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Which ancient societies developed treatments for mental illness?

The skeleton of a man with an amputated leg who lived in Mesopotamia. Photo credit: A. SołtysiakDespite intensive research over many decades on one of the most famous kingdoms of the ancient world, researchers remain unsure about the depth of Mesopotamian knowledge about the diseases that plagued their city-states and empires. An analysis of thousands of cuneiform texts has only revealed 44 publications mentioning traces of disease.[1] This either suggests that the population was incredibly healthy, or that the study of diseases was very poorly developed in comparison with Egypt and Europe.Arkadiusz Sołtysiak of the Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw decided to fill this gap and collected all previously published reports of anthropologists who examined human remains in the area of Mesopotamia.[2] Focused on excavations in towns and settlements, as well as on the analysis of ancient texts, Sołtysiak found that information about disease in the ancient kingdom was scarce for a number of reasons. First, human remains in the area are poorly preserved due to the moist winters and hot summers, making the bones fragile and unsuitable for detailed analysis.[3] In addition, the unstable political situation in the region has discouraged scientists from travelling to the area. But the absence of references to disease in ancient text is surprising, considering that so much was recorded about the civilisations of the Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians.The oldest preserved and studied Mesopotamian remains, apart from Neanderthals discovered in Shanidar cave in Kurdistan, come from the Neolithic period, i.e. from about 9000 years ago.[4] Analysis conducted by the University of Warsaw, which concerned the skeletal remains from all eras, enabled the researchers to capture an overall view of the health status of residents of Mesopotamia at different times.Early farmers often suffered from osteoarthritis, probably associated with the frequent lifting of heavy weights and grinding.[5] Probably, with the introduction of draft animals, the problem became smaller - in fact in the Bronze Age, the “heyday of farming communities” that followed the Neolithic period, scientists reported fewer such cases on the bones. In the Neolithic period, in turn, there were fewer cases of dental disease, including tooth decay.[6]After the relatively favourable conditions for human societies during the Bronze Age, at the beginning of the Iron Age there was an economic and agricultural collapse, possibly caused by climate change and continued conflicts.[7] This is the most difficult time in the history of the region, as evidenced by both written sources and archaeological finds. During this period, there was evidence of a gradual increase in tooth disease, which persisted all the way up until the Middle Ages, probably associated with the spread of date palms growing and changing eating habits.[8] Nevertheless, there is little evidence of significant health concerns in the region and the communities of Mesopotamia were relatively healthy.Tablet 46 ( BM 47753, obverse & reverse). London, The British Museum, (Introductory Chapter: Epilepsy—The Long Journey of the Sacred Disease | IntechOpen)Surviving Mesopotamian medical records consist of roughly 1000 cuneiform tablets. The bulk of cuneiform tablets that mention medical practices (660) have survived from cuneiform texts in the library of Asshurbanipal at Nineveh (668 BC) Assyria.[9] About 420 tablets from other sites also survived, including the library excavated from the private house of a medical practitioner (an asipu from Neo-Assyrian Assur, and some Middle Assyrian and Middle Babylonia texts.[10]The vast majority of these tablets are prescriptions, but there are a few series of tablets that have been labelled "treatises". One of the oldest and the largest collections is known as "Treatise of Medical Diagnoses and Prognoses." [11] Although the oldest surviving copy of this treatise dates to around 1600 BC, the information contained in the text is an amalgamation of several centuries of Mesopotamian medical knowledge. The diagnostic treatise is organized in head to toe order with separate subsections covering convulsive disorders, gynaecology and paediatrics.[12] To the non-specialist they sound like magic and sorcery. However, the descriptions of diseases demonstrate professional-grade observation skills.Two major cuneiform texts known as Maqlû and Shurpu, respectively provide the main but not exclusive sources of Babylonian psychiatry.[13] The Hamurabbi code (1790 B.C.) includes regulations related to psychiatry, with an emphasis on epilepsy. The code states that a slave could be returned and the money refunded, if bennu, another word for epilepsy, appeared within the month after the purchase.[14]Codex of Hammurabi ([PDF] Neurology and psychiatry in Babylon. | Semantic Scholar)The Sakikku ( “All Diseases”), one of the oldest Babylonian medical texts (1067-1046 B.C.) consisting of 40 tablets, refers to epilepsy with the terms ‘antasubba’ and ‘miqtu’ .