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What screams, "I'm a tourist" in Bali?

In an island where travel brochures and blogs scream “tropical paradise” and the attractions so varied that it provides something for everyone, you’re bound to run into a few different types of tourists.It’s only natural that when you get a bunch of people travelling to one island from all over the world, all with different purposes, you’ll start to notice the ones that are similar from one another. As it seems, they do too. Then you start to notice that they begin to do similar things, go to similar places and even form their own similar language. This may or may not intensify when they start hanging out with each other.Before you know it, they might even give themselves a name. Or you might. And that name becomes their Bali-tourist identifier.Now, we know that stereotypes don’t always hold true. People after all are individual and unique creatures. But research and some people watching have led us to conclude that some groups do share similar characteristics, which makes us identify them as….1. Partying backpackersLikely to be hanging around Kuta, Bali backpackers can generally be found donning harem pants, cut-offs or board shorts paired with singlets and flip-flops. During the day you will probably find them sitting around the beach sunbathing and drinking Bintangs, or ticking off the “main” tourist attractions (i.e. Tanah Lot and monkey forest) while pouring over their Lonely Planet guide. At night, they might class up their attire a little bit and hang out at Sky Garden for some booze-laden times. Many of them will venture to Gili Trawangan to continue this routine.Due to the cheap tickets and proximity from Bali, a great number of them hail from down-under, though you will also find a great number of backpackers from other parts of the western world who has decided to include Bali as a stop in their mission to tick off the banana pancake trail.2. Earth-loving hippiesGenerally can be spotted in abundant numbers around Ubud or one of Bali’s numerous yoga retreats. Not the too luxurious ones though (but the wannabe hippies who don’t want to give up their comforts could possibly be found here). Usually hails from the US of A or somewhere in Scandinavia.Harem pants, flowing patterned skirts, dreadlocks and green juice are all characteristics of the Bali earth-loving hippies. In and around Ubud, you will find many of them at vegan cafes and at the Yoga Barn, getting their spiritual moves on at the ecstatic dance sessions.3. Digital nomadsThese guys and gals generally hang around cafes where there is a decent internet connection, usually in the corner and permanently huddled to their laptops. If you do hear them converse with one another, you’ll probably hear them swap reviews on web hosting companies, drop-shipping strategies and which latest training video to watch/business podcast to listen to.On the beach, you can probably find them engrossed in books such as the 4-Hour Workweek, The Lean Startup or Vagabonding. These guys are the epitome of wanting to be their own boss and are hell bent on making their millions while gallivanting around the globe — one wireless cafe at a time.4. Young(ish) familiesIndonesia isn’t the easiest place to travel with kids, but Bali’s abundant natural (and actual) playground makes it an attractive place for young families to get a little RnR and bonding (and affordability compared to other tropical destinations).You will find many of them at family-friendly villas and resorts, though where there are hotels with kid-friendly pools or any kid facilities, you can bet that young families will be somewhere in the guest list.Sanur is especially popular with young families, due to its more “sleepier” reputation, though the developed infrastructures of Seminyak and Kuta also make them popular places with young families. Many will include the Waterbom Waterpark and Bali Safari Marine Park in their itineraries.5. Surfer dudes and chicksOne the most passionate tourists of the lot, this group will literally travel the globe in search for that one magic wave. Bali provides that potential.Hailing from all over the world (a great number from USA, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil), these water lovers tend to be pretty chilled (and tanned). Though they’re pretty serious once they get in the water. A lot also love to drink although their commitment to rising ridiculously early means that they tend to be a little bit more sensible with their Bintang intake than the backpackers. Congregates around Uluwatu and Padang Padang.6. Wellness and enlightenment seeking individualsCan be found where the earth-loving hippies hang out, though are generally of a different breed. Overworked, disillusioned professionals or individuals who have experienced some major event in their life and are seeking spiritual guidance. Or just some time to “figure it out”.Many of them will travel solo and will either tell you all about why they came to Bali or do their best to change the subject when someone ask them their plans. The retreats are a good place to find the overworked ones who are looking for a temporary reprieve, where some of them might be inspired to make drastic life changes which may or may not involve relocating to a tropical island.7. Lovebirds and honeymoonersWe’ll just say, it’s Bali. There’s sooo many romantic lookouts. And luxuries specifically created for lovebirds. And lots of places where you can get couple massages. Not to mention get married with million dollar views.Can be found lovingly gazing into each other’s eyes at all of the sexy sunset spots, before taking a lovey-dovey selfie to make their not-in-Bali couple friends jealous.8. RetireesYou’ll see these guys mountain biking down the Ubud hills with a sense of newfound freedom. Or motorbiking around the island like they have no care in the world or nowhere to be.The long-term retired visitor will probably adopt the island’s laidback way of life and be chatting and laughing with locals. Or you will see staff acknowledge them in cafes and restaurants as they saunter to their regular hangouts. Some of them might even start businesses in Bali, and many will have very very interesting life stories that are worth listening to and learning from.9. Anti-tourist touristsAh, haven’t we ALL been one of those before? This is the tourist that insists they want to go nowhere near Kuta or Seminyak and they really want to discover the “real” Bali. “We’re really not interested in doing any of the touristy stuff”, they smugly say.At some point, they will usually succumb to doing at least one touristy thing or end up eating at a touristy place because Bali belly has hit them. When they do visit a tourist attraction they will probably complain that there are too many tourists, but they will still take touristy photos and post them on Facebook anyway.All images were taken from Google.

