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What would you do if you knew you were going to be successful no matter what? Would knowing in advance take the challenge out of working hard and trying, or would it help you to feel more motivated?

Ironically enough this has happened to me.My parents had what would be called a nuclear separation—-though years later my mother found out that they were never legally married, the paperwork hadn’t been filed correctly.So my parents separate and we leave the state for about a year then return as my grandmother was ill. My mother thought it would be a good idea for us to do family therapy with a lady, Klyde.Klyde’s WorkEvery week we would go to her office and talk like in a 60 minute or 90 minute bloc. Thirty minutes with me, thirty with my mother and then thirty together. The most memorable part was that Klyde taught us bio-feedback meditation. Essentially you hold a device, about as big as a computer mouse and it whines loudly. The goal is through lowering your heartbreak/breathing, the sound lowers.I was about 12–14 years old so this was all odd but interesting but I don’t remember having a lot to say. Klyde was very nice and it stabilized my mother and I in some important ways. Luckily my mother had been a psychology major in college so she didn’t apply a stigma to psychology or family therapy. I know that one of the big this my mother got out of it was Klyde telling her that you could go through something in one part of the city, move to another part and not have to discuss it with new people. That trauma, embarrassment, drama didn’t have to be a billboard you carried around. My mother was I think very ashamed of having gotten back together with my father after an 8 year separation, marrying him (sort of) and having it all blow up.Klyde though told her a couple of things about me but instructed her not to discuss them with me until I was at least over 18/an adult. My mother and Klyde stayed friends after a couple of years of therapy and time went on.I had been writing some from about 6 or 7 and then it became more concentrated after 12. I’d never connected the work I was doing, full manuscripts in my early teens, with it coinciding with the visits with Klyde.When I was about 20, my mother tells me that Klyde had suggested to her when I was 14, that I might not be “completely heterosexual”. And she had also told her that my writing ability was prodigious, very prodigious, that if I could get over my issues with my mother I could be really, really successful at it.I’d written at least half a dozen full manuscripts by then been published in small stuff, written and filmed a 2 hour screenplay but I didn’t think of my writing in the way that I see it now. Or better others see it.So I pondered this forecast and what it meant to get over my issues with my mother and then I came to re frame it as “changing how I related to my mother or allowed her to relate to me”—-I’d been looking at some big issue to “get over” but it was really about establishing boundaries.Insanely, at about 23, a university professor recommended I pull together several erotic stories I’d work-shopped with him and had published plus a novella and send it off to his publisher friend, I spent a whole month pulling together a 300 page manuscript of a dozen stories and one novella, got it nicely bound and sent it off. Then went to the family house, excited, with a copies. I gave one to my mother as we sat at the dining room table talking and she suggested maybe she could write some stories too—-and it could be a mother-son book of erotica.I kid you not.That was at about 9pm. I go up to my bedroom, baffled and come back downstairs late the next morning.,The bound manuscript was literally on the same corner of the dining room table that I’d handed it to her and she’d been back and forth and out and such.I got the message.I took it back and it was never asked for.The manuscript got sliced and diced and stories published through the publisher and around the world. The novella was suggested it become a full novel—-it did, Hush out in 2019. Yes, on Amazon.He GazesAbout five years after that I’m living with roommates in a giant house, waiting for the upstairs tenant to move out n a few months and then I would take over the 1 bedroom apartment for myself. he was a painter—-Brian Gazes.He was…special in a Libra creative way that pissed off my roommate but amused me. One day we get to talking and he invites me upstairs, he’s barely dressed—-it was summer—-but explains that while he’s had sex with men, he’s not interested in me. I tell him I’ll try to control myself and he shows me his art. We’re talking and such and he tells me that he’ll be moving on soon but he’s been trying to find ways to privately talk to me away fro my friend/roommate. He tells me that he has visions, psychic hunches and such and he asks what I’m creating—-I’m doing something?I tell him about writing, Hush was in it’s 6th of 12 Drafts and I was sort of muddling around with “new ideas”—-nothing other than that. I had the other manuscripts—-maybe a dozen by then but not in printable form.He tells me that he knew it was writing because he kept seeing books about me but didn’t want to weird