[15] The translated Babylonian text describes unilateral and bilateral epileptic fits, the epileptic cry, the incontinence of feces, the description of simple and complex epileptic seizures, the epileptic aura and narcolepsy.[16] The scribe explains the subtleties of the neurological disease’s presentation in great detail, provides basic prognoses for the ashipu or doctor- scholars, and ascribes different kinds of seizures to particular malevolent spirits.The Babylonian word for the falling sickness or epilepsy is miqtu.[17] In ancient texts such as these, patients with symptoms resembling epilepsy were described as follows:his neck turns left, his hands and feet are tense and his eyes wide open, and from his mouth froth is flowing without having any conciousness.[18]This parallels concisely with modern descriptions of epilepsy as “a neurological disorder with recurrent sensory disturbances, loss of consciousness or convulsions; associated with abnormal electrical activity in the brain.”[19]Supplementing the search for textual evidence of Mesopotamian medical practices, Danish Assyriologist Troels Pank Arbøll was studying cuneiform tablets in a Berlin museum when he stumbled across a peculiar image.[20] The epilepsy tablet was unearthed in Kisir-Ashur’s private library, along with an ivory lap desk. He and his family lived in the city of Assur, located in what is now northern Iraq, around 650 B.C., though the bennu text in question was likely copied from a far older tablet. [21]The tablets tell the story of a doctor in training describing a combination of medical practices (potentially handed down to the Greeks) and magical rituals.[22] It is thought to be one of the most detailed accounts of ancient medical education and practice ever recorded. Kisir-Aššur recorded what he learnt in chronological order, allowing a timeline of his training. Kisir-Ashur may have learnt his skills by practising on animals and progressed to treating babies as he approached finishing his studies.[23] It's likely he did not treat human adults on his own before he was trained. This shows a relatively clear chronology in his training, where he takes on more and more responsibility.Kisir-Ashur and others like him are often described as exorcists, but this title is a mistranslation, as these individuals also handled non-spiritual issues.[24] The apsu/ ancient healer was expected to exorcise demons, ward off witchcraft, and appease the gods – all while staying up to date on the latest medical-magical healing strategies. The apsu's skills were not isolated to religious rituals, but also with plant-based medical treatments, poultices and bandages.[25] Kisir-Aššur studied the effects of venom from scorpions and snakes on the human body and it appears that he tried to draw parallels between the physical manifestation of epilepsy and reactions to deadly toxins.[26] Previously, it was assumed that medical treatments for scorpion stings and snakebites, were most often treated by magic, as they are absent from the medical treatises.Researcher discovers terrifying epilepsy demon on 2,700-year-old clay tabletEtched on the corner of one of the tablets (measuring 6.4cm and 2.6cm wide) is a small horned demon with curvy horns, a serpent's tongue and possibly a reptile-like eye.[27] It has the head of a musbussu-dragon, an Assyrian snake-dragon hybrid that was thought to have dragon horns and the same long neck and forked tongue as a snake. Its hands are surprisingly human for a creature that usually appeared with a lion’s forelegs and back legs flashing vicious talons.[28] The left hand appears claw- or paw-like, and the right hand is lumpy with a pointy thumb.The entity appears to be covered with badly preserved scales or hair. Drawings of supernatural powers are very rare on cuneiform tablets with magical and medical treatments. When there is a drawing, it usually depicts one of the figures that the healers used in their rituals, not the demon itself.[29] The bennu was drawn as the face of evil imagined not only by the healer, but also the patient.According to the adjoining cuneiform text, the demon was the cause of epilepsy, or what the Assyrians and Babylonians called “Bennu”.[Ifan epilepsy demon has fallen once(?) upon him] and he cries, "It is he again!", an encircling bennu-demon [1] has possessed him. His life will be spared.[30]Bennu-epilepsy was regarded as a dreaded disease whose symptoms included seizures, loss of consciousness or sanity, and peculiar behavior — in some cases, the text describes patients who cried out like goats.If he cries "u'āyi!" or utters a sound (like an animal), saliva flows from his mouth and his neck is pressed down to the left, it is miqtu.[31]The epilepsy demon is depicted on an ancient Mesopotamian tablet (Demon with Forked Tongue Found on Clay Tablet in Library of Assyrian Exorcists)The tablet claims that the exorciser diagnosed the condition as ‘antasubbû’ (the hand of Sin) brought about by the epilepsy demon was acting on behalf of Sîn, the lunar god.[32] Assyrians and Babylonians believed that there was a connection between the moon, epilepsy, and insanity. Hippocrates labelled it the “Sacred Disease,” and in the ancient past, people who had it were either known as “divine and religiously inspired” or more commonly as “demon, devil or unclean spirit possessed”.