ethnicity. I'm a white American family guy, and it's awesome living in Taipei, mainly because the people are awesome to us. It's a big city, and you can go local, stay in a pocket of expats, or do both.My experience is as an exec with a young family, hired and relocated here by a big company. We chose to live in one of the core districts of the city (Da'An), and this has made it possible to explore the city on foot/by MRT. We've been here for about 30 months.Most local folks are notably polite and helpful to us. Sometimes it can get almost awkward how friendly Taipei-ers are to us. Our young daughter gets told "you're so cute!" in Chinese a couple times every day. Random people on the MRT and at more touristy places will snap her pic every couple of days...though sometimes these are mainland tourists, not locals. We have to work hard as parents to try to make sure she doesn't develop the notion that she's some kind of minor celebrity. I get similarly fawning treatment sometimes in business or political discussions, where the atitude seems to be driven less by who I am as a person, and more by where I come from/look like. There are still times that we get obnoxiously cut off by retirees while standing in line to order tea, but this is rare. In the main, I often wonder if people are drilled in school to be polite and deferential to foreigners.I've taken more than 1000 taxi rides around and into/out of the city. I get more than few taxi drivers that want to talk about how awesome American power is, how we need to do more with that power, and how Taiwan and the US share a love for democracy and debate, etc. During election season there are rallies in the streets, banners and national flags everywhere, and small vans that drive around in the evenings canvassing every alley while blaring recorded statements by candidates.I've talked to expats that aren't white, and they don't seem to be quite as...notably appreciated. It doesn't seem to matter as much what your citizenship is (European, North American, South American...) to get the pleasant treatment.The best part of Taipei is the food. There are thousands of restaurants and food stands, and they come and go quickly. This is where you can go local, stay in a bubble of western food, or enjoy both. The worst part is the driving's simply awful. The saving grace of the driving here is that when you get cut off (every single day, multiple times) or watch someone turn left from the far right lane, it will be a low speed event. The yearly typhoons and earthquakes (15 quakes above 3.5 in the last week) can either be a nuisance, or a killer.Costs are all over the place. You can live inexpensively, if you want to live like a local in all respects. If you want Cheerios sometimes, it's $8 a box. The MRT and buses and taxis are cheap - you can get across town for $3 with a little planning. You can rent a closet-like apartment in the city for $300/month. If you want a 1200 sq ft place with medium quailty, expect to pay $2000+. You can get breakfast for $2...or you can get a nice but not fabulous afternoon tea and pay $25 just for the tea in the pot. Shirts with snarky slogans are sold in the night markets for as cheap as $3. Organic apple juice is $12 for a liter. A used scooter costs $2000-$4000. A used Porsche 911 that would cost $30k in the US will cost $80k here.Some stuff is hard to get here. There's no Banana Republic or Express or Brooks Brothers .... Some kinds of ethnic foods (from my American perspective) are hard to find. Some fairly common brands of liquor are damn near impossible to find. There are three kinds of sharp cheddar cheese that the 'fancy' grocery stores carry, not the 25 varieties that Whole Foods stocks. There are multiple Costco stores here, they are usually packed, and at many of the 'local' restaurants you'll see Kirkland branded stuff on the table and on the shelves.There aren't many expats in Taiwan, relatively speaking. The expats that are here tend to associate with each other pretty freely. It's easy to meet local folks here, though, so it's not necessary to stick to hanging out with expats. KTV (karaoke) is a really, really typical thing to do in the evenings, and a lot of fun. Because they get so much practice singing in KTV joints, the people here are on average better singers than people elsewhere.Unless you're skinny, you may feel fat here. Most women are thin. The men tend to be thin, but not to the same degree as the women. Kids are almost all thin here. It's understood that foreigners are just, well...fatter. There's an innocence to the local people, even in the city, that's refreshing. Men are compelled by law to do 18 months of military service after college, but most guys (and girls) live with their parents until 30+, and college graduates here are noticeably less mature than adults in the rest of the world.On the whole, it's fantastic living in Taipei as an expat. We get to see a unique country grow rapidly, and live in a safe but dynamic city where we can experience the exotic or the familiar.

