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What is the flow of douyin e-commerce mini procedures?

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Can Odin, Hela, The Ancient One and Ego in the MCU defeat Thanos and his Black Order?

This is the biggest answer I’ve written. Both teams’ stats are measured as accurately as I could, and because they’re both so powerful, I decided it had to be played out in story form. Haven’t done that before so hopefully it’s easy to read!Parts 2 & 4 are longest but also the most important. I recommend you just get through it all if you’re really curious about this one!Answer Part I. Power SystemAnswer Part II. Black Order KnowledgeAnswer Part III. Team A KnowledgeAnswer Part IV. The Answer (Narrative Form)I. Power SystemI keep a spreadsheet with power rankings for just this sort of question. I’ll briefly explain it so you see how I arrived at my answer. The system I developed has one rule:A character in combat has a near 50% chance of victory when fighting a character of the same level, or when fighting two characters of the next lowest level.Examples:5 = 55 = 4 + 45 = 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 (give or take)These are the categories that tend to align with the power ratings.1 - Physically Fit HumanGenerally pedestrians who get exercise and have some muscle definition2 - Average Human GruntLow level guards/soldiers, easy for agents like Black Widow to dispense3 - Human Special ForcesSHIELD’s best: May, Ward, Hill, etc4 - Skilled Human w/ TechTake a top-level superspy, give them some special weapons and an extra notch of training, and ta da! They qualify for Avengers.5 - Enhanced HumanMid-level Avenger, genetic or bionic modifications6 - SupersuitExtremely rare high-tech suits can allow humans to briefly tangle with Higher Aliens such as Kree or Asgardians7 - Higher AlienAsgardian military, Warriors Three, Kree, Drax, Gamora, Korg8 - Enhanced Higher AlienSignificant Asgardians have increased powers and perhaps durability. Same with Kree like Ronan. Humans cannot reach this level of power without a cosmic influence or the unique mutation of the Hulk.(Thor, Scarlet Witch, Hulk, Vision, Ghost Rider, Wong)9 - Cosmic Being(Doctor Strange, Odin, Hela, Ego, Surtur, Thanos)A Cosmic Being is one with gargantuan levels of power, nearly unmatchable by natural means within our own dimension. Their powers are a little harder to define as they often blend together with magic (or actually are). Might have the power to destroy a planet, might actually be a planet, etc.10 - Dimensional Entity(Dormammu)Example #1: Captain America (5) would have about a 50% chance of beating both Hawkeye (4) and Black Widow (4) at the same time.However, it would take four expert SHIELD agents (3) to equal him (Melinda May, Grant Ward, Brock Rumlow, Maria Hill).In Winter Soldier, we see Captain on the elevator with nine operatives, a mixture of grunts (2) and badasses (3).Example #2: Iron Man (6) vs the Hulk (8). Iron Man is his normal suit doesn’t stand a chance, but with a custom-tailored solution from Hulk himself, he is barely able to bring himself up to an 8.Example #3: Vision (8) vs Scarlet Witch (8). Their powers are nearly equal, but due to the special Mind Stone connection, she is able to subdue Vision with relative ease.II. Black Order KnowledgeThe short answer to your question is that we have no idea what the Black Order members are capable of, but I will use background research to assess each one from the Marvel Wikia of Earth-616. Normally comic book backgrounds have nothing to do with a character’s strength in the MCU, but that’s all we have to go on so far.Thanos - Level 9"Thanos is the most powerful being in the universe!" exclaims Korath the Pursuer to Ronan. We know that Thanos has used armies to wipe out the entire species of Luphomoids (Nebula) and Zehoberei (Gamora). He speaks down to Enhanced Higher Aliens like Loki and Ronan.We have not seen a hint of his actual power but we know he likes to modify his daughters with genetic and bionic enhancements. If he could be defeated by a simple Hulk or a Thunder God from Asgard, we wouldn’t need a cast of 20+ superheroes to confront him. Rank 9 for sure, and possibly even the upper limit of 9.Corvus Glaive - Level 8“Corvus wields a glaive capable of splitting atoms (meaning it can cut through virtually anything, including the thick hide of the Hulk). If the blade remains unbroken, it allows his body to resurrect from any type of affliction, even from being atomized.”Prior to his ascended status, Thor’s hammer Mjolnir was the artifact that really gave him the level 8 power needed to match the Hulk. We don’t know how easy it will be to break this glaive, but if the MCU follows that comic description: Glaive is at least rank 8.Proxima Midnight - Level 8“Proxima wielded a spear forged for her by Thanos. It was created from a sun trapped in distorted space-time, acting and