[33] For instance, the Jewish Talmud refers to a person with epilepsy as “nikhpe”, meaning “one of writhes”.[34] The English word ‘lunacy’, for instance, is a remnant of this interpretation.[35]In ancient times, disease was seen as the result of punishment for sins or inappropriate behavior, or witchcraft, and were often blamed on pre-existing spirits: gods, ghosts, demons and witchcraft. Each spirit was held responsible for only one disease in any one part of the body.[36] Ancient mythologies tell stories of diseases that were put in the world by supernatural forces. Many types of seizure are described as to the influence or “hand” of name-given evil spirits (Lilû, Urtilli, Ishtar etc).[37][If an epilepsy demon has fallen once(?) upon him and] his eyes are red and yellow (from suffusion or ecchymosis)-hand of ardat Lili.[38]Intended to be hung over the patient's bed, this plaque afforded protection from the terrible female demon Lamashtu, who appears on the front. She was believed to cause many illnesses. Her husband Pazuzu, shown on the back, is invoked to persuade her to go away and thus speed the patient's recovery. (Plaque for protection against the female demon Lamashtu)One such figure was Lamashtu, the daughter of the supreme god Anu, a terrible she-demon of disease. [39]If his seizure (or, possession) always takes place in the evening, it is the seizure of a ghost (nocturnal epilepsy). [40]It is the first known connection of one of the very rare illustrations of demons in the medical texts with the specific disease epilepsy. [41]Ancient Mesopotamian healers had to be ready with a variety of tools and rituals, even to perform exorcisms, in their treatments. Doctors at the time would have attempted to treat epilepsy by placing a jasper amulet around the neck of the patient.[42] They may have also attempted to direct smoke from a variety of ingredients towards the patient. Assyrian texts refer to the hand of the ghost ( responsible for epilepsy) being driven out with the assistance of cannabis.[43] Ancient Assyrian cures for driving out the epilepsy demon include hanging “a mouse and a shoot of a thornbush” on the patient’s door; an exorcist dressed in a red garment and cloak; a raven, and a falcon”.[44] Ancient Greeks believed a person got epilepsy by offending the moon goddess Selene; one purported cure was eating mistletoe that was picked without a sickle or blade during the time the moon is smallest in the sky.[45] The mistletoe, which grows clinging to the high branches of trees, could not be allowed to fall on the ground because then it would not be effective against the falling sickness.Despite the advances in the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy, accusations of demonic possession or divine retribution continue. People with seizures look like everyone else when they are not having a seizure, and seizures are not contagious. Yet, as far back in history as we know, people with seizure disorders have been viewed with fear and revulsion. In many civilizations, they have been shunned; in others, they have been thought to have a special ability and be in communication with higher powers—good gods in the case of the Romans, the devil in the case of early Christianity.[46] Basic concepts surrounding epilepsy in ancient Indian medicine were refined and developed during the Vedic period of 4500–1500 BC. In the Ayurvedic literature of Charaka Samhita (which dates to 400 BC—the oldest existing description of the complete Ayurvedic medical system), epilepsy is described as ‘apasmara’ which means ‘loss of consciousness’.[47] The Charaka Samhita contains abundant references to all aspects of epilepsy including symptomatology, aetiology, diagnosis and treatment. Renowned scientific scholars like Al Razi (Rhazes 850-923) and Ibn Sinaa (Avicenna 980-1036) adopted the Galenic postulate on epilepsy as a disease of the brain caused by abnormally viscous humor.[48] Though these Muslims scientists did not advocate Jinn possession as a cause of epilepsy, it is interesting to know that they did advocate the use of superstitious remedies like amulets of peony and stones for its treatment.[49] What this demonstrates, is that despite advancements in medicine and psychiatry, those afflicted with epilepsy today may still find themselves subject to prejudices rooted in the spiritual cosmos of Mesopotamia, through no fault of their own. The healing crystals and herbal inhalations of the Assyrian apsu, are used in conjunction with modern surgical and medical prescriptions.Footnotes[1] Mystery of diseases of ancient Mesopotamians[2] Arkadiusz Soltysiak[3][4] The Skeletons of Shanidar Cave[5] Neolithic - an overview[6] Tooth wear and the "design" of the human dentition: a perspective from evolutionary medicine - PubMed[7] How Disease Affected the End of the Bronze Age[8] Microbiology of Dental Decay and Periodontal Disease[9] Library of Ashurbanipal: 2,600 Years of Mesopotamian History[10] The Largest Surviving Medical Treatise from Ancient Mesopotamia[11] The Largest Surviving Medical Treatise from Ancient Mesopotamia[12] Medicine in ancient Nineveh - Hektoen International[13] Neurology and psychiatry in