What are some of the best military/rescue operations in the world?

A fake Red Sea Diving ResortSudan. 1980s. At its heart was the Arous Holiday Village, a small beach resort billed as the “Diving and desert recreation center of Sudan”According to a brochure distributed to European travel agencies, Arous offered a combination of desert vistas, sandy beaches and coral reefs, including real shipwrecks off the East African coast for diving enthusiasts to explore.The Arous brochure for European tourists—Never judge a book by its coverBut here’s what the brochure didn’t say: It was all a front – devised and maintained by the Israeli intelligence agency, whose operatives would visit Sudanese refugee camps with trucks, load them up with Ethiopian Jews (also known as Beta Israel), embark on treacherous journeys across Sudan back to the resort, from where the Ethiopian Jews would be shipped or flown to Israel.If this sounds like the stuff of a Hollywood movie ... well, it now is.Decades after details about the story were first revealed, Gideon Raff has written and directed “Red Sea Diving Resort,” inspired by the real-life events between 1981 and 1985, which is all set to be release this year.Operation Brothers which ran for over three years in the early 1980s, was Mossad’s most daring, complex and longest-running humanitarian operation.Back in 1977, reports came into Israel that Ethiopian Jews had started fleeing the civil war and famine in their homeland, many heading to neighbouring Sudan where they were being housed in refugee camps. Although Sudan was a predominantly Muslim state hostile to Israel, its geographical location made it a perfect pathway for Ethiopians hoping to continue on to the Jewish state.Israel’s prime minister Begin summoned head of the Mossad, Yitzhak Hofi, to see what could be done to bring Ethiopian jews to Israel.And then Mossad began scouting the Sudanese coastline, looking for locations where the Israel Navy could pick up groups of Ethiopian Jews and transport them to Israel. It discovered group of 15 empty beachside villas that had been built by Italian entrepreneurs a decade earlier, in 1972. However, the site had been abandoned when the Sudanese authorities failed to provide the promised access road, and water and electricity.Deciding that the deserted holiday village could be an ideal staging area from which to smuggle the Ethiopians to Israel by sea, the Mossad hatched its plan.The Sudanese Tourist Corporation believed it was renting the resort to a Swiss company eager to create a new getaway destination. Of course, the company’s European managers, diving instructors and windsurfing coaches were all actually Israeli intelligence operatives.The Mossad leased the resort for three years and placed a handful of key agents there. They renovated it, hooking it up to the electricity and water, and turning it into a fully staffed, sun-and-fun tourist operation. The local employees knew nothing of the resort’s real goal, or the real identities of their bosses. And the guests who eventually stayed at the resort – making it such a success it even turned a profit – were also unaware of its true purpose.The Escape Plan—from Sudan to IsraelWhile seeing to their guests by day, every so often at night a squad would leave under cover of darkness and head to refugee camp, a rendezvous point 10km (six miles) south of Gedaref.From there, when the timing was right for an operation, hundreds of Jewish refugees made to fled into the night time desert for a two-day - 800km - journey, evading detection at numerous checkpoints along the way by a combination of guile, bribery and occasionally ramming their way through.When they got to the beach, north of the holiday village, Israeli navy special forces came ashore on Zodiac dinghies, and ferried them on a 90-minute high-speed cruise to the Israeli mother ship, waiting outside Sudan's territorial waters.From there, it was home to Israel.In a span of 4 years from 1981–84, Israel evacuated approximately 7000 Ethiopian Jews from Sudan.This rescue operation was unknown till recently. It is made public in 1998. A book named, “Mossad Exodus; The Daring Undercover Rescue Of The Lost Jewish Tribe,” written by Shimron, was the first to detail the events at Arous.Image Source- BBCLots of time and effort goes into writing answer, here, on Quora. If you liked my answer then(only) upvote, comment and share it. Your Upvotes and comments acts as a token of appreciation that motivates me to write more. :)Chala Yeto!

What is the most beautiful town in the world you have ever visited?