operating as a star, supernova, and black hole at once. Once thrown, it may become a lance of multi-arcing energy carrying the tremendous mass of its template sake, since Proxima suggested that she was able to exert control over its density. The lance also carries an incredibly lethal toxin with it upon contact, which can kill about anything be it flesh or even living energy within moments. The appellation was powerful enough to match and bind the virtually limitless strength of the Hulk, as well as revert him back to Bruce Banner once upon drawing it out of him.”That’s two Hulk crushing teammates so far. This super weapon even changes density like Mjolnir, suggesting another competitor to Thor. Hulk and Thor are among the strongest Avengers at rank 8. Anyone who can match them deserves the same.Cull Obsidian (Black Dwarf) - Level 8“Black Dwarf's skin is unbreakable.” Aside from super strength and durability, he isn’t terribly complex.Luke Cage has approximately the durability of a supersuit (6), so Obsidian could be as low as that, but I imagine the Black Order will bring yet another Hulk counter to the table. He may be strong enough to face off physically against Hulk. After all, Hulk is a rarity among the 7 billion people of earth, but among the billions in the stars?Even Thanos’ experimentation on Gamora (7) lets her chop through Groot with no effort. It’s unlikely that Cull Obsidian is any lower than an 8.Ebony Maw - Level ?“Ebony Maws's true talents relies around deception and manipulation. He can coax peoples thought processes into serving his own goals with nothing but his words. Even the most fortuitous minds, like Doctor Strange, have fallen prey to his machinations as he once used him to summon the Many-Angled One Shuma-Gorath into their universe.”Ebony Maw’s only talent seems to be persuasion, but sufficient enough to trick Doctor Strange. However, further research into the Black Order shows two other members that won’t be in the film, Supergiant and Black Swan, both of whom were telepaths. I think there is a good chance that he will at least have a hint of power for himself.The Sorcerer Supreme is, like the Ancient One before him, a 9. Based on his effortless magicking on Loki (8) and Thor (8), I have a feeling he could hold his own against them at the same time, fitting the criteria. Ideally the MCU will pit an actual space sorcerer against Doctor Strange, but if not, it’s hard to say.For the purposes of the fight, we’ll say he can remove both himself and The Ancient One from the equation.III. Team A KnowledgeOdin - Level 9Odin can certainly handle his two sons at once and probably emerge with the upper hand. I suspect he could have given Thanos a good deal of trouble, which is why he was removed in Ragnarok.Hela - Level 9Thor could not beat her himself. Even he and the Hulk couldn’t stop her. Odin’s life force was all that held her at bay. As soon as he died, she was free. She may not have been quite Odin’s equal, but she stands tall enough.Ego - Level 9Ego is an ancient celestial. He would certainly have been a handful for Odin or Hela in a 1v1, if not an outright threat. He almost conquered dozens of planets at once just by using his son as a battery.The Ancient One - Level 9Generally, no human can match Thor or the Hulk or Vision without cosmic influence, but sorcery is a powerful tool. Kaecilius (8) and possibly Wong (8) and Mordo (8) could match any of the top tier Avengers had they been interested, but their interests are focused on the mystical, not the mundane. But it takes something special to become Sorcerer Supreme. It’s safe to say she was a notch above the average sorcerer, and if Odin’s sons are anything to judge by, she could have had some potent tricks up her sleeve if faced with Odin or Hela.IV. The AnswerRound 1.Thanos (9),Corvus Glaive (8), Proxima Midnight (8), Cull Obsidian (8), Ebony Maw (?)VSOdin (9), Hela (9), Ego (9), The Ancient One (9)On the assumption that Ebony Maw can beat/disable/occupy a Sorcerer Supreme, consider The Ancient One off to another dimension on a wild goose chase or something.Round 2.Thanos (9),Corvus Glaive (8), Proxima Midnight (8), Cull Obsidian (8)VSOdin (9), Hela (9), Ego (9)Cull Obsidian engages Hela with his unbreakable skin. She dodges his blows with ease, but her daggers glance off his skin like they were nothing.Proxima Midnight moves in with her deadly spear, slashing at Hela with its deadly tip. She nimbly dodges, deflecting the weapon and attempting to deter the giant at the same time.Meanwhile, Corvus Glaive attacks Odin, exchanging blows. His blade-that-cuts-anything whittles off chunks of flawless Asgardian armor and weaponry like it was wood. Suddenly, Odin channels the Odinforce and blasts Corvus, evaporating him. His glaive clatters to the ground.Round 3.Thanos (9),Proxima Midnight (8), Cull Obsidian (8)VSOdin (9), Hela (9), Ego (9)Ego blasts Cull Obsidian, singing his skin with celestial energy. His mouth widens into a cocky smile as he spots a weakness. He walks lazily toward the giant, his mocking finger guns blasting blinding white bolts of ancient energy.With one less opponent, Hela doubles her efforts on Proxima Midnight, who falters, now outmatched.Thanos, in shining golden armor, brings crashing blows down on Hela with a massive sword, putting her back on the defensive.Odin spots the weakness in Cull Obsidian and blasts the giant with his own energy, alongside Ego. Their combined energies strip away layer after layer of invincible flesh and muscle.