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PDF Editor FAQ

How can I become assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division?

Once upon a time the world was, in my opinion, a far happier place. This before social media and unlimited digital connecting made us all realize how much the world actually sucks, unless you’re one of the privileged few.In this time, the Army was known for handing out sometimes outrageous enlistment incentives. This ranged from great money, to CLRP (College Loan Repayment Program - applicable only to Federal loans in good standing), and even guaranteed first duty stations. This was even occurring during the “surge”, when troops were being thrown at the Middle East and contractors were making 400–500k a deployment.Those days are long gone.Unless you enlist in a shortage MOS, your odds of a bonus or any other stipend are few to none. Even if it a shortage MOS, if it’s a really great MOS like 15W (UAS Operator), you probably still won’t get a bonus (I was told my job was the bonus).Fear not young future 19D! For your MOS is eligible for a cash bonus!Military Bonuses: Learn About Army BonusesHowever a guaranteed first duty station? I won’t say not on your life, because crazier things have happened, but it’s highly unlikely. You can ask though!Fear not again! Fort Hood is the largest active duty armoured post in the United States, and is the only post in the United States which can support two full armoured divisions. If you request it while you’re in AIT, there is a great chance you will get it! There is even a chance you will get it if you don’t request it!As a former First Cavalry Soldier who has a cute set of 82ABN, 101ABN, and 1CD combat patches in his drawer somewhere, I feel compelled to ask: Why 1CD? Is it the enormous patch? It’s always the enormous patch. Having lived at Fort Hood since 2011, I can tell you all of the good and bad that goes into it (West Fort Hood is paradise, my wife was on main Hood *thumbs down*).I absolutely do not believe you should forsake your airborne option. Why? Well for one, respect. You’re going Combat Arms. They like things like Airborne. It does lots for your reputation, especially when in a few years you can PCS to a non airborne unit in Fort Hood if you want.Second is the Airborne Advantage. What’s that?Airborne Promotion Advantage (APA)The APA is applied only to cutoff scores for those MOSs listed on the monthly DA Promotion Point Cutoff Scores designated as eligible for the APA.The Airborne Promotion Advantage (APA) is applied by MOS and grade. The APA is applied only to cutoff scores for those MOSs listed on the monthly DA Promotion Point Cutoff Scores designated as eligible for the APA. This authorization applies only to soldiers on current hazardous duty orders.Soldiers must be airborne qualified and assigned to an authorized position designated as SQI P, S or V. It should be noted, the system/module is designed to only apply the APA (65 points for promotion to SGT and 25 points for promotion to SSG) to soldiers with the appropriate data as reflected in TAPDB.Subsequently, only soldiers with the appropriate MOS, SQI, and assigned to valid positions will be selected and be indicated on the Monthly SGT/SSG Promotion Selection By-Name Listing. The APA applies to all MOSs which are effected by conversion (i.e. cutoff score for 29V states SEE 31P and 31P is listed as an APA MOS for that grade then the APA also applies to 29V).Airborne Promotion Advantage (APA)Basically, it adds 65 promotion points to your E5 score, or 25 to your E6. That’s a big deal. Air Assault for example, does not do that (which is some bullshit). You also get a cool maroon beret for ceremonies, jump wings, and a higher preference when it comes to being selected for hooah hooah schools such as Pathfinder, Air Assault, etc.Hey remember that bonus we just talked about. Scroll a bit further down the page and you find this!AIRBORNE BONUSIf you enlist under a specified Airborne MOS, you may qualify for up to $10,000 in bonuses. This bonus may be combined with other incentives. You will earn this bonus after you graduate from Airborne training and report to your first duty station.I don’t know about you but I likes me free money.Overall, the Cavalry will always be there. Enlistment bonuses, and a great start to a career will not. You can ALWAYS get to 1CD. I promise, it isn’t going anywhere (besides maybe overseas :P). Take the Airborne, trust me.Go make us proud, young recruit.

How do I choose between the Army and the USMC? I want to stay in for a long time, and I feel the Army provides more opportunities, although I crave the Marine Corps’ pride and values.