Babylon[14] epilepsy and the Code of Hammurabi – windowthroughtime[15] Epilepsy—from the Sakikku to hughlings Jackson[16] History of Status Epilepticus[17] Neurology and psychiatry in Babylon[18] Hallmarks in the History of Epilepsy: From Antiquity Till the Twentieth Century[19] A Revised Definition of Epilepsy[20] Researcher discovers terrifying epilepsy demon on 2,700-year-old clay tablet[21] This Demon, Immortalized in 2,700-Year-Old Assyrian Tablet, Was Thought to Cause Epilepsy[22] Stefan Maul: Tracing Assyrian Scholarship[23] Clay tablets from the cradle of civilisation provide new insight to the history of medicine[24] Mixing Magic and Medicine: New Study Shows Mesopotamian Doctors Had to Battle Demons[25] In Mesopotamia, ancient doctors mixed medicine, magic •[26] Clay tablets from the cradle of civilisation provide new insight to the history of medicine[27] Demon with Forked Tongue Found on Clay Tablet in Library of Assyrian Exorcists[28] The 'demon' haunting an ancient exorcist library is proof we’ve always believed in possession[29][30] A Babylonian treatise on epilepsy[31][32] Hallmarks in the History of Epilepsy: From Antiquity Till the Twentieth Century[33] Psychoses of epilepsy in Babylon: the oldest account of the disorder - PubMed[34] Epilepsy: The Sacred Disease and Demon Possession[35] Origin and meaning of lunacy by Online Etymology Dictionary[36] Depression and anxiety in Babylon - Edward H Reynolds, James V Kinnier Wilson, 2013[37] Psychoses of epilepsy in Babylon: The oldest account of the disorder[38] Texts and documents. Translation and analysis of a cuneiform text forming part of a Babylonian treatise on epilepsy.[39] Demons & Demonology[40] Texts and documents. Translation and analysis of a cuneiform text forming part of a Babylonian treatise on epilepsy.[41][42] Epilepsy in Mesopotamia reconsidered --- Hector Avalos[43] Cannabis and epilepsy: An ancient treatment returns to the fore - PubMed[44] Arbøll 2019, A Newly Discovered Drawing of a Neo-Assyrian Demon in BAM 202 Connected to Psychological and Neurological Disorders, JMC 33, pp. 1-31[45] Epilepsy in ancient Greek medicine—the vital step[46] Neither Gods nor Demons But Misfiring Brains | Dana Foundation[47] DISEASE ONCE SACRED. A HISTORY OF THE MEDICAL UNDERSTANDING OF EPILEPSY[48] Possession by ‘Jinn’ as a cause of epilepsy (Saraa): A study from Saudi Arabia[49] Religious beliefs about causes and treatment of epilepsy

How do I create a blog?

What are the best websites a programmer should visit?Similar to What are the best websites that a geek must visit?AnswerRequestFollow5k79 ANSWERS​Ashish Gaur215.5k Views • Upvoted by Tapasweni Pathak,Developer @SAP Labs, Involved with open sources, Feminist., Jessica Su, CS PhD student at StanfordHere is a list of websites that I have bookmarked which may help you :Programming Practice and Contest Online Judge (SPOJ)Programming PraxisProject EulerTopCoder, Inc. | Home of the world's largest development communityTopCoder, Inc. | Home of the world's largest development communityCodeforcesHackerEarth - Programming challenges and Developer jobsThe Python ChallengeHackerRankLeetCodeTutorialsGeeksforGeeksCode SchoolBit Twiddling HacksCS 97SI: Introduction to Competitive Programming ContestsCSE Blog - quant, math, cse puzzles: EasyPuzzlesMe, Myself and MathematicsRunhe Tian Coding Practice | Technical interview questions from Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and MicrosoftHack This Site!Good-Tutorials - Newest TutorialsSocial InteractionHome - QuoraStack OverflowInterview Questions | CareerCupGitHub · Build software better, together.Geeklist - A place for geeks to share what they've done, who they did it with and connect with great companies ReadTeach Yourself Programming in Ten Years10 Puzzle Websites to Sharpen Your Programming Skills--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------EDITRunhe Tian Coding Practice | Technical interview questions from Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and MicrosoftLeetCodeGeeklist - A place for geeks to share what they've done, who they did it with and connect with great companies This Site!(for Hackers)Good-Tutorials - Newest Tutorials--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------EDIT 2 (found this great app few months ago)Coding Calendar - Android Apps on Google Play - notifies you about various programming contests happening on sites like hackerrank, hackerearth, topcoder etc.Updated Nov 29 • View UpvotesUpvote3.5kDownvoteComments26+​Ashish Padalkar, forever learner104.4k Views • Ashish is a Most Viewed Writer inLearning to Program.Here are the links which I collected during my 4 years of undergraduate in CSE.If you have any suggestions do let me know in comments.When you get stuck :Stack Overflow : subscribe to their weekly newsletter and any other topic which you find interestingNews:Hacker News : subscribe to their mailing list and get the top news directly to your inbox.Ars Technica : posts unique quality articlesACM TechNewsLobstersTechCrunch : another good website for tech newsThe Verge : Tech Gadget related : news related to latest mobile phones and android.Coding practice for : interesting programming challenges where you can learn from looking