me out. I was sort of non-committed then to pushing publishing of my work through I was writing. He tells me that 7–8 of my books will be world famous, keep writing. Those 7–8 would definitely be big, after I was dead.I tell him about Klyde’s proclamation—-it was “bigger’ and much more detailed than what I’ve relayed here because it was both personal and grandiose in comparison but it was BIG. Kind of like what Gazes is telling me then. He’s like she was right.It wasn’t the after my death part that struck me but that his words/proclamation was so close to Klyde’s and even more shockingly that there were 7–8 other books in me besides Hush.I’d been working on Hush for years and short stories and other doodlings but no new novels. Certainly not anything that I could perceive being successful or outliving me in success. It really shifted my thinking about my work—-expanded it. I knew I had a few books in me but I had pieces then so I wasn’t sure about what I had then, I hadn’t developed the skill of turning out novels. (Yes, it is a learned skill. A learned application of one’s honed talent.)Ironically the last time I spoke with Klyde was around that discussion. My mother had an issue and I reached och to Klyde for how to counsel her, help her. Klyde stayed silently on the line as I three way called my mother without telling her Klyde was there—-I got the details of the issue but stopped my mother from oversharing—-it would’ve been inappropriate for me to hear the rest. My mother was becoming trained to these boundaries with me so she stopped and we made a plan to talk again. She hung up. Klyde applauded me, told me I’d handled it perfectly and how proud she was of me. She asked how I was, what I was doing and out loud ticked off my accomplishments—-working steadily, university, etc. as markers of healthiness. It was nice to hear.Over a decade later as my mother was dying I called Klyde again to try and get information on a hospice but her business partner explained she was too ill to talk but helped me immensely. It had never occurred to me that Klyde, at least a decade older than my mother could/would be ill herself, checking out.My MentorsCarlene Hatcher Polite and Raymond Federman, two of my mentors who I worked for and with on my writing undergraduate both made proclamations and extracted promises form me.Carlene said “it would come” but she made me swear not to squander my gifts on schlock—-romance novels, fantasy bs, etc but instead to really write, to write good, grand, interesting stuff. That I could do “easy” stuff and make a lot of money but to not take that route.Federman went through all of my work and eventually recommended me to a publisher but was always teasing me as the years went on.“This one, this one was ALMOST the Great American Novel. Instead it is the Great American Failure. Keep writing,” he would say in his impossibly thick French accent.Then finally after a couple of years he declared to me and the class that I had the skeleton, the beginnings the talent to construct my Great American Novel.Salt or Sugar? Free on Tuesday.I’ve written and punished close to 100 or so books—-contradictory to my beginnings, far more non-fiction than fiction. I’ve published a dozen or so fiction novels—-two huge ones (over 600 pages) and the rest 200–400 pages.I like them all for different reasons, I feel that I achieved some “things’ in each one of them and they continue to be different in tone, style, objective and even genre. I’m working on about 20+ more currently, about half 80% done but I often get distracted by my teaching/non-fiction work and new fiction ideas.Monday night I dreamt a a whole novel about a man named Free whose father sets out to kill him for “some” reason.I wake up Tuesday after laying there to let the pieces assemble completely and I type up a couple of paragraphs about the story itself. I realize it’s soup to nuts. Huh. Well, while it’s fresh in my head let me just jot down the bare bones of Chapter 1. Free is having a discussion with his mother about why his father is coming to kill him.I have the 6 x 9 book template already set up so I separate the idea/book notes to a file….and create the first step in my process of taking an idea serious—-I create a Publishing File. You can literally hear my huge imaginary staff pause and groan—-he’s put another one on the Board!Title of the novel: Free.Well, I might as well type up Chapter 2 since I’m laying there…..then I put together Chapter 3 from a slip of an idea I had while watching Laverne Cox talk.Then I put in headers, Chapter font different than body fonts, legal notices and then I get really freaky with it—-I switch over to PowerPoint and thinking of a random pic I’d saved from online that I thought i might use as an alternate cover to another project—-I start doodling around with the pic and the cover spread for a book cover——and I give it a Book Cover file folder. It’s a nice cover—-I’ve wanted to do another one in white besides Hush.I have known my Purpose and that it would work out, more importantly that I had/have a purpose. There were some dark times, dark nights of the soul, a couple of times where I thought I wouldn’t live but the silver thread I hung onto were Klyde’s words and