I cannot choose for you but they are both good decisions to be truthful. Even I, a Marine, will say that there are many explicit and implicit advantages of the Army over the Marine Corps.You are completely correct, the Army does have more opportunities. The range of jobs in the Army is far more diverse and numerous than in the Marine Corps.You’re going to get nicer things than the Marines, from barracks and chow halls to weapons and gear. The Army is usually more up to date and their budget dwarfs the Marine Corps, $146.9 billion to $40 billion in 2017.Your quality of care will probably be better, physical and mental. That’s just the nature of the beast, Marines are supposed to just push through.You’ll get promoted a lot faster. For example there was a soldier who was in as long as I was, I was still a Lance Corporal to one month prior of my 4 year mark meanwhile he was a sergeant for a year and a half by that point.Going into the Army you may have better chances of picking your MOS before you go to basic training.Bonuses, the Army and Air Force are famous for it. That $146.9 billion goes a long way.Long term the Army is safer on any potential spouses. People in the military do get divorced more often than their civilian counterparts but I have noticed from personal experience that the average divorce rate of a Marine infantry platoon is higher than that of the Army. I believe percentage-wise the two are close with the Marines sitting at 3.3% and the Army at 3.2% but I believe that if you look closer at divorce rate by MOS there is a bigger difference.You’re not to be disciplined all the time over the most minor infractions in the Army while the Marine Corps has a reputation for its more pseudo-authoritarian society.I can counterpoint every one of them in some way though.I met many soldiers who looked at what they did as a job, I could never stand that. The military is not a job. It is supposed to be a lifestyle and there is no better place to get that than in the Marine Corps. The reason we have less “jobs” or MOSs, is mainly because we do a different mission and are organized as such. We are the smallest branch as well so we naturally take a more slimmed down approach. The Navy also helps out by supplying our Corpsmen and medical care. So the difference in numbers can be deceptive.Yeah, you’re not dining on caviar and lobster in the Marine Corps. It’s the military. A lot of the time this is deceptive as well though. If you take a look at most chow halls on Army bases that are primarily infantrymen, their chow halls will be worse than even on a different area of the base that has a higher concentration of officers or support personnel. Same applies to the barracks. There’s always been an order to these things when it comes to MOS. The Army is also horrendously infamous for its budgeting failures. The Marine Corps will have a failed project here or there but our relatively small budget forced us to prioritize a quality over quantity approach in some cases. In others it just results in more streamlined gear. Oh, and wearing the same uniform and one that is actually camouflage and not what you use to hide on your grandmothers couch.True, your quality of formal mental care will be vastly superior. I have witnessed this firsthand, the Army on the medical side is the best at mental health care. But in the Marine Corps the care begins in the barracks. There is no way that every Marine will turn you away if you need to talk. The camaraderie of the Marine Corps is a bigger help mentally than almost any therapy. It could be 4 a.m. and you can go knock on almost anybody’s door with a six pack and pack of cigarettes and they’re going to work you through everything. At large this doesn’t really apply to Army. Again though this is dependent on your MOS a lot of the time. Infantrymen are going to be more tight-knit than admin personnel or cooks. I’d say that that is a fair assumption.That sergeant? He was a squad leader and so was I. I was 1st squad leader. He was 3rd in his platoon. Billet wise I was higher up the chain than him. If my platoon sergeant wasn’t there I became the platoon sergeant. Such things are not uncommon in the Marine Corps. Simply due to the way things work promotions are different for us, slower. But comparing the responsibility the Army is usually a rank or two in some cases behind the Marine Corps organizationally speaking.Again this is just one of those unavoidable downsides of the Marine Corps, less people, less jobs, less choice. Although this is the case the Army will invest in two separate but similar jobs while the Marine Corps just combines the two into one MOS. So again the difference is deceptive. This is even the case of their combat arms specifically infantrymen. Mechanized, light, Air Assault, Air Cav. etc., in the Marine Corps it’s one. We have just regular ole infantrymen. They walk when they need to, they ride when they need to, they fly when they need to. This is just the difference in mission and philosophy.Bonuses are good, sure. Everyone likes getting a lot of money. The Marine Corps has chances to get them but it’s a lot less often than the Army. If all you’re signing up for is that extra $5,000 then you’re choosing the wrong line of work entirely.Divorce is yet another case of looking at the MOSs, combat arms divorce more than support personnel. The percentages are practically identical so speaking overall there’s no large difference.The Marine Corps is known for its discipline. It’s the military not high school or military school. The Marine Corps doesn’t tolerate people who aren’t “adapted” to the personality enough sometimes. But the Marine Corps wants the best and wants people who want to be there this has resulted in the cult-like ideas some people hold about the Marines.I cannot stress this last point enough. The Marine Corps will make you into a completely different person in almost every single way. Whether that be through training or simply over time. I would wager that 999/1000 Marines look back at their service and are proud of it in some way. Marines everywhere are all the same. 20 year old Marine, 70 year old Marine. The brotherhood doesn’t stop because you left. Half the time you don’t even know each other but when you meet another Marine it takes front and center in most conversations.The pride of Marines borders on that of arrogance but it’s all part of the society of the Marine Corps. It’s supposed to be like that. We only want the best so logically speaking (In the mind of the Corps) we have the best. You’ll always be a Marine. When I speak to people I still say, I am a Marine. Or I’m an infantryman. It’s instinct for me to do so. That’s something that is instilled in you over time and is a clear demonstrator of the difference between the Army and Marine Corps. I’ve never heard a single person say, “I was a Marine.” From guys serving now to Iwo Jima veterans. We all know and have this same idea.That can’t exist in the Army and that’s just how it is. Do not understate the power of being able to be called a Marine as opposed to an armyman. Simply by being called what our branch is gives us a big advantage. Being called a soldier has never appealed to me other than as “a soldier from the sea”.Long term the Marine Corps for your career is much the same as the idea behind the Marines wanting people who want to be there. While people do slip through the cracks this happens less often than in the other branches. The Marine Corps wants people who want to be Marines and stay Marines. You will find on average better work ethic and discipline in the Marines both junior and more senior than in the other branches.No one can make this decision for you. The best thing for you to do is learn as much as you can about both. Learn things while not talking to a recruiter, read, watch documentaries. The best advice I could is to look at what you truly want for you and decide on your own. Seek out knowledge and learn everything you can and use that knowledge to make what you believe is the best path to take.