at other's code , even if you are not able to solve code you can look at how others solved.Programming by Doing : very good site for those who want to start with absolute basicsCodeAbbey - a place where everyone can master programming : Best place to begin with problems that start at the easiest and gradually increase difficulty with each problem.Programming Tasks : large collection of small programskaran/Projects-Solutions Sollutions to most of the problems in the link aboveSmall Programming ChallengesFor those who want to start a small project but cant find the ideasmartyr2s-mega-project-ideas-list/ : contains about 125 project ideas from beginner to intermediate level.karan/Projects : a large colection of small projects for beginners withWrong "big projects" for beginnersHow to choose where to startGeneral Coding adviceThings I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Learning How to Code — Free Code CampLessons From A Lifetime Of Being A ProgrammerPrinciples of Good ProgrammingWhat every computer science major should knowHow to become a programmer, or the art of Googling wellCode Review Best PracticesDieter Rams : 10 Principles of Good Product Design10-ways-to-be-a-better-developerCoding StyleCS 106B Coding Style Guide : must see for those who create spaghettiGoogle C++ Style GuideWhat are some bad coding habits you would recommend a beginner avoid getting into?Good C programming habits. • /r/C_ProgrammingHow to Report Bugs EffectivelyDebugging FaqsStuff you need to Code Better!Interview PreparationGeeksforGeeks | A computer science portal for geeks : also subscribe to their feeds to get links to their new articles.A site for technical interview questions, brain teasers, puzzles, quizzles (whatever the heck those are) and other things that make you think!Problems | LeetCode OJ : Coding practice for interviewsProgrammer And Software Interview Questions : Logic PuzzlesA Collection of Quant Riddles With AnswersAptitude Questions and Answers : Quant and aptitude preparaionInterview Archives - Java HonkTop 10 Algorithms for Coding InterviewBig-O Algorithm Complexity Cheat SheetUnix / Linux Cheat SheetHow to interviewHow to Ace an Algorithms InterviewDelightful Puzzlesvisualising data structures and algorithms through animationHere's How to Prepare for Tech Interviews • /r/cscareerquestionsGuide to Tech InterviewsWhy You Make Less Money • /r/cscareerquestionsIIT Delhi Placement Experiencewhat_are_your_goto_questions_for_the_do_you_have/Here's a pretty big list of programming interview questions I compiled while studying for big 4 interviews. I think you guys will find it useful! • /r/cscareerquestionsInterviewing At Jane StreetHow to prepare for an interview - 1The 25 most difficult HR questionsHow to Answer the Toughest 40 Job Interview Questions | ICS Job PortalJob Interview Questions and Best AnswersHow to Answer "Tell Me a Little About Yourself" | The Art of ManlinessJob Interview: How to Ace a Job Interview | The Art of ManlinessGive your résumé a face liftBIG O MisconceptionsBitwise tricksCore Java Interview questions - Interview question on each topicJava Interview Questions and AnswersBig collection of interview preparation links • /r/cscareerquestionsUnsolicited_advice_for_job_seekers_and_employersfive-essential-phone-screen-questions - steveyegge2CS9: Problem-Solving for the CS Technical InterviewMission-peace/interview problems : A large collection of coding interview problemsSQL Joins explained using venn diagram10 Frequently asked SQL Query Interview QuestionsGet Ready to Learn SQL: 8. Database Normalization Explained in Simple English - Essential SQLBlogs of Developers :Coding Horror : one the best coding blogJoel on SoftwareStephen Haunts { Coding in the Trenches }Programming in the 21st CenturyClean Coder Blog : blog of auther of book "Clean Code"Programming Blog : programming blog of Yegor Bugayenko10K-LOC LandLate DeveloperIT Enthusiastblog.might.netCSE Blog - quant, math, computer science puzzlesMy Tech InterviewsHackerEarth BlogAlgo-GeeksCoderGears Blog Insights from the CoderGears Teamblog.might.netRunhe Tian Coding PracticePaul Graham EssaysDan Dreams of CodingAntonio081014's Algorithms CodesMath ∩ ProgrammingTakipi Blog : mainly focuses on Java and JVM languagesCoding Geek - A blog about IT, programming and JavaWatch others - screencast of people building application , websites , games ect.What should a programmer know :Programmer Competency Matrix : article for knowing what our level as a programmer is.Open source Build software better, together : Place to showcase your project and collaborate with others. (Must know Git in order to use it effectively )Competitive programmingHackerRankCodeforcestopcoderHackerEarth - Programming challenges and Developer jobsCodeChefPKU ACM ICPC Practive problemsArchived Problems - Project EulerGoogle Code Jam Practice and Learn : past contest problems for practiceSphere Online Judge (SPOJ)YouTube Channels:Computerphile : Must watch for every CS studentComputerHistory : for those who like to know how we reached where we are.GoogleTechTalks : videos on trending topics and cool stuff happening in the tech industry.Placement Grid : Interview and campus placement experienceGoogle Developers :Facebook