then the simpatico from Brian Gazes’ words plus my college mentors.Have I written those 7–8 novels yet?I don’t know. I don’t know if I can know. I mean what is Free? Or Mbube Mbube? Or the Race War: Hated, Hunted, Haunted trilogy; the Myriad 12 book series;the Court of Conscience 12 book series; the novel The Veil; the novel Clan Chief—-and I still have to go to sleep each night and dream and I dream novels wholesale some nights so with another 50 years of life left, it could get crowded. That’s 31 novels just on the Board to begin with.And what if it’s some of the non-fiction too? I have 4 textbooks coming out,;a book in preliminary stages about relationships He Is Not You; Ashe, a book/memoir on the intersection of race, sex, sexuality and critical theory; and a planned education series of 100 books reprinting books with teaching guides. That’s like 100+ books.I am prodigious. I know and accept that. I work hard to produce good, interesting, educating, valuable work. I promised Carlene. I don’t write fluff. I can. I wrote thousands of comic book scripts then exorcised it with fan fic—-(you can just Google Kyle Phoenix X-Men fan fic and get the most rocking X-Men tale ever—-that I could never do at Marvel—-but I do have a very nice printed, book bound, like a huge graphic novel of it all)—-did I mention the original graphic novels I have written?I will fill a bookshelf I’m sure by the time I transcend so 7–8 isn’t implausible. Most of the above is slated to come out before 2025 when we have our next company review.I ascribe to the musician/artist Prince in terms of work, creativity, etc.. Ironically one of the things that bonded Carlene and I when I met her was that Prince had asked her to write his biography but she couldn’t. However she remained a lifelong devotee as do I. He wanted a whole wall of his music in stores, I want the same of my books. (This teeters close to some of what Klyde proclaimed of me.)To My Family And How Others Treat You As The Success Slowly Starts to HappenTo my knowledge, completely, as in a discussion—-hey, I liked that story—-my mother, stepfather, aunts, uncles, cousins, no one I’ve been related to has read my work. Several relatives, including my grandmother who let me pace her 5 book a week reading, were dead before I really started publishing work in high school so they don’t count. But there were a dozen more, some still alive today. Is it no interest? Or something else? I could go into all of the social, cultural, racial and educational points that some of them example which all snowball into lack of ability, interest, capability.My mother, college educated, when I brought half a dozen of my books to her bedside, she was terminal, wanted to know why so many of my books were about sex. I pointed out to her that for years she had a lingerie business and put on fashion shows.And that sex wasn’t “bad” and that it wasn’t prurient. In fact I’d been working for over a decade in LGBTSGL companies and have a TV show about a dozen things but , yes, sexuality is one of them.I had a friend who suggested that converting so many of workshops into books meant that my work was soft porn. I got rid of her as a friend within a few months of that.Here’s what I will tell you—-a lot of folk sieve their homophobia and their racism through my work, unread.There will hundreds of books in 10, 20, so on, decades with my name on them, written by me. I often tell book signings and workshops that I’m trying to get these first 300–400 OUT of the way so I can really discover what I can do/create.But even my own mother tried to kick sand in my work, if she couldn’t co-opt it. And friends have talked to me about the color of paint on the walls rather than talk about —-hey, I saw your book. Silence from folk about my work. It’s too big and those people, yes, including my family, were too small in their own selves to be able to see it, appreciate. Now family has had their hand out for some of my royalty money.People, quoting one of my characters, a child, Mateo, are dicks.Some of them you’re even related to.What Klyde told my mother is so big that I think it both frightened my mother and awed her and upset her own ego. She didn’t quite want to be a star but she wanted to be a star before you were. I think my little introverted tap tap tapping on keyboard keys late into the night, on my Commodore 128, and then Klyde’s proclamation and then seeing it slowly manifest as I studied in school and got accolades and awards and had a stack of magazines I’d been published in—-did something to her, to those around me who hadn’t found, developed, explored their own Art.. My Art has taught me about that reactive reflection from others.To her credit and personality, in the hospital, my mother was more impressed by and deeply questioned owning my work, the punishing business, how I’ve structured things, taxes, distribution. It was weird.Interns Screen Some of My Emails But I Will Rant AnywayI was recently told that someone couldn’t read my books—-to be sent as free reader copies—-because they couldn’t relate to the African American experience.Because ALLLLLLLLL of my work is just jumping with Black people, one.And two, because when we’re not doing our odd African American