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In other words, VIP statuses are only reset at the beginning of the new calendar year. If you obtained a particular VIP status in the fourth quarter of the year, the same status will also be valid for the following yearNet+ MasterCard@ (EEA 31 country residents only).Virtual Net+ cards for secure paymentsBenefits of NETELLER when registering via Baxity:Bronze Pro status, including lower conversion fees and higher ATM withdrawal limits immediately after verificationSilver status for $7,500 instead of $50,000, granting you free transfers within NETELLER, the option to open 2 additional accounts in another currency, as well as reduced conversion fees down to 0.6%Gold, Platinum, Diamond statuses on special preferential terms. 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That is unless you have obtained it in the fourth quarter of the year, in which case it will be carried over to the following year.Depositing money to merchants and purchase and sale of cryptocurrencyBronzeSilverGoldPlatinumDiamondThe amount of transactions for the calendar year to switch to a new status10 000 $50 000 $100 000 $500 000 $2 000 000 $* When registering with NETELLER via Baxityfree(Bronze Pro)7 500 EURbelow,askbelow,askbelow,askFor more information about NETELLER VIP statuses see the article NETELLER VIP program.NETELLER MasterCardThe NETELLER MasterCard is your opportunity to break your account funds out of the online world and into physical form through cash withdrawals at any suitable ATM across the world wherever the MasterCard is valid. The balance on your prepaid plastic card will always be directly representative of that of your account, available for withdrawal whenever required.As of today, the Net+ MasterCard still remains only exclusively available to EEA (European Economic Area) residents who can order it right from their personal account.Although the card issue is entirely free of charge for Silver statuses onwards, a small $13 fee will be issued for the card delivery to any other account level. By registering with Baxity, your instant Bronze Pro VIP status will triple your maximum withdrawal limit to an attractive $3 300 instead of the regular $1 000. Similarly, it will grant you purchases of up to $7 000 from the standard $3 000, alongside reduced currency conversion rates to 3.79% rather than 3.99%.Any EEA (European Economic Area) residents, a virtual Net+ Prepaid Mastercard® can be ordered completely anonymously as an additional secure payment method for your account. Once your desired transaction is complete, this virtual card will immediately be cancelled for optimal privacy and security.You will naturally have the option to order as many virtual cards as desired, on which the subsequent charges apply:Creating your first virtual card: freeCreation of the second and subsequent cards: 3$The limit of payment for purchases per day: 700 $For more information about NETELLER Net+ PrePaid MasterCard and virtual Net+ card see the NETELLER MasterCard article.NETELLER AppThe NETELLER mobile application lets you carry out many of your most familiar actions:Carry out regular and cryptocurrency transactions from your personal profile and manage them accordingly via your balance, transaction history and portfolioVerify the accountManage the accountThe NETELLER app is available as a free download on Google Play for Android or the App Store for iOS. For more information about NETELLER mobile application see the NETELLER App article.Reviewing NETELLER Deposit and Withdrawal OptionsThe number and variety of options available to an account for its replenishment or withdrawals depend largely on the country of residence the account is registered to. Their unique terms may be consulted at any time from your personal account.Deposit options (2.5% commission for all):from your bank account,MasterCard, VISAbitcoinSkrillPaysafecard and Paysafecashvarious others (see the deposit options in your account).Withdrawal of funds:to bank accounts,on MasterCard, VISAwithdraw money from ATMs via NET + MasterCard (only for accounts from SEPA zone (Single payment zone in euro))in other ways through translations (see options in your account).Serviced and Restricted CountriesWith users across 200 countries, NETELLER is no stranger to foreign borders although its plastic and virtual Net+ MasterCard are strictly limited to EEA residents.NETELLER’s presence and operations across the world can be resumed in three tiers:all served countries with and without Net+ MasterCard@ order access.served countries only with issuance and delivery of Net+ MasterCard@ (EEA countries)unattended countriesFind out where your country lies across these categories by checking the map below:+-Zoom level changed to 1NETELLER serviced countriesThe countries fully served by the platform let their residents:create an account,make transfers and transactions to merchants,to replenish and withdraw money,order the issue and delivery of the Net+ MasterCard (EEA zone only).create virtual Net+ cards (EEA zone only)Countries served with the issuance and delivery of Net+ MasterCardSEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) unifies residents’ payments and businesses in the European Union and consists of 28 European Union (EU) countries as well as 3 additional European Economic Area countries.List of countries served with the issuance and delivery of Net+ MasterCard:AustriaBelgiumBulgariaCroatiaRepublic of CyprusCzech RepublicDenmarkEstoniaFinlandFranceGermanyGreeceHungaryIcelandIrelandItalyLatviaLiechtensteinLithuaniaLuxembourgMaltaNetherlandsNorwayPolandPortugalRomaniaSlovakiaSloveniaSpainSwedenUnited KingdomNETELLER non-serviced countriesList of underserved countries:AfghanistanBeninBonaireBurundiCentral African RepublicChadDemocratic Republic of CongoCubaDjiboutiEquatorial GuineaEritreaGabonGambiaGuineaGuinea-BissauGuyanaIranIraqKazakhstanKyrgyzstanLao People’s Democratic RepublicLiberiaLibyaMadagascarMalawiMaliMauritaniaMongoliaMontserratMyanmarNauruNigerNiueNorfolk IslandNorth KoreaPalauPapua New GuineaSaint BarthelemySaint Kitts and NevisSaint MartinSint MaartenSierra LeoneSudanSouth SudanNorth SudanSurinameSyriaTajikistanTimor-LesteTogoTurkmenistanUnited States of AmericaUzbekistanWestern Sahara

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