“Hela, now!” Odin yells. She spins away from Thanos and Midnight and whirls two dozen daggers into the gruesome giant’s exposed organs. Cull Obsidian crumples to the ground.Thanos swings a blade at Hela’s neck and Proxima launches her spear at her heart. She seems to twist away from both attacks, but the spear flies past and strikes Ego.Ego laughs at first, but then his stomach begins to burn as the enchanted spear begins to drain his lifeforce. He struggles to regenerate, drawing on the energy of his planetary body, but the spear continues to drain him. There is no stopping it. Ego’s regeneration starts to slow and his constructed body unwinds and vanishes into the spear tip, never to return.Round 4.Thanos (9),Proxima Midnight (8)VSOdin (9), Hela (9)Two fathers and two daughters remain.Odin summons the Odinforce again, blasting golden light. Proxima Midnight rolls to the side and retrieves her spear, holding it defensively toward him. The second beam of energy curves around the head of her spear and is pulled into it, completely absorbed. Odin cannot risk her throwing the deadly spear again. The Allfather continues his assault.Thanos duels Hela. A blade strikes his cheek but most fall on his glorious armor. Moments later his cheek has already begun to heal. She strains to block his strikes and he strains to pin her down.If Odin continues to use his magic, eventually he may become too weak to fight. Hela knows this, and she sees her opportunity. She maneuvers purposefully around Midnight while deflecting Thanos.As Proxima Midnight strains to keep the Odinforce at bay, a large blade is summoned through her back. She drops her guard and is evaporated by Odin.Hela’s head grins with satisfaction even as it is severed from her head by Thanos’ great sword.Round 5.Thanos (9)VSOdin (9)There is a moment of silence between Thanos and Odin.Odin’s spear, Gungnir, clashes rapidly with Thanos’ sword. The tip dents Thanos’ armor, then knocks him back with the Odinforce. Thanos bellows and slashes at Odin, who parries the sword skilfully, blasting Thanos’ helmet and melting half of his face, which curls into a snarl as he stabs Odin swiftly in the leg.Thanos’ face bubbles and regenerates as their blows resume, his shining armor just beginning to show some wear under the onslaught, though it too shifts mysteriously as some unknown technology struggles to repair the damage.Thanos’ confidence begins to fade as he struggles with the Asgardian. Odin shows signs of tiring, but not nearly as much as the alien warlord. His armor becomes dented, even torn as Odin’s powerful weapon and lifeforce overcome him.Even at 5,000 years of age, the Allfather is a skillful warrior. None can hope to match the Odinforce. Thanos’ sword clatters to the ground, and Gungnir pierces an opening in his armor, just below the ribcage. Odin withdraws the spear and plunges it again through the armor, which cracks down the center. Thanos falls to his knees.“Incredible,” he groans. “You… are… a worthy foe… Asgardian.”The Odinforce glows brighter in Odin’s spear as he aims directly for Thanos’ heart.“If only you had… one more eye.” Thanos’ flashes a menacing purple grin.An infinitely sharp glaive erupts from Odin’s chest plate. He glances down in confusion at the weapon, and his ancient lips froth with red foam as he slowly falls to the ground.Standing behind him is Corvus Glaive, his remaining ashes swirling up from the ground to rejoin his body. Thanos slowly rises to his feet as the Odinforce leaves its host. His armor slowly repairs itself as the warlord intones, “This does put a smile on my face.”V. ConclusionThis is a meeting of MCU characters with Black Order characters which are only described in the comics thus far.If Ebony Maw cancels out Ancient One.Odin (9) = Thanos (9)Ego (9) = Proxima (8) & Corvus (8)Hela (9) > Cull Obsidian (8)Technically Hela’s edge over a weaker being gives her team the mathematical win, but since she uses blades and his skin is unbreakable, I felt that evened the playing field enough to get creative.Technically this leaves Glaive and Thanos standing, as well as Ebony Maw and Ancient One, if she ever returns from her pointless mission, but for all we know Ebony Maw’s legendary speechcraft could sway her to their side by then.Who’s excited to see the real Black Order in action?

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