How should I promote a free Android app about Vadodara city?

A few quick suggestions....1. Can you go an speak to the food outlets to let you place banners of the app at their place. Try to rope in a few outlets which would partner with you such that the app users can avail a 10% discount when they show a code from the app. You can provide a list of valid codes to the outlets. This might need tweaking the app a bit. Further, you can offer promotion options to a select few where you also show them first in the list with a "Preferred Tag".2. Try speaking to the guys at Delfoo, Food Delivery Vadodara, Online Food Ordering Vadodara where for each restaurant which is covered by Delfoo, you would place a Badge 'Delfoo Supported' and in turn Delfoo can help you promote your app.3. Rather crude(depends on how desperate you are) but a sure shot way, you can hold a placard and stand at places like Fatehgunj, Sayajigunj, Karelibaug, Alkapuri. This looks and sounds stupid, but believe me people would certainly notice you. This is quick and inexpensive(not cheap) publicity and there is nothing wrong about it. As I said, it depends on how desperate you are.All the best.

How do I start an e-commerce website? I know nothing about coding. How can I find the right people to make this happen?

All you need to know is what you want your website to be selling. The internet will help you with the rest.There are plenty of free open-source website building tools out there that do not require any coding knowledge at all.Shopify, OpenCart, WooCommerce, Prestashop are the most common small scale, yet scalable, tools. For projects with larger budgets Magento is the go-to solution.If you have made up your mind about what you wish to sell on your eCommerce website, more than half the battle is won.A simple hack/cheat is to visit similar websites and deliberately ignore the look and feel, just focus on the functions of the website you like while browsing through it. How easy was it browse through the products? How extensive were the ways in which offers and discounts were offered? What kind of filters you found to narrow your search? how easy was it to place an order? did you receive an SMS or email when you registered as a user and when you placed an order? when you recieve your order delivery, how was the packaging? (although this isn't related to the functioning of the website, it is a strong point in ensuring a good experience for your customers)Make a list of things you liked and things you wish were different, and how, when browsing through each website. This will give you a reasonably clear picture of what features you are looking for.Now we have a clear roadmap of the visitor experience, now let's research the use experience. Here users are your employees, team members, yourself, who will be using the backend, office-end of the website. Google for open-source e-commerce website building solutions, open the live demo and open the back office section. Have a thoroughly long and detailed user experience of the back office. Here you may not know what you are looking for so here are a few pointers:Ease of adding products and variantsEase of processing ordersEase of communicating with customers.How easy or difficult is it the change the modular elements of the website like banners and offer linksEase of integration with emailing services like MailChimp for bulk emails and newslettersEase of integration with Google, Facebook and other advertising and analytics platformsEase of payment gateway integrationEase of adding shipping rates and slabsSEO infrastructure (how well is the website solution designed with SEO in mind)Easy and fairly inexpensive availability of modular add-ons for features you may want to add later.Above are some of the basic functions you may want to look for in the back office Section.Now, at this point you have two options: either you sit on YouTube and learn how to put it all together yourself (that's what I did, took me a few attempts and a couple of months for my 1st website. It's been 4 years and it still works well. Don't worry, that doesn't not require coding knowledge. I still don't know how to write code and I have set up a few eCommerce websites for various clients) or you could get on hiring marketplaces and hire someone for the project of building your site. Since you are very clear with what you want, it should not take more than 3–4 weeks and it should not cost you more than ₹20,000-₹30,000 (please convert if you are not an Indian). Sites like freelancer show past experience and rating of each developer so it should be objective and easy to find the right person.When starting an eCommerce business, the website is only part of the equation. How good is your product Photoshoot? how dependable is your shipping provider? how consistent and flexible are your suppliers? are some of the more challenging aspects of your eCommerce business. You may also need to hire a digital marketing company to create awareness of your website so you start getting traffic and orders.All the best! Feel free to reach out, I'd be happy to help out any which way I can.

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successfully copied all my daughters message from her Android device to iPhone. Would have been clearer if it had told me not to setup any whatsapp on the target device before I started but end result still a success

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