DevelopersO'Reilly : interviews and talks of world's best technical writers.Java : talks related to javaJavaOne : Java ConfrenceCppCon : C++ ConfrenceMeeting C++ YT Kanalseite : Talks on C++ThinMatrix : blogs and turorials developer making a 3d game in java using openglyegor256Scott Meyers: Past Talksthoughtbot : talks on various topicsNOKIA Wroclaw Technology Center: Nokia code dive confrenceHowToBecomeTV : contains good interviews of developers and people related to tech industry.ITCuties , CodeBabes For those who think CS lacks glamour :PTutorials :TutorialspointW3Schools Online Web TutorialsOpen Data Structures : Excellent resource for learning about DS and algos , provides code in various languages C++ , java , pseudocodeData Structures and Algorithms by John Morris : another good source with code and its analysisCMSI 281: Data Structures : light weight introduction to DSHow to Program in C++ : Good resource for revising C++ topics and STLTopCoder TutorialsA Hacker's Guide to Git : for those wanting to learn git with a solid foundationGit from the inside outLearn UNIX in 10 minutesThe Bash Guide : very good guide for learning the Bash ShellLinux Tutorial - good resource for learning linuxUNIX Tutorial - IntroductionLinux Tutorial for BeginnersLearning the shell.Dynamic programming - PrismoSkills- very good resource if want to learn how to solve DP problems.Deep C : very good presenation on C languageC programming language Frequently Asked QuestionsOS Course Notes : Chapter wise course notes according to Galvin's bookSQL (Structured Query Language) in one page : SQL.SU : a very good SQL cheat sheetIntroduction to C ProgrammingMySQL EssentialsBest Of - Gustavo Duarte : contains articles on various topicsCollecting all the cheat sheets cheat sheets for lots of programming languagesThe Descent to C for those moving to C from some higher programming language like java or python.VimTutor+ : learn VIM from browser itselfHackerEarth Tutorials : Good resource for DS and Algos tutorialComputer BooksIT eBooks - Free Download - Big Library: website for downloading ebooks without any advertisement and instant : More than 500 free ebooks on almost any language you can think ofComputer Science Books Online - about 150 computer free ebooksBest books for GATE CSEVideo TutorialsTushar Roy Algorithm and Data structure tutorial by a Indian Youtuber.Derek Banas : good quality tutorialsthenewboston : good but with too much talk as compared to actual contentmycodeschool : Data structures and algorithms tuorialsCodeGeekCodingMadeEasy : C++ tutorialsXDA-University - Helping You Learn Android DevelopmentDevTips : web dev tutorialsJavascript Planet : java script and web development tutorialscodedamn : front end web dev tutorialsDesign and Analysis of AlgorithmsVim Tutorial Videos - Flarfnoogins : good video tutorial for learning vimCS1: Higher Computing - Richard Buckland UNSW a very good introductory CS courseOnline Compiler and Sharing Code snippets:Ideone.comPastebin.comMOOCs for learning something newNPTEL Vidoes COMP_SCI_ENGGCoursera.orgedXUdacityUCBerkeleyMIT OCW Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceCS50prakhar1989/awesome-CS-courses - List containing large amount of CS coursesSites related to your preffered programming language ( For me Java )Java Revisited : good for learning about Java Language and interview preparation.The Java™ Tutorials : The best tutorials for Java.Java Corner at Artima.comJava Visualizer : helps visualize references , values of variables ectJava Lecture NotesLearning Java : a free online textbook for learning javaFree Online Chapters of Inside the Java Virtual Machine by Bill VennersUnderstanding JVM InternalsHow Garbage Collection WorksWelcome to JavaWorld.comThe Java Memory ModelNetbeans Keyboard ShortcutsKeyboard shortcuts to enhance your productivity when working in Netbeans.XyzWs Java FAQs : large collection of java interview questionsSeminar , research writing , talks ectAdvice on Research and WritingSeminar and reportsPHD MS ArticlesPractical Tips for Talking at Usergroups and ConferencesGiving presentation on software project to non-programmersEverything in one : a multisubreddit of all subreddits of topics related to computer science and programming.DocumentariesMachine that Changed the World - a very good documentary about history of computersPart 1: Giant BrainsPart 2: Inventing the FuturePart 3: The Paperback ComputerPart 4: The Thinking MachinePart 5: The World at Your FingertipsTriumph of the Nerds PlaylistProject Code Rush - The Beginnings of Netscape / Mozilla DocumentaryThe Code: Story of Linux documentaryRevolution OS Linux DocumentaryBreaking the Code: Biography of Alan TuringMechanical Computer (All Parts) a very good video from 1950s explaining how mechanical computers used to work without all the modern day electronics.Download: The True Story of the Internet Playlist of discovery channel documentary on browser wars , dot com bubble and more.When you get bored from CS related stuff :r/ProgrammerHumorVsauce : The best youtube channelTEDCrashCourse : small courses on various subjectsNational GeographicBarcroft TVColdFusionSmarterEveryDaySciShowBig ThinkEvery Frame a PaintingTestTube NewsReddit the front page of the