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Which are the books to be followed for the SSC CGL Tier 2 2017 to score 160 plus in each math and English?

hello aspirantsyou want to score 320+ in mains examination you can follow my strategy.for englishmost important thing is newspaper reading daily. follow any english newspaper and read articles from editorial daily.focus more on grammar and comprehension portion rather than vocabulary mugging.For Grammar- do mirror of common errors by ashok kr Singh sir and Corrective grammar by ak singh sir do these books on repeat mode. if you want to get the very basic part go for plinth to Paramount book by neetu ma'am.for vocabulary -make your own notebook and write down all the daily vocab words from newspaper and from Kiran previous year questions.for comprehension part- do passage from previous years lot and for cloze test- write down all the pharasal verbs and remember all fixed pronoun.DO Practice for passive voice and narration as you can easily earn 50/50 in these two chapters.Do all the grammar rules remembering work in the morning (fresh mind). and practice a lot from previous years questions.for mathsfirst complete previous year questions from kiran and then go for the platform series books.(especially for advanced maths portion)do make your calculations fast by doing maths in your mind without pen and paper. train your mind for mental calculation ability.don't practice many books but do one or two books many times.MOCK TEST-do online as well as offline mock test as you have to practice 25–25 tests before the examination.Do attempt mock as the same time as of ssc -10 am -12pm for math and 2pm-4pm for English.for offline test practice kiran mains papers 2011–2016 first and then go for Paramount/kd test papers.for online test go for ssctube/top rankers/wifi of luck.

How is your JEE Mains preparation going as of June 14, 2020?

Coming back to quora after a long long time……………..Anyway, First of all what I am doing and what I am going to do?Current- Of course, as i am a dropper(earlier gave JEE in 2019), so I have completed the syllabus upto the level of examination but yes I am pretty sure that I am not prepared for the level of competition which is going to come in July and August!Plans- In coming 5 weeks i had planned to revise the whole syllabus twice and give at least 25 tests. Also this will be possible only if I study for 16–17 hours because I need time for revision also!!!!Now people will surely ask me why to study this much and specially in the last round of this COMPETITIVE race? The answer is the competition which this years’ JEE is going to provide you!“The best happiness is the happiness of facing obstacles, falling and again rising in Life”. So, I completely agree that the time is difficult because you cannot say a 17 year old to study those 80 chapters again and again as it will become boring after some time. Hence I want to do this adventure of studying 16 hours a day and want to sharpen myself more to stand apart from the competition.MOST important thing- “Avoid burn outs, hurry and loss of confidence in this pandemic situation.” I will honestly tell you I suffered a lot from this specially the last year. Seeing others preparation and comparing myself with other students on the basis of those mock tests resulted in complete destruction of my belief system. Hence, keep yourself motivated, just focus on doing Hard work and don’t forget these entrance examinations are just obstacles from which you need to fight.At last some tips to prepare yourself better in five weeks-MATHS(3–4 hours daily)- If you have your notes/books just target on completing every chapter theory and problems in two days for big chapters(integration, M-D, vector-3D, etc) and one day per chapter for small ones(binomial, quadratic, stats-reasoning, etc). Solve 25 questions in 6o minutes and give your preparation a boost. Also this is going to take roughly 3 weeks. Hence revise again in remaining two weeks(fast revision- only question solving) for standing apart.CHEMISTRY(2+2+1/2 hours daily)- Practise a lot with NCERT+Exemplar+Any question bank(preferably Past years). Give 2 hours to both organic and Physical chemistry, and 1/2 hours to Inorganic.PHYSICS(3–4 hours daily)- Just make concept notes and follow any standard book(HC verma or DC pandey). Just build your concept, solve limited but good questions and remember to cover the syllabus twice in five weeks.TESTS- Give at least twice in a week , no matter how well you are prepared!Above schedule may be a bit difficult to follow but remember my friends “You need to put some extra effort in the last lap of a race”.Answer this question before Leaving-Don’t just tick the one with longest option like we do in JEE !!!!!!!!!!! Think?Thanks for giving me your precious time !All the best!Upvote and follow!Please tell your opinion and suggestions in comments

As a teacher, what's something a parent has said that shocked you?

i gave her child a zero because I caught him cheating on a test, a simple chapter test in an elective class in middle school, not a life changer, not life or death. she countered with “ well, he only asked for help on #16, can’t we just give him credit for all the other questions?”I almost laughed myself in to a coma / or almost lost my job with what I wanted to say to this mom, and this was 25 years ago, out in upscale suburbs of st. louis

Why Do Our Customer Upload Us

I could never use the service, not user friendly at all. I have tried several times to cancel subscription, all emails went unanswered, phone calls to associated line rings through and then says number not receiving calls, they kerp charging my card for subscription renewais.Had to notify my credit card company to dispute charge. This company is based out of China and it is a total fraud. PLS BEWARE!!!!

Justin Miller