rituals at dinner—-where we don’t use forks, we use spears—-we’re dressing in our odd…… intern and just laughed at the casual racism of the world. Like Black people are doing something “outside of the human veil”, not even knowing if the books would be about anything specifically African American…because I am.The oddest thing of being a writer, more and more, but it has happened since undergraduate—-is people projecting ALL of my writing onto my identity.Like I’m an X-Man. Who lives in a house with this bald dude, Prof,. X who sends me out on covert missions that I use my mutant abilities to solve.Or that in my constant Blackness—-because all African American people are CONSTANTLY thinking and moving and breathing and imagining BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACKETY BLACK—-the only art we can create is narrowly to Black ears, Black culture, Black sensibility. No, no, not the human condition. (Of course no one seems to wonder how we go through tens of years of schooling and books and magazines and TV and movies and can’t accept the White Experience, and not reject it wholesale, as default reality. Yeah, there’s a lot of bs in projecting onto people.)I was on a bus shuttle form one campus to another and a half a dozen students were discussing “Kyle” and all of his sexual proclivities and wants and desires….because of a story. in a magazine.No, wait for it—-then the Archdiocese of Buffalo contacted the magazine and demanded it be shut down or they’d protest.No, there’s more: students then begin cutting out the story and wall papering it to the dormitory walls.No, there’s even more, there are bomb threats to the magazine and the university over the story.Free’s father wants to kill him for a very specific reason. It has nothing to do with race.Rant Over.(But here’s a weird thing I’ve learned on my way to the Coliseum…..)I’m going to write so much, so many things, explore so many ideas, try some things out, failure deliciously and succeed quietly and then repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat. And generally about once every two weeks I get a whole novel-idea in my sleep. I literally can’t keep up with myself.I’m going to wring myself out, develop and create and every post, essay, blog, book-chapter, short story you see of mine—-is like a spiritual orgasm I’m having in public.Ooooh.See, what my mother and the other haters and naysayers and such didn’t understand was that in some grand universal way Klyde and Gazes and Carlene and Federman and Debbie Freeman and Denise Donnelly (my high school creative writing teachers) and Dr. WH Hunter (a teacher in high school who extorted me to get me to his AP class and introduced e to Sophocles and Toni Morrison and told me the one thing that kept me churning and working—-that his family kicked him out after high school and he worked hard, digging ditches to get how own ass to college by 21—-and I thought to myself when times were too tight—-I can do that too and I got myself there by 21). And the awards (there have been a few so far) and the customers and the well wishes and “fans”—can I have fans? lol—-and the strangers who come up to me and tell me something I did, little old me, helped them, saved them, moved them.It makes up for the disses and soft racism and twisted homophobia and just the lack of thataboy! from those nearest and dearest to me. Fuck all ya’ll who don’t want on to this bandwagon, I’m a comet, baby!And as an aside, a lot of the people who have thrown “sand” at me, died or live miserable lives. I’m just saying. I don’t even write about their lives. Too mundane. And if someone won’t write about it can you imagine what it must be to live it?I’m going to publish hundreds more books. Hundreds. And at least 7 or 8 of them, as told to me by a psychic painter and a fabulous family therapist, are going to be places, ringing my name out, telling my odd little stories and insights, for decades and decades and decades and decades, after I have this body cremated.I know my destiny and I love it. How about you?(Which I think is where family and a few friends get snaggled up at. As an inside aside, because I’ve spent so long working on being, on doing the work, on getting better so that whenever, whichever, those 7–8 books are—they’re good books, I tend not to notice the shine, my corona. I had a Supervisor who hated me years ago, not because of anything I’d done but because I was hired by his boss without his input. He said to me one day that I had no idea my Presence, my ability, when I walked into a room, my work. I saw him gnashing his teeth as he told me a truth I didn't quite know about myself.So you or I shine, we succeed some and inside of the Success Comet, I/you assume that everyone else is inside of their own Success Comet bubble. But they’re not. My mother wasn’t, friends weren’t, several jealous lovers haven’t been. But I, and others I’ve talked to don’t know we’re inside of a Comet for awhile and then it, other people’s stuff—-bias, bitterness, silence—-stands out, makes sense.Huh.Wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now…All King Baby has to do now is type and smile.#KylePhoenix#TheKylePhoenixShow

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