Holiday in the World Heritage RegionFew months back i had visited Hallstall town in Austra. The village Hallstatt is such an unbelievably spectacular place that even the Chinese have created a copy of the ancient salt mine village. But only in the original will you discover this truly unique culture with such a history all in a breath-taking mountain setting. The market municipality was already inhabited in the 1st millenium before Christ: during this period - the iron age - the civilization flourished. The following pages you will discover all there is to make your vacation in Hallstatt an unforgetable one. Find hotels in Hallstatt online and spend an exciting holiday among mountains and lakes with events and culture along with a lot of nature in the UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut. We look forward to your visit!Top Sights of HallstattHallstatt Salt WorldsOn the trail of the "Man in Salt" in the oldest salt mine in the world. Going through tunnels which have been hand dug by people over 3000 years ago. A Family Experience!Hallstatt Charnel HouseWith over 1200 skulls (more than 600 of which are painted and sorted by family), this small chapel is one of the most popular locations with visitors to Hallstatt.A Winters walk on the SalzbergFairytale landscapes high above Hallstatt. With thrills on the Skywalk and culinary delights in the Rudolfsturm. For all those looking for short excursion routes. A "must" during your wintry Hallstatt visit.Winter holiday in Hallstatt: A fairytale in whiteHoliday on SnowDiscover the region around Lake Hallstatt at the Winter Time. Skiing, powder snow and more…“Silent Night“ in HallstattReflective, down to earth, delicious! Enjoy the pre-Christmas period in Hallstatt. A pleasure for all your senses! Where time stands still! Let yourself be enchanted. The place to be!Christmas Market in Hallstatt 2018Authentic customs, living traditions and a touch of romance. Experience an incomparable Christmas trip to Hallstatt in Austria!Guided snowshoe hikesGuided snowshoe hike on the 2000 meter high Krippenstein in Obertraun of about 2 1/2 hours. Equipment is provided. Two appointments daily. Only with preregistration! Equipment is provided.Torchlight walk through HallstattBe captivated by Hallstatt in Austria and its unique history during a leisurely evening stroll and enjoy the romance of the world famous lakeside village.Guided winter hikesThose who think of "guided walks" as only being in the summer, will be able to experience the winter hiking wonders in the World Heritage region: the World Heritage region enchants through numerous adventure tours.Discover Hallstatt in Spring, Summer and AutumnGuided tours at a glanceTours of Hallstatt, individual guided tours, tours "underground", hiking tours, torchlight walks, imperial dine-around, tours through the salt mine and the ice cave and much more… Everything at one click!"Echerntal Discovery Tour"Guided hike in Hallstatt for the whole family to the beauties of the Echerntal valley: Waldbachstrub waterfall, glacier garden, painter and literary trail and lots more. Family and senior friendly.Corpus Christi procession HallstattThe special holiday begins with a service in the Catholic parish church and is continued at the festively decorated market square. The highlight is the colorful procession on Lake Hallstatt.Adventure Holidays around Lake HallstattHiking around Lake HallstattHiking around Hallstatt - a very special treat! Here you will find the most beautiful hiking trails, the most popular mountain huts and Alpine pastures, impressive landscapes, guided tours and numerous insider tips about in and around the Lake Hallstatt area.Outdoor providersAround Hallstatt you will find a selection of outdoor providers who offer you the possibility to experience an exciting and eventful holidays adventure around Lake hallstatt in Austria.Guided hikesFeel as a team. Enjoy conversations, laugh and move, get out of breath, arrive together and look down into the valley and enjoy the wonderful views.A climbing paradise for beginners and the experiencedRugged rock faces, ridges and turrets - the magical fascination can be felt immediately. Whether you are a newcomer, an experienced mountaineer or a passionate climber – you will find it around Lake Hallstatt. ATTENTION! "Echerntalwand" via ferrata in Hallstatt is closed due to a recent forest fire.Mountain bikingWhether you ride a mountain bike to achieve sporting ambitions or for pure enjoyment, the Hallstatt is a bikers' paradise.Canyoning around Lake HallstattSometimes wild, sometimes picturesque - definitely natural! Beautiful gorges & canyons and many new experiences and adventures await you while canyoning in the World Heritage.World Heritage & history at a glanceHistory & World HeritageSince living memory it was the salt which provided the wealth for the Inner Salzkammergut. The salt is the basis for the typical ancient customs and interesting cultural peculiarities.World Heritage museum HallstattHow did the people of Hallstatt live in the past? How did they earn their crust? The answers to these and other questions will be provided on a journey through time of the extra class in the heart of Hallstatt. Open all year!Customs & traditionsWould you like to know more about tradition and customs? Here you can find out more about individual events and authentic folk culture. Interesting trivialities not found in any travel guide.Service & InformationHallstatt Tourist OfficeInformative brochures and catalogues with great offers for any time of the year can be sent to you quickly and at no obligation. We look forward to your call and will be happy to give you advice and further information personally with NEWS from the Dachstein Salzkammergut-region.Parking in HallstattYou might have noticed that the centre of Hallstatt is densely packed and the few existing parking lots are reserved for the local population.ArrivalYou can travel by car or by train to Bad Goisern, Gosau, Hallstatt or Obertraun. Using the information below you will reach your holiday resort quickly and safely.News from the World HeritageAs soon as we have up-to-date information for hikers, motorists or train travelers, you will find out here first.

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I just bought TunesGo several weeks ago. It doesn't work! It is supposed to transfer files but nothing actually happens. It is a rip-off and a total waste of money. I contacted tech support and they are terrible. Their replies are ridiculous. They don't address the issues and I don't think they even read the email that I sent them. Interestingly enough I also have read a number of the negative reviews below and on many occasions someone from CocoDoc recommends that the unsatisfied person gets back in contact with him(or her). However, he doesn't leave his name or details so in reality there is no way to get back to anyone except for getting back to the original person who we are having trouble with in the first place. Don't waste your money! These people are scam artists!

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