internetUpdated Thu • View UpvotesUpvote4.3kDownvoteComments52+​Abhimanyu Mongandh Ambalath,Masters in CS at IIT Kanpur20.6k ViewsMost of the answers here are extremely skewed towards "preparing for coding test/software companies/learning to code", there is a definite "development/hacking" aspect of programming that is missed in this list.My links areAggregators/Discussion places.Hacker News (YCombinator News)Stack OverflowNews for nerds, stuff that matters(Slashdot)Twitter - May seem totally out of place, but most of the good stuff I have learned is by following the projects I work on Twitter.BlogsEssays by Paul GrahamJoel on SoftwareSvbtle - The current high quality blog, network, which has lot of good programmers.For a list of Languages : Resources mapping do take a look at Best Learning Material a wiki byNational Institute of Technology Calicut CSE Association.Updated Mar 22, 2013 • View UpvotesUpvote115DownvoteComment​Lucas Ou-Yang, Web engineer, distance runner62.7k Views Google's director of research! There are lots of code snippets, articles, and essays.Here are my favorites:Python 21 line industry strength spell checker:How to Write a Spelling CorrectorFamous keynote at Berkeley's CS commencement: yourself programming in 10 years!: daughter's Java Applet Game: Oct 26, 2014 • View UpvotesUpvote250DownvoteComment1​Vamsi Deepak Ampolu, Constant Ponderer,Occasional Panderer,Neophyte Programmer ,Grandiloquent Word...7.2k ViewsI am not an expert(probably will never be one),I am an everyday beginner,I have learnt that many of the problems that I face have already been solved in either of these three placesStack OverflowHere I can read quick solutions to problems or post my own questions(you would not believe how often I ask) and recieve knowledge from the wise ones. Stackoverflow chat is awesome,I love hanging out in the Javascript chatroom and watching people respond to questions. It also gives me an insight on what are considered good questions and what are considered bad.YouTubeSometimes,I just watch random stuff about programming to understand what I already know better and expand my horizons about stuff that I should know but dont.Github Build software better, togetherThe home of the world's greatest open source projects,imagine some of the brightest people in the world working for improving the community, imagine a platform that provides you with easy access to resources provided by the community.Sometimes ( I wish I had this intuition more often) ,I know that I need to know and understand that it is pointless to do anything with a better understanding of what Im trying to do , then I use these:reSRC ·I loved it when it was a list on github,this is my go to place when I need to learn more about a new technology,I always start here.I have found amazing books here.Before I found this resource,Become a Programmer, Motherfucker was my go to resource.Then there are websites like Learn by Doing - Code School , Tuts+ and various developer blogs that I stalk to learn more about stuff.Sometimes I also raid Leanpub Publish Early, Publish Often ,Chimera The new learning environment from O’Reilly and ofcourse there are the free resources and tutorials from all around the web holding my hand as I take baby steps in a new direction.Then there are the tools that I use when I am programming to prototype stuff,to share code in a non-destructive way:JSFiddle Create a new fiddleCodePenJS BinBefore I started using grunt,I would visit JSHint, a JavaScript Code Quality Tool regularly.And I just discovered Runnable Discover Everything through CodeWhen you need to write regular expressions(Perl style Im told as used by Java),I go to one of these two placesrubular a Ruby regular expression editorAlthough rubular says clearly that it is for ruby and I do not speak Ruby,it has a simple uncluttered UI that makes writing regular expressions seem relaxing.Once I have tested my regular expression at rubular,I go to Regex Planet Online Regular Expression (Regex) Testing and Cookbook for: Go, Haskell, Java, JavaScript, .Net, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Tcl & XRegExp which can generate a valid Java string(a true pain in the ass) from the regular expression and allows me to test my expression with many inputs.I have a tendancy to learn only when I am doing stuff so I cut online classes for exploring the new and shiny,so I do not find MOOCs as useful as I should.I also find that I am not very good at code challenges and stuff because as I mentioned above,my attention gets distracted easily and I'd rather read a tutorial or something along those lines.