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Read the following instructions to use CocoDoc to start editing and signing your Kinks List:

  • To begin with, direct to the “Get Form” button and tap it.
  • Wait until Kinks List is ready.
  • Customize your document by using the toolbar on the top.
  • Download your completed form and share it as you needed.
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How to Edit Your PDF Kinks List Online

Editing your form online is quite effortless. No need to get any software via your computer or phone to use this feature. CocoDoc offers an easy tool to edit your document directly through any web browser you use. The entire interface is well-organized.

Follow the step-by-step guide below to eidt your PDF files online:

  • Search CocoDoc official website on your computer where you have your file.
  • Seek the ‘Edit PDF Online’ button and tap it.
  • Then you will browse this cool page. Just drag and drop the PDF, or import the file through the ‘Choose File’ option.
  • Once the document is uploaded, you can edit it using the toolbar as you needed.
  • When the modification is finished, click on the ‘Download’ icon to save the file.

How to Edit Kinks List on Windows

Windows is the most widely-used operating system. However, Windows does not contain any default application that can directly edit form. In this case, you can get CocoDoc's desktop software for Windows, which can help you to work on documents quickly.

All you have to do is follow the instructions below:

  • Download CocoDoc software from your Windows Store.
  • Open the software and then drag and drop your PDF document.
  • You can also drag and drop the PDF file from URL.
  • After that, edit the document as you needed by using the a wide range of tools on the top.
  • Once done, you can now save the completed template to your laptop. You can also check more details about how do I edit a PDF.

How to Edit Kinks List on Mac

macOS comes with a default feature - Preview, to open PDF files. Although Mac users can view PDF files and even mark text on it, it does not support editing. Utilizing CocoDoc, you can edit your document on Mac quickly.

Follow the effortless steps below to start editing:

  • Firstly, install CocoDoc desktop app on your Mac computer.
  • Then, drag and drop your PDF file through the app.
  • You can select the form from any cloud storage, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.
  • Edit, fill and sign your file by utilizing this amazing tool.
  • Lastly, download the form to save it on your device.

How to Edit PDF Kinks List through G Suite

G Suite is a widely-used Google's suite of intelligent apps, which is designed to make your work more efficiently and increase collaboration between you and your colleagues. Integrating CocoDoc's PDF document editor with G Suite can help to accomplish work easily.

Here are the instructions to do it:

  • Open Google WorkPlace Marketplace on your laptop.
  • Search for CocoDoc PDF Editor and install the add-on.
  • Select the form that you want to edit and find CocoDoc PDF Editor by clicking "Open with" in Drive.
  • Edit and sign your file using the toolbar.
  • Save the completed PDF file on your laptop.

PDF Editor FAQ

If the Beatles were the best band of all time, who was second best?

And what if the Beatles weren’t the best band of all time?Defining “best” is always subjective. My personal number one would be U2, which nobody else is mentioning. They have been successful throughout the 80s and 90s, but became annoying after that (sill selling very well).Some would say Queen are the best, some would say Rolling stones, Pink floyd, Guns n roses… all these band can be found at #2 (some even #1) of some “Top 10/Top 100” list on the internet.But well, if the Beatles were the best band of all time, it’s because they changed everything. Every band after them sounded like Beatles. They redefined pop music, or maybe invented it. There are only 2 other bands who did something similar: Velvet underground and Nirvana. In the late 90s everything sounded like Nirvana, and today we forgot about grunge, but still call “alternative rock” everything that sounds like Nirvana. So is Nirvana the second best?Actually, there have been a lot of bands claiming (or whose fans claim) they “sound like Beatles” but if you know a little more about the 60s, that’s not true. There is another band (part of the “big four”) that has influenced modern music a lot more than Beatles, and nobody is mentioning them: the Kinks. They have produced great songs, and have been very influential. In my opinion, they could have been #1, but they were banned from performing in the US in 1964–1965, when Beatles reached their peak. This is of course my personal opinion, but the Kinks were way better than the Beatles in that period, and would have been #1 if the AFM didn’t cut them off the biggest market. They defined a new sound by using distortion on their guitars (which nowadays everybody is doing), they were first with Indian traditional music instruments…So, in my opinion, the only possible number two is Kinks, the most underrated band ever.

Why do people into BDSM and get orgasm after girls kicking his balls?

Ah, cock and ball torture, that most strange (to some eyes) of kinks.First off, I should note, and this is likely a refrain I'll be repeating again and again: Kink is not all-or-nothing; it's an all-you-can-eat buffet. I should be very surprised if two people have kink lists that match up 100%. I myself don't share some kinks with my lady, and I know I have some kinks she isn't into. Just because someone's into BDSM doesn't mean that someone is automatically into every kink in the world. (Evidence: Me. CBT isn't my thing. But as we say in the kink community, Your Kink Is Not My Kink But Your Kink Is Okay.)(You know, this is basically an extended complaint as to how the question is written.)Now, as to the actual why of things. CBT is merely a form of pain play - it's just that the pain is applied directly to the genitals. (I suspect this is also why the thought is alarming to men - getting kicked downstairs is a nightmare for any man.) Most of those who are into CBT are masochists, who get off on having pain applied. Those who have CBT as a kink but are not masochists very likely have a sadist for a partner, and get off on the partner getting off on inflicting pain. (Aside: this is what I call a quasi-kink, being into something not for the thing itself, but because of something associated with the thing.)Not being into CBT, I can't speak as to precise causes as to why guys like pain downstairs; and I'm not a psychologist either, and thus I can't speak as to why people like pain with their sex. However, so long as it's consensual, appropriate safety measures are taken, and the indulgence of the kink does not cause problems elsewhere, I see no problems with it at all.

What is the best "unexpected" concert you've ever seen?

Back in the 70’s my buddy and I went to see the taping of “The Midnight Special” almost every Wednesday afternoon. The way the show was structured, bands would perform their two or three “hits” live in front of an audience. Each episode featured 3 bands.As you can imagine, during the years the show aired, we saw just about every great band there was to see. Google it for a list of artists.One week we went to the taping and The Kinks were there, but the American bands did not perform because of a writers/musician strike.So, The Kinks played their hit singles, that with a couple of missteps (bands could play songs several times in order to get the best version or cover from mistakes) took about 1/2 hour.Since the other scheduled bands didn’t show up, Ray Davies asked the audience if we would like to hear more songs from The Kinks catalog. They then went on to do a full concert for those of us in attendance, which was probably 100 people. An unexpected and amazing experience.

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Quick and easy to use. The only thing that would be nice is to be able to edit the original document itself. But otherwise I love it!

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