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PDF Editor FAQ

What do astronauts do once they leave NASA?

The NASA astronaut corps is a mix of civilians and active duty military officers, so what happens when they leave first depends on which of those camps they fit into.If they are active duty military, and do not retire from the military prior to leaving their astronaut position at NASA, they will go on to whatever assignment the military wishes to give them. For example, Susan Helms was a member of the Expedition 2 crew. She returned to Earth in August 2001. By 2002 she had completed her post-flight duties such as debriefs and PAO activities and she decided to leave the astronaut corps. At that time, she was a Colonel in the US Air Force. The Air Force assigned her to become a division chief at the US Space Command in Colorado. Since then she has become a Lieutenant General and is commander, 14th Air Force.Astronauts that are not active duty military at the time of retirement from the Astronaut office have a tendency to move on to executive positions in the aerospace industry. Commercial space companies often hire astronauts for the vast experience and network of contacts that they can provide. For example, Quora's new member, Garrett Reisman left NASA and became the Program Manager for SpaceX's Dragon-Falcon 9 crew vehicle. His AsCan classmate Chris Ferguson left NASA and is now Garrett's competitor, as he is the Director of Crew and Mission Operations for Boeing's Commercial Crew Program.Gregory H Johnson is an example of an astronaut that was active military, but retired from the military while still an astronaut. He retired from the Air Force in 2009, but stayed with NASA until this month. In September he will become the Executive Director for the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS). CASIS is a nonprofit that is responsible for managing payload science utilization of the ISS.Some astronauts do indeed go into politics. The most famous is, of course, John Glenn. Glenn went on to be a senator for the state of Ohio for 25 years. He also ran for President in 1984. Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmitt became a senator for New Mexico. Most recently, Jose Hernandez left NASA in 2011 to run for a House of Representatives seat in his home state of California.Astronauts are overachievers and some astronauts go on to very eclectic things. One of the most interesting astronauts is Story Musgrave. He was an active astronaut for over 30 years and holds the distinction of being the only astronaut to fly on all five space shuttles. While he was an astronaut he obtained 7 graduate degrees – math, computers, chemistry, medicine, physiology, literature, and psychology. In his spare time he was a trauma surgeon, pilot, and parachutist. Today he operates a palm farm in Florida, a production company in Australia, and a sculpture company in California. He is a landscape architect. He has worked for Disney's Imagineering team as a concept artist. He teaches design at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. And he's a public speaker with 20 honorary doctorates.Scott Parazynski left NASA in March 2009 and in May climbed to the summit of Mt. Everest. He is now the Director and Chief Medical Officer of UTMBs Center for Polar Medical Operations.Academia lures some astronauts. Barbara Morgan was Christa McAuliffe's backup to be the Teacher in Space in 1985-1986. Twelve years later in 1998 she was selected to become a full astronaut. In 2008 she left to become a Distinguished Educator in Residence in both engineering and education at Boise State University.Some leave the astronaut corps, but stay at NASA in management positions. Brewster Shaw became the Deputy Director, Space Shuttle Operations at KSC. Since then he has left NASA and been an executive at Boeing and for awhile was the Chief Operating Officer for United Space Alliance (the 10,000 employee contractor that operated the Space Shuttle and provides most of the operations personnel for the ISS).

What would you like to see in a Fallout game set in Texas?