(Im terrible on coding exams,sigh)I totally forgot to add ifttt Put the internet to work for you. I get updates from Hacker News and programming • /r/programmingthat I care about as emails , the wallpaper on my phone is set to Astronomy Picture of the Day , I log my phone calls and messages among many other things using this.Update:I have a few new heroes to add to my gallery:DevDocsDevDocs allows you to select and access documentation of a group of languages / frameworks / libraries that you use in your workflow from the same place. If set up correctly,this could cut down any time spent looking up documentation on various sites . It is currently helping me grok mongoose.js .DevDocs is available offline now(you have to select the documentation you want to view offline).Tuts+ Free Code TutorialsI have always read articles and series of blog posts on this websites but I have recently started their free course on the Sublime Text code editor. Although the instructor uses Mac(I have never touched a Mac,believe me) , what I did not know about this amazing editor blew me away.They have a nice passportjs tutorial hereAuthenticating Node.js Applications With Passport - Tuts+ Code TutorialScotch Web DevelopmentThis website has interesting tutorials on Node.js which are helping me improve my understanding of Express 4.x .I have no plans to use vim(stuck on Windows for now) but this website has to be mentionedVIM Adventures - Learn VIM while playing a game .I have not used this website a lot but Mashape - Free API Management Platform & Marketplace seems like an interesting place to be.I also found zeal , an offline API documentation browser which has a Sublime Text plugin recently.I will add a couple of Chrome Plugins that are very helpful:Markdown HereThis plugin renders markdown that you type in a text area, say an email composed with markdown in Gmail into beautifully formatted content. I love markdown and this along with sublime evernote makes me enjoy composing emails and taking notes.OctotreeThis plugin takes the directory structure of any Github repo and renders it in a tree structure which makes it easy to access a file at any level in the repo easily.Video Speed ControllerWorks as advertised, comes with sweet keyboard shortcuts. Try it, you will fall in love with it.WhatFontFantastic tool to detect the fonts on a webpage.And a couple of web applications:hastebinAn open source alternative to pastebin, comes with solarized dark as the theme. I use it as an alternative to Evernote because it loads up quick and avoids confusing me with an unnecessarily large number of options when I just want to start writing.On the downside, if you don't save your note and accidentally hit Backspace, your note is gone. Also, remember to grab the link. I hear there is a haste-server which can talk to online cloud storage solutions.RawGitWhen I want to try a new JS library or a plugin which is not on cdnjs without having to download,install or add it to a build process, I just use this to serve the file. An option has been added for using this in production as well.Cloud 9 IDE Your development environment, in the cloudWhen my PC crashed, I turned to this wonderful tool to act as my development environment and I was really impressed by how well it handled itself, it provides you with personalized Docker based workspaces to create your apps.MediumThe modern day blogging platform from some of the guys who built Twitter, the writing on this app is of the highest quality and I feel privileged that some of the wonderful programmers, designers, authors, artists and entrepreneurs are sharing their thoughts and ideas with us. WARNING: prepare to be addicted to productivity porn.Fontastic Create your Icon Font in secondsWhen it comes to design, I am absolutely clueless. I often rely on icon fonts such as Font Awesome, Glyphicons among others to magically give me the icons that I need.(and they do). However, I have noticed that I only need a few icons from each icon font but tend to include the whole font.Then I discovered Fontastic, this tool works with commercial and open source icon fonts as well as svg icons that you may want to upload. amazing book which helps one pick up the tools of the React ecosystem, does a very good job of introducing new concepts and always stays upto date with the changes in the ecosystem.GitterInteract with the devs of open source projects using this app. Provides a much better UX than IRC, supports markdown(YAY!!!!), ask away or just sit back and watch open source teams at work.Also, StackEdit - In-browser markdown editor ,Dillinger, the Last Markdown Editor ever. are interesting, Pandoc - About pandoc is kicking my butt. Some of you might find Overleaf: Real-time Collaborative Writing and Publishing Tools with Integrated PDF Preview interesting.Updated Feb 14 • View UpvotesUpvote28DownvoteComments3+​Soham Mehta, Prev: Director of Engineering @ Box. Worked @ MSFT, eBay4k ViewsOur website: Coding Interview Bootcamp isn't the most beautiful, but as a programmer, it could dramatically change your career trajectory for the better.Idea is this: Tech moves very fast. Every few years, money keeps shifting. Initially, it was in Semiconductors. Then it moved to Web. Now it's in Mobile. Tomorrow it will be in IoT or some such.When you're a career programmer, and you want to remain relevant, you need to remaininterview ready. And unfortunately, interviewing curriculum has drifted away from what we do every day at work. (Many reasons for that; topic for a separate blog post).As a result, every programmer needs to separately and explicitly prepare for technical interviews. Especially for good companies of the time. That's where we can help. We run a bootcamp laser-focused on technical interview preparation. Ask us how we do it.Written Jan 5 •

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