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What are some things I should prepare myself with when I get out of the US Military?

First order of business: DD214When you get your DD214, read that sucker closely. Every box. Every line. It is short. Have whoever hands it to you walk you through the codes. Then double check those codes on your phone before leaving their presence. That is the one and only meaningful proof and measure of your service to 90% of civilians. Do not screw it up.Now that single copy of your DD214 they handed you? It's loniness should scare the shit out of you. If you lose it you must apply to Never Neverland for a copy. That is actually what we call it because you will never, never get one. Some people's records have been utterly destroyed there by accident in the past. I don't know how you unscrew that.So take your lonely copy of your DD214 down to the nearest Kinkos. Treat it like someone handed you a glass vial of nerve gas until then; Don't drop it, don't take any side trips until it is resolved, and for the love of God don't lose it. When you arrive at Kinkos, cough up whatever money they demand and make 1000 copies. Large orders like that are a lot cheaper per copy anyway. Now have 3 of those copies laminated. Immediately, right there in the Kinkos, mail 1 laminated and 10ish unlaminated copies to 2 different relatives in 2 different states. They have mail pickup.Get a BIG handful of notarized copies too. In bulk.Ask around… there may be a notary service somewhere on post cheaper than off. Otherwise just Google it. This idea courtesy of George Thomas (Ted) McNabb.Now, over the next week, make your way to 2 county records offices. They are near the courthouses, or often attached. Pay a small fee to have your DD214 filed there permanently. If you somehow lose all of yours you can now always get a copy from them. Why 2? Sometimes they flood or burn down.You will need a fresh copy of your DD214 for every job, school, professional licence, free meal at Golden Corral, and public benefit you apply for until you die. I assume St. Peter demands one at the Pearly Gates too.OK. So that single sheet of paper is resolved.If you have weeks left, go down to your education office. Be ready to feel like you are cheating. Ask for the tests (at one point they were CLEP) that let you test out of college classes. 3 semester units each. Each such test will save you half a year of 3 hours in class and 3 hours of homework per week. Take every damned one of them, unless the class sounds like fun. (The VA won't pay you to “retake” any fun ones.) Get yourself to 90 semester units total. 3 of your 4 college years. No one will accept more so it is pointless to take them.These tests are free.I have almost never heard of anyone failing one. Even if you do not know the subject matter. Even if (no joke, we tried) you are falling down, risking an Article 15-level drunk. French Literature 1615–1688? Oi! Certified Massage Technician Ethics? This story has a happy ending.Have you ever bought a used car? One that didn't come at an even cheaper price because the owner was a close family member? Do you remember how picky you were about every-damned-thing? Once you give them the money, all those problems are yours right?Pretend your body is that car. When you do your exit physical be picky as hell. If it ever ached, itched, ticked, or stank you need to get it in writing. Everything. Those tiny issues will be big issues someday. Trust me. Half of them will get worse.Were you ever sad? For one day? Just once because your uncle died? Write it down. Make sure the doctor records it permanently. I shit you not. 3 words. “I was sad.” Easy. Something this simple can leave the door open should you turn out to have PTSD, or endocrine issues, or half a dozen other life altering things you totally don't expect now. It is a 10 second conversation that can literally save your life.The VA will only own the issues written on your medical records. That physical is your last chance ever to get those issues recorded. Do not let that doctor leave the room liking you. Make them late for lunch. Record everything.Seal your uniforms up nice and pretty. A vacuum bag is a good choice. You may come to treasure them over the decades even if you feel like you want to ditch them at a GoodWill now. If that doesn't convince you, remember this; You're still in the Army after you leave. You have technically committed yourself to a few years of IRR status. We recalled people after 9/11 and had to (personally on our off-time) scrounge uniforms for people to report in wearing. Don't be that guy.Give the Green-to-Grey class a whirl. It did nothing for me, but you are getting paid no matter what you do. It seemed like it might have value for someone.You have been eating 2500–3500 calories per day if you have not been actively controlling your diet. You may not believe it, but you are an athlete even if you had a desk job.The day after you are discharged all of that changes unless you get in the habit of training for marathons or are employed as a personal trainer. Your body no longer needs about 1/3 of what you have been feeding it.This is made worse by the fact that your metabolism slows as you age. You are not 18 any more. Again, you probably will not be an athlete either.Swing by AAFES and buy a digital scale. It's cheaper there. Keep an eye on your weight. Fat weighs less than muscle, so even if you stay the same weight keep an eye on that waistline or you may find yourself looking 11 months pregnant.A good rule of thumb: If you have to buy a new belt because you outgrew the old one, you're headed for troubleYou can't keep eating like a soldier if you don't keep training like one.When you go to bed the first night after discharge, you have a choice to make. It seems trivial. It is not.Do you set your alarm for your old wakeup time?This will set the tone for the years that follow.Are you going to be a lazy shitbag civilian? Cool. Leave the alarm off. No one is gonna yell at you.Are you going to end up like the main character of Gran Torino? “Get the hell off my lawn!” Set that clock for O-dark-thirty.I recommend O-dark-fourtyfive.There is depth to this. Meditate on it, Padawan.Pick a Veteran’s Service Organization. Today. While it is fresh in your mind. Maybe one that best describes you. Maybe you put all their logos on the wall, blindfold yourself, and throw a dart to decide. There are no wrong answers except The Wounded Warrior Project. Screw those guys.You may think there are people employed by the government to make sure Veterans don’t fall through the cracks. Medical care? Disability payments? Education plans? Record revisions? Burial? You’d be wrong. There are no such government employees. You need a VSO and, often, a personal service representative to call whenever life throws you a curve ball.Sign up before you are discharged. Cough up for a lifetime membership with your last paycheck. You’ll never stop being a veteran, so you’ll always want to be a member. If you get a lifetime membership (which is cheaper), hopefully you will get to forget about them.They will never forget about you.The American LegionThe Veterans of Foreign WarsDisabled American VeteransNon Commissioned Officers AssociationDo not get roped into any job on commission. Right now your resume says “Salary.” If you backslide onto commission even once you will lose that distinction in the eyes of HR managers.Get down to the VA hospital and sign up. Day 2 of being a civilian. No exceptions.I see you starting to protest. Zip it! Ah ah! No arguing on this one. I give no damns here about your politics. Or how great you know your life is going to be. Or how healthy you are. Or how wealthy your job will make you.Get your tail down there within 72 hours. It is your next place of duty. You don't want to be signing up for benefits while bleeding in the Emergency Room lobby.If you sign up, it will always be there for you. Your life will have a backstop. It can only get so bad so long as you have that.Weed > Opiates. That is all.Remember how I was rushing you through college earlier? Now we're gonna do the opposite.Go sign up for college. Even junior college. One class a semseter is fine if it isn't where you want to be. Silly shit like ballroom dance is perfect. It will transition you back to the civilian world by helping you meet actual civilians who are not your high-school buddies.Oh yeah. That reminds me. If you didn't keep up with your high school buddies, don't seek them out. It is depressing. Your life went somewhere. Many of theirs did not. I found that 2 were dead. The worst part was that one of them took me years to find; He died, and none of his friends from high school who lived in the same town even knew he was dead.That chapter of your life has been over for a long time. Don't reopen it if you value your mental health.I'm sure I will have more later, so to be continued…

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