What are some ideas for questions to ask a military recruiter?

This is a very good time to be enlisting. The Army is now doing an upsizing, which means lots of bonuses and enlistment incentives.Very important, when preparing to join the military:1. You are gold to the recruiter until the moment you sign the contract and take the oath. They will treat you like you are the best thing that ever walked the earth. Nice motel rooms at the MEPS, good food, airline flights, etc. After you sign, it's cattle cars and mess halls. They own you, until the end of your enlistment. This is not a bad thing, an enlistment in the military helps a lot of people in ways they could not receive any other way. You just need to be fully aware that this is a very adult situation, this is one of the most serious contracts and signatures you will encounter in your life. To offset the rough part, the military will take care of every basic need during your service; food, clothing, medical and dental care, housing, Guaranteed Loan benefits to buy a house after you are done, educational benefits to varying degrees while you are in, great ones after you finish for you or immediate family members, extra pay if you are married, and more. The respect you get from many Americans while you are in uniform may be overwhelming, depending on what you have experienced before joining. A GREAT benefit is Veteran's Preference for hiring into the federal government, a very good gig. As a Vet, you get to apply for jobs that otherwise only are open to current federal employees, which are the bulk of openings. Bottom line on Vets preference, if you have it and have the basic qualifications for the jobs, persistence will give you a high likelihood of landing a federal job.2. Do not trust any verbal promise will be met. Recruiters are very good at choosing words wisely, it may sound like they are promising something that in reality is just a possibility. Examples are Special Forces, Officer or pilot or Warrant Officer school, etc. A recruiter may tell you can go. That is true, you can. What they may not tell you is it may be a highly competitive process, subject to many things going just right, before it could ever happen, and the odds you will ever get there may be very small. If you see or hear a clause saying something like "subject to the needs of the service", what you are seeing is an easy escape from anything you are being told. You get it, unless the Army doesn't want to give it to you.3. DO trust the contract. The Army must adhere to the terms of the contract, unless you do something that makes it void, such as losing your security clearance or failing a school, in which case you may be forced to be in a less desirable job, lose a bonus, or worse. Ensure that EVERYTHING you have been promised is in the contract--if it isn't in writing it doesn't exist.. Read the fine print very carefully before you sign.Often some of the best incentive programs are in the Army, like bonuses and such, and often easier promotions. The marines have their rep, it tends to attract a certain breed of soldier and change a person in a very positive way regarding mental toughness from what I have seen, sometimes with a few less enlistment perks. The Air Force may lag in enlistment benefits, but tends to treat their troops a lot better during the enlistment-- better billets, better food, more time to go to college classes and such while in active duty, etc. I haven't had as much exposure to the Navy, except lots of conversations with retired navy coworkers. They have some great jobs that can be converted into high paying civilian jobs, but often are required to do very long periods of duty at sea on a ship, which could be a problem if you get married.I think the best approach going into service is to spend some time looking at brochures and jobs to decide what you want out of the military, before you go to the MEPS or finalize a contract with your recruiter. Write down all the things you would like, don't be afraid to ask about any of it, if you don't ask you likely won't get it. Decide what kind of job you would like, by MOS title if army(different acronyms if you go to different services) For jobs, if you want to emphasize the soldier side they often with better bonuses and faster promotions. If you are wanting to be getting training and experience for after the service that will pay well and where you can get hired, good ones are intelligence, linguist and computer jobs(25 series.) The latter will usually have much longer AIT(after basic schools) and longer initial enlistment requirements. Take your list of job preferences and your other desires, and go negotiate with your recruiter to get all of it you can.Last, just a few questions you could ask:Can we initiate a forgiveness of college loan debt as part of the enlistment?What college benefits?What jobs can get me an enlistment bonus?Can I get a guaranteed initial duty station location after AIT(Army)?(CONUS meaning Continental United States or OCONUS, outside of the United States, such as Europe, Korea, etc. BY THE WAY, IF YOU GET THE CHANCE TO GET A GUARANTEED ASSIGNMENT TO EUROPE, OFTEN GERMANY, TAKE IT VERY QUICKLY. IT IS A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE.Can I take my wife/husband/family to my guaranteed overseas deployment? (often not, if Korea, often yes, Europe.How long is AIT for different MOS's(jobs)? Generally, higher ASVAB scores give more latitude with job choices, which can open up longer and better training choices(AIT), which may require you to enlist for longer periods.

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I am a Middle School math teacher and needed a software program to work with PDF files (edit, create, etc.). I researched my options fairly well and picked the CocoDoc program over Adobe Acrobat quite simply because the additional cost of Adobe Acrobat was not justified. I had an older version of Adobe Acrobat Pro which I had used for years and that was my first pick to upgrade to but I could not stomach the high cost. Now that I have been using CocoDoc since September I have no regrets. I don't miss anything about Adobe!

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