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PDF Editor FAQ

If we increase the concrete strength what are some changes that occur in buildings beyond reduction in the dimensions of beams and columns?

Well, it seems you've answered almost everything that will likely change if we increase concrete strength. If I have to add one more thing, it's the total area of reinforcement needed for your concrete structure that will change when you increase the concrete strength.And also, I'd like to tell you that increasing concrete strength doesn't always reduce the structure dimension. For example, if the reinforcement ratio needed in the structure is too large, it means that your structure basically isn't capable enough to carry the ultimate load, which make it require very large amount of reinforcement. It's not reasonable to put reinforcement ratio exceeding balance failure reinforcement ratio, because the structure will undergo compression failure which we seriously prevent. To make the reinforcement ratio more reasonable for the structure, we've got 2 choices. It's by increasing the dimension size while maintaining the concrete strength or by increasing the concrete strength while maintaining the dimension. Increasing the dimension usually isn't the best solution, especially if there are many field constraints which make it difficult to increase the size as what we wish and if changing structural drawing is almost impossible to be completed immediately. To overcome this problem, we can increase the concrete strength, hoping that the reinforcement needed is reasonable and none of your structure dimension should be changed. But it should be done with the approval of the owner.Keep in mind that increasing either concrete strength or structure dimensions means increasing cost. Whatever the choice you take, as long as the cost doesn't increase irrationally and the cost increase is approved by the owner, then carry on.

My newly built house is developing cracks in the wall. How can I prevent it from getting worse than now?

Use of self healing concrete will help your problem to solve. It actually contains bacteria and when ever crack occurs this bacteria will produce calcium carbonate when reacted with water and fill the crack. The strength and durability of this concrete is also higher than normal concrete. Using this concrete will eliminate the maintenance costs.

Why are people excited about VR headsets?

It turns out there is a concrete, non-hype, definitive reason why VR is interesting and worth getting excited over. It has to do with how your brain interprets VR in contrast to other media, and it’s the core reason why VR is a fundamentally new type of entertainment (with an accordingly large economic opportunity).When your brain processes VR content, it perceives and stores the sensory input as a real experience. Watching a movie or playing a game on a TV or computer screen is only interpreted and remembered as something you’ve watched. This has been validated by studies of memory strength and by using fMRI scans of the brain while immersed in VR.The impact is so strong that it can be used to treat phobias, stress disorders from traumatic experiences, and actual pain. One of the early researchers in the field has gone on to found a startup, DeepStream VR, which uses virtual reality for clinical pain relief. The image below shows the impact of VR on an individual experiencing pain:VR changes how we experience entertainment. When immersed in VR content, our brains think we’re actually in the scene. Think of what that means for action movies, documentaries, horror, and porn.This heightened perception is a double-edged sword. Horror movies, for instance, can be legitimately traumatizing in VR - leaving horror directors and content creators to tentatively test out different techniques until they find a new horror “language” compatible with VR-based entertainment. Sexual harassment in VR multiplayer worlds is a real problem, and users find it sticks with them even after they log off; they have trouble just “shrugging it off” like they did in prior MMO worlds. VR will also test what happens in the real world when our brains become desensitized to “actually” committing acts of violence in VR - as opposed to “watching” acts of violence in today’s 2D games.For people looking to make a buck, the economic opportunity is real and large, but in the end the reason why that opportunity exists is rooted in the cognitive significance of VR.

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