Fallout: Lone Star is long overdue. It’s time (and don’t even mention Fallout: BoS; Bethesda says it is non-canon so it doesn’t count)! What I would personally put in a Fallout: Lone Star game (in case you’re watching, Bethesda, I am for hire):Galveston island is overrun by super mutants in the East End and Strand-Mechanic districts. Turns out UTMB Galveston had a large store of experimental FEV before the war. The rest of the city is overrun by feral ghouls; when the port Houston was nuked by ICBMS and again by Chinese subs in the Gulf of Mexico “bouncing the rubble”, the prevailing NW winter winds blew all the fallout to Galveston. Every winter, this pattern repeats, but when prevailing summertime eastely winds keep the fallout at bay, humans can actually survive on the island without protection. Maybe there’s a settlement of “tame” ghouls somewhere - the Falstaff brewery complex is built like a fortress to begin with, or maybe they occupy a half-sunken cruise ship along Harborside. Of course, the formerly-affluent and near-sea level West End is half-submerged and crawling with all things ‘lurk.Half of Houston (the port/refineries south and east sides) was nuked to oblivion- another Glowing Sea- but the rest still stands, roughly speaking. The employees of NRG Stadium and their families sheltered from the nukes there, and founded a Diamond City-like settlement inside called “Energytown”.Around the Southwest Beverages bottling plant, a gang of raiders aptly named Nuka Junkies are a constant threat to Energytown and other nearby places.Down in Corpus Christi, the the USS Lexington museum serves as a Brotherhood of Steel hideout. From here the BoS launches sorties across the state to retrieve dangerous pre-War tech, using the aircraft carrier’s hangars and launch deck for their vertibirds;Rising sea levels have flooded many of the smaller Texas coastal cities - Freeport, Baytown, Beaumont-Port Arthur, Port Lavaca, Rockport, Jamaica Beach, etc. My home town of Victoria is no longer twenty miles inland; now it is a port town and haven for pirates (raiders);Lackland AFB may have been nuked (and is now home to a group of particularly zealous Sons of Atom and feral ghouls), but downtown San Antonio still remains, with the River Walk-Pearl Brewery district largely intact and still settled. This settlement is known as Saint City. The Texas Rangers (the law enforcement agency, not the baseball team) fill the same role as the Arizona Rangers did farther west, operating from their HQ in the Alamo and their strongholds along the Mission Trail;The farthest Ranger stronghold is at Presidio la Bahia in Goliad; from here they do their best to keep the raiders from nearby Victory (Victoria) at bay;Because it was a tech hub and seat of government, Austin is pretty much gone. But some of the city’s more interesting locales may have escaped devastation…and given that radiation+bats = scorchbeasts, that might also be a concern for explorers venturing into the area! Houston has its share of both, too, so scorchbeasts and Scorched might actually be a problem on the east side of Houston.Speaking of fearsome critters, Texas has plenty. There’s an abundance of coyotes and rattlesnakes here, so you can bet nightstalkers would be right at home. Since everything in Texas either sticks, stings, or stinks, there would be giant radscorpions, bark scorpions, and cazadores too. Bloodbugs are a given, and yes Texas does have scorpionflies and so would probably have stingwings. Probably deathclaws, too. Possibly gatorclaws. Definitely all sorts of ‘lurk. No yao guai, though: bears are long extinct in most of Texas, and anyway the Texas Commonwealth has its own giant, man-eating predator: mutant dire hogs.No mothman or wendigo or Grafton monsters, but Texas is lousy with chupacabras (not the ones with miniguns, the real ones) - and there’s also the West Texas teratorns, the Lake Worth monster, La Lechusa, shadow creatures around Abilene…Less dangerous creatures include radstags, all sorts of mutated exotic game (Texas has a lot of exotic game ranches), giant armadillos that are more of a comical nuisance than a threat, and the ever-present giant mutant roadrunners the size of small children (them’s good eatin’)The Bovay (Pioneer) Scout ranch between Hempstead and College Station would be a perfect place to hide a Vault. Maybe it’s a control vault where the player character starts out?The Texas Renaissance Festival was in full swing on October 23, 2077; luckily, the festival grounds are nowhere near anything the Chinese had an interest of nuking, and the fairgrounds were packed that day. 200 years later, the citizens of Festival still live in the mock-Medieval European buildings and wear their own very distinct clothing, just like their ancestors did.Bryan-College Station is now known as Sister City, and a highly organized gang of peacekeepers similar in function to the Kings operate out of the old college football stadium there. They’re called the Cadets, and they insist on dressing in old pre-War military dress khakis for some odd reason. New recruits can be identified by the bottlecap spurs they’re forced to wear as a rite of passage.Speaking of B-CS, the Museum of the American GI had a nice collection of historic armored vehicles, all of them still operable at the time of the Great War. Any faction who got their hands on that collection could easily rule the whole Sister City region (the Cadets would definitely want those vehicles, but I bet the BoS would, too).200 years after the war, the remote little town of Junction is something of an idyllic paradise. It’s far enough away from anything worth nuking that it was spared fallout or other destruction, and while the surrounding area is arid Hill Country uplands, there’s an abundance of pecan trees, oaks, wildlife, and non-irradiated water flowing along the South Llano River.Last but not least, there has to be at least one explorable winery complex around Fredericksburg! And the exhibits at the Nimitz Museum could be the